Special early reviews of Nicci French

Secret Smile from 2006

In one of Nicci French's earlier and classic psychological thrillers, Secret Smile, you'll be taken in for a wild and dangerous ride. When Miranda's sister Kerri had gotten a new boyfriend named Brendan, he wasn't who he said it was. She should know, since she'd broken off their affair, when she caught him reading her diary. He said it was him who ended it. Now he doted on Kerri and then they've announced their engagement. First, they wanted to move in with her, until their new home was ready. That's when Brendan invaded her privacy and ruined her life by destroying her relationships and spreading lies, when everyone believed him. Then he whispered obscene things in her ears, when she began to doubt herself and believed he was obsessed with her. And when Miranda fought back, it was a shocking and surprise ending you wouldn't believe.

This thriller explored how dangerous and violent an obsession would be. I did care about Miranda and Kerri, and was proud of how strong and brave Miranda was in the end. I didn't trust Brendan at all, since he was a creep and a devil in disguise. He only used Kerri to get back to Miranda. I loved the rich English settings for this storyline concept. This would make you cringe, sigh and flinch, maybe to turn your head to look away. Great drama, excellent action, and plenty of intrigue and suspense all the way to the surprise ending.

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Killing Me Softly from September 2006

In Nicci French's Killing Me Softly, she wrote us another spine-tingling tale in this early psychological thriller. For Alice Loudon, she had everything she could ever want for--a devoted boyfriend, a great circle of friends and a challenging job as a research scientist. That is until she glanced her way over to Adam Tallis, a mountain climber who'd been hailed as a hero. As a lover, he was passionate. To stand by his side, there isn't anything or anyone she would give up. And in her life with Adam, he would take her to new heights than before.

If you loved Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl, you would love this psychological thriller as well. I did care about Alice and her devotion to Adam. To feast her eyes on a lone stranger was one thing, to give up everything she cared about and loved was another. It made Adam a bit mystical and intriguing in my opinion. But I always wondered what he had up his own sleeves. I loved the central English location for this dark psychological thriller. Great drama, terrific suspense and action, and plenty of chills in every page-turning scene.

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The Red Room from August 2005

In another early psychological thriller from Nicci French, The Red Room, this one dealt with another wave of terror. For Kit Quinn, she was a psychologist who inhabited dangerous worlds. She agreed to examine Michael Doll, a sexual predator, who slashed her face. As she recovered from that horrible ordeal, she had horrible dreams or a red room. She must return to the scene of her worst fears, when the police asked her to advise them in a simple murder inquiry. While they've found the dead body of a young runaway, the chief suspect was Michael Doll. But the gripping fear isn't that the killer wasn't Michael Doll, but someone close to her heart.

This one sent me chills and goosebumps up and down my spine. This thriller would shock you to the core, right down to your own bone marrow. I did care about Kit and felt bad for her to deal with this terrible ordeal, one after another. I also became worried about her as well. I loved the central London scene of this thriller as well, especially the nightmare scenes as well. From start to finish, this would take you in and never let you go. You wouldn't want to put it down until the end. Terrific drama, excellent suspense and action, and heart-pounding intrigue, too.

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Beneath the Skin from September 2003

In this early favorite and psychological thriller debut from Nicci French, Beneath the Skin, this launched this duo to super stardom in the thriller world. What did Jenny, Zoe and Nadia have in common? Besides strangers, they were all sent the same note by a sadistic killer with the same message: they were going to be killed. With no leads, the police dig into their backgrounds as the victims become the accused. Now victimized by the police, too, they faced the question of the desire to destroy or have the instinct to survive.

This was my first ever psychological thriller I read by Nicci French, a decade ago, and loved it. Told by three POVs with their own story, I did care about the trio and hated how the police  mistreated them. I hated they were also targeted with the same creepy note, too. I loved the central London location for this thriller debut. This would send you chills, thrills, and a bundle of goosebumps up and down your skin. Excellent drama, great action and suspense, and plenty of intrigue all around to the end.

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Catch Me When I Fall from January 2008

In another smashing psychological thriller from Nicci French, Catch Me When I Fall, they wrote us another gripping thriller that you send you chills all over. Meet Holly Krauss. There was two sides of her, who was a successful, happily married businesswoman. One when she was devoted and admired by everyone she meets; on the other side, she took regular walks on the wild side. But when both sides of her had collided, her world went  out of orbit and out of control to keep it all together.

This starling thriller will make your head spin so fast. I did care for Holly, both sides of her, and worried about her as well. It was so amazing on how she kept it all together, while the secret side of her was exposed. It made me wonder, if she had a split personality, or Bipolar Manic Depression. This sent me shivering goosebumps and made me shake my head a few times. I loved the central London locations for this gripping thriller. Great drama, excellent action and suspense, and terrific mystery and intrigue, all the way around.

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