Monday, February 25, 2019


In Cheryl Brooks's Mystic, the 2nd installment in the Cat Star Legacy paranormal romance, this series is so out-of-this-world, it would send you out-of-orbit and a mesmerizing thrill ride. For Sula, she's an Indian human from earth who mourned her lover's death on the planet Ecos. While she was looking for answers in a cave, she ended up caught in the snare of a condor's nest. That's when she met Aidan Banadånsk, a blonde alien male who came to her rescue in his starship. From there, he took her away and tended her to her medical needs in his home planet. She had met other alien friends like Abuti and Qinta, who became her friend, and her latest ally. But the attraction between them were extraordinary when they made love for the first time, and Aidan became weirded out from it. Besides his good looks, he could fly, have feline eyes and a pair of fangs, and can predict the future, though his wordly heritage was questionable. With the help of her new alien friends, they discover who ran to kill her and scourge her home planet from a fatal disease. The truth might be closer than she ever thought and had hit home, when they come up a plan to save the galaxy before they can explore their outerwordly love for each other in a shocking climax.

This was a fascinating and imaginative paranormal romance series. I love the innovative and superlative futuristic feeling of this galaxy with new planets and friendly--and sexy--aliens. I did care for Sula and how she remained the only humans survivor on the planet to discover new places and explore new ideas this things. You can picture yourself in that star ship and travel across the galaxy to see the stars. I also thought Aidan was an enchanted alien who had some mystical powers of his own and a champion for others to come to her rescue. I also thought the cast of characters were appealing and mesmerizing too. This would take you into new heights and visionary sensations with non-stop action, heart-stopping drama, earthly love and romance, and a spark of intriguing twists.

Will you take a trip to check out Mystic today?

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