Sunday, April 22, 2018

Find Her

In Lisa Gardner's Find Her, the 8th installment in the Detective D.D. Warren thriller series, this dark and twisted tale would keep you hooked right from the first page. When Detective D.D. Warren arrived a phone call about a burned body at the crime scene, she had gotten her first glance at Florence "Flora" Dane, who was a person of interest. But things aren't what they seem to be, when she discovered why she had burned Devon Goulding's body and what lurked as the truth. As a detective on restricted duty due to a shoulder injury and a mother and wife, she dug into Goulding's background and leaned about a trail of three missing women. But as Flora disappears from her apartment, it had shed a new light of another shady kidnapping. For Flora, she became Jacob Ness's first kidnapped victim for four long years and survived enough to endure his sick and sadistic wrath. As she was abducted once again, she relived that gruesome nightmare until she killed the SOB that had set her free. But as DD connects the dots between the missing girls, she leans more about Flora's days in captivity. As Flora tries to survives and finds Stacy Summers, the recent missing girl, her newest nightmare had started as its reared its ugly head. And now it's a race of time for her to survive and be free about those inner demons for good.

This was a dark and gripping new thriller from Lisa Gardner. I cared for both D.D. and how she balanced her job and family life, while she was on restricted duty. I became intrigued on how she made the connections from start to finish between Flora's past and now her present status. I did feel concerned for Flora and how she struggled, endured and survived four years of torture, only when she became focused with a new danger of her own. I hoped she could put the past to rest and live in the future. I loved the Florida and the Boston dual locations and gripping settings to mesh the interwoven flashbacks with the storyline. This would leave you feeling numb and shaking all over with non-stop drama, suspense, intense action, and plenty of intrigue to keep you at the edge of your seat.

Will you be able to find her before it's too late?

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Zipper Fall

In Kate Pavelle's Zipper Fall, the second installment in the Steel City man/man romance series, this love story is like no other. When Wyatt Gaudens's best friend Reyna was having trouble at work with her boss, he had to check him out for himself. Besides working in a PR firm, he climbs buildings and steels things for his hobby. But when he had broken into his building, he became attracted to Jack Azzurri. And their romance wasn't like any other, when he had feelings for him. Needless to say, it also had gotten him fired, when he was caught in the act. And his best friend took his spot to work for former boss. After he had made an interesting proposal to Auguste Pillory of sending him small firm clients, a deal had been made between them with no hard feelings. But as they had gotten to know each other, even in a most intimate way, he learned about Jack's sister Celia who had died from a climbing accident. That led Wyatt to do his own investigation and put some heat on who had killed her, supposedly from her own workplace. While all this, he had gotten into hot heated trouble with a robbery and shot in a most painful way. That's when Jack learned about how hurt Wyatt had been with his own family and then with his former lover who tended to his injuries. In the end, they trusted each other and found a true love that can't be found elsewhere.

I have to admit, I never read man-man romance before. It's not my cup of tea either. I thought the title had to do with climbing, in which it did for part of the story, but not the subtle overtones of this kind of romance. And I believe this was okay with me for now. As for the story, I did care for Wyatt and his growing infatuation for Jack and his dangerous hobby of his. I did feel bad for Jack, who grieved the loss of his sister from a tragic accident. But I did like how they came together as a couple. I also found Reyna quite compelling too.  I did like the Pittsburgh location vivid from the gym to the workplace and beyond for the scenic settings. This would make you look at things from a whole different way and prospective. If you liked Brokeback Mountain, you would like these kinds of storie with non-stop action, drama, some romance and some suspense too.

Will you be ready to drop down and read Zipper Fall today?

