Sunday, January 20, 2019


In Catherine Coulter's Paradox, the twenty-second installment in the FBI thriller series, this chilling tale has some many twisted  surprises that you would never see coming. It all started when someone tried to invade the Savich household and kidnap Lacey and Dillon Savich's son Sean. Back in Maine, Chief Ty Christie has witnessed a murder and discovered a pile of bones in the bottom of Lake Massey. While Dillon and Lacey go to a book festival, they remained on high alert for any new possible attempts. And before they could get a good look on him, he got away. He was someone from one of their past cases, someone who had murder and revenge on his mind. And when they found FBI Agent Sala Porto in the old Gatewood home in the closet, they learned something chilling when he heard voices. And during the funeral for Octavia Ryan, their past reared their ugly head when it exploded.  When Leigh Ann "Gunny" Saks saw the news report about the "Star of David" belt buckle being found in the pile of bones on TV, someone struck her from behind, almost killing her. That leaves Ty and FBI Agent Sala wonder who would do such a thing and the mystery behind the belt buckle, while Sherlock and Sean put Sean into hiding and go after Victor Nesser, who's not all completely alone and his total whole self. While they worked both cases together, they connect the dots and tie up loose ends on who did what and why with a shocking ending that would blow you away.

This was an exciting and fascinating installment in this popular best-selling thriller series. I did care for Savich and Sherlock, who worked together as a couple and as two FBI agents, on this most disturbing and complicated case. I did feel a bad sad for Gunny, though she had a life-changing brain surgery that transformed her life in a whole new way. I did like Ty Christie who was a tough-as-nail police chief in small town Maine. I loved the vast locations from Virginia/Washington D.C. and Maine, which had mesmerizing scenic locations and visual settings from Lake Massey and beyond. This would send you on a roller-coaster ride with non-stop action, suspense, drama, and plenty of fast-paced twists on every page.

Will you check out Paradox today and read it for yourself?

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Trouble in Mudbug

In Jana DeLeon's Trouble In Mudbug, the first installment in the Ghost-in-Law paranormal cozy series, this debut has some humorous and enthralling moments that would leave you chilled and bewildered. For Maryse Robicheaux, she was just a botanist who's looking for a cure for cancer. But when her mother-in-law Helena Henry died, she didn't expect her life to get exciting and interesting for sure in Mudbug, Louisiana, when Helena's ghost visited her from the grave. At first, she had butted heads with Luc DeJeune, an undercover DEQ agent posing as a zoologist, who entered her life and had a mission to find out where she knows. And he might be a little over his head, when he first met her. When Maryse received word that Helena gave her the land with oil fields in her will, that might be a prime target with her absent-minded husband Hank and her father-in-law Harold. And they would do anything to get the land back. With multiple attempts on her life, she had to know that someone meant serious business, while Helena wanted to know who wanted her dead and why. As they worked together to find the answers, sparks did fly for Maryse and Luc in an intimate way when she became face-to-face with her would-be killer in a climatic showdown.

This was an intriguing debut for this paranormal cozy series. I did find the small town of Mudbug charming to be set close to New Orleans. It had great visual scenic settings and compelling locations around in Louisiana's swamp areas. I did care for Maryse who just wanted to save the world and end her stale marriage to Hank. I did like her vocation as a botanist and did see sparks between her and Luc that sizzled and didn't fizzle close enough to the beginning. I did care for Sabine, who wanted to say goodbye to her late parents, and to Helena, who wanted to do something right from beyond the grave. This would make you want to laugh out loud and be intrigued to read more with some goose bump-raising moments with non-stop action, drama, suspense, sparks of romance, and plenty of mystery.

Will you find all sorts of Trouble in Mudbug tonight?

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Home to Wind River

In Lindsay McKenna's Home to Wind River, the 7th installment in the Wind River contemporary romance series, this wonderfully written romance novel would move you to tears. For Lily Thompson, she was a volunteer at a dog's shelter and a Army Nurse veteran from the war in Afghanistan. When she was offered a job as a caregiver for Jake Murdoch's mother who had broken her lip, she took on the two-month job and helped Jenna Murdoch out. From there, she had developed a kind friendship with Jake, the foreman of the Wind River ranch, and a Marine Corps vet who had PTSD. For Lily, they had beautiful music together as she took care of Jake's mother and dealt with the flashbacks she had on night along with nightmares, and bad PTSD episodes. He helped her gradually overcome them and then let it out. And within time, he showed her how healing and cathartic it was to ride a horse at the ranch as they reached out for each other. And when Lily rescued a pregnant dog, she cared for it and let it open Jake's heart as they watched the puppies grow together. After her two months were up and when Jenna returned to Casper, Lily explored new career options as Jake and Lily let their feeling grow to something magical and beautiful into love and a future.

