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Copycat from September 2007

In Erica Spindler's Copycat, the first book in the Kitt Lundgren series, we were introduced to an unlikely pair of partners. But nonetheless, when the police put Kitt Lundgren and Mary Catherine "MC" Riggio together, they worked together on the same case. Five years ago, three girls went missing in Rockford, Illinois, and found dead posing like angels. It was dubbed the "Sleeping Angel" case. That had almost destroyed Kitt's career,  and her marriage, when her own daughter died from leukemia as she let him get away. It put her at odds with her husband. Now five years later, the "SAK" returned and have contacted Kitt. Full of regret and trying to struggle to save her marriage, she recognized something about the case to suggest a copycat killer had recreated the crime. For MC, she came a big Italian family as the only female sibling. When they work together to pick up the pieces, she received a strange offer by the SAK--that he would help her catch the copycat. It was up to Kitt to trust him or not to catch the elusive killer. We got a real understanding on how her world fell apart and how Mary find true love on her end.

In this thriller, my heart strings were pulled tight and taut for Kitt. I felt bad for her struggling marriage, her sick daughter,  and her suffering career with her alcoholism disease. I also felt like she clicked with MC in a major way, when we learned about her and in her big Italian family, too.  I sensed she wanted redemption from the past and to set things right. I became worried and concerned about her in a major way. I couldn't stop reading this book back then. Everything was genuinely real from each gripping page.

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See Jane Die from May 2006

In Erica Spindler's See Jane Die, this was the first book that started the serial thriller of Stacy Killian. This was another dark and deep novel from Erica Spindler about revenge and betrayal from someone close to you and trusted. What a turn around! Nice read! As a teenager, Jane was nearly killed by a boating accident, which nearly disfigured her face. A couple of plastic surgeries restored her face to what it was, when she met her husband Ian, a plastic surgeon and fell in love with him. As an artist in Dallas, she was well-known and loved. Only one person had been sending her threats to scare and intimidate her. And when she realized who it was, she was shocked and afraid for her life. Her sister Stacy Killian made her first real appearance in here, before Killer Takes All.

This thriller will definitely send you chills up and down your spine. I enjoyed knowing Jane and her family more. Her husband Ian was a wild card in my opinion as Neil was another story.. This explored the human psyche and how beauty can be profound and skin deep at the same time. I became worried and scared about the same time, too. I cared about Jane and how vulnerable she became to the killer. This really toyed around with your own emotions.

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In Silence from March 2005

In Silence was another great book from Erica Spindler. It had twists and turns on every page of drama and intrigue. You'll be at the edge of your seat. A great thriller! When Avery learned her father had committed suicide, she was shocked to hear it. As a journalist, Avery returned to her home in Cypress Springs, Louisiana, and tried to put together the pieces of what happened. She later discovered, that he set his house in fire. Also, strange things had been happening, even when she was reunited with her former flame, Hunter Stevens, and met his family, which had been acting strange. And when she dug deeper, she was in the line of fire of a vigilante group who wanted to punish people, and vowed to never go home again.

As a stand-alone thriller, this one gave me goosebumps. From the first page to the last, you'll be hooked in Avery's journey for justice. I loved how she came home and discovered a conspiracy theory in her own hometown. As for Hunter, I didn't care for him or his family.  There were an odd bunch of people, since Hunter was one sick puppy. Gripped through and through to the darkest side of humanity, you'll be sucked in as well.

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Killer Takes All from January 2009

Erica Spindler's Killer Takes All have  got plenty of drama, suspense and intrigue.  Set in New Orleans, this dealt with a serial killer who liked to play role playing games that turned out deadly.  Stacy Killian was newly introduced in this novel, when she met Spencer Malone, his family and his Aunt Patty. She had been left cryptic notes from the "White Rabbit", putting her life in danger, when she was next on his list. It was now up to the NOPD to protect her and stop this "White Rabbit" from killing others. What a rush! 

This was another fantastic thriller. In this one, we do get to know more about the Malone family and Stacy herself. The topic of virtual reality role playing games were a bit hard-hitting and true to form. I became intrigued and enchanted in Stacy and the Malone family. Aunt Patty was a hoot, even as their boss, who took care. Gripped from page one to to the end, you'll be hooked from start to finish. 

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Shocking Pink from April 2005

Shocking Pink was the first Erica Spindler book that got me hooked into her thrillers. Very riveting and very deep and dark. What a storyline! Three girls watched a couple that were engaged in a deadly sexual secret game. Fifteen years later, for Andie, Julie and Raven, someone was after them, when they tried to solve the murder of "Mrs. X" and the disappearance of "Mr. X". And sometimes, Andie didn''t know if she can trust them, even if loyalty bound them to murder. Shocking Pink had lots of twists and turns to keep you guessing.

After page one,  I became hooked on this thriller and wanted to read more of hers. This was a perfect introduction for her thriller debut. I cared for the three friends and what they saw in the storyline. That's how the first part was set up, when the second half had fast forwarded to them all grown up, when the mystery lingered and haven't alluded them. This was a most definite nail-biter. I cringed, sighed and gasped a couple of times. 

