Sunday, June 16, 2019


In Catherine Mann's Defender, the first installment in the Dark Ops military romantic suspense series, this debut would have your heart pounding with every turning page. For Jimmy "Hot Wire" Gage, he's a test pilot for the army stationed in Turkey for a search-and-rescue mission for a captive soldier. But when the USO boat goes down, he rescues Chloe Nelson, the background singer for the USO tour. At first, they had gotten off to a rough start and butted heads. For Mike Nunez, he's on his own undercover mission to track down a female criminal kingpin named Marta Surec. And he believes that the key to find Chuck Tanaka in their prison is from a woman named Anya Surec. Gage designated himself as Chloe's bodyguard when they would learn more about each other and later will find themselves in love before long.  For Gage and Nunez, they would have to deal with a complex and dangerous mission to look for Chuck and battle Marta's goons that kidnaps Chloe and Livia Cicero. In the end, they would join forces to deal with Surec and follow their hearts to see where it would take them after this tour will be over.

This was a fantastic debut that deals with the war overseas and how they deal with dangerous mission across the globe. I loved how the location was in Turkey--something exotic and tropical, but could have a dark side for any tour of duty for the army. I loved the vast scenic settings in and around Turkey from the boat and off the boat too. I loved the combination of military + romantic suspense, which is something new and different to add to the genre. I cared for Chloe and became concerned for her health issues concerning her kidney transplant. I also found Jimmy a sexy piece of candy to fly planes and steal our hearts at the same time. This would make you swoon and sway with non-stop action, sparks of romantic drama,  plenty of suspense and lots of hair-raising moments.

Will you take flight with Defender today?

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Smitten by the Brit

In Melonie Johnson's Smitten by the Brit, the 2nd installment in the Sometimes in Love contemporary romance series, this love story would sweep you off your feet from coast to coast. For Bonnie Blythe, she's a college professor who's helping planning her best friend Cassie's wedding as the maid of honor. But as an only child, she's been stuck in limbo with her fiancĂ© Gabe that didn't go anyway with no planning wedding date. He's always making excuses for her and always late coming home. When she has had enough, she caught him in the act with another woman and nipped the engagement in the bud. When she thought she had gotten through one heartbreak, Duke Theo Wharton arrives in Chicago for business--this heartthrob she had met last year in Scotland. Bonnie has been more than interested in him and since she's free, she needed to get to know him better. As she helped planned Cassie's wedding in Scotland, things heat up for Theo and Bonnie when she traveled to England to teach in Cambridge. For Theo, who's the only heir and a non-royal duke, all his mother wanted for him to marry a rich heiress with an arranged marriage. His heart wasn't set for it as his feelings deepened for Bonnie when it started with a kiss. Although she didn't get want to get hurt in the process, she stayed away from her feelings from him and kept her distance. During Cassie's wedding,  she took a chance on love and found her prince Charming in Theo for her happily ever after.

This was a lovely and tender-hearted contemporary romance. I loved the majestic locations of England, Scotland and Chicago for the eye-catching scenic settings. I did care for Bonnie and hated for her to be stuck in engagement limbo with a scum bucket like Gabe. I did like her friends and thought they were a hoot. I did find Theo to be a hot and sexy piece of eye-candy with a piece of royalty on the sided. There were some fine moments that made me laugh or snort for some great lines of humor throughout the story. This would make you want to swoon and find your own royal duke to fan yourself after with non-stop action, sexy romance, plenty of drama and sparks of intrigue through and through and right to the end.

Will you want to be swept away in Smitten by the Brit today?

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Summer by the Tides

In Denise Hunter's Summer by the Tides, this heart-warming inspirational contemporary romance will have you believe in God and in second chances to fall in love. When Maddy Monroe receives a call from Connor Sullivan about her grandmother's strange disappearance, she returned to Seahaven to help look for her. She was also reunited with her two sisters, Nora and Emma, who had been estranged for many years. As they helped put her grandmother's house together, they look for clues about her grandmother and old hurtful memories resurface that summer.  For Connor, he's a widower and a restaurant and marina owner, who has his eyes set only for Maddy, and also a handy man. During that summer, Maddy learns the truth about what happened that summer that split her family apart, and what's happening now with her sister Emma's pregnancy and Nora's strange behavior. During a hurricane, things come to ahead when her sister goes missing and Connor gets hurt in the process. For Maddy, she had been hurt and betrayed from a man she had thought she loved and lost the promotion she wanted. After the calm of the storm, things were alright with Maddy and her sisters when they were set for a fresh start for new beginnings.

