Saturday, March 23, 2019

No Good Tea Goes Unpunished

In Bree Baker's No Good Tea Goes Unpunished, the second installment in the Seaside Cafe Mystery series, this cozy started with a whopper about a wedding day gone wrong. For Everly Swan, she runs a seaside cafe on Charm Island, off the coast of the Outer Banks in the Carolinas. She's been catering her childhood Judy's wedding reception with fresh glasses of tea and some light refreshing snacks. But after she said "I Do", she discovers her husband's dead body off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.  Everly does the best she could do to console Judy and wait for Detective Grady Hays to come to their rescue. While Everly helps her two aunts out with a video about the colony collapse disorder among honeybees, she runs her cafe and be on the lookout for any suspicious people including a nosy reporter, an ex-girlfriend, and a former colleague. While she does all that, her feelings for Grady, a widower with a young son, grew a bit stronger, while her ex-boyfriend Wyatt arrives in town to win her advances. Everly didn't want any part of it, but someone wants to make sure Everly doesn't snoop around to get closer to the truth, while there's been an attack on her when she discovers the whodunit  and why. It's up to her to fend for herself on the island's maritime forest in a life and death matter.

This was a charming and sweet installment in this brand new cozy series.  I loved how it's set on Charm Island, a fictional island off the coast of the Carolinas with its own history of curses of the Swan women. I loved the island locale and the tropical flare for the mesmerizing scenic settings.  I do find Everly charming and delightful to make fresh ice tea recipes and accompanying snacks that you can make at home--the recipes are included at the back of the book. I also found Grady dashing and pretty sweet on Everly even if they're friends. I can see how he cares for her and for the residents there.  This would make you want to whip up a light snack with a tall glass of iced tea, dig into a new caper to enjoy, and root for Everly as she would save the day to stop the culprit in his or her tracks with non-stop drama, plenty of action,  lots of intrigue and sparks of mystery.

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Sunday, March 10, 2019

Past Due for Murder

In Victoria Gilbert's Past Due for Murder, the 3rd installment in the Blue Ridge Library Cozy Mystery series, this gripping tale has everything you ever wanted in a cozy mystery. For Amy Webber, she's the director of the Blue Ridge Library, and came across another mystery under her nose. First it started with the disappearance of Lacey Jacobs. While they searched for her, she dealt with her ex-boyfriend Charles Bartos popping out of nowhere and who wanted to make amends. He's grieving the loss of his recent girlfriend Marlis Dupre, though she didn't want anything to do with it or with him. Then she planned to talk to a local resident about the legend of fairy lights with Professor Mona Raymond, who never turned up for the meeting. Later, she discovered a letter about the legend of two disappearing girls, Ada Frye and her friend Violet, and the shocking truth behind the mystery behind it. She also dealt with her new boyfriend Richard's strange behavior and his parents coming in town. When Mona turns up dead, Amy's suspicious turn to her ex and then to a graduate student. As she had thought she had figured it out, the turns have been turned to her as she would have to fend for herself for justice to be served.

This was a compelling and fascinating read. I loved how it was set in and around the library and to have Amy as a librarian. I cared about her and how she loved her job in the library, how she defended Richard to his parents, and how she helped fellow patrons at the library. I did think Richard was an interesting character and Charles was a simple nuisance. I did love the backdrop of Taylorsford Virginia with the Blue Ridge Mountains and the folklore tale of the fairy lights with mesmerizing scenic settings and eye-catching locations. This would keep you hooked on every page and keep reading with non-stop action, plenty of drama, intense suspense, and sparks of mystery.

