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Montana Sky from August 2007

If you've missed the Lifetime TV movie from a decade ago or want to relive the magic via the print version, Montana Sky took place on a Montana ranch. When Jack Mercy died, he left behind a ranch that was worth millions. With three previous marriages, three half-sisters who were unknown to each other and strangers for the reading of the will. In order for them to inherit their money, they were shocked to learn, they needed to live there for a year.  For Tess, the screenwriter, who wanted to collect on the cash and get back to Hollywood, it was a nightmare. For Willa, who grew up on the ranch, it was an intrusion on her rightful home. For Lily, who escaped from an abusive ex-husband, it was a refuge. All three of them would later find out, they would each come across with a new love in their lives. They needed to live like a family, put their bitterness aside, and protect each other from danger, they needed to stop their enemy who wanted to destroy them all.

This was an amazing romantic suspense. The Montana ranch setting was perfect for the storyline. We do begin to care about the three half-sisters and how they found their own way for romance. Lily and Willa, I liked the best, while Tess, I wasn't so sure, not until the end. I didn't like Lily's ex. But I love their love matches throughout the story to give them a dose of romance. Great suspense to make you go ooo and ahh between page-turning gasps.

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Blue Dahlia from May 2008

In Nora Roberts's Blue Dahlia,  the first book in the In the Garden trilogy, she introduced to three women who came together to work in a garden nursery in rural Tennessee. First, there's Stella Rothchild, a recent young widow with two young sons have moved back to her hometown to be closer to her family.  She met Roz Harper, who owned the Harper House and ran the flowery nursery. She wasn't intimated by her, since she tried to escape the ghosts of the past. As she settled down into her new life, she met expectant young mother Hayley and formed a friendship with her as with Roz. Later she met and fell in love with Logan Kittridge, the handsome landscaper.  She couldn't help becoming attractive to him. But someone wasn't too happy with this coupling, the Harper Bride ghost. They've dug deep into the ghost past's of rage and heartbreak as she haunted Harper House.

I loved this contemporary romance that focused on three women who became fast friends. For starters, I cared for Stella's loss and her two sons. I loved how she bonded with Roz and Hayley. I didn't care for much with the Harper Bride in the beginning. I also loved the gardening theme. The Harper House and the greenhouse scenes were pretty much the favorites. I thought Logan was a hottie and a lucky guy. I was so glad he connected with Stella and her two young sons, too. They made an awesome couple. With one hooked reading, you'll want to read the others in the trilogy.

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The Reef from August 2008

In Nora Roberts's the Reef, we go under the sea and above the surface in this compelling romance to take us on a wild adventure. For Tate Beaumont, a marine archeologist, had a passion for treasure hunting. Over the years, she and her father searched for various riches, except for one in particular that have eluded her--Angelique's Curse--a jeweled amethyst with a mystical curse. To find this one, they needed to team up with salvagers, Buck and Matthew Lassiter. Up to no choice, they pooled their resources to locate in the Caribbean waters with dangerous threats of its own.  Matt confessed to Tate about the mysterious death of his father, and shared other information, which placed their partnership in jeopardy. They continued to search for the amethyst in their shaky alliances, until danger and their heated passion thrown them together.

I loved the underwater photography scenic descriptions. I also loved the storyline of finding buried treasure. The pairing of Tate and Matthew was quite interesting, when they had to work together for a common goal. There was a lot going on over here. I couldn't find anything or anyone to hate in this one. This was a beautiful and touching romantic suspense.

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Sanctuary from June 1999

 If you didn't see the TV movie a decade ago, you'll love Nora Roberts's Sanctuary. She  introduced us  to photographer Jo Ellen Hathaway. She thought she escaped the home called Sanctuary years ago. She spent her loneliest years there after her mother disappeared along the Georgia coast. It continued to haunt her dreams, whens someone sent her photos of her mother, naked and dead. Now she must return back home to her bitter family. With the help of one man to find the truth, her sanctuary might not be the safest place after all.

This was another classic romantic suspense novel from Nora Roberts. I loved the Georgia coast as a scenic depiction for a backdrop. It made it so visual and lovely for the storyline. I loved Jo Ellen and how she tried to reunite with her family. This is gripping and strong to hook me throughout the story,  made me want to read more of her work. My heart went out to Jo Ellen and for what she found out.

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Angels Fall from October 2007

If you've missed the TV movie from a decade ago, you can relive the drama in Nora Roberts's Angels Fall. Reece Gilmore had a stunning view below her. She survived a brutal crime back east and went on the run, while her nightmares and panic attacks continue to haunt and plague her. She settled down in Angel's Fist, Wyoming, right along the Grand Tetons for a temporary reprieve. She'd gotten a job as a waitress in a diner. As she hiked on one of the mountains, she witnessed down below a couple arguing and fighting. That's when she met Jamison Brody, a loner. By the time the authorities and went she arrived there, they were gone along with the evidence. Since she was a newcomer, no one believed her, except for Brody. It was up to them to prove there's a serial killer in their small town and stop him or her in the tracks, while the passion heat up for Reece and Brody, too.