This was a wonderful contemporary romance novel that deals with hard-core topics like PTSD and the aftereffects from the war. I loved the Wyoming ranch settings that eases the anxiety and the pain from PTSD, day and night. It has mesmerizing scenic settings and eye-popping locations in Wyoming. I cared for Lily and how she found a new home on the ranch and the perfect she found a new career to take care of horses to dogs. I also found Jake a charming foreman of the ranch who wasn't looking for love and who he at least expected it when Lily came in. I think they were a perfect match together. I also did love Sage and her pups too.  This would make you sigh deeply and want some creature comfort of your own with non-stop action, drama, suspense and lots of good loving.

Will you find a new Home to Wind River today?

Friday, January 11, 2019

The Relic Hunters

In David Leadbeater's The Relic Hunters, the first installment in the Relic Hunters action thriller series, this debut would take you around the world and beyond. For Guy Bodie, he was nothing but a thief, a pretty good one too, when someone kidnapped him and sent him to a Mexican prison to die. Left to fend for himself against other two-bit criminals, he couldn't stop to wonder and ask himself why. While he was in jail, it took a tie of other common thieves to help bail him out and tell him who had set him up. The answer had hit him closer to home. That's when they met Agent Heidi Moneymaker from the CIA, who has a job for them to do. They needed to protect the Statue of Zeus in Greece. Meanwhile, there's a ruthless Hood named Xavier von Gothe, who's the leader of an evil Illuminati group, that has ties to freemasonry and perhaps to the Devil himself. And he had planned to get to the statue by leaving a serial crime spree in its wake, people who might be connected to him. As Guy and his team learn more about the Illuminati group, they would need to find out a plan and stop them in its tracks before it might be too late for a final showdown of good vs. evil on solid ground.

This was a great combination of action-adventure with a lot of thriller elements. I really cared for Guy and his team of thieves as they were set out to go forth on a dangerous mission. They each have their own quirky talents and work well together as a team. I did think some of them have some mirth and humorous bits to lighten the mood. I do hope Guy can be reunited with his daughter from time to time. I had found Xavier an evil maniac who would do everything to get he wants and to eliminate people who stood in its way. I did like the various array of locations from USA to Mexico and straight to Greece with compelling scenic descriptions of each setting. This would take you on a wild ride with non-stop action, intense drama, plenty of intrigue and a spark of mystery along the way.

Will you be ready to join forces with the Relic Hunters today?

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

The Cracked Spine

In Paige Shelton's The Cracked Spine, the first installment in the Scottish Bookshop Mystery, this remarkable new cozy series debut will take you straight to Scotland. When Delaney Nichols lost her job, she found a job listing to work at a bookshop in Edinburgh, Scotland, and spoken to the owner, Edwin MacAllister. Upon acceptance, she flew from Wichita Kansas to Scotland to start her new adventurous journey there. When she arrived, she met her fellow new colleagues at the Cracked Spine, a vintage bookstore, and learned about the ins and outs of rare collectible book finds. During her arrival, she learned that Edwin's sister Jenny had been missing and then later found dead. The Metro Police interviewed Edwin and everyone who worked at the bookstore and inquired on her behavior. Everyone was a suspect. While Delaney learned more about the store, she did become smitten by a Scottish pub owner named Tom Fletcher, and then took a tour around Scotland even to where Jenny lived in the dangerous neighborhood. She snooped around and asked Jenny's former neighbors and Edwin's closest friends for clues on Jenny as she solved a complex puzzle. When a fellow colleague turned up missing, Delaney followed her hunch and lead her to where she might find a clue to where it all started in a fierce face-off with the killer.