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Lord of the Pies

In Nell Hampton's Lord of the Pies, the second installment in the Kensington Palace Chef Cozy Mystery, this caper was a bit warped and twisted in every sense of the word. For Chef Carrie Ann Cole, her new life brimmed with new mysteries on her full plate. When she received a new assistant chef named Agnes, she appeared to fit right in and work with Carrie Ann to serve meals to the duchess and the prince at the place. First she had to contend with a Peeping Tom who took her photo. And when she discovered it was, she reported it in to Security Chief Gordon. And when she had the opportunity to serve a bridal shower at the Orangery, she had to contend with Chef Wright, someone who has the way with the ladies. But besides all that, she found out who spied on her and how he was poisoned with one of her pies. And that leaves her as the prime suspect once again. Then, she competed on a reality cooking show for charity, and things turn up awry, when her arch-nemesis ended up poisoned somehow. Carrie Ann believes something was fishy with the production crew, since she's been the main focus with the British tabloids. Lastly, while she skated on thin ice, she came across the slain body of Chef Wright. Now it was up to her to deal with the possibilities of one or two killers who wanted to do her in as she fought for her own life.

This was another great story set in Kensington Palace in the heart of London. I cared for Carrie Ann and how she dealt with everyone that's been thrown at her... like a potential love triangle between her, Ian and Jasper. My oh my! I'm so pleased on how she had grown into her new life in London and how she worked well with Agnes and how she dealt with her own life issues. I still think Penny is a hoot and doesn't deserve to have Evie and Rachel as her friends. I continued to love the English locations and the vast settings inside and outside of the palace. This would make you dig deep into delicious recipes and have a taste of your own with shocking twists right to the end of the novel with non-stop action, drama, intrigue and a dollop of mystery with a sprinkle of romance.

Will you be checking out the Lord of the Pies today?

Saturday, April 14, 2018

C is for Corpse

In Sue Grafton's C is for Corpse, the third installment in the Kinsey Millhone mystery series, this caper has some twists and turns with a shocking ending. When Kinsey met Bobby Callahan at the gym to do rehab for her wrist, he hired her to work on the case. Other than he's rich, he's been injured in a near-fatal car crash and believes someone's after him. She agrees to sign on and learns more about Bobby's life, including knowing the people he worked with, friends, and family. And thing aren't what he seems, when his half-sister's an anorexic and binges on drugs and alcohol, wasting away her life. As she digs deeper into his life, she also deals with an issue with her neighbors as this woman named Lila Sams came into the scene. She becomes suspicious of her and what she's up to and snoops around into her background. At the same time, Kinsey learns that Bobby died in a car accident. While she finishes what she started for her late client, she stumbles onto some hard-core truth on what he's been up to and who wanted to do him in. In the end, she had nipped two complicated cases in the double-edged bud with a shocking climax.

This was a gripping novel from start to finish. It had given me goosebumps right to the ending. I did care for Kinsey and how she dealt with two troubling ordeals. I did feel bad for Bobby and what he had been through, right before he died. I'm so glad that Kitty had changed her life around in the end and tried to get better healthy-wise. I also thought Lila Sams had what was coming to her. I did love the St.Theresa's scenic locations and compelling settings from the hospital and around the town. This would make you shake your head, grimace and groan and gasp a few times. It has non-stop action, drama, suspense, and plenty of twisted turns in this mystery.

Will you be there to join Kinsey in C is for Corpse?

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Murder Notes

In Lisa Renee Jones's Murder Notes, the first installment in the Lilah Love romantic suspense series, this tale would give you goosebumps and leave you chilled all over. For Lilah Love, a FBI profiler in Los Angeles, it all started with a chilling case of a cold-blooding killing on the beach. And when she's been redirected to head back home to New York for a connected case, she wasn't looking forward to receive a lukewarm welcome. On the beat, she had to contend with the NYPD and her ex-boyfriend Kane Mendez, a prime suspect and noted member of the Mendez cartel family. Not only with that, someone's been leaving her cryptic murder notes on her doorstep and on her car. Then while she tried to discover facts about the victim, she had to deal with her family matters and other people like her ex-best friend Alexandra. While other people told her it's him who's living a bloody trail of victims, she believes it wasn't him and knows who it was otherwise, when she discovers a gripping surprise in the ending...

