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My Gal Sunday from March 2003

If you've missed the Hallmark Channel movie version last year, then the print version is waiting for you. In Mary Higgins Clark's My Gal Sunday, she wrote to use about a dynamic due that was two of a kind. Meet Henry Parker Britland IV, a newly retired former President, who was youthful, popular and wealthy, and his new bride, Sunday, who was newly elected to Congress. For this couple of sleuths, they came out to help solve high-society crimes in politics from a cold cold case to a kidnapping. And that would bring them all the way back to the White House in Washington D.C.

This was an eclectic bunch of stories told in one perfect novel. I found both Henry and Sunday quite enjoyable and amusing as they travel the east cold to solve murder. To have a political twist or two made this real interesting to what's going on in politics nowadays. This was a real page-turner that would keep you up all night with a delightful smile on your face. Great drama, lovely suspense and plenty of action.

Are you ready for My Gal Sunday? Give this one a go today!

The Christmas Thief from July 2005

In the 2nd installment of the Christmas Mystery series by Carol Higgins Clark and Mary Higgins Clark, The Christmas Thief, Alvirah Meehan and Regan Reilly return to solve another holiday mystery. This time, it took them to the annual Christmas tree lightning at the Rockefeller Center. The folks in charge of tree didn't know that one of the branches was attached to a flask filled of priceless diamonds from a scam artist over a decade ago.  When Packy Noonan broke his parole to reclaim his loot, he headed to NYC, while Alvirah and Regan were in Stowe, Vermont on a weekend trip. The next day, the tree disappeared with one of Regan's friends went missing.

This Christmas story surely defeated the classic of the Grinch that Stole Christmas big-time. I loved the dual locations from NYC to Stowe, Vermont, for the annual X-mas tree lightning held in New York. I loved that it was still centered around the holidays and dealt with a X-mas tree. I loved how Regan and Alvirah teamed up to recover the stole tree too. This had a good plot, nice suspense, and an easy reading flow for a good storyline.

Don't be a Grinch! Pick up a copy today!

On the Street Where You Live from April 2003

In another one of Mary Higgins Clark's classic and early mysteries, On the Street Where You Live, she told us another scintillating and dark macabre tale. For criminal defense attorney Emily Graham, she turned home to her roots in Spring Lake, New Jersey, after the breakup of her marriage and a stalker pursued her. From there, it became her worst nightmare. She brought the home from Madeline Shapley, where she and someone else had disappeared and later was killed. When she excavated a place for her pool, she uncovered a skeleton and two that was buried underground. It was up to Emily to link the two murders, one present and one from the past, before she would become the next target a serial killer couldn't resist.

This mystery had many sharp twisted tales in one haunted mystery. It also dealt with reincarnation and revenge on a whole new level. This one would sent chills down your spine, even right after you read it. I did care about Emily and what she uncovered in her own backyard. I liked the location of Spring Lake, New Jersey, which brought on a sinister foreshadowing to the one residence. This was definitely a nail-biter to keep you at the edge of your seat.

Ready to get shivers? Go out and grab this copy!

All Through the Town from July 2000

In another classic mystery from Mary Higgins Clark, Alvirah and Willy return made their Christmas mystery debut in this stand-alone novel, All Through the Town. It started when a unmarried woman left her baby in front of the church's rectory's door. At the same time, someone stole the baby and the treasure, a chalice. Seven years later, she helped out her sister by preparing for the pageant, when she converted a thrift shop into an after school rec center for children. A nearby brownstone was threatened for condemnation, when the couple was threatened. It was up to Alvirah and Willy to find the baby, the chalice, and to prove the couple were con artists as her parents.

This was a perfect and priceless classic mystery from the queen of suspense. I loved the ambiance from start to finish, during the X-mas holiday season. I loved how it took place in the tri-state area. This was a good caper for Alvirah and Willy to solve for a quick and light read. This would make you gasp and sigh at the same time, too.  Good drama, nice tension and action, and a great Christmas story to read any time of the year.

Ready for a Christmas story? Give this one a try!

The Lottery Winner from October 1996

In the Lottery Winner from Mary Higgins Clark, we were introduced to Alvirah and Willy Meehan for the first official time. We find out how she went from rags to riches in this collection of short stories in this anthology that feature Alvirah and her husband. Each short story carried an ambiance of mystery and intrigue.

This was something different than the Anastasia Syndrome, another collection of classic short stories in that anthology in the earlier years of Mary Higgins Clark's career. I liked the backstory of Alvirah and Willy, and how she became the sleuth to become featured in other classic mysteries and Christmas novels. Clearly, we can see how they steal the show--story--for sure. I loved the backdrop in the tri-state area and als in Cape Cod. With each short story, you'll be hooked like a fish to love her classic short stories with drama and intrigue in this anthology collection.

Ready for some light reading? Pick up a copy this weekend!

