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Sweet Nothings from February 2009

If you love beautiful contemporary romance novels, this series might be the right one for you. In the third installment of the Kendrick/Coulter/Harrigan series, Sweet Nothings.Catherine Anderson painted us a whole and touching romance about second chances. For Molly Wells, she was on the run with no job and little funds, when she did everything she could to save his horse, Sonora Sunset, from her demented ex-husband from killing it. That's when she took him to see Jake Coulter, a horse whisperer, to calm her horse. There was no way in hell he would return it to the owner who tormented it. But Jake knew there was something Molly wasn't telling him and believed her ex was the same one who damaged her horse. As the passion grew them closer and closer, they knew the danger of becoming at risk to a deranged monster to overcome the odds.

This was a lovely addition to the series, though I didn't read the first two books yet. This one dealt with escaping from abuse for animal and for humans. I loved how Molly protected the horse. I loved human interest stories with an animal attachment. I loved horse as well. The Oregon location was delightful and ideal for this series. I hate people who hurt animals and abuse the as well. I loved how Jake took care of Molly with a job and shielded her from harm. A hint of danger, great dramatic action and a lovely romance.

Want to whisper sweet nothings? Please consider buying this book!

Blue Skies from August 2006

In the 4th installment of the Coulter/Kendrick/Harrigan contemporary romance series, Blue Skies, Catherine Anderson wrote a heart-warming and charming romance you'll want to love. For Carly Adams, she was born with a rare eye disease. She was given a new lease on life, when an operation restored her eyesight. She had an opportunity to see things she never saw before, including a sweet-talking cowboy who whisked her away for a night of pleasurable passion. And then she found out she was pregnant, which could risk losing her eyesight. For Hank Coulter, he had no plans on settling down, until he found about Carly and the baby. He wanted her to marry her. But in order to make this a permanent relationship, they would have to take a chance on falling in love and risking a lifetime of joy.

This was a breath-taking and moving romance. I liked how he focused on Carly's rare eye disease and how it came with consequences. I did feel so much for Carly and  how she risked happiness for her stolen eyesight once again. I did believe Hank did the right thing, even if he followed his heart to find love. I loved the Oregon location and how Hank's family came together to help each other out. Good romance, nice drama and a hint of action to keep this charming book.

Ready to witness blue skies?  Give this one a read today!

My Sunshine from May 2007

In the 6th installment of the Coulter/Kendrick/Harrigan series by Catherine Anderson, My Sunshine, she  told us another heart-warming contemporary romance to melt our hearts. Five years ago, Laura Townsend suffered a head injury that impaired her to use language and abandon at brilliant career. Now with her spirits held high, she worked at an animal clinic with Isaiah Coulter. He filled her heart with longing. Now it was up to Isaiah to prove to Laura that they belong together, while he would move heaven and earth for her.

This was another tear-jerking contemporary romance. This made me cry in so many pages and tugged at my heart strings. I felt bad for Laura's head injury and had she needed to find a new life with a fresh new start. I was so glad that Isaiah was there for there to protect her and make her feel loved with belonging. I loved the picturesque Oregonian town too for the series. Great romance, good drama and light moments of action.

Ready to find your sunshine? Grab a copy with a Kleenex today!

Morning Light from March 2009

In the 8th installment of the best-selling Coulter/Kendrick/Harrigan contemporary romance series by Catherine Anderson, Morning Light, she told us another harrowing romance with a twist. Lori MacEwen was born with the second sight. She must warn Clint Harrigan that his son is in danger--except that he didn't have a son. Later, they learned on the news that an abandoned boy was lost in the wilderness. When they went to search for the boy, a bond began to form between them and turned into something else..

This was a magical contemporary romance from her. I loved the wilderness and the second sight twist. It carried a certain ambiance for the whole storyline. I loved how Loni and Clint came together to search for the lost boy, when something grew together between them. I loved the Oregonian location and the feel for a peaceful rural town. This had a great romance, a hint of spicy suspense, and plenty of drama to keep you reading in one setting.

Ready for some morning light? Pick up a copy today!

Simply Love from June 2008

Best-selling author Catherine Anderson earlier and classic novels, Simply Love, she told us a passionate story in this historical romance. This was taken place in the American West. We were introduced to Cassandra Zerek, was a true innocent woman in a wild and dangerous place. For Luke Taggert, the owner of a mining empire, was tired and bored of gambling and loose women, until he encountered Cassandra. He vowed to possess her and seduce her, while she was blind to his desire for her. All she simply wanted was to have love. And it was up to her to find the goodness in Luke's heart.

This was a truly enchanted classic historical romance from Catherine Anderson. I loved the setting of a Coloroado mining empire back in the wild west.  I loved the historical accuracy too. I loved how Cassandra was a wonderful woman to bring out the best out of Luke. I liked how he softened and found love with her. This portrayed all the dangers from the American west. This was truly beautiful and made me cry in the end. Great sweet romance, good intrigue and suspense, and nice heart-warming story.

Want some simply love? Pick up a copy today!

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