Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Bone Orchard

In Daniel Judson's The Bone Orchard, the second installment in the Gin Palace thriller series, he told us a gripping tale of revenge and corruption. It all started with saving a girl in a car accident from drowning in the year for Declan MacManus and his friend Augie. From there, it escalated into something worse and severe, when they've been bribes, attempted on their lives, and a deep dark secret that remained buried and hidden under ground. For Mac, it never knew what happened to the father. When he thought the Chief of Police was his enemy, he never expected it to be his own boss Frank, who had it in for him, especially with a shocking twist towards the end with a grisly climax.

This was a gripping and enthralling thriller in the trilogy. I cared about Declan and Augie and Tina. I didn't like the Chief or Frank for that matter. I loved the vast New York settings for the location in this fast-paced thriller. This would make you hold on tight for a wild ride with a lot of shock and awe on police corruption with a town's deadly secret. Great drama, excellent non-stop action, plenty of intrigue and mystery from page to page.

Will you discover the bone orchard today? If so, watch yourself with a copy!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Death at Le Fenice

In Donna Leon's Death at Le Fenice, the first installment in the Commissario Brunetti Italian mystery series, we were taken into the world of the Italian police with interesting new characters. For Guido Brunetti, the Lieutenant of the Italian police, he arrived on his first crime scene at an opera. He discovered the dead body of the German Maestro, Helmut Wellauer, and investigated his past, even in German. Although he was a well-loved maestro, his life wasn't so called musical, when there was a lot of bad harboring secrets Guido discovered, even with his marital life. In the end, he discovered why and how he died by cyanide poisoning with a shocking twist.

This was a great introduction to the Venice mystery series. I cared about Guido and his family and about Clemenza, who harbored such grief. Some characters I didn't care so much. I loved the vast Italian and Argentian locations for the dual scenic settings for this series. This would take you to the world of opera and behind the scenes with great story-telling and grip you by the reins. Great drama, non-stop action and suspense and lots of intense intrigue.

Will you discover the death at Le Fenice? If so, give this one a try today!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Enchanted No More

In Robin Owens's Enchanted No More, the first installment in the Mystic Circle series, this was a fantastic urban fantasy romance with very vivid scenery and details of an imaginary world. For the last remaining Mistweaver, Jinnesfarne "Jenni" Mistweaver is a half-ling with magical elements and mourned the loss of her family from years ago. She's called upon to rescue her brother Rothly and heal him, while she was sent on a mission to help raise the bubble with her magical elements to help the Eight Lightfolk battle against the Darkfolk. She was reunited with her ex-lover, Aric Pandamon, a Treefolk, to go on this mission. Together, they travel to new foreign lands, a world like no other, when they've learned to care for each other again and about their magic to save their world from dark forces with a happy ending.

This was a magical and enchanted urban fantasy romance I really enjoyed. I cared about Jenni, Rothly and Aric and felt their pain and loss and growing love. I loved the visionary world of Denver and the interdimension between the real and fantasy world with the forest, the bubbles and the sea. There were tons of vivid imagery in the scenic locations and the settings.  This would take you to a whole new world in this series. Great drama, plenty of magical and fantastical action, great romance and lots of intrigue and suspense with a hint of mystery, too.

Will you be enchanted no more? If so, pick it up today!


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Sound of Glass

In Karen White's The Sound of Glass, she told us a gripping tale about searching for the truth on the family and finding new answers for love. For Merritt Heyward, she recently lost her husband and moved to Georgia from Maine, when she recently inherited her late grandmother-in-law's home. From there, she met her stepmother Loralee and her ten-year-old half-brother Owen Connors, a family she didn't know, when she was estranged from her father, who had passed away. Within the hands of time, she met her half-brother-in-law Gibbes and revealed the truth to her marriage to him, and bonded with Loralee, who was dying from cancer and carried a journal of truths. Together, they discover the truth of a 50-year-old plane crash, when it did with family secrets and the sounds of sea-glass, with a shocking heart-breaking twist in the end.

