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Where Are the Children? from September 1994

In Mary Higgins Clark's classic mystery, Where Are the Children?, she wrote us a scintillating tale that made her the queen of suspense. Nancy Harmon fled California long ago with a heartbreak of the first marriage, the two macabre deaths of her two beloved children, and the charges against her. Now, she changed her name and hair color in windswept peaceful Cape Cod. Now remarried with two new children of her own, while she started to heal with the pain, it wasn't until she discovered the nightmare had begun again. When she looked for her son and daughter, she only found one red mitten...

This was the first book that got me hooked on becoming an avid reader, when I first read her classic mysteries. I expanded my horizons to get to other genres like cozies, thrillers and a variety of romance.  I remembered how I felt a lot of sorrow for Nancy's grief. I didn't care for much for her new husband, when I first read it, two decades ago. I loved the Cape Cod location connection, along with California, too.

Ready to get chilled? Give this classic mystery a try to get hooked into her mysteries right away!

Moonlight Becomes You from April 1999

If you missed the TV movie from a decade ago, you can relive the intense mystery in the print version. In Mary Higgins Clark's Moonlight Becomes You, we were introduced to Maggie Holloway, a fashion photographer. She reunited with her former stepmother, Nuala Moore, in Manhattan, when they reminisced about fond memories from the past. When Nuala invited her to visit her, Maggie accepts as Nuala planned a dinner party in Newport, Rhode Island to introduce her circle of friends to Maggie. When she arrived there, Nuala was burglarized and found dead in her home from a random break-in. Heartbroken, she learned that Nuala changed her will, leaving her as the sole beneficiary. She later visited an old friend of Nuala's, Greta Shipley, who worked at a retirement home, and accompanied her at Nuala's grave. From there, things had gotten sinister, when she realized the killer was someone she trusted the most and discovered she was the next target.

This was another fantastic mystery from the queen of suspense. I cared for Maggie and had a small chance to reconnect with her stepmother. I was saddened for her short-lived visit, when she was murdered. With eyes wide open, I was hooked throughout the novel to find out what happened next.  At every page turn, you'll want to keep reading to the end.

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Loves Music, Loves to Dance from July 1996

In Mary Higgins Clark's Loves Music, Loves to Dance, a serial killer trolls the personal ads in trendy magazines. After college, tow best friends venture out in Manhattan. Erin Kelly was a promising jewelry designer and Darcy Scott was a decorator.  On a lark, Darcy persuaded a TV producer to do a scoop about research on people who did personal ads. When Erin disappeared and later was found in killed with one missing shoe and wore one dancing shoe, it was up to Darcy to entire the killer out in the open with her own ad by communicating with him and making Darcy next on his list.

This mystery focused on the topic of the dangers on dating via the classified ads (and even now so, to online dating.)  We do get to care about the two best friends, Darcy and Erin, in New York, when tragedy struck one of them. There were many shocking twists and turns to keep me guessing. I sighed and cried through the most intense senses. I wanted to find out about what happened next and kept on reading.

Ready to live dangerously? Give this book a try!

While My Pretty One Sleeps from July 1992

In Mary Higgins Clark's While My Pretty One Sleeps, Neeve Kearny might be the only one worried about Ethel Lambston's disappearance.  Ethel Lambston was a best-selling author and famous for her juicy exposés, and one of Neeve's best customers at her boutique, too. But some people were glad she was no longer around--her ex-husband, her nephew and featured fashion moguls in her writings have every reason to see her gone. But when Ethel was found dead with her throat cut, memories of her mother's long-unsolved murder resurfaced back again. As an innocent witness to her murder, Neeve was caught into a webbed labyrinth of greed, ambition and deadly lies.

This was a cold and intriguing mystery. I continue to love the tri-state area location for the backdrop. I loved Neeve and how she exposed the truth behind Ethel's demise. So many twists and turns on every page that's filled with suspense. This left me feeling cold and chills down the spine. This would make you want to keep reading to the very end. I didn't like Neeve's flashbacks and Ethel's family.