This was a terrific and beautiful inspirational contemporary romance about how one summer had changed everything for Maddy and her sister. I did care for Connor and how she had found a true soulmate in Maddy. He was only human and didn't want to get hurt again in the process. He had a full plate by owning the marina and the restaurant. I did love Maddy and how she learned to forgive and forget and to mend fences other than her broken heart. I'm happy she found a true love in Connor and how she found a new start in Seahaven. I loved the location by the beach with the water and then with the storm during hurricane season for gripping scenic settings. This would make you want to follow your heart and to trust your faith in God with lots of romance, plenty of drama, non-stop action, and some inspiration for a drop of mystery.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Thomas Nelson through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

Will you find your love in Summer by the Tides today?

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Black Mountain

In Laird Barron's Black Mountain, the 2nd installment in the Isaiah Coleridge crime thriller series, this noir novel would give you goosebumps on your skin. For Isaiah Coleridge, he's a former mob enforcer who's about to retire from the hit man business. But when he's tasked on his assignment to protect a mafia don's daughter and her fiancé from a stalker, he had thought it would be an easy task in Hudson Valley. But when he learned about Harold Lee was the second criminal to turn up dead recently, Coleridge decides to start his investigation to learn about Lee and his connection to Morris Oestryke, a former criminal who was supposedly dead and had strange ties to the mafia. When Ray Anderson's name popped out of the woodwork, he connected the dots that led to interview other unsavory characters about the real criminal known as the Croatoan and his former crime sprees. In this pursuit, he chases Nic Royal, a potential link to the case and possible copycat, when he learns about who really was Oestryke under his presumed identity. In the end, it's a do-and-die situation on a battle royale between Isaiah and Oestryke's hardened demise.

This was an intriguing and compelling crime thriller that deals with the mafia and how dark and deep things can get. I did care for Isaiah who seems to be a family man and wants to have a new normal for his life. He had lived a hard life and wants to pay his dues. I did care for Lionel and Curtis who both wanted to exact revenge and call it even. I did like the Hudson Valley area for the locations and the darkened settings to set the mood for the scenes. This would send you chills through your spine with non-stop action, plenty of drama, suspense and a scoop of mystery told from Isaiah's POV.

Will you pay a visit to Black Mountain tonight?

Monday, May 27, 2019

Double Vision

In Colby Marshall's Double Vision, the 2nd installment in the Dr. Jenna Ramey series, this thriller will intrigue you from the first page. It all started when 6-year-old Molly Keegan reported a shooting at a local grocery store to Yancy Vogul, a 9-1-1 operator. That's when Jenna received the call at the FBI's BAU unit when they headed to the scene. Besides a profiler, she has an usual trait--she has grapheme-color synesthesia, a neurological disorder when she associates colors to emotions. Although she uses it to adapt to her job, she applies it to this case when there were six victims who were killed and Molly witnessed it all. For Jenna, who's dealing with being a single mother to her daughter Ayana, and other life issues like her psychotic mother Claudia, she's the one who picks up subtle colored clues from the victims and from the ones in the past. With the help from Molly's input, who has a strange fascination with everything numerical, she becomes a key piece to this puzzle to track down the Triple Shooter and stop him in the tracks. Little did they know why Molly could pinpoint these details that led straight back to her own home with a shocking twisted ending that would blow you away.

This was an interesting and ground-breaking thriller because it deals with a diverse cast. I did care for Jenna who used her disability to help her solve puzzles with the FBI. She doesn't let it stand in its way and learns to adapt and adjust to it in every day life. I did find her fascinating and compelling that she works a lot and has very little time to see her little girl. I also found Yancy intriguing, since he's adjusting to having a prosthetic leg that makes things a bit difficult for him. But he did make him useful and helpful to Jenna's team. I had found Molly charming with her numerical fascination, while I did feel sorry for Nancy to deal with her father's Alzheimer's disease and has to put him in a home before things did get violently out of hand. I did like the Washington D.C. location and the surrounding settings in the Virginia area. This would make you tickled pick with shocking twists and turns with non-stop action, colorful drama, plenty of suspense with hints of mystery along the way.

