Tuesday, January 16, 2018

A Doll's House

In M.J. Arlidge's A Doll's House, the third installment in the Helen Grace serial thriller series, this chilling thriller will blow your mind and send spriral chills through your spine. When Ruby Spackling was discovered missing, and a dead body was discovered on the beach, DI Helen Grace from the Northingham Police was on the scene from her team. The decomposed body of Pippa Briers, who was presumed missing for a couple of years, was only the tip of this rock hard iceberg. While the madman had kept Ruby prisoner in his own doll's house, it was a race against time. The heat was on for Helen and DI Sanderson, when her superior DS Ceri Harwood had more than a pick of a bone with her and wanted to ruin her career in more ways than one. With Helen's colleagues and close friends supported her on the case, she would do anything to stand her ground. And that's when two more bodies were discovered on the same beach, another two missing persons case with the same link to the killer and Ruby's kidnapper--the texts and tweets that came from their accounts and the Bluebird tattoo. When they pieced together this puzzle with one final link, Ruby escapes from her captor and Helen's risk her own life to bring the killer down in a blaze of glory.

This was another gripping and a bit disturbing thriller in this series. But it captured my attention and made me want to read more. I cared for Helen Grace and how she dealt with some many things that's been thrown at her, inside and outside of work. I liked how she put her team on charge and grab pieces and bits to connect this puzzle. I've found Lloyd to be okay with his own faults and Ceri Harwood a bit condesending and mean. I did like the Northingham locations set in London and how it appealed to my scenes for the settings. This would make you hooked on the first page and to keep on reading more to the end. It would have your heart pumping at every twisted turn with nonstop action, drama, suspense and a lot of mystery.

Will you be chosen to visit a Doll's House today?

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Into the Night

In Cynthia Eden's Into the Night, the third installment in the Killer Instinct romantic suspense series, this twisted tale will make your head spin and give you whiplash in the ending. For FBI Agent Macey Night, she was the only survivor of Dr. Daniel Haddox's twisted crimes and lived to tell about it. Now as an agent for Agent Samantha Dark's profiler team, it would take her wits and her determination to deal with the most serial crimes. To help her fight the pain from the past, she became involved with her partner, Bowen Murphy, which was risky and against protocol. Between the two of them, they were on the hunt for Haddox and discovered his dead body with nails in his eyes. Now someone kept taunting them, especially Bowen, that he was the one who found him and took care of business. To prove his while, he was ahead of them every step of the way, until they've tracked down the next victim, a serial pyromaniac and arsonist. With someone watching their every move in the midst, they thought they would take this perp down until he went after a cop and later would go after them.  For Macey and Bowen, things do heat up between them with a red-hot love for wanting each other. But when they're caught in the killer's crossfire, things change and put them in a life and death position... when they discover who was response with a shocking twist or two in the end that would leave you speechless.

This was a compelling and explosive romantic suspense novel. I instantly cared for Macey and what she had endured in the past to preservere in the present for the future. I did think Bowen was a good catch, though risky to start something with her in the midst of an investigation. The cast of characters were compelling to darn right creepy and dark. I did like the dual locations of Tennessee and North Carolina with fantastic visual images for the settings. This gave me goosebumps and chilled all over from start to finish and would let you feel the same way too. This has excellent non-stop action, suspense, explosive romance, and a bone-chilling mystery you wouldn't believe in the end.

Will you be ready for a primal kill into the night?

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Crossing the Line

In Kerry Wilkinson's Crossing the Line, the 8th installment in the Jessica Daniel serial thriller series, this novel would make you think twice on what you do and to whom you do it to. It all started when someone assaulted a solicitor by throwing  citric acid on their face. That had put Detective Inspector Jessica Daniel on the scene with her partner Isobel to dig deep into the background of their first victim. Later on, then someone else was assaulted by a bat, someone who's bearing a mask from an Anarchy group and making a scathing statement. While this was going on, Jessica dealt with the heat from her police department and then of her mother, when she went searching for Tony Franingham, someone she had met in the past and having issues with drugs. While they kept an eye for an elusive drug dealer, they've come across a third victim and tried to put the pieces together to form this big puzzle. But during a festival, someone close to her had become attacked by the same masked person. While the picture had grown to a bigger mystery, they started to connect the dots to connect them to their perp... the connection is unpredictable and unfathomable. When they have found the guy, she dealt with the kidnapping to someone at the force, someone who needed to make a bold statement about one of their own's false accusations about the Stretford Slasher's arrest. In the end, Jessica fights for her life to deal with the drug dealer in a battle of wit and brawn to solve both cases.