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Two Little Girls in Blue from July 2008

In Mary Higgins Clark's Two Little Girls in Blue, she wrote a tale about the power of twin telepathic powers in this suspenseful mystery. When Margaret and Steven Hawley returned home from a dinner party on the evening of their twin daughter's third birthday, she discovered that both of them were gone. Steven's global investment firm paid the ransom note, when they found a suicide note saying that Kathy was dead, while Kelly was alive. At the private memorial mass, Kate received an telepathic message for her sister about the lady who abducted her. Her parents believed it was Kathy's  message was from beyond the grave;when in actuality, Kathy's life was hanging by the thread. In the end, there was a tearful reunion as they saved her life and closed in on the kidnapper.

This mystery explored the twin psychic connection with telepathy. I loved it.  I hated the kidnappers and loved how Kathy and Kelly had connected with one another--nonetheless, it was a strong one. I embraced the Hawleys with a hug and how they stayed together throughout this ordeal. This mystery also displayed the lengths what people would do for money, for family, and for both. Grab a hold to your loved ones with this one.

Ready to embrace this novel with your whole heart?  Give it a try today!

You Belong to Me from July 2000

If you missed the TV movie version from a decade ago, you can relive the suspense in this classic mystery in print version. In Mary Higgins Clark's You Belong to Me, she took us on an adventure from radio to the cruise ships. Dr. Susan Chandler decided to use her radio talk show to explore the topic of disappearing women and the killers who prey on their vulnerable loneliness, she had no idea she exposed herself and others to the invisible dangers out there. When a caller called in about the disappearance of Regina Clausen from years ago on a cruise ship, Susan began to investigate her case and asked callers to offer information on the crime. In a race against time, she placed herself into the position of knowing the killer who might be someone she knew from her life and who made herself into a target as well.

This was an interesting and scintillating mystery from Mary Higgins Clark. I loved the concept of radio and cruise ships to bridge it together. I really loved the backdrop of the cruise ship and a radio station as well. I cared for Susan and for Regina's family, especially when danger loomed in on her. There was plenty of chills to escalate up and down my spine. This would leave you cold and shaking in the end.

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Let Me Call You Sweetheart from September 1998

If you missed the TV movie version from a decade ago, get ready for an intense thrill ride in Mary Higgins Clark's Let Me Call You Sweetheart.  Kerry McGrath was a devoted mother and a successful prosecutor.  When her daughter's face was cut in a car accident, it sent her to Dr. Charles Smith's office for plastic surgery. Little did she know that two faces bear an uncanny resemblance to Suzanne Reardon, a young woman was killed eleven years ago by her husband, Skip, who spent his life in a life sentence. As she dug herself into a fresh investigation, she placed herself in danger, when people would stop for nothing to keep the case closed and to prevent her from finding the truth. The further she went, her daughter and her own life was in peril.

This was another enjoyable classic Mary Higgins Clark mystery that would have you at the edge of your seat. From the first page to the last, I was hooked to follow Kerry's fight for her daughter and the ensuing mystery that started it all. I didn't like it, when Kerry's own daughter was innocent and made a target. I held my breath, cried and sighed for relief. You would feel everything real and close to your heart.

Ready to get hooked into a puzzling mystery? Give this a whirl!

Deck the Halls from July 2003

Get into the holiday spirit early! If you missed the TV movie version on TNT a few years ago, relive the collaboration of Mary Higgins Clark's Alvirah Meehan, and her daughter's, Carol Higgins Clark, Regan Reilly, in Deck the Halls. The two inspiring female leads meet up for the first time in this ongoing Christmas mystery series.  A few days before Christmas, Regan Reilly met Alvirah Meehan, famous lotto winner and amateur sleuth, in a dentist's office in New Jersey. Regan's mother Nora was in the hospital with a broken leg, when her father Luke and his chauffeur was kidnapped, it was up to Regan and Alvirah to locate them, before a fierce winter storm happened in the tri-state area.

I loved this holiday collaboration series between Mary and Carol Higgins Clark. It was a good introduction on how Alvirah met Mirah. I didn't like the kidnapper. But I felt bad for Regan and for Nora's broken leg. In a race against time, they accomplished the impossible to have a joyous holiday season. I believe Regan and Alvirah will continue to be fast friends in future books in the series.