Will you check out Double Vision today?

Friday, May 24, 2019

One Warm Winter

In Jamie Pope, One Warm Winter, this startling contemporary romance debut will overwhelm you with a whole lot of things. For Wynter Bates, she was adopted by a wealthy billionaire when she was a baby. And when she was little, someone tried to kidnap her, spewing false claims that she was her child. Now as an adult, she had grown up living in Washington D.C as a college professor as her father runs for president and a scandal had transpired in the news--someone leaked to the press about the love letters about an affair and a secret love child.  Caught up in the middle, Cullen Whelan, Wyn's Irish bodyguard whisked her away to St. Thomas and wait for everything to die down. To this secret getaway to tropical paradise, both Cullen and Wyn pretend their loves to Cullen's friends who were former military personnel and spies. When she's brought into his world, they get to know each other better and get closer to each other as more news unfolded about the scandal, making Wyn wonder if it was the truth about her parentage or all a lie. For Wyn, she was an African-American woman live with privilege and the riches, while Cullen was the opposite of her, an Irish lad who had battle scars from the war and from having a rough childhood with his father's beatings. Although Cullen sworn to protect her, he didn't want to fall in love with her and have no sex with her. But with a chance encounter together on the island made magic together between them. Between Cullen's father's ill health in Ireland and the D.C. scandal winding down with a shocker about Wyn's older sister, things come ahead to them to discover their true feelings for each other to have a go with it and have their own paradise in the States.

This was a real lovely contemporary romance that's diverse and true to form to tell a warm-hearted story. I cared for Wyn and how she would deal with the fallout and the repercussions from her father's deceit and lies. I also wondered how she would adjust to the news and how she felt for Cullen. I did feel for Cullen who had a lot of emotional baggage he carried to the States and then to the islands. I do think he has a lot of swagger and a sexy Irish brogue. Jazz was a hoot too. I did love the vast location settings from D.C to St. Thomas and a short visit to Ireland too for the settings. This would make you want to sway and swoon with non-stop action, plenty of drama, lots of sexy romance, and a hint of sparkling suspense for a well-rounded read.

Will you find your paradise on the islands in One Warm Winter?

Monday, May 20, 2019

Gone Without a Trace

In Mary Torjussen's Gone Without a Trace, this jaw-breaking and gripping thriller will have you at the edge of your seat. It all started when Hannah Monroe returned from work with good news and comes home to find an empty home and her boyfriend Matt Stone gone. She's literally beside herself and wonders why when everything appeared hunky-dory with him. She consoled her best friend Katie about it had trouble focusing on work when things aren't all what they seem in her accounting firm.  Little by little, someone had been messing around with her, leaving her mystery texts and prank calls and other surprises at her empty home that drove her stark raving mad. Who could she turn to and who could she trust? Things at her parent's home aren't too good when her father abuses her mother when he's on a warpath. And her father had expected perfection out of Hannah and blames everything on her. No matter what, she's obsessed to track down Matt even things go on the wayside at work when things get out of hand. The more she had found out about clues about Matt, the more she tracks him down to get answers. And she gets more than she bargained for when the people closest to her had been betraying her to take what they want from her with an earth-shattering end you wouldn't believe.

This thriller was spine-tingling from start to finish with twists and turns on every page. I did care about Hannah and was concerned about her and her erratic behavior. I think she should've let Matt go without saying a single word and move on. She had taken her obsession a bit way too far to go to extreme to deserves answers. If she had written him a letter, would she get the answer she deserved? As for Katie and James, I just want to shake my heads at them. But I do love the vast settings from London to Manchester and the eye-catching locations around England. This would give you goosebumps and feel chilled at the end with non-stop drama, plenty of suspense, intense mystery and gobs of action.

Will you follow Hannah's journey in Gone Without a Trace today?