Saturday, March 17, 2018


In David Gibbins's Atlantis, the first installment in the Jack Howard action-adventure series, get ready to go on a wild ride under the sea and explore new hidden treasures. For Dr. Jack Howard, he's a marine archeologist who just learned about an ancient scroll. From there, he gathered his team and decoded the hidden coded message about Atlantis, the lost legendary civilization of myths that haunted historians to this day. With help from Katya, a mysterious Kazakh woman who helped translate the message, and someone that Jack falls for, they put together the puzzle and go deep-sea diving into their submersibles to search for clues under the sea. When Jack, Katya, and his Greek friend Costas dive deep into the ocean, they encountered hidden dangers for them, when they go under attack. A mad man named Aslan would do anything to stop them in the tracks and take his rivals down to receive the prized possession. Below and above the sea, Jack and his friends risk their lives to discover what's mysterious about Atlantis and is it worth fighting and dying for ....

If you're a fan of Clive Cussler's NUMA Files action-adventure series, you would enjoy this one as well. This was an exquisite introduction to the series as it does take you on a wild adventure above and under the sea.  I cared for Jack and his own diverse and international dive team, while they endured many obstacles along the way.  I do think Katya is charming and mysterious in her way. I do love the underwater scenic scenes and the vast locations in the Middle East region of the Aegean sea.  This would take you place you never been before and to hang on for a dangerous adventure with non-stop action, drama, suspense and plenty of mystery.

Are you ready to find Atlantis today?

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


In Karin Slaughter's Undone, the third installment in the Will Trent thriller series, this compelling case is so twisted and shocking, that it would knock your own socks off. It started with a car accident, when a body was found at the scene. That's when GBI Investigators Faith Mitchell and Will Trent to the scene. From there, they start to talk to the victim and find out what was special about her to make her a target. Then, they learned that another victim was taken and died trying to escape by hanging from the tree. From there, it became more complex, when they tried to connect the dots by the time two more people had been abducted. For both Will and Faith, they both lead complex lives as well--Faith pregnant with her second child and now a diabetic, Will going through a tumultuous relationship with his wife Angie. Enter Sara Linton, a widow and a former coroner, who helped shed some interesting light into this case. By the time it had gotten more twisted and warped, when they find the underlying connection between them all, it's literally more shocking at the ending of how and when it started in the first place.

This was another gripping and fascinating thriller from start to finish. I instantly cared for Sara Linton, who had been through so much, and might be a central and pivotal character later in the series. I also cared about both Will and Faith, who became an invisible partnership for the GBI, and dealing with some issues of their own. I loved the central Georgia location and the riveting scenic settings from the cavern prison and to the GBI headquarters. This would leave you feeling cold and numb and shake your head a few times with some muttered cursed breaths with non-stop action, drama, intrigue and a whole lot of mystery.

Will you come undone and unraveled to solve this chilling mystery?

Friday, March 9, 2018

Running the Risk

In Lea Griffith's Running the Risk, the 2nd installment in the Endgame Ops romantic suspense series, this novel would set your world on fire and send you on a journey of explosive danger. For Jude Dagan, a year ago, he thought he had lost the love of his life, Ella Banning, when she died in a mission gone wrong. Now he would do anything to have her back again in his life. To do that, when he first found her in Beirut, he would have to track her down and bring her home. Of course, he had a couple of obstacles standing in her life. For Ella, she loved Jude, but she had her own mission to take care of herself. And that's to intricate information from Horace Dresden and bring him down to his knees. Plus, she had to deal with the Piper, their fearless leader, who's connecting to all of them in some way or another. Together, while she had to rebuild his trust and everyone from Endgame Ops, she would have to do her things her way first. The chemistry between them is explosive, and the two of them would be unstoppable all the way. With the team, they learned new hidden surprises across the world and even in Russia, when it's a matter of life and death to the end...

This was another fantastic and compelling romantic suspense. This had me at the edge of the seat from start to finish, when they had more than unfinished business to deal with. And they had a mission to complete and make it remotely possible. I cared for Jude and loved that he had a bit of a Hispanic background. I loved how he would go to the ends of the Earth to be with Ella. And I have found Ella as one tough cookie, every step of the way, who learned to trust others and put her faith in Jude and Endgame. The locations were exotic and picturesque from Virginia to Beirut and even to Russia with eye-opening scenic settings. This would make you want to douse yourself with water, fan yourself, and bite your tongue and so much more with non-stop action, red hot romance, intense drama and plenty of mystery.

Will you be running the risk for someone you love today?

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Double Dog Dare

In Gretchen Archer's Double Dog Dare, the 7th installment in the Davis Way Crime Caper cozy mystery series, this caper will make you curl your toes and sent you on a wild goose chase. For Davis Way-Cole, she lives in a semi-charmed life as a mother of twin daughters, a loving husband, and works in the casino in Biloxi, Mississippi. But when her sister Meredith turns up missing, she receives a mysterious ransom for 50 million dollars from a local pastor. While her husband's in Nashville for business, she teams up with her best friend Fantasy and her sister's best friend Vreeland to look for clues. From there, things aren't that simple to pull off a heist while running a casino, as a blind oil sheik took residence in the casino and is looking for his missing eye dog. Then she has to the body double of Bianca Sanders, a local celebrity, as a judge for a dog show. Things get stranger, when she learns more clues behind the ransom and how it's connected to what's happening inside of the casino. In the end, after they pull it off without a hitch, they would have to get down and dirty to return the money.....