Ready to get into the holiday spirit early? Pick this up for your X-mas list for you or someone who loves mysteries!

Remember Me from March 1999

In case you missed the haunting TV movie from a decade ago, you can relive the suspense in the print version of Mary Higgins Clark's Remember Me. Menley Nichols wasn't able to forgive herself for the tragic death of her two-year-old son in a car accident. Her marriage to Adam started to unravel and fell apart, until she had her daughter Hannah. Determined to start again to rebuild her life, they decided to rent a home in Cape Cod for a peaceful beginning for her family. But a serial killer had plans for their family, when accidents happen to make her fear for her daughter and to relive the tragic nightmare. Pretty soon, the Nichols family were drawn into a sinister web that would threaten their restored peaceful ease of mind.

This was a heart-breaking mystery to read. As a whole, I felt a great deal of sorry for Menley and her family, when they went through hard times. Once again, the setting of Cape Cod was perfect to send them into a frenzied terror. This left me some chills and in a cold sweat. I didn't care for much that someone wanted to do the whole family harm, including sweet Hannah.

Ready for a cold spell? Give this one a try!

He Sees You When You're Sleeping from September 2003

In Mary Higgins Clark's  and Carol Higgins Clark's He Sees You When You're Sleeping, the second book in the Christmas series,  they team up again to collaborate in their second Christmas novella story. A few days before Christmas, Sterling Brooks have waited for 46 years to make his entrance to Heaven to receive his wings. The Council have given him a test back on earth to help someone else. In Manhattan, he met a seven-year-old girl named Marissa who was separated from her family. Both of her grandmother and father were in the Witness Protection Program from threatens on their lives from the Badgett brothers, both mobsters, for testifying in an arson case. Sterling realized he was sent to help Marissa. That's when Regan and Alvirah came in, when he went back and forth to mastermind a plan to eliminate the threat and reunite with her family.

This was a beautiful Christmas novella that featured both Alvirah and Regan again. This one featuring an angel who wanted to get his wings was another touch for Sterling's story. This made me cry, when he wanted to save Marissa from the mobsters and reunite her with her family. I cared for her and for Sterling as well. This is perfect for the holiday season every year!

Ready to fly with wings? Give this one a go!

I'll Be Seeing You from May 1997

In Mary Higgins Clark's I'll Be Seeing You, when reporter Meghan Collins had seen the sheet-wrapped body in New York City, she believed she could be seeing her double and stared at her own face. Nine months ago, her father's car spun off the road and into the river. There was no trace of his car in the water as they believed he faked his own death. Pretty soon, the links between her father's death and the lookalike painted a shocking picture of the truth behind it all, and later placed her in danger.

This was another thrilling mystery by Mary Higgins Clark. I did feel bad for Megan for many reasons. She discovered the truth behind her twin lookalike and her father's death. This had plenty of twists and turns like no other in this mystery. I loved the backdrop in NYC to set the tone. This was another nail-bitter mystery that would grip you and pull you in like no other.

Ready to going in circles? Sign up for this one today!

Santa Cruise from July 2008

In the 3rd installment of the Christmas mystery series from Mary Higgins Clark and her daughter, Carol Higgins Clark, Regan Reilly and Alvirah Meehan return in the Santa Cruise. This time around, the mystery took place on a cruise ship. The Meehans invited Regan, Jack and her parents for a peaceful cruise ship, since Alvirah won it in a lottery. While everyone there was there to attain a calming presence, it was nothing but there. When Randolph Weed wanted to scatter his wife's ashes over the ocean, his rotten nephew Eric had invited two criminal stowaways for the ride to wreck havoc.

This would be perfect to read during the cold holiday season. I loved the concept that it took place on a cruise ship. There was a sense of heightened ambiance and overshadowing to give you the chills. I continued to care about the Reillys and Meehans, while they celebrate it with friends and family.  I did feel bad for Randolph who dealt with his idiot nephew. I didn't like Eric that much. This light read would make you feel warm all over and jolly for the winter blues.

Ready to sail on a cruise? Come aboard with a copy today!