This was a beautiful and heart-warming mystery from Karen White. This really tugged at your heart with strong mixed emotions. I cared about Merritt, who dealt with an abusive husband, and for Loralee, who wanted to bond with Merritt before she died. I also enjoyed Gibbes and Owen, too. I loved the historical mystery plotline of the plane crash and the truth on who and why it was done, killing others along the way. This was a great story that dealt with love, heartache, and family secrets, for an intense and crazy mystery from the past that lead to the future.  Great drama, action, suspense, a hint of mystery and romance to wrap this up with a big bow.

Monday, May 4, 2015

You Can Trust Me

In Sophie McKenzie's You Can Trust Me, when you read this thriller, you'll be at the edge of your seat. For Livy Jackson, when she found her best friend Julia dead in her flat, she didn't believe she committed suicide and take it to heart. Now it was up to her to look for clues into her life, which bridged her closer to the truth of her sister Kara's killer, 18 years ago.  While she dealt with her suspicious doubts on her husband's Will infidelity again, she came closer to the truth on who was behind it all, when it was someone she knew and once trusted with a shocking climax in the ending.

This was a heart-pounding and  mind-blowing thriller. I cared about Livy and her family. I felt sorrow for Julia and those who were involved. I thought Paul was a real creep, right up to the end as a sicko. I loved the vast English locations for the settings in this novel. This would keep you at the edge of your seat from start to finish with every turn of the page. Great drama, excellent suspense and intrigue, and plenty of nail-biting non-stop action, too.

Will you check it You Can Trust Me today? If so, pick up a copy!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Executive Actions

In Gary Grossman's Executive Actions, the first book in the Executive series, he had written a fantastic thriller dealing with the war and ongoing political elections with a twist. For Morgan Taylor, he was the president of the United States who was up for re-election of a second term. For Scott Rourke, he was his top Secret Service agent who was on mission to uncover the story of his running mate, Teddy Lodge. Between the both of them, in a race against time from the nominations to the swearing in, they went out to proof a hidden conspiracy to take down the country and uncovered the secret between them with an assassin who had killed people to cover it up, and the truth behind his assassination attempt. There was a shocking climax right to the end.

This was a fantastic political thriller that would leave you at the edge of your seat. I cared about the country and what was at stake, during this election. I once cared about Lodge, until I've learned he was a phony and a hippocrate. I love Katie and Scott together and the President as well. I loved the USA and Libya as dual locations with vast settings for this novel. This would make you keep reading all night and don't want to put it down. You'll be hooked and intrigued with every page. Excellent drama and non-stop action with intrigue, suspense and a lot of mystery to keep you guessing.

Will you want to use your own executive actions? If so, check it out today!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Lover Be Mine

In Nicole Jordan's Lover Be Mine, the second installment in the Legendary Lovers series, she told us an enraptured tale of two star-crossed lovers who were meant to be. When Lord Jack Wilde went to the masquerade ball of the Fortins, he was dressed as a pirate and did it as a dare by his cousins. Little did he know, he would fall in love with Sophie Fortin. But due to a decades-old feud between both families, he would have to work hard to woo Sophie away from Lord Dunmore. While Sophie's family counted on her to make a noble match, since she lost her brother years ago, she tried not to fall in love with Jack, no matter how hard he tried. For Jack, he came from a turbulent childhood with an absent father and adopted by his cousins in England, who haven't forgiven his father for abandoning them.  In order to woo Sophie's hand, he would have to put the past behind him and make amends with his father and settle the score with both families, before they can have a happy ending.

This was a beautiful and heart-warming historical romance that touched my heart. I really cared for Jack and what he had endured and gone through, when he was just a child. How much can a little boy can take? I also cared for Sophie who was torn between love and obligation, when she went with her heart's content on loving Jack. I loved the vast locations in Europe of England, France and the imaginary country of Navartania. It painted a vivid picture and scene for the settings. This made me heartsick for the couple and applaud them in the end for overcoming any obstacles they had for each other. This had great romance, drama, intense intrigue and plenty of action.

Will you be swept away with Lover Be Mine? If so, check it out today!