Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Secret Place

In Tana French's the Secret Place, she told us a dark tale setting at a Catholic prep school for girls in Dublin, Ireland. It all started for Cold Case Detective Stephen Moran, when Holly Mackey handed him a card. From there, he opened the year-old murder case of Christopher Harper, a student from St. Colm's school. He teamed up with Murder Squad Detective Antoinette Conway to find out what happened to him. In proceeding and alternating chapters, we flash back to a year ago for Holly and her three friends and their nemesis, four rival students. It was up to Conway and Moran to find out whodunit, and why Holly gave him the chapter in the beginning. Although with a slow start, it had a spectacular finish, when someone confessed to the murder as things wouldn't be the same again for Holly and her friends in this shocking thriller.

Special review: Blood of the Wicked from December 2008

In Leighton Gage's Brazilian mystery debut, Blood of the Wicked, we were introduced to Mario Silva, the lead detective of the police force.  Homeless peasants confronted the owners of their vast estates painted the scene in Cascatas do Pontal, Brazil. A bishop was flown in by helicopter to consecrate a new church and then was assassinated in cold blood. The pope called the Brazilian president, when Silva was dispatched to investigate the grisly scene with his nephew, Hector Costa, who was also a policeman. Together while they search for clues in the bishop's murder, they battle the state police, corrupted lawyers, and preying criminals on the streets, along with the church and a slew of other people to solve this shocking cold-blooded murder, when old secrets eked itself out in this disturbing investigation to find out who was the culprit. 

Friday, August 29, 2014

Special Review: Fatal FIxer Upper from April 2009

In the first installment of the DIY series from Jenna Bennett aka Jennie Bentley, Fatal Fixer Upper, this new cozy had clever DIY tips for you to fix up your home or business. We were introduced to Avery Baker, a New York interior designer who had inherited her aunt's old Maine cottage. And that had lead her down the path to home renovation with handsome handyman, Derek Ellis. When they met, sparks flew between them. While she learned the process of DIY, they were on the case of a missing professor, while they rehabbed her great-aunt's home. With Derek's ex-wife trying to get her clutches back into her arms and her ex-fiancé to win her back, they had their fill of excitement. The closer they've gotten closer to the truth, she wondered if they can finish the process in time, before she became the next victim on his or her list.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Ice Trap

In the thriller debut from Kitty Sewell in Ice Trap, you'll be in for a cold thrill ride from both sides of the earth. For Dr. Dafydd Woodruff, it all started with a letter from a thirteen-year girl claiming she's his daughter--and that she has a twin brother named Mark. That's when the flashbacks started for him, which took us to Moose Creek, a tiny outpost in Canada, where he worked over a decade ago. From the past to the present in Cardiff Wales, we get to know him better, while his marriage to Isabel comes unraveling apart. We watched Dafydd interact with his friends and colleagues at the small clinic where he worked at, especially with one cold-hearted, conniving, manipulating woman named Sheila Hailey, the twins' mother who have a wicked bone to pick with him. Later on, Dafydd return to Moose Creek to notice how things change and how wicked she was then, and learned the truth behind the secrets with a shocking conclusion.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Special review: False Prophet from August 2008

In the fifth installment of the Decker/Lazarus mystery series by Faye Kellerman, LAPD Detective Peter Decker wound up in a pickle on his next case in False Prophet. He didn't know what to think about Lilah Brecht.  Daughter of a faded Hollywood legend and a beautiful eccentric spa owner,  someone beaten and raped her in her own home. She also claimed she had psychic visions to see into the looming future. Between his heart and his young pregnant wife Rina, he couldn't take much credence into her story between Lilah's family and her own ridiculous claims. But when her dark visions come real, they rock his world with her secrets and obsessions, they entrap Decker and point the killer to his own family.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Steel Guitar

In Linda Barnes's Steel Guitar, this cool fast-paced mystery will leave you singing the blues. Meet Carlotta Carlyle. A former Boston cop turned PI who drove a hack for her side business. When she went to pick up her latest customer, it was a blast of the past. Dee Willis was a R&B singer with a band and a former foe of Carlotta. It all started with a crash of a mad mob at the park, when Carlotta's purse had gotten stolen from her. From there, it went downhill from there, when Dee asked her to find a former friend of theirs and fellow bandmate, Davey Dunrobie. With any bittersweet animosity aside, she discovered what was the story behind the letter she received. She also had some run-ins with her band and groupie, when things turned grisly, when a former band mate turned up dead. It brought back painful memories of when a fellow friend of theirs died the same way a decade ago. Although her close friend was in trouble with the law, she continued the search for Dunrobie and went into her ex-husband Cal. Right in the end, they've nabbed the bad guys and had a sobering ending of their close friend. Bring a hankie!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Cake on a Hot Tin Roof

In the second Piece of Cake Mystery, Rita Lucero was way over her head in Cake on a Hot Tin Roof. While she recovered from the previous murder case she came out unscathed and trying to take the helm of Zydeco Bakery in New Orleans. Mardi Gras was around the bend, which made everyone in Zydeco hectic and frantic to get ready with their orders of King Cakes. Fellow employee breathed down her neck for the website and blog, when her aunt and uncle dropped by for an unexpected surprise visit from Chicago. While she tried to score an order for a big wedding deal, she came across some unsavory characters at a Musterion krewe party. She'd gotten her head into the murder of a family fight, when her uncle became suspected of the murder. It was up to Rita to clear her uncle's name, find out what's going on with her aunt and uncle, and to come clean on her feelings on Liam Sullivan. This one included some yummy recipes, too.