Pretend You Don't See Her from October 1999

In case you missed the TV movie version from a decade ago or so, relieve the drama in the print version. In  Mary Higgins Clark's Pretend You Don't See Her, she told us a gripping tale like no one before. Lacey Farrell was a rising star in the real state market in New York City, until she witnessed a murder and listened to the dying words of the victim. From there, she was placed into the Witness Protection Program in Minneapolis under a new name. When she dated Tom, a talk show host, in fears of deception, she broke it off. She feared the killer tracked her down. When she returned back to NYC, she uncovered that two other people have died who might've looked like her. Before she knew it, she might be the next casualty.

This mystery was gripping and scintillating, while sending goosebumps down my spine. I felt heartache for Lacey and her family, when she had to go into protective hiding. I was concerned for her as she started over in her new life.  For starters, I didn't like Tom. He rubbed me the wrong way. I loved the dual locations of NYC and Minneapolis. Real terrific work to give you the chills all over, right until the end.

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Nighttime is my Time from September 2005

In Mary Higgins Clark's Nighttime is My Time, she told us a harrowing tale about a deadly high school reunion. It all started for Jean Sheridan, a college dean and prominent historian, when she received a notice about her high school reunion in Cornwall-on-Hudson. Before that, someone from her class was found dead by drowning in her own pool. Little did she know, someone knew her high school secret about the baby she gave up for adoption and other secrets. As she reunited with her former class mates who had transformed themselves into successful careers, someone targeted the females, one by one. At the award dinner, she met a detective who was hot on a case of a former crime that took place.  The killer known as the Owl will save Jean for his final victim for last.

This one gave me goosebumps and sent chills down my spine. The Cornwall-on-Hudson location was picturesque and idealistic for this mystery of a high school academy. We do get a sense of dangerous ambiance with the night-time scenes as well. I did feel a pang for Jean, when someone knew about her baby daughter and later targeted her for murder. I did feel a hint of sorrow for the victims. I didn't like the Owl who took vengeance for those who bulled him.  If you love chilling mysteries, this one is perfect for you from the queen of suspense.

Ready to be wary at night-time? Give this book a try!

Dashing Through the Snow from April 2009

In the 5th and final installment of the holiday mystery series from Mary Higgins Clark and Carol Higgins Clark, Dashing Through the Snow, Alvirah Meehan and Regan Reilly return to solve another Christmas caper.  This time, they head to Branscombe, New Hampshire, when they held their first ever festival of joy. The night before, a bunch of co-workers learned they won the $120 million lottery. One of their employees named Duncan decided to join at the last minute and was told by a couple of phony financial advisers not to play. When a second lottery ticket was announced as the winner, Duncan remained missing. Now it was up to Regan and Alvirah to find out who went behind the crime and what happened to Duncan.

This was another delightful holiday mystery to close out the series. To move the location over to Branscombe, New Hampshire, it sounded ideal for a lovely holiday mystery in a New England town. To add the lottery winning link made it perfect to bring everyone back together. This book would get you into the holiday spirit any time of the year. Great drama, nice action, and a good mystery wrapped up in a tight red bow.

Ready to dash through the pages? Pick up a copy today!

We'll Meet Again from September 2001

In Mary Higgins Clark's We'll Meet Again, she was no doubt the queen of suspense. When Molly Lasch returned home from her Cape Cod trip, she was the suspect of her husband's murder, when he was found dead in their bedroom Six years after she was released from prison, she came to her friend Fran to help prove her innocence that she didn't crush Gary's skull with a blunt object. She had no memory of the crime. With help from Fran on research and a true crime program, they discovered some shocking truth about the HMO Remington Health Management and other nefarious things. Would that make Fran the next target for murder?

This was another compelling mystery from Mary Higgins Clark. I loved the Cape Cod and Greenwich, Connecticut locations in New England to paint the disturbing scene. Although the first images of the crime scene was grisly and disturbing in nature, it might be hard to stomach for awhile. I did feel bad for Molly and was glad she went to Fran to help her out. I cared about her and how she fared with life after prison. True grit at its finest with great drama, nice action and an excellent storyline.

Ready to solve a true crime? Grab a magnifying glass with your copy now!

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