This was a great romantic suspense by Nora Roberts. You really begin to feel strong real emotions for Reece, since she was dealt with such a plight. I didn't like the way they mistreated her or gaslight her either. But I loved the beautiful Wyoming scenery for a backdrop to paint the storyline. I loved how she and Brody came together to solve the murder and deal with their own feelings. Who would ever thought this would happen in a small picturesque town?

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Face the Fire from September 2008

In the final installment of the Three Sisters Island trilogy, Face the Fire, from Nora Roberts, she built things up into a shocking conclusion. Mia Devlin knew about loving someone with her whole heart and watch them walk away--that's what happened to her true love, Sam Logan, who did that to her years ago. Now he came back to win her heart as she was now the new owner of the island's hotel. She became cold and bitter toward him, while the chemistry between them was infallible and red-hot.  For a confused Mia, Sam turned up the heat in her heart. While she needed his help and his powers, they needed him to join magical forces in their circle to face the fire and to break a century-old curse for a happy ending.

This was a nice conclusion to the trilogy. I loved Mia and her friends with the magical touch. I loved the concept of white magic of the wiccan craft. I loved the island as the backdrop as well. I liked how Sam wanted to win her back and to join forces with them. Somehow he made her thaw her iciness and to melt her heart. I couldn't find anything to detest with this romantic suspense. This would give your heart a jolt and then some.

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Blue Smoke from June 2007

If you've missed the TV movie from a decade ago, you'll love the print version of this one in Nora Roberts's Blue Smoke For Reena Hale,  a stalker had chased her all her life. At age 12, she was almost raped, when her family's restaurant burned down. When she went to college, her boyfriend was burned down in his apartment. Now years later, she was now an arson investigator and fascinated with fires. Someone chased her with horrific crimes and haunted by obscene phone calls. On the good side, Bo Goodnight helped her to find her stalker arsonist. He sought her for years and didn't want to let her go.

I loved the names of the characters of this romantic suspense. Bo Goodnight sounded hot to me for a fire fighter. I loved the concept of fire and arson and the trailing circle of fire around Reena. I liked the  chemistry between Bo and Reena and the location it took place, too. I didn't like her arsonist stalker one bit. A lot of fast-paced burning action in this one. This would grip you after the first page.

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Carolina Moon from July 2007

If you missed the Lifetime TV movie a decade ago, you can still love the most intense romantic suspense in Nora Roberts's Carolina Moon. Tory Bodeen grew up in a small house in South Carolina, when her father ruled the house with violent punishments. But she had a friend in Hope Lavelle who lived in the big house. After her friend's unsolved murder to this day, Tory's life came apart at the seams. She returned home to Progress, South Carolina to settle and open her home-design shop, she hoped to find some peace and to free herself from the haunted vision of her past. That's when she forged a bond with Hope's older brother Cade, who was the family heir to their fortune. She wasn't certain if it might drive them together or push them apart, when there was a chemistry between them. But while she dealt with unsettling unpleasant memories, Hope's murderer might be nearby and watching her as well.

 This was a beautiful romantic suspense. I loved the small town South Carolina town of Progress. I did feel bad for Tory for losing her best friend and having a trouble relationship. I didn't feel pity for her. I was so glad Hope befriended her. But I loved how Cade and Tory came together to form a friendly relationship that became something more. The chemistry was palpable to the touch. This moved me to tears and pulled my heart strings, too.

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High Noon from September 2007

If you've missed the Lifetime original movie version from a decade ago, you'll enjoy Nora Robert's High Noon. Phoebe MacNamara found her calling, when someone broke into her home and terrorized her family. Now as a police lieutenant and a hostage negotiator in Savannah, she knew what to jump in and take over a hostile situation. She was a single mother of her seven-year-old daughter Carly and lived with her agoraphobic mother who haven't recovered from that ordeal. When lotto winner Duncan Swift observed her action and loved a woman who would take-charge of her life like that.  When she was attacked at the police station, it left her shaken up pretty bad. Later, threatening messages were left on her doorstep. So we watched her how to face an invisible monster and put together the pieces with Duncan at her side, before it would be high noon for both for them in the end.

This was an excellent romantic suspense. I loved the Georgia backdrop, especially of Tybee Island. I loved Phoebe's devotion to her daughter Carly and to her mother. I also liked she had a take charge role in the police department. I enjoyed Duncan's character, since he had such charisma. I didn't like how someone who wanted to hurt Phoebe and her family. The Duncan-Phoebe pairing had such chemistry to sizzle and scorch the page. Plenty of drama, great romance, and tons of non-stop action to keep you hooked.

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