Friday, January 11, 2019

The Relic Hunters

In David Leadbeater's The Relic Hunters, the first installment in the Relic Hunters action thriller series, this debut would take you around the world and beyond. For Guy Bodie, he was nothing but a thief, a pretty good one too, when someone kidnapped him and sent him to a Mexican prison to die. Left to fend for himself against other two-bit criminals, he couldn't stop to wonder and ask himself why. While he was in jail, it took a tie of other common thieves to help bail him out and tell him who had set him up. The answer had hit him closer to home. That's when they met Agent Heidi Moneymaker from the CIA, who has a job for them to do. They needed to protect the Statue of Zeus in Greece. Meanwhile, there's a ruthless Hood named Xavier von Gothe, who's the leader of an evil Illuminati group, that has ties to freemasonry and perhaps to the Devil himself. And he had planned to get to the statue by leaving a serial crime spree in its wake, people who might be connected to him. As Guy and his team learn more about the Illuminati group, they would need to find out a plan and stop them in its tracks before it might be too late for a final showdown of good vs. evil on solid ground.

This was a great combination of action-adventure with a lot of thriller elements. I really cared for Guy and his team of thieves as they were set out to go forth on a dangerous mission. They each have their own quirky talents and work well together as a team. I did think some of them have some mirth and humorous bits to lighten the mood. I do hope Guy can be reunited with his daughter from time to time. I had found Xavier an evil maniac who would do everything to get he wants and to eliminate people who stood in its way. I did like the various array of locations from USA to Mexico and straight to Greece with compelling scenic descriptions of each setting. This would take you on a wild ride with non-stop action, intense drama, plenty of intrigue and a spark of mystery along the way.

Will you be ready to join forces with the Relic Hunters today?

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