Ready to be shocked and enthralled? Get hooked with her thrillers today!


Forbidden Fruit from January 2008

Forbidden Fruit was Erica's first novel. It was told in three long parts and it dealt with family secrets, revenge and love. Nonetheless, it was a good read to get hooked into her work. This dealt with the St. Perrons, an aristocratic rich family in New Orleans of three generation, each having a daughter of their own. It focused on Lily, Hope and Glory, when it was centered mainly on Glory's POV of trying to defy the odds, and learned who was "forbidden fruit" from high school to finding love with someone who knew their family secrets and who could bring them down. 

This was an intense thriller. I did feel bad for Lily, when she wanted to find her own way. I loved the backdrop of Hope's and Glory's story interspersed through the backstory. The rich New Orleans setting was fantastic and visual. I didn't like the way Lily was mistreated by her mother and grandmother, who only wanted the best for her...and not to follow in their footsteps. I loved the dangerous darkness it presented, when one person was set out to ruin them all by exposing their secrets. Some scenes were a bit unpleasant to go through, but necessary to read. 

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Bone Cold from May 2009

Erica Spindler's Bone Cold was another great thriller to leave you with chills. In the first installment of the Quentin Malone Thriller series,  twenty-three years ago, Anna North was kidnapped and had her pinkie severed, then vanished. Now, years later, she was a best-selling author of thrillers in Louisiana under a new name. Her nightmare returned with a vengeance. Someone had followed her  her home broken into, and a close friend disappeared. She'd been receiving disturbing fan mail letters. She required the help of the NOPD, when Quentin Malone was on the scene, when he discovered two red-haired woman were murdered and had severed pinkies, just like Anna. That chilled her to the bone. And now, she had to discover the truth of the past, before she became next.  

This one was another excellent thriller to get your thrills in the night. I became worried for Anna, when those bad things happened to her. I also love the New Orleans setting for another location of the book. I thought Quentin Malone was charming and a caring police officer as well. I ended up with a cold sweat and wanted to keep turning the pages for more. 

Ready to feel a chill? Go out and buy a copy today!

Last Known Victim from November 2008

A great suspense thriller in Post-Katrina New Orleans with drama, action and intrigue. In Erica Spindler's Last Known Victim, the third book in the Stacy Killian series, while Louisiana tried to restore itself from Hurricane Katrina, someone used the destruction from the hurricane as a perfect crime scene. When Captain Patty O'Shay and the NOPD were on the scene, they discovered one of the huge fridges in a graveyard. When they opened it inside, they were shocked to find a pair of woman's hands. This chilled them to the bone. But what's mostly disturbing, after they get a call in City Park, was that they've found the dead body with her husband's police badge at the scene. Someone sent her a message, which could be more than personal than professional. And it was up to Patti to figure out the "Handyman's" cryptic message, before she was next on his list.

This one gave me chills and left me cold and numb all over. To have the setting take place after post-Hurricane Katrina made a huge backdrop for this storyline. I loved how it focused on Patty for this time around. The Handyman gave me the creeps. I loved how the NOPD backed her up. Very visual and descriptive gory crime scenes painted a perfect picture for it, too.

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Dead Run from April 2005

This was another great thriller from Erica Spindler. In Dead Run, When Liz's sister Rachel left a chilling message on her answering machine, it was the last time she heard from her sister before she disappeared. Now Liz was compelled to go to Key West and check out the church she was a pastor at. From there, things went awry. Someone commited suicide. And a teen Rachel counseled was found there. It was now up to Liz to find out, why isn't everyone helping her find her sister, except for Rick Wells, a journalist who investigated the "New Testament" serial killings. Together, they discovered the truth of the secret cult in the church, and were shocked to find out who was behind it.

This was another disturbing and chilling thriller. This one sent chills down my spine. The Florida Key location was superb for the tropical locale feel. I really felt bad for Liz and was glad she found an alley in Rick. The secret church cult concept was chilling for sure. I didn't like the church members, too. I did become worried about Rachel as well. From start to finish, you would be hooked in no time to read more.

One last time, get chilled by Erica Spindler's thriller! Buy one today!

Cause for Alarm from August 2008

Cause for Alarm was an excellent thriller by Erica Spindler. Great action, drama and suspense in short chapters for a quick and lightning fast  read. Fabulous! Julianna Starr found the perfect couple to help them out as their surrogate. For Kate and Richard Ryan, it was the dream solution, if they couldn't adopt. But when she agreed, Julianna went after Richard and pretended to be Kate. She stalked them. But she wasn't alone. Someone from her past was now after Julianna and the Ryans, and turned their world upside down.

This was a nail-biting hard core thriller to send chills down the spine. I loved the backdrop of this thriller to paint those scenes real well. I felt saddened and worried about the Ryans and what they had gotten into. When they wanted happiness, they've gotten something else at well... more than they bargained for. It ended up be a total nightmare. I didn't like Julianna at all and despise her with a heated and hated passion.  Talk about down to the nitty gritty. My pulse went up and accelerated at a notch for my heart, when this thriller would take you for a wild ride.

If you know someone who loves thriller, add this to their X-mas wish list today! 

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