Special early reviews of Carol Higgins Clark

Decked from June 1995

In the first installment of the ever popular Regan Reilly PI series from Carol Higgins Clark, Decked, we get to know all about her in her first cozy mystery. When Regan attended her high school reunion in England, she discovered the body of one of her former classmates. As she sailed back home to San Francisco with a group of people, she might be sailing back into the hands of the killer.

This was a great introduction to Regan Reilly's PI business and her family. This was a brilliant start for Carol Higgins Clark and her series, when we get to know her better. I loved the theme of sailing on the cruise with her clever one-word titled books and the location of England and San Francisco. I did feel bad for Regan and for the victim. I believe Regan had the makings of a strong future heroine. Great drama, excellent suspense and intrigue, and a light ready for this charming cozy.

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Snagged from April 1999

In the second installment from Carol Higgins Clark's Regan Reilly PI series, Snagged, Regan returned to solve another crazy cozy murder. This time, she was at pantyhose convention in Miami, while attending a wedding too. While at the convention, Uncle Richie revealed his new invention, run-free hosiery. It had already unleashed two threats on his life and another murder. It was up to Regan to stop this caper from getting further, before it would cost her life.

Once again, I loved the cover art designs with the catchy one-word titles. I loved how this took place in the Miami area for a pantyhose convention. I did care about Regan and the wedding party, including Uncle Richie, when a ruckus happened there. I did like how Regan had gotten down to the heart of the matter, too. Great drama, intense suspense and action, and plenty of page-turning gasps and shocking twists along the way.

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Iced from October 1998

In the third installment of Carol Higgins Clark's Regan Reilly PI series, Iced, Regan was ready to tackle another case. This time around, she was on her Aspen vacation at a ski resort. When she rather be skiing, a mystery of million-dollar paintings had come to her attention. And everyone believed one of her friends, who was an ex-con, had gone bad again, except for Regan. He had disappeared as well.  It was now up to her to hunt him down and learn new secrets behind the painting. Can she find him and the portrait, too?

This was another enjoyable Regan Reilly cozy mystery. I love the location of Aspen, Colorado, and at a ski resort no less. I loved the concept of stolen art for this cozy caper. I did care about Regan and did feel bad for poor Eben, that he was trying to make a good life--and name--for himself.  This would take you right there for a light cozy read by the fireplace or anywhere at home. This had good drama, plenty of suspense and intrigue, and a charming storyline.

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Twanged from August 2000

In the 4th installment of Carol Higgins Clark's Regan Reilly PI cozy series, Twanged, Regan returned to solve another scintillating and puzzling murder. When she was hired as a bodyguard for country singer Brigid O'Neill in the Hamptons for a concert, she possessed a magical cursed Irish violin with her. As her concert drew near, Brigid continued to receive menacing threats, when they stayed at the oceanfront cottage. Regan discovered an interesting array of characters, when she found a party guest who drowned in the pool. Now it was up to her to discover who's the culprit and who threatened Brigid.

This was another light and amusing cozy mystery with a country theme. I loved the location of the Hamptons to set the scene for this book. I did feel bad for Brigid and Regan, when they were stuck in the cottage. People would do anything to get their hands on her violin, curse or not. This would be a breeze to read with its page-turning scene that would make for good reading, day or night. Plenty of drama, good action and a nice storyline concept with a light mystery to solve.

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Fleeced from May 2004

In the 5th installment of Carol Higgins Clark's much-acclaimed Regan Reilly PI series, Fleeced, she returned to solve another complex murder mystery in this cozy.  This time, we've found Regan back in New York and attending a crime conference that her mother organized. While she was there, she enjoyed her time with Jack. But trouble found her way back to her, when a family friend asked for her help.  She dealt with stolen diamonds and two dead members of the Settlers Club. In order to save his neck, she needed to find the diamond thief and stop the killer.

This was another fantastic cozy from Carol Higgins Clark. I continue to care about Regan and Jack as a couple. I did feel bad for their family friend, too. I loved the theme of a crime convention in New York for the location and a jewel thief, too. There were so many shocking surprises in this one. It made me gasp a few times. Great drama, plenty of suspense and intrigue with non-stop action to the end of the story.

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Jinxed from July 2006

In the 6th installment of Carol Higgins Clark's Regan Reilly PI series, Jinxed, Regan returned in this new cozy mystery to solve another puzzling mystery. This time, we found her in Los Angeles, when Lilac Weldon requested her to find her daughter, Whitney, to attend her aunt's wedding. If she did, she would inherit a boatload of money. But Lilac's soon-to-be-uncle-in-law is a con artist, who would do anything to prevent Whitney from showing up in the wedding. It was now up to Regan to foil the plans and to stop the wedding from happening.

This was another enjoyable and fun cozy mystery to read. I cared about Regan and Lilac's family, especially about Whitney and Lucretia. I didn't like her soon-to-be rat of a fiancé either. I loved the central Los Angeles location for this storyline. I liked the theme of wealth and a wedding. This would take you on a whirlwind of a great book. Great action, plenty of drama and tension with intriguing surprising on every page to solve a good mystery.