Before I Say Goodbye from September 2002

If you missed the TV movie version from a decade ago, you could relive the intrigue in the print verison.  In another stellar classic mystery from Mary Higgins Clark, Before I Say Goodbye, she took us a place we never went before. For Nell MacDermott, she became distraught, when her husband Adam Cauliff and his close associates were killed in a boat explosion on his new cabin cruiser. She also felt guilt, since they quarreled about her run for Congressional seat, like her grandfather before her. Adam knew about her ambitions when they were married, and now he was against the idea. With help from her great-aunt Gert, they went to see a psychic medium. As the boat explosion investigation revealed that it wasn't an accident but foul play, Nell followed Adam's instructions via the psychic medium, which brought her closer to the killer.

This had all the fixings of an excellent mystery or thriller. This one sent chills down my spine and left me at the edge of the seat. This one would leave you breathless from start to finish. I did feel sad for Nell losing her husband. I was glad she had her aunt there to guide her along. The vise of  using a psychic medium was rich and perfect for a good quick read.  The boat explosion scene blew me away. This had good drama, excellent suspense, superior intrigue and plenty of action to keep you guessing.

Ready for a haunted tale? Give this a go this week!

Stillwatch from October 1999

In one of Mary Higgins Clark's earliest classic mysteries, Stillwatch, she told us a dark tale of intrigue. For top investigative report Pat Tremayne, someone tipped her about the future candidate of the first female Vice President of the United States, Senator Abigail Jennings. She needed the help of her former flame, Congressman Sam McKingley, while they discovered some shocking truths about her that might ruin Abigail's reputation and her career. Meanwhile she faced some dark secrets from her own childhood that might destroy her, too.

This classic had all of the favorite fixings of a great mysteries. You'll be hooked on the first page and from the first chapter to continue reading it in one settings. This would send you some ice cold chills and shivers down the spine. It would also make your head spin in circles. I did care for Pat and for Abigail, while this happened to both of them. I liked how Pat teamed up with Sam, while a spark might be rekindled between them. This had great drama, lots of page-turning suspense, and plenty of action in one book.

Ready to go on a still watch? Pick up a copy this weekend!

Silent Night from July 2009

Just in time for the holiday season. In another classic Christmas mystery from Mary Higgins Clark, Silent Night, she told us a heart-warming tale about love and life. For Catherine Dorman, she took her family to New York City for a life-saving operation on her husband who was just diagnosed with leukemia. To lift off their spirits, they went to Rockefeller. But her son Brian saw a woman pickpocket her wallet and steal the St. Christopher medal that would help save his father's life. He chased the woman through the subway and went on his adventure of his own.

This was a beautiful Christmas suspense story with plenty of mystery. I did feel hope and sadness for the Dorman family. I did worry about Brian and for Catherine's husband. Everyone would love a holiday miracle of their own. I believe any trip to NYC would be heart-warming and heart-lifting, too. Brian was a brave young man who took a dangerous change to go after that woman. A great mystery with a hint of holiday cheer and intrigue.

Ready for a silent night? Enjoy this Christmas classic this weekend!

The Anastasia Syndrome from March 2008

This was one of Mary Higgins Clark's earlier and classic short story collections, The Anastasia Syndrome. The first one dealt with Judith Chase in the lead short story, when she wanted to trace her origins, since she was orphaned during the World War One, while she prepared to marry a British prime minister. The other four short stories dealt with various tones from obsession, revenge, and friendship. Each short story had its own mystery with a shocking conclusion.

For each one of these short stories was different in its own way. I did feel something for Judith Chase in the main lead short story. That one took my breath away. The others I don't remember anything about them. But I loved how each story had its twists and turns to shock and enthrall us in a shorten capacity. I liked how each story was taken place in the New Jersey-New York area, except for Judith's story, which was during England.  Great mini stories, plenty of dramatic action with a surprise on its own.

Why not check it out and be the judge for yourselves, this weekend?

A Stranger is Watching from August 1993

In one of this earlier classic mysteries from Mary Higgins Clark, A Stranger is Watching, this one would have you at the edge of your seat with chills done your spine. For Ronald Thompson, he knew he wasn't guilty of the murder of Nina Peterson, when he had two days to unmask the villain before he would be executed. For Nina's husband, Steve, nothing would stop the pain and anger, when his six-year-old son Neil had witnessed the murder of his mother. Not even Sharon Martin, a journalist, would erase the bitter pain, too. But a stranger is watching their house, a cunning psychopath who had killed before with unfinished business at the Peterson household.

This classic had all the elements of pain, revenge, and justice in this mystery. I did feel bad for the Petersons, when time haven't healed the pain, especially for young Neil. I did feel the same for Ronald, who was wrongly accused of the crime he didn't commit, before he would make his maker.  I loved Connecticut as the central location for this classic mystery, and also in the death row prison, too. This would leave you feeling numb all over, too. Great dramatic suspense, plenty of intrigue, and lots of action to keep you enthralled for more of her books.

Are you watching a stranger? Pick up a copy today!

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