Special early reviews of Phillip Margoliin

Lost Lake from February 2009

In Phillip Margolin's Lost Lake, he told us a cryptic tale of a hidden conspiracy in a legal thriller. In Portland, Oregon, attorney Ami Vergano watched in horror as violent erupted in a Little League ball game. Back in Washington D.C., Vanessa Kohler viewed the news incident and believed she found a witness to the deadly conspiracy. Caught between a mad woman and a confess mass murderer, it was up to Ami to race against time to unearth the truth that may or may not happen 20 years ago in a secluded cabin in Lost Lake.

This was a fantastic stand-alone legal thriller from Phil Margolin. This dealt with politics and dark hidden secrets. I cared about Vanessa and Ami, since they were both caught up into this terrible and horrible ordeal. I loved the dual locations of Portland and D.C. for the settings of this thrilling legal thriller. This would make you heart race and break out in a cold sweat. Great drama, terrific non-stop action with shocking suspense and plenty of intrigue to the end.

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Sleeping Beauty from July 2008

In Phillip Margolin's Sleeping Beauty, he told us a harrowing tale that nightmares were made of. When Ashley Spencer was seventeen, she witnessed true terror, when a serial killer murdered her father and her best friend. A year later, she tried to piece together what was left of her life. The nightmare of the past year had reawakened for Ashley and her mother Teri, when the private school became a safe haven for them. That's when a true crime book called Sleeping beauty came out and became a national best-seller. And now Ashley had to run for her life again.

This was another shocking and gripping stand-alone thriller. This one left me shaking and breaking out in a cold sweat, leaving numbness after I finished the book. I did care about Ashley and her mother. That was a double blow, especially when it happened one year later.  I loved the Portland area for the location and the setting for the novel. I didn't like the author who exploited on their tragedy, either. Great drama, intense non-stop action and loaded with great intrigue and suspense to the shocking end.

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The Associate from March 2009

In the 2nd installment of Phillip Margolin's Amanda Jaffe legal thriller series, The Associate, he told us a tale of deceit and criminal stealth in the pharmaceutical world. For Daniel Ames, he once had an impoverished life, and now was an associates with Reed, Briggs, Portland's prestigious law firm.
Then Aaron Flynn entered his life, claiming that their drug causes unspeakable birth defects. Daniel claimed that his case had no merit. Then he started to investigate the issue, when his world came tumbling down. Someone sabotaged his work and later was fired and then arrested. That's when he hired Amanda Jaffe to take on his case to clear his name, which went back to a trail of unsolved kidnappings a few years ago that no one wanted to be revealed.

This was another gripping legal thriller from Phil Margolin. Though I've skipped the first book in the Amanda Jaffe and haven't read it--I would be reading it, later this year though--this one packed a punch. I did care about Daniel and Amanda, while I despised Aaron and knew he was up to something big. I did love the Portland location for the settings for this series. This would make you cringe and take a big sigh for relief in the end. Great drama, excellent non-stop action and intrigue, with plenty of suspense and mystery through to the climax.

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The Undertaker's Widow from January 2009

In Phillip Margolin's The Undertaker's Widow, he wrote us another gripping tale of dirty politics in the courtroom. For Richard Quinn, an ethical judge who would risk his own life to seek justice. But when it was Ellen Crease, a former police officer and now a state senator, who now stood accused on conspiracy to commit murder against her husband, a wealthy funeral parlor tycoon. Richard Quinn now believed she set things up, when he began to investigate and zeroes in on her deadly secret, it lead him to a dangerous maze of murder and deceit.

This was a mesmerizing legal thriller. This would leave you breathless and speechless at the same time.  I did care about Richard Quinn and not so much about Ellen Crease. I believed she was a cold-blooded murderess. I loved the Portland location for this novel's settings as well. This had a lot of shocking surprises to keep you at the edge of your seat.  Great drama, intense non-stop action and suspense, and plenty of intrigue from the start to the end.

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