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Saturday, March 9, 2019

The Cruelest Cut

In Rick Reed's The Cruelest Cut, the first installment in the Detective Jack Murphy police procedural mystery thriller, this debut is so twisted and would make your head spin. It all started for Jack, and his partner Liddell Blanchard for the Evansville PD, that they've come across two dead bodies at the fresh crime scene. And that's when they've found a riddle stuffed inside of their mouths. That had started the body count for Jack and Liddell when they were after a serial killer. Besides that, they also dealt with their new Chief of Police, Richard Dick, who's ruthless and corrupted as they come. When they received the call of another dead body, the crime scene was similar in nature--the same could be said for the same notes stuffed in the mouth of the corpse. As Maddy Brooks wanted to make a name for herself for her local station, she became the center of attention and dubbed the serial killer the "Mother Goose killer--each note had to do with a selected nursery crime. Later on, they discovered the connection to Jack's past, a ruthless criminal who haunted and taunted Jack with this rhymes. And when they discovered who he is and how twisted it could be, Jack would do anything to protect Susan Summers, his girlfriend, and his ex-wife Katie, even if he had to shoot first and ask questions later in a shocking ending.

This was a scintillating and intriguing mystery thriller debut from Rick Reed. I did care for Jack and how he had two loves in his loves who were friends. I loved how he looked after Liddell, who loves donuts, and how he took charge of the investigation while dealing with the new chief of police. Although he might have some emotional baggage to take care of, he would feel better after therapy. I did love how Susan cared for him and loved her job too. I did like the scenic locations and the compelling visual settings around Indiana and near the Illinois borderline. This would make you hold onto your seat and to buckle up for a long ride with non-stop action, drama, suspense, and plenty of hints of mystery right to the end.

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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Beyond Risk

In Connie Mann's Beyond Risk, the first installment in the Florida Wildlife Warriors romantic suspense series, this debut will knock your socks off and keep you in suspense. For Charlotte "Charlee" Tanner, she couldn't get over the guilt she had from a drowning accident a year ago. Now as a former FWC officer, she works at her family's Outpost for kayaking and canoeing adventures on the water. But when she took out a group of young people out in the ocean, things turns grisly and almost deadly when someone shot at them and caused one of them to have an accident. Little did she know, that someone has a bloody ax to grind with her. And it's personal with a capital P. On the scene is FWC Officer Hunter Boudreau, a Cajun lieutenant who has feelings for Charlotte and do anything to protect her, though he couldn't shake his own inner demons from his brother's death. Thing get dicey for Charlee, when Brittany Harris mysteriously died in the hospital, and this maniac went after her brothers with eerily similar accidents in the water. The chemistry between Charlee and Hunter is smoking hot when they're together. In a race of time, they would find out who done it and the real reason why.

This was a fantastic romantic suspense from Connie Mann.  I loved the vast and lovely scenic settings and the tropical locations in Florida, on land and in water. I did care for Charlee and how she dealt with the ghosts of the past. I loved how she made yummy cupcakes and decided to run her family Outpost company. I loved how she took care of her family and handled delicate situations like with her mother's stroke. I did think Hunter is a hot piece of eye candy and quite sexy and how she came in to save Charlee's brothers and her own life too. This would make you want to hang on tight for a wild ride with non-stop action, plenty of suspense, red-hot romance, and plenty of drama too.

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Saturday, March 2, 2019


In Edie Harris's Blamed, the first installment in the Blood Money romantic suspense series, this debut will blow you away with the first chapters. For Beth Faraday, she wanted a quiet life as a former assassin in her hometown of Chicago as an art historian as a museum. But that didn't come easy for her, when she came face to face from someone in her past--someone she had thought she had killed during the war in Kabul a couple of years. And she was set out to kill him, when now it was the other way around. Someone's gunning after Beth and wanted her dead. In came Raleigh Vick, a spy for T-16, who was set out to kill her, but things changed as he saved her life. They remember when they first met and sparks fly for each other. But now the chemistry between them in red-hot and more than fiery than before when they make love. Before you can call this a happy reunion for them, they had to deal with the lies between them and an unknown threat--a possible double agent in the midst. For Raleigh, he teamed up with Beth's brothers and make an unlikely alliance to find her and to dispatch the threats that lurked for them. In the end, Vick profess his love and future for Beth in an intense climax for them in a sweet, happy ending.