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Popped from June 2007

In the 7th installment of Carol Higgins Clark's popular Regan Reilly PI series, Popped, Regan returned in this cozy caper. In this story, we've found Regan in Las Vegas to help out an old friend who was producing a reality show that would really take to the high skies. In a wedding-cake shaped hot air balloon, three married couples would renew their vows and win money for the prize. But someone threatened her friend to halt production of the show, when "accidents" have occurred on the set. Now it was up to Regan to find out who didn't want the show to go on as planned.

This was one of my favorite Regan Reilly cozies. I did care about Regan, the three couples, and Regan's friend, Danny. I loved the Las Vegas and Albuquerque dual locations for this pristine mystery. It sounded ideal and picturesque, too. I did love the hot air balloon scenes as well. This would make you laugh and sigh on every page turn. Great drama, nice action, and plenty of suspense to bring the mystery to a shocking end.

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Burned from August 2005

In the 8th installment of Carol Higgins Clark's beloved Regan Reilly PI series, Burned, we've found Regan down in Waikiki, Hawaii. Before she'd gotten married to Jack, she invited her best gal pal with her to enjoy the weekend with her. But when they've gotten there, they've found Dorinda Dawes, the hotel's PR woman, dead and washed away with the valuable lei that once belonged to a Hawaiian princess 30 years ago. The manager believed that she didn't accidentally drown and persuaded to take on the case. When she dug around for clues, the more perilous danger she was in, before it was too late for her and the others.

This was one of my favorite Regan Reilly cozies in the series. I was thrilled that Regan got married to Jack and cared about her in this journey.  I was glad she brought her best friend there. I did care about Dorinda a little bit, too. I loved the scenic locations of Waikiki, Hawaii, and the volcano towards the ends. So picturesque and beautiful over there. This was an enjoyable cozy that would leave you speechless at what happened in the end. Great drama, excellent suspense and action, and plenty of mystery for a great cozy.

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Hitched from March 2008

In the 9th installment of Carol Higgins Clark's Regan Reilly PI series, Hitched, we've found Regan getting ready for her wedding to Jack, which were days away. When she picked up her wedding dress, five April brides have found out their dresses were stolen. And one of them were Regan's. When she arrived at the bridal shop, she found out it was broken into, the designers bound and gagged, and the gowns were missing, while one was ripped to shreds. While Regan was on the case to solve this mystery before her wedding, Jack was solving one of his own, dealing with the "Drip",  a bank robber who robbed banks during a rainstorm and eluding the NYPD for months. Can these two solve these cases before their wedding?

This was another fantastic Regan Reilly cozy mystery caper. I loved how it dealt with the wedding theme, just days before her wedding. I also enjoyed Jack's bank robbery mystery, too, and how they intertwined into the storyline. I loved how it showcased a trio of locations for this mystery--New York City, Atlantic City and Las Vegas. It made it much more interesting. This was a real nail-biter shocker as well. Great drama, good suspense, and plenty of intriguing mystery with tons of action for the climax.

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Laced from June 2008

In the 10th installment of Carol Higgins Clark's Regan Reilly series, Laced, Regan and Jack Reilly teamed up to solve a mystery during this Irish honeymoon. First they dealt with the ghost of May Reilly, who haunted Hennessy Castle for many years. During their first night, they saw a mysterious woman who later disappeared before the fire alarm went off.  First they met the O'Sheas, a young American couple who "sold" Irish memorabilia. When May's laced tablecloth went missing, a note was left behind by the "Does", when Jack was investigating them who stole it, they've reeceived assistance from Regan's cousin Gerard to help catch them in the act.

This was another excellent Regan Reilly cozy mystery. I loved the location of Ireland for their honeymoon and for the storyline concept. A fire and art theft, along with a haunted ghost story, made it even more charming. I didn't like the Does or the O'Sheas, but I loved Jack and Regan working on this case was a delight to see and read about it. This left me some chills and goosebumps for the entire storyline.  Great drama, excellent storyline, good action and mystery, too.

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Cursed from April 2009

In the 12th installment of Carol Higgins Clark's Regan Reilly series, Cursed, we've found Regan who relocated to New York City to be with her husband Jack. But before she was settled in, she returned to Los Angeles to help out a friend solve a cold case about Abigail Feeney, who was "cursed" with the thirteen-letters in her name and her birth date. While Jack was at seminar, she helped Abigail take her of her ex and all of her problems, when she believed she might've been cursed from the get-go to bring in an array of odd characters along her way.

I really enjoyed this cozy. I did feel bad for Abigail and all the bad luck that had befallen on her. I loved how Regan took the time to help out an old friend with all of her problems. Cody was nothing but trouble. I loved the dual locations of Los Angeles and New York City for this cozy mystery.  I also loved the twist of superstitions and lucks in this plot. This one made you think and bewildered at the same time. Good drama, nice action and suspense, and real good mystery-solving along the way.

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