This was a gripping and a bit disturbing thriller in the midst of the series. I did care for Jessica and what she went through at home and at the police station. She had a whole lot going on at the same time. And I believe Adam could be perfect for her. I do like the storyline and the plot, which sent me chills and kept me on my toes. I did like her DI Jack Cole. The locations were perfect in Stetford and Manchestershire, England with gripping scenic settings.  This would make you hold your breath, shake your head, moan and squeeze your eyes shut with nonstop action, drama, suspense and a lot of mystery.

 Will you be crossing the line tonight?

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Fight to the Finish

In Jeannette Murray's Fight to the Finish, the 3rd installment in the First to Fight boxing sports romance series, this one would make you throw no punches and give you a helluva of a TKO punch. For Kara Smith, she's a single mother raising her ten-year-old son Zach on her own. She's a yoga instructor for the Marine at Camp Jejeune and a successful blogger about her son's gluten-free diet. And when she's at her best friend Marianne's picnic, she hangs out with her friends and sets her sights for JAG Officer Graham Sweeney. Zach dotes on him and wants together. As for Graham, he would do anything possible to have Kara and Zach in his life. At first sight, there was a brewing chemistry between them. And before they could dance around the ring to be together, they would have to keep their budding romance a secret from her son. While Kara and Graham set out to test the feelings for each other, the gang at the gym have to deal with a vandal, while prepping for the All Military Boxing games in Texas. And Kara has to deal with her ex who wants to decrease child support payments by putting a squeeze on her. If Kara doesn't do anything about it to stop him, she wouldn't have the freedom to go outside state lines. With Graham on her side, he would help her anything way possible, even from throwing some heat by adding pressure. As a boxer, the battle is on inside the ring; outside of the ring, all gloves are off to throw down the gauntlet to fight for what they want and have a happy ending.

This was an excellent sports romance series with the boxing and military theme. I cared for Kara and her son Zachary. I really feel bad that her parents weren't supportive of her, and that her ex was uncaring and ruthless. But I'm glad she had help from her freinds. I did think Graham was a piece of hot eye candy and go throw a good punch or two to make ends meet. I loved how he was a JAG Officer and a boxer to boot. I do see them as an awesome couple together and for Zach to have a real dad of his own. I loved the dual locations of North Carolina and later Texas to set this novel on fire with gripping descriptions and amazing settings. They would make you want to root for Kara and Graham and to grab a fan for the hot and steamy scenes with non-stop action, drama, red-hot romance and plenty of intrigue from start to finish.

Will you be ready to fight for the finish tonight?

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Yours to Keep

In Serena Bell's Yours to Keep, this contemporary romance debut deals with hard-core issue of the immigration status in our country and what would you do for love. For Ana Travares, she's been living under the ICE's radar as an undocumented citizen since her mother's death. And she's under pressure for taking the CORI in order to tutor high school students. When Dr. Ethan Hansen's son Theo needs a Spanish tutor, he requested her tutoring services. From there, he had helped transformed Theo and bridged the gap between father and son, which had been chartered some rapid waters in their relationship. But Ana tries not to fall in love with Ethan, since she knew her secret about her immigration status and her protective brother wouldn't approve. When he catches wind about her citizenship, he proposes a plan to keep her in the country and in her life to get her green card. When her brother finds out, he encourages Ethan to break it up, when the forces against her had propelled her to do it first. Later, during a family crisis, Ana calls Ethan to come to the rescue. That had changed everything between them, when Ethan wants to do it right and make Ana his wife and to give her the American dream of hers to keep for her own with a happy ending.

