Saturday, September 4, 2021

The Silent Suspect

 In this blog post, I reviewed Nell Pattison's the Silent Suspect, the third installment in the Paige Northwood thriller series. This will hook you from the first page to the last to keep you in suspense. It all started when Paige, a BSL  interpreter, received an urgent call  from one of her clients, Lukas Nowak. When she rushed to the scene, he was trapped inside his burning house with his wife Nadia. Shell-shocked, the fire department rescued him when it was too late to save Nadia who was already dead before the fire started.  As he grieved the loss of his wife, it was up to Paige to contact his social worker, Sasha Thomas, to help him through this difficult time.  At this same time, Paige's boyfriend Max asked her to move in with him, though she wasn't too sure if it would be a good move in their relationship. During the investigation into the fire and Nadia's murder, Lukas is on the hot seat as the culprit when both Paige and Sasha try to approve his innocence and did a bit of sleuthing on their own.  She also becomes face to face with DS Rav Singh, someone she has  had strong feelings for, and while they dig into Nadia's and Lukas's silent life, they learn some shocking truths about their past and discover the true culprit was right under their nose all along in the end in a life-and-death battle for Paige.

 This was a real compelling and diverse read to feature hearing impaired characters into the storyline. We really need to see more stories with them nowadays. I really cared about Paige on how she used sign language and regular English to speak and communicate with others. I also felt bad for Lukas who had been dealt a tough blow when it came to trusting people. I really liked the flashbacks on what events led before and after the fire to set the scene in this chain reaction. I also would like to see Paige and Rav get together at some point in the series. I liked the various of English locations set around Lincolnshire for the scenic settings. If you love a compelling mystery thriller that keep you on your tenterhooks with non-stop drama, plenty of action, suspense, and lots of twists and turns, the Silent Suspect is right up your alley! Check it out today!





Thursday, August 19, 2021

The Marriage Lie

 In this blog post, I reviewed Ali Mercer's the Marriage Lie. This riveting domestic suspense novel would leave you at the edge of your seat and hold your breath. What do you do when someone holds something over you? It all started for Stella Castle's 40th birthday when her husband treated her to a special dinner and gifted her to a home for where she lived alone. It caught her off guard when her husband wanted a divorce from her. If she didn't do what he wanted, he would reveal a terrible secret about their daughter's birth. With no where to turn, she went to her mother for advice. But she later learned that Rob was having an affair with someone else and carried his child. Was this some part of his midlife crisis to ditch her in the ditch? To protect this terrible secret, she would have to reach out to her younger sister Molly, who have been estranged from her family for years. When her mother passed away, she reached out to her sister before she left the funeral service. It only made her more determined to reconnect to her and to break free from Rob's dominating hold on her. Then, when her stepfather passed away shortly after her mother's death, she connected to Molly again and didn't show up for the service. In the end, Stella learned the shocking truth about her daughter and promised to protect her to the end, when they've both told Georgie a partial truth to satisfy her daughter's curiosity, and made their bond stronger than ever and better than before.

 This was a jaw-dropping domestic suspense thriller. I instantly cared for Stella, who was put into a difficult situation and tougher than a rock and a hard place. What was she to do to do his evil bidding and to do what he wants? She did what she wanted to do to break free and escape from his dominating ways to protect her daughter. It made me dislike Rob more and more until he'd gotten what he discovered. I loved the Fox Hill and other select locations in England that depicted the scenic settings so well with the ambiance for the story. The theme of the story is that blood is thicker than water and the ties that bind between family and dark secrets.

If you love gripping domestic suspense thrillers that would knock the pants off of you with non-stop action, dramatic suspense, shocking twist and turns, and chills all over, The Marriage Lie is the book for you.

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

The Serial Killer's Wife

 In this blog post, I'm reviewing Alice Hunter's The Serial Killer's Wife. This twisted psychological thriller will keep you in suspense and asks you how well do you know somebody? It all started for Beth Hardcastle when the Lower Tew police knock on their door. They wanted to bring her husband Tom in for questioning, regarding his former girlfriend's disappearance from eight years ago. That started the investigation into Tom's past and how her once-perfect marriage had crumbled by unraveling secrets and dirty lies. It made her doubt and second-guess her husband and how she could protect her daughter Poppy from him. While Beth works at her own pottery cafe, she wondered about her friends and fellow co-workers and if she could trust them and they should trust her, since the former runner of the book club Camilla Knight had an accidental allergic death the year before. During this time, while the police hones in to Tom's dark past to Katie, Beth befriends Adam Knight, the young widower in her cafe, and develops a friendship with him which turned into something more. While Tom was arrested not for one murder,  Beth became a target in her neighborhood from journalists and informed the police about those incidents and a possible connection to another murder by handing over crucial evidence--another nail in his coffin. Meanwhile, she unearthed another disturbing truth about Tom--he's been having an affair with someone else who could also be another victim in his crime spree. To save herself and her daughter, she  would do all she could to separate herself from him and telling him goodbye right after the trial. But the ending is so shocking that I didn't see it coming.... I can't give it away.

 This psychological thriller is so twisted and dark that it would take you breath away. It was also so riveting that it kept me wondering what would happen next to Tom and Beth Hardcastle. I cared for Beth who wanted to do the right thing, right up until the end. As for Tom, he had what coming to him and was cold nonetheless. Actions have dire consequences, accidentally or not. I loved the Lower Tew location for the novel and for the gripping scenic settings surrounding this dark thriller. The theme of the story is that buried secrets and little white lies have a way of coming out into the open.

If you love dark crime thrillers that would keep you at the edge of your seat and awake at night with non-stop action, heart-pounding suspense, lots of twisted and turns, and plenty of compelling drama, The Serial Killer's Wife is right up your alley. Check it out today!


Monday, August 2, 2021

Anchored Hearts

 In this blog post, I reviewed Priscilla Oliveras's Anchored Hearts. This second-chance contemporary romance is so heart-warming and tear-jerking to read and sweep you off your feet. For Anamaria Navarro and Alejandro Miranda, they were once high school sweethearts who grew up in Key West Florida and later split to go their separate ways. Twelve years later, Anamaria is a fire fighter/paramedic who's starting up her own fitness company, AM Fitness. She wants nothing more than to spread her wings and fly, while she had been tied down to Key West for a decade ever since her father had a heart attack. Now might be the chance she might do.. But when she received a call from her neighbor that Alejandro, now a professional photographer for National Geographic who traveled the world, had broken his leg during a photo shoot in the Amazon Rain forest. Her meddling interference required Anamaria's medical services to tend to his needs. And that brought them back together with a bittersweet reunion. 

While their mamis continued to meddle and  to bring these former love birds together, Ale didn't expect to see Anamaria again after all these years. It brought back painstaking memories including the ones from his own father's harsh words. All he wanted was to receive his father's acceptance to his roots since he turned him down on not following the footsteps to work in the family restaurant with his brothers. During this time, they mended their own hearts and made new memories as they worked together to build their dreams their own reality. After one passionate kiss, one thing led to another to their no-strings-attached relationship when they both want something more.... permanence. During Ale's photo gallery exhibit, Anamaria overheard that Ale might be leaving for good... again. The same feeling she had a decade ago. Can Ale win back her heart for them to have a happily ever after and stay with her?

 This was a beautiful and touching second-chance contemporary romance. I instantly cared for Anamaria and Alejandro, as a couple and individually, who wanted to do their own feeling and wanting acceptance from their families. I loved their free spirited nature and tenacity to do the right thing and to be their own person. I loved the Key West location for this novel and learning about their Cuban heritage. It was loveswept and picturesque to be transported there. The theme of the story is absence makes the heart grows fonder in order to have a second chance.

 If you love sweet contemporary romances that would move you to tears with non-stop action, lots of romantic drama, hints of humor, and sparks of intrigue, check out Anchored Hearts and pick up this copy today! 

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Blunt Force

  In this blog post, I'm going to talk about my review for  Lynda La Plante's Blunt Force, the 6th installment in the Tennison crime thriller series. This crime thriller would have you at the edge of your seat. It all started for Jane Tennison when she received a call about someone finding a gruesome corpse in West End. She arrived at the scene with her partner DS Gibbs when they interviewed people in the neighborhood. Then she discovered the dead body belonged to Charles Foxley, a prominent agent in the film and modeling industry. As they dug into his background, they learned about his shady childhood, how he worked in the agency, and his relationship with his ex-wife Justine. Literally, everyone hated him and had a potential motive to want to see him dead. While Jane and her squad dug deeper into his past, she also signed up for lessons in a secret Rifle Club and later learned why they needed her for a special operation to take down a corrupt cop before he strikes again. In the end, the shocking truth on who did it and why it had come to a head with a startling revelation that would leave you speechless.

 This crime thriller had me in suspense and kept me intrigued, though it took me a bit longer to read from my TBR pile.  I instantly cared for Jane who only wanted to do things right by tracking down the killer and discovering loose ends and taking care of unfinished business too. She's tough as nails and would stop to nothing to throw no punches to see that complex investigation through. Gibbs was a great partner and friend to her who always had her back.  I loved the West End neighborhood in London for the location and the scenic settings from the crime scene and beyond. The theme is that if you don't do all right by others, they would do the same to you in the end.

If you love nail-biting crime noir thrillers that leave you hooked on every page with non-stop drama, plenty of action and suspense, and lots of twists and turns to keep you guessing, Blunt Force is the one for you. Check it out today!


Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Paint and Nectar

 In this blog post, I reviewed Ashley Clark's Paint and Nectar, the second installment in the inspirational romance series. This beautifully written novel spans two decades with two families, past and present.  In the 1920s, a young watercolorist named Eliza Ravenel fell in love with William Pinckney, a naturally-talented pianist, when they first met. But like the Hatfields and the McCoys, their love was forbidden due to claims that his family stolen silver during the Civil War. Fast forward to the present day when Lucy Legare works at the art museum to preserve artwork like Eliza's watercolors and later inherits Eliza's home that someone mysteriously gifted it to her. From there, she learns about Eliza and William's love story through old journal entries and a cherished ring. A year ago, she went on a date with Declan Pinckney, while her mother played matchmaker to set her up with eligible men and never heard from him with him again, until he crossed paths with her.

 Through a secret courtship, they exchanged letters and journal entries via the fence between the two properties and shared their hopes, thoughts, dreams, and fears together. William wasn't expected to fall in love with Eliza since she was sent to forge her artwork for his boss. It wasn't part of the plan. When he refused to do another job, he was roughed up his boss's henchmen. To protect Eliza from his deepest secret and bodily harm, he had to leave her brokenhearted. After he left, she married someone else and started a family. The same happened to William too. For Lucy and Declan, they started seeing each other and discovering more about their great-grandparents lives inside the house, but the same feud for the silver would keep them apart, even Lucy's inherited home from Eliza.

Years later, Eliza and William meet again, both widowed with a child of their own, and picked up where they left off to discover their happily ever after in their home and how it was handed down from generations. For Lucy and Declan, would they share the same chemistry and get together against all odds to continue the same passion their ancestors had? They had to take a leap of faith and an act of God to make it happen and be all right for their happy ending.

This was a beautiful love story that my recap had to be longer than normal. I loved this story so much and how it could stand within the hands of time. I cared for Eliza and William, who had a classic romance when their families feuded for years, and were made for each other before they were split apart. I also adored Lucy and Declan, who cared for preserving art and architecture, and learning about the history between Eliza and William. Charleston, then and now, acted as a picture-perfect scenic location for the settings for both time periods that came to life. The theme for this story is love can move mountains and bring people together after they've been apart.

 If you love remarkable lovely inspirational romances that tugged your heart with non-stop action, plenty of  historical and present-day drama and tons of heart-stopping romance, Paint and Nectar is the timeless love story for you.


Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Faking It

 In this blog post, I'm going to talk about Jennifer Crusie's Faking It, the 2nd installment in the Dempseys contemporary romance series. This contemporary romance has plenty of chills, thrills, and everything in between including a dose of humor. Matilda "Tilda" Goodnight comes from a strong line of art forgers in her family and replicated six paintings under the name of Scarlet Hodge before she quit the business to become a muralist. When they've gone missing and already sold to other people, she needed to steal it back from Clea Lewis's home. It would help restore her family's gallery reputation and to pay with the finances. While hiding in a closet, she locked lips with a former thief named Davy Dempsey who had a lot going for him too. He wants his money back from Clea. Together, they joined forces to get what they want back while they helped each other out. But can someone keep a secret when a hit man, the FBI, and a killer was out to play? Besides that smoldering kiss, things did heat up between Tilda and Davy in the most intimate way to con others and to keep up the good faith while he'd gotten to know more about the Goodnights better. In the end, secrets and lies were on the line. And if they played their cards right, they might have everything they want in the end after all. 

This was a pretty hilarious and entertaining contemporary romance. I did like the pairing of Tilda, the art thief, and Davy, the con artist. They do make a hellluva of the team together. I cared for Tilda who's trying to do the right thing to keep the family secret from being exposed to the public and making a name of her own. She's down-to-earth, caring, and an overall well-rounded person who had her own scruples. Davy was her exact  equal and wanted a fresh start to make as well. I liked the location in Southern Ohio near the Columbus area including Temptation. It had an idyllic setting for the scenery in and around the towns. The themes of the story is that everyone had a secret to hide and one to keep while greed and revenge can ruin everything your heart desired. 

If you love captivating contemporary romances that keep you at the edge of your seat with non-stop action, plenty of drama, lots of suspense with a dollop of humor thrown into the mix, you'll enjoy Faking It for sure.