This was a charming and compelling new mystery to enjoy and read for Henery Press. I instantly liked and cared for Davis and her twin daughters. I've found that Vreeland and Fantasy were interesting characters names, and both worked well with Davis to save this newest crime caper adventure in the south. I've found the casino background quite intriguing for the backdrop and how amusing it lights up the page for the Biloxi location with fascinating settings. I loved the dogs, Bubblegum and Princess and Harley, who were charmers of their own. This would make you smile and groan, shake your head and whistle, and enjoy this read with drama, non-stop action, suspense and a dollop of a humorous mystery from start to end.

Will you ready to pay for the double dog dare today?

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Board Stiff

In Kendel Lynn's Board Stiff, the first installment in the Elliott Lisbon Cozy Mystery series, this debut will give you goose bumps and take you on an emotional roller coaster ride. For Elliott Lisbon, she's a board member of the Ballantyne Foundation in Sea Pine Island, South Carolina. She's also working on a license to become a private investigator. When she was put in charge of the hotel, she had came into a crisis of her own. First she discovered a dead body of one of the board members, Leo Hirschorn, and then she ran into her ex-boyfriend, who's now also her neighbor, and the newest police detective of the Island Police Department. While she did some snooping around, she would do anything to clear one of her esteemed board member's crime from any wrongdoing. As she handled hotel issues like catering from the newest parties and other board work, she learned more about the truth about Leo and how he had gotten over his head in his personal and private life. As she avoided to butt heads with her ex, she started to put the pieces together until she came close of becoming the next victim of the hit list.

 This was a charming and an amusing cozy mystery debut that would keep you at the edge of your seat. I adored Elliott Lisbon and how she handled all sorts of crises and how she took care of heated grace under pressure. I do see how Nick can get under her skin, while Matty can leave her hot and bothered. I can see how this love triangle is headed for the rest of the series. I do think both of them would be a good match. Sea Pine Island is so picturesque and idealistic for a seaside town in South Carolina with the beaches and the briny sea air for the locations and the settings--the same for Savannah, Georgia.  This would leave you guessing and shaking your heads a few times with twists and turns and plenty of non-stop action, drama, suspense, and a hint of mystery.

Will you take a stab of reading Board Stiff tonight?

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Pegasus Down

In Philip Donlay's Pegasus Down, the 6th installment in the Donovan Nash thriller series, this fast-paced thriller deals with headlines that's almost similar to today's headlines. When Donovan learned about his wife's plane going down and presuming missing, it had turned his world upside down. And that had started the search for her plane somewhere in Eastern Europe. For Dr. Lauren McKenna, she became a sole survivor of her flight and had to find a way to escape from treacherous waters, even if she had to fight tooth and nail for her life. And when she's captured from a mad Ukrananian, only she knew what secrets her deceased colleague had never told. For Donovan, he had to reach out to an old friend, someone who knew about his past life and former name, for outside help. From there, Donovan his EcoWatch team join forces with his friend's daughter and prowl the land for clues to start a rescue. As soon as they learn more about the top secret that could destroy millions of people, he rescues Lauren and then loses her in a blink of an eye again. The race is on to stop this mad man, when more lies, blackmail, and treason have been revealed, and justice would be prevailed at the last hail mary save.

This was another nail-biting and intense thriller from start to finish. I instantly cared about Donovan and Lauren, and how they faced imminent foreign threats from across Eastern Europe. I did think Donovan was quite amusing as Lauren was quite brilliant and something else together. They do make a fascinating and a tight couple to be Abigail's doting parents. I do love the vast array of locations from Washington D.C. to Russia and Austria with spellbinding scenic settings. This would take you on a tailspin dive and make you want to buckle your seatbelts from a bumpy ride with non-stop action, suspense, intrigue and a lot of drama to keep you at the edge of your seat.

Will you join the search party in Pegasus Down tonight?

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Seducing the Marquess

In Callie Hutton's Seducing the Marquess, the first installment in the Lord and Ladies in Love historical romance series,  this introduction would leave you hot and bothered to start a scandal of your own. After Eugenia's husband's mistress dies, she's more than relieved to have him for herself. But when she perused a local bookstore, she picked up a book of a scandalous nature and plans to start seducing him. For Lord Devon, he notices the changes in Eugenia's behavior and picks up on it. His daily visits to her bedroom becomes more than often than usual. With every chapter and page in the book, Eugenia could hope but wonder to have Devon's attention in more ways than one... even if she had to dress down. And when she had gotten injured from falling from her horse, he cared for her and not the way she wanted. Instead of this marriage of convenience, she wants it to be more of love and provide him a heir or two. Later, she turned up the heat in the seductions, which did nothing but make tongue wag and men drool over her. And it made him wonder, if she had taken up a lover of her own. When nothing worked to her advantage, Eugenia heads to the countryside in Devonshire. Now it would be up to Devon to tell her about his feelings before he loses her completely.

This was another sexy and steamy historical romance novel to kick start this new series. I loved the central location of London England in 1819 and how the vivid scenery changed from regal to the countryside in a blink of an eye. I adored Eugenia and how she concocted the perfect plan to have Devon to herself with every single seductive moves. I also found Devon a charming lord who would do anything for his lady, even he had fallen in love with her later on.  This would make you fan yourself and to hold on to your seats and perhaps to down ice cold water to cool ourselves with non-stop action, drama, red-hot romance and plenty of sparks to start a fire with intrigue.

Will you be tempting to start seducing the marquess tonight?