Saturday, October 20, 2018

Angels Burning

In Tawni O'Dell's Angels Burning, this story is so mesmerizing and gripping on how a senseless tragedy can shock a small town. It all started for finding a dead body of a young girl for Chief Dove Carnahan of the Buchanan PD. Not only she was dead, she was also burnt as well. It was up for Dove to get to the heart of the matter and find out who killed Camio Truly and why. Besides all of this, she deals with an unpleasant visit from Lucky, an ex-con who's been released from prison for her mother's murder. He believed he's innocent and wants to sue Dove and her half-sister Neely for lying at court. While Dove looked into the shaky background of the Truly family, a poor redneck family who's a close-knit family, they gave her a hard time and point the finger to Zane Massey, Camio's boyfriend. One by one, she picked up the pieces of Camio's last hours before she was killed and took a real closer look on who her family is. At this time, Champ, her half-brother, dropped by to pay her a short visit with his nine-year-old son, and then later disappears unexpectedly. He'd been living a hard life with a drinking problem. Dove and the Buchanan PD figured one of the Truly family members as the culprit when they learned about Camio's little secret to disturb more than a hornet's nest. In the end, the truth would be revealed on what happened to Dove's mother and who killed Camio and why with a twisted ending.

This was a twisted and dark psychological thriller about a shocking murder in a small town. I did feel for Dove as she handled a family crisis and a disturbing crime to darken her doorstep. She didn't let anyone intimidate her or give her a hard time when she did things by the book.  I do like her casual relationship with her colleague Nolan and how she got along with Neely so well. I did feel bad for Camio for losing her life for a senseless crime committed by someone she loved. I did like the scenic picturesque location of Buchanan PA for this novