Special early Jane Kirkpatrick reviews

All Together in One Place from April 2009

In All Together in One Place, this book launched the Kinship and Courage trilogy series. Based on factual events on the Oregon Trail, this one was focused on Madison "Mazy" Bacon and her journey. After two years of marriage, her husband informed her on their move to head west. Along the way, she bonded with 11 other women who took the same journey from various states to head to California.  During their way, they each deal with loss and heartache in their own way, when their husbands or fianc├ęs die from cholera.  Suzanne Culver learned the hard way, when she ended up blind and needed help to make her own way. Ruth Martin sent her husband to prison for killing their son and keeping a secret from her own children. This was a beautiful and heartfelt moving inspirational historical romance about life, love, loss and friendship that bound them together on the Oregon Trail with the hope and guidance from God.

This was a great inspirational romance, based and inspired by actual events. We begin to feel the same mixed array of emotions as these ladies did with their families, when they experienced loss and deception. The Oregon Trail by wagons and carriages from east to west painted such vivid imagery for the entire series, too. I hated Zane, Ruth's husband, with a passion. Heart-breaking and compelling, this made me hold my breath and sigh for relief.

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A Clearing in the Wild from February 2008

In the first installment of the Change and Courage series, A Clearing in the Wild, this one featured young Emma Wagner and the changes she endured with her family. Set during the 1850s, she lived in a religious community of Bethelites in Missouri. Her religion remained with untainted concerns on the world, which left women like herself in a quiet submission to speak her mind about the limitations she faced. She abhorred and hated the leader. Emma and her husband Christian were sent with others to face the ideal location to spent their last days in Washington territory, when the leader, Wilhelm Kell and the rest of the community joined them, and turned them down. They instead headed to Oregon. While she wanted them to break from the group, this outcome lead to unfortunate circumstances, when her passionate nature could be her greatest strength to overcome it all.

For this historical and inspirational romance, this was a hard-hitting and touching novel. This bordered on a new religion and how to break free. I really felt bad for Emma and Christian, when they were stuck in that cult and couldn't get anywhere. From Missouri to Oregon, the locations were pitched perfect in vivid colors for the imagination. I didn't like the grievances that Emma faced, though it was based in factual events. She persevered, not much what the cost to overcome life's heartaches and hardships. I gritted my teeth a few times throughout this novel and released a breath on each gripping turning page.

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A Tendering in the Storm from May 2008

Emma Wagner's saga continued in the 2nd installment of the series in A Tendering in the Storm. Married to Jack Giesy and pregnant with her third child, she believed her young family would thrive in Washington territory once they've broken free from the religious community. She wanted to do it on her own and struggled to keep her family secure from harm. With loss and disappointment, it ignited a sparking fire in her, which led her into making poor choices and into dangerous relationships. As a cloud of despair swarmed in, she would have to decide on managing on her own or seek help from the people she left behind.

This historical/inspirational romance dealt with more of Emma's brave adventures in the west. I became in awe and amazed on how she overcame the loss of her husband and married someone she didn't love. I did become concerned about how she ended up in danger and how she lost her faith and her way. She wanted to become independent and on her own in her own terms. I did feel a bit numb, when it came to her former religious community and of Jack as well. I continued to love the western backdrop to set the scene so well. So emotional and moving, heart-breaking too, this was a strong novel to read and to become inspired.

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A Mending at the Edge from June 2008

In the final installment of the Change and Cherish historical trilogy series, A Mending at the Edge featured Emma Geisy's final chapters in her story. This one was a heart-wrenching one, when she dealt with personal loss and grief and tried to protect her family anyway she could. She endured and survived through it all and wanted to reunite with her daughter Ida, when they were separated. She had to make tough choices to build her own home on a peaceful land and learned the important meaning of community.  The conclusion of this series was a successful and poignant one with a happy ending to her story.

This one brought tears to my eyes--happy and sad tears. But it was beautiful, nonetheless. I continued to care about her, when it dealt with her family and what she went through. As a mother, she would do anything to protect her daughter.  I felt bad for her and wished she would see Ida. I loved the Oregon backdrop one more time as Emma rebuilt her home and learned how everyone helped each other out.

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