This was a bone-chilling and intense romantic suspense novel that would leave your hairs raised on your neck from start to finish. I did care for Lilah and how she made her own ways to take care of business, even if she used the F-word a lot. I did think Kane was a dangerous person to be with, though it did leave her hot and bothered and did get under her skin. I also loved the way she interacted with her fellow colleagues. I loved the dual locations of NYC and Los Angeles to set the scenes for the settings. This would make you grit your teeth and shake your head a few times and let out a long sigh, since this is packed with non-stop action, red-hot romance, intense drama and plenty of intrigue.

Will you be shocked to received murder notes today?

Saturday, April 7, 2018

The First Family

In Michael and Daniel Palmer's The First Family, this gripping medical thriller is so twisted and shocking, that it would have you at the edge of your seat. It all started with Cam Hilliard, the president's son and chess prodigy. Lately, he haven't been himself and seem depressed among other exhibiting symptoms. For Karen Ray, a Secret Service Agent who's in charge of his safety had become concerns and informed Cam's parents. But she also had to butt heads with Dr. Fred Gleason, who would do anything to keep her and her ex-husband, Dr. Lee Blackwood, away from finding out the truth and his own secret. For Lee, he started to connect the dots between Cam's condition and other similar cases that seem to be connected to the TPI, a private institute that educated child prodigies from art to chess. And Susie Banks was one of those students, after she almost died in her home from carbon monoxide poisoning and lost her parents in the process. There's a hidden killer lurking in their presence who would do anything to knock them out of the equation. For Karen and Lee, they would stop a prevailing danger from escalating and keep everyone safe, when the shocking truth who was behind it and what connected them together would blow you away...

This was a fantastic and shocking medical from Daniel Palmer. I think he had done his later father, Michael Palmer, proud to follow in his footsteps.  This medical thriller had literally given me chills and plenty of goosebumps from start to finish. I cared about the first family and Karen and Ray and how they came together to solve this puzzling medical mystery. I also did feel bad for Susie who lost her parents at a terrible price. I've found the dual locations of Virginia and the D.C. area is compelling with fascinating scenery for the settings, even at the cabins on Karen's private property. This would make you want to take a big deep breath and buckle up on a wild ride right to the end with non-stop drama, action, suspense and high-octane intriguing plot twists on every page.

Will you jump on board to protect the first family today?

Saturday, March 31, 2018


in James Abel's Vector, the fourth installment in the Joe Rush bio-thriller series, this captivating novel would leave you at the edge of your seat for a new kind of terror. It all started for Joe Rush, when he was on a rescue mission to find his friend Eddie in Brazil. He would have to go through other people to find him and bring him home. Meanwhile, Secretary Kyle Utley from the White House meets with a stranger who promised threats to the USA, if they didn't deliver the ransom money. When it didn't happen as planned, Tom Fargo, an American who turned jihadist terrorist, plans to unleash a new weapon of bio-terror for destruction: generic modified mosquitoes that carry a new kind of malaria. And the first attack happened in New York City. When Joe learns about this new federal emergency, he heads home with Eddie and a new ally, Izabel Santo from Brazil. From there, they learn about this new disease and track down the origins as new attacks hits in other states. Joe and his team tries to connect the dots on this personal attack and races against time to stop another outbreak happens in Atlanta before it's too late.

This was a new kind of thriller that's never been done before. I loved the vast array of settings from Brazil to New York City and then to Nashville for a variety of locations. I cared for Joe and how he searched for Eddie and then dealt with this blow of this new form of disease. I do think Aya is a hoot and a great secondary character. I've found Tom Fargo a bit despicable for his menacing actions. This would take you on a thrill ride from start to finish with non-stop action and plenty of drama, lots of suspense and hints of mystery.

Will you protect yourself from this lethal vector today?