This was a great debut from Serena Bell for this contemporary romance novel. I cared for Ana and the plight her family had been put through since they lost their mother. I loved how Ana wanted to help other citizen learn English and become US citizens. The immigration status for undocumented citizens is still a global concern in the world today. I did find Ethan compassionate to his patients and to Theo and to Ana's situation. I did find Ricky a bit overbearing, but he did soften up a little bit in the end. I did love the scenic settings of Hawthorne and Beacon Massachusetts pretty amazing and fantastic for the location itself. This would make you think about the world we live in and how it could change people on a hardspun time. This would make you shake your heard, swoon and sigh, and take a deep and long breath with drama, suspense, nonstop action and plenty of romance.

Will you find your soulmate and American dream that would be yours to keep?

Hare Today, Dead Tomorrow

In Cynthia Baxter's Hare Today, Dead Tomorrow, the fourth installment in the Reigning Cats and Dogs Cozy Mystery series, this cozy mystery will shed some lights into some dark aspects of the winery business. For Dr. Jessica Popper, things couldn't be more sublime, when she and her boyfriend Nick Burby to live together. But when her best friend Dr. Suzanne Fox is accusing of killing her ex's current flame, she would do anything to help her out and prove her innocence. While her mobile vet practice is up and running, she discovered the world that Cassie Thorndyke left behind by talking to her family, which included her troubled brother, grieving father, and her own stepmother. She also took a good luck at the restaurant world and Suzanne's former ex, too. But meanwhile, someone has it in for Jessica by leaving her creepy emails and following her every move. While she becomes a local celebrity with her own show on a local network, she pieces the puzzle together, one piece at a time, to take a real good look at the clues on the crime scene and what they meant. When she figured it out, it's up to her to confront the killer before he comes after next in the final showdown before life and death.

This was another compelling and riveting installment in the cozy series. I cared for Jessica and Nick as an amazing couple.  I also felt compassion for Suzanne, who had been through the wringer no less, and doesn't deserve Marcus after he ditched her. I did like how she would do anything for her friend and how she didn't let anything deter her from finding the truth. She didn't let her newfound notoriety stop her either as she grabbed the local spotlight for her show. I did love the concept of her mobile vet services and her having her own local cable access show. I loved the Long Island scenic locations and gripping scenery from the vineyards and beyond. This would grip you on the first page and take you on a good ride with drama, nonstop action, suspense and a hint of mystery too.

Will you check out Hare Today, Dead Tomorrow today?

Accessory to Murder

In Elaine Viets's Accessory to Murder, the third installment in the Josie Marcus Mystery Shopper cozy mystery series, this cozy is so twisted, it would leave you speechless and tied up in knots. For single mother Josie Marcus, she had a terrible boss who assigned her awful places to mystery shop. And when she filed a report on his niece Saber, he would make sure he would put Josie through hell. While she content with her mother's smoking habits and her matchmaking, her best friend Alyce Bohannon needs her help. When they arrest her husband Jake for Halley Hardwicke's murder, she would do anything to help Alyce out to clear her name and whodonit. They talked to her friends and closest neighbors, while the Wood Winds community had shunned her. They look for clues in every nook and cranny to dissect Halley's private and personal life. And when Josie thought she had it made in the shade, they hit a snag and someone charged her card and sent packages to shut her up for snooping. But when that didn't deter her, when Josie dug deeper into the heart of Wood Winds community and to Halley's closest friends, when one of them had more than a bone to pick with her. It would leave Josie scrambling and fighting for her life in the end.

This was another great installment in the Josie Marcus Mystery Shopper Cozy Mystery series. I do like the St. Louis backdrop for the scenic settings and the location for this cozy series. I did care for Josie and Amelia as she tried to make money the earnest way to provide for her daughter. I did find Jane a bit overprotective, but proud of her for kicking the smoking habit. I find find Granby a lech and Mike a hottie for a plumber. This also portrayed the artistic and retail world in a new light, especially with real air-tight cul-de-sac communities. Sometimes it can be darn right creepy. This would make you shake your head, grimace and groan, whistle and sigh, maybe grit your teeth with non-stop action, drama, suspense and a hint of mystery.

Will you be an accessory to murder tonight?