This was a terrific new cozy series debut that's set in the heart of Scotland. You really get your own virtual tour of Scottish highlands and closes as Delaney learns about the Scotch culture.  The scenic settings were magnificent and mesmerizing at every vivid location to the bookstore and beyond. I did care for Delaney and how she set out for an adventure in her brave new world. I could see a possible love connection between her and Tom and maybe with Inspector Winters to cause a triangle. I loved how she's red-haired and freckled and loved to learn about vintage collectible books and what makes them valuable. This would make you want to play the bagpipes and wear a kilt with non-stop action, intense drama, plenty of mystery and a sense of action.

Will you make a stop at The Cracked Spine today?

Sunday, January 6, 2019

The Collector

In Fiona Cummins's The Collector, the second installment in the Bone Collector series, this bone-chilling thriller with leave you on the seat. This novel picks up where it left off from the debut of Rattle. For DI Etta Fitzroy, she's the lead inspector for the Metropolitan Police at the Leigh-on-the-Sea, England. It all started where five-year-old Clara Foyle have been missing since her abduction. And she wasn't an ordinary child. She was born with cleft hands. And that's something that the Bone Collector aka Brian Howley loves to collect, children with bone deformities. While the hunt is on for Etta to find Clara, she's teamed up with DI Antonia Storm as her new partner in the investigation. But for Saul Anguish, a teenager who has a crush on Cassidy Cranston, he's been a victim of a domestic household when his father had gone missing, and his mother Gloria isn't a good role model for him. But when he worked at the pet store, he befriends a man named Mr. Silver, who wanted him to be his "son" and groom him for his kidnapped kills. And when Etta learns about Sunday Cranston's disappearance, it hits closer to home that the Collector was back to collect more deformed children as his specimens for experimentation. While Saul gets closer to know the truth about him, he has a plan to save Clara and have a plan to take down the killer as we do get to know more about Howley's background in flashbacks of his upbringings. In a race against time, it's up to Etta to stop the killer end in his serial killing reign for good.

This thriller had sent me goosebumps in every turning page and would leave you feeling breathless at the end of the novel. I did care for Etta and how she worked to save Clara and others, while she kept her new pregnancy a secret. I did care for the Foyles and the Cranstons and the Friths who were all victims of a sadistic and sick crime. I also feel pains for Saul who liked in a turbulent home with his mother and how she ended up becoming a hometown hero. I did love the scenic locations and the gripping settings around Leigh-on-the-Sea from the precinct to the collector's family home. This would make you hold onto your hat and keep your lights on at night with non-stop action, mind-blowing drama, suspense and mystery to keep you hooked.

Will you be there to stop the Collector today?

Monday, December 31, 2018

Killer Knots

In Nancy Cohen's Killer Knots, the 9th installment in the Bad Hair Day Cozy mystery series, get ready to set sail for adventure on a cruise. When Marla Shore and her fiancé Dalton Vail, and her future daughter-in-law Brianna go on a family vacation on a cruise, it was nothing but a pleasurable ride for her. First someone had sent her a message and had gotten her name wrong, when she was placed at the table with a couple of people who worked in an art museum. As she had gotten to know them, she had learned that everyone had a secret to hide, and the art curator had an art auction with a well-known artist named Eldon Tusk, who mysterious had fallen to his death. And that artist had the same connection to Marla's past as a model. Besides heated tensions amounting on the ride, she had to deal with the tension between her future in-laws and some people missing the cruise or having an accident on the ship. As soon as she had gotten to know more about Tusk's accident and what happened to their shipmates, she grows closer and closer to the truth, until someone had waylaid them at one of the Caribbean ports. When the truth is known, it's a life-and-death battle on the last day of the cruise when she faces the killer spot on.

This was a compelling new installment in the Bad Hair Day Mystery series. I did care for Marla and how she decided to tie the knot with Dalton, while her future mother-in-law had put the pressure on her during the trip. I did care for Dalton and Brianna, who have tried to enjoy that pleasurable cruise.  I did like some of her cruisemates and did feel sorry they were duped into that cruise too. I did love the vast scenic locations along the Caribbean from Mexico to St. Maarten and back to Florida that had mesmerizing settings in every port city. This would take you on adventure with high-stakes drama, non-stop action, bone-chilling suspense and plenty of intrigue to lure you in.

Give Killer Knots a try and go for the ride today.