Tuesday, June 9, 2015

What Lies Behind

In J.T. Ellison's What Lies Behind, the 4th installment in the Samantha Owens thriller series, get ready to be at the edge of the seat for this thrill ride. It all started when Sam woke up to the sound of sirens, which wasn't usual for this former medical examiner. But when Sam and her partner, Detective Daren Fletcher arrived at the crime scene, they believe it might've been staged. As they dug deeper into the investigation, they discover the truth behind the missing vials of a water-borne bio-terror disease that could threaten their water system. As they were called into a meeting of the local politicians, they wanted to know what they've found out, as they were on a manhunt for a killer and a possible leak of who killed one of their own and why someone came close of dying. Worst of all, Sam's boyfriend Xander was stuck in the midst of this crisis, too, until there was a shocking truth revealed in the end.

This was a powerful and extraordinary thriller that dealt with the matter of homegrown bio-terrorism in our own country. I continued to care for Sam and her relationship with Xander as it blossomed and grew into something more... serious. I love the vast locations in Washington D.C. for the settings. This tackled hard core topics and subject matters that we deal about now in our own world. This would make you think and grit your teeth while second-guess anything else. Great drama, excellent non-stop action, plenty of intrigue and suspense with tons of mystery in store of this thriller.

Do you know what lies behind our own country? If so, give it a shot right now!

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