This was a fantastic romantic suspense debut that would have you at the edge of your seat. I did care for Beth on how she wanted to leave her former life as an assassin behind. I did care for her and how she felt about Vick who had been in love with her for years. I also found Raleigh as a charming spy who wanted to do the same and kiss the espionage games behind when he had met his match with Beth. I did love the vast locations from London, Chicago, and also to the Middle East with mesmerizing scenic settings to put you there to witness the war and the chemistry between them. This would scintillate you with fast-paced action, smouldering romance, fiery suspense, and sparks of mystery from start to finish.

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Monday, February 25, 2019


In Cheryl Brooks's Mystic, the 2nd installment in the Cat Star Legacy paranormal romance, this series is so out-of-this-world, it would send you out-of-orbit and a mesmerizing thrill ride. For Sula, she's an Indian human from earth who mourned her lover's death on the planet Ecos. While she was looking for answers in a cave, she ended up caught in the snare of a condor's nest. That's when she met Aidan Banadånsk, a blonde alien male who came to her rescue in his starship. From there, he took her away and tended her to her medical needs in his home planet. She had met other alien friends like Abuti and Qinta, who became her friend, and her latest ally. But the attraction between them were extraordinary when they made love for the first time, and Aidan became weirded out from it. Besides his good looks, he could fly, have feline eyes and a pair of fangs, and can predict the future, though his wordly heritage was questionable. With the help of her new alien friends, they discover who ran to kill her and scourge her home planet from a fatal disease. The truth might be closer than she ever thought and had hit home, when they come up a plan to save the galaxy before they can explore their outerwordly love for each other in a shocking climax.

This was a fascinating and imaginative paranormal romance series. I love the innovative and superlative futuristic feeling of this galaxy with new planets and friendly--and sexy--aliens. I did care for Sula and how she remained the only humans survivor on the planet to discover new places and explore new ideas this things. You can picture yourself in that star ship and travel across the galaxy to see the stars. I also thought Aidan was an enchanted alien who had some mystical powers of his own and a champion for others to come to her rescue. I also thought the cast of characters were appealing and mesmerizing too. This would take you into new heights and visionary sensations with non-stop action, heart-stopping drama, earthly love and romance, and a spark of intriguing twists.

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Friday, February 22, 2019

The Survivor

In Gregg Hurwitz's The Survivor, this thriller would hook you on the first page on this intense fast-paced roller coaster ride that would leave you at the edge of your seat. For Nate Overbay, he was a former Vet dealing with a severe case of PTSD and dying slowly from ALS disease. On the day he contemplated suicide, a bank robbery took place down below. So Nate became a hero and averted their plans from going further. He didn't want special attention from the press as he worked for the LAPD as a Crisis Responding Officer for families. But he haven't forgotten the bone-chilling message from the last man standing from the robbery that his life would be in peril. Later he's kidnapped from Pavlo, the leader of the Ukranian mob, who have a death wish for him. Since he foiled their bank robbery plans, he needed him to grab something from a safety deposit vault and report to him in three days. Although Nate was estranged from his wife and daughter, he needed to set things right with them and explain the dire situation with them, including revealing the news that he was dying and don't have much time to life. Haunted by his late partner from the war's ghost, it was up to Nate to protect his family and find out what's the connection on a special list of names. If he could get them to time, he would be a hero for his family and put his life on his line one last time with an explosive ending.

This was a spine-tingling thriller for sure. I did care for Nate who was dealt with a lot in his final days and hours. I was happy that he had found peace and solace with his family before his time ran out. I'm glad he made amends and make a hero that they would be proud of. I did care for Janie and Cielle, who did fine without him, but did patch things up with them as he protected them the best he could from danger.  I did love the LA intense settings and the gripping location shots from all over California for this thriller. This would make you want to hold your breath and feel exhausted in the end with non-stop action, suspense, drama, and plenty of mystery right to the end.

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