Saturday, February 13, 2016

Heart Conditions

In Phoebe Fox's Heart Conditions, the 3rd installment in the Breakup Doctor Woman's Fiction series, she told us a compelling story with wonderful true emotions from the heart. For Brook Ogden, a Breakup Doctor on the radio and newspaper columnist, she gave advice to people about dealing with break-ups and moving on. Talking from experience, she suffered a tough heart-break on her own, when her fiancé Michael broke things up with her. Now, two years later, he's back and wants to win her back, while she's struggling with her own feelings with Ben Garrett, her recent ex-boyfriend and his recent flame. While she tried to compose herself, she's dealing with her best friend Sasha's dilemma of being a mother and a choice decision for her career. As for Brooke, she listened to her own heart and took her own advice on how to handle this situations for the better.

This was a beautiful woman's fiction novel from Brook's POV. This was so moving and compelling to read about Brook's struggles with her career and her relationship issues as she tried to work things out. I cared about Brook and Sasha and how they came to terms with new developments in their life, love and careers. I loved the Florida scenic settings and the vast locations throughout this novel. This will pull your heartstrings and fall in love with this novel too with drama, suspense, romance, and light action.

Will you develop your own heart conditions today? Check it out now!

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