Special early reviews of Clive Cussler--page 2 (Kurt Austin)

Blue Gold from July 2002

In the 2nd installment of Clive Cussler's Kurt Austen NUMA series, Blue Gold, he took us on another adventurous journey. For Kurt as the crew leader of NUMA, this sent him into the heart of the Amazonian jungle in South America. When he looked into the deaths of rare whales, someone tried to put him and his mini sub out of commission. A special NUMA crew were in Venezuela that were searching for the legendary white goddess and became the target of bio-pirates who have intentions of stealing medicinal secrets of the world. While Kurt believed the legendary goddess had some real scientific roots, both he and his crew were up against a maddening California tycoon to monopolize the fresh water system and take over the world.

This was another fantastic NUMA series and focusing a new character. Since I've skipped on the first book and haven't read it yet, this was a great introduction to Kurt Austen and his own NUMA crew. I loved the concept of the environment, when it dealt with science and medicine, too. I loved the location it took place in South American rain forests. This would take you on an exciting thrill ride from start to finish. Great action, plenty of adventure on every page, and lots of mystery and intrigue in every scene.

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Fire Ice from August 2000

In the third installment of Dirk Pitt's Kurt Austin NUMA series, Fire Ice, Kurt Austin and his crew were back to save another day from danger. This time, they find themselves in the heart of the Soviet Union, when a mining tycoon claimed he had Romanov ancestry in his blood and backed by millions, as proclaimed himself a czar. He was determined to overthrow the Soviet government and the American oppositions with a distraction. But not if Kurt would do anything to stop him from doing it.

This was another terrific Kurt Austin action-adventure. I did care about Kurt and Zavala, along with the Russia-USA connection. I thought this tycoon was a raving lunatic. I do love the Soviet Union location for this fast-paced novel. I did love this took you on a roller coaster ride for this adventure novel. It would leave you breathless in the end. Great drama, plenty of non-stop action with an intense adventure, and lots of intriguing surprises in the end.

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White Death from August 2008

In the 4th installment of Clive Cussler's Kurt Austen NUMA series, White Death, Kurt and Joe Zavala came across another potential threat. When Kurt and Joe investigate a heated confrontation between a Danish cruiser and a radical environmental group, they had to intervene, when they had to rescue trapped men. As they dig a bit deeper, they realized that something real sinister was at work. A multinational corporation wanted to control the seas and killing everyone in sight. When Kurt almost lost his life due to his boat explosion, he knew he was next in line to get in the way. It was up to him to stop it.

This was another fantastic Kurt Austen action-adventure novel. I loved how it dealt with environmental and waterways issues. I hated it, when they blew out his boat. I did feel bad for the trapped men, for Joe and Kurt. I loved how it took place on the ocean for the central non-specific location. This would take you on another thrill ride for sure. Great drama, plenty of non-stop action with tons of adventure on the water, and lots of intrigue and suspense.

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Polar Shift from May 2005

In the 6th installment of Clive Cussler's Kurt Austen NUMA series, Polar Shift, Kurt and Joe Zavala take on another dangerous mission to save the world. This time, we've find them against an anti-globalization cult leader who've discovered the missing papers of an Hungarian genius on a polar shift from sixty years old. A polar shift disrupted electronic machines, disoriented birds and animals and caused massive eruptions, earthquakes and other climatic changes. Now this leader wanted to reverse it, before the world shifted it. It can't be done, unless Kurt and Joe stop them before it was too late.

This was another explosive highly intense action-adventure novel. I loved the NUMA team with Kurt and Joe. I didn't like the cult leader one bit. I did like the multiple locations this took place on land, in air and in sea. Since it centered on the planet and the environment,  this became one of my favorites. This would take the wind out of your sails for sure with this shocking twist of a plotline. Great drama, excellent adventure and suspense, and lots of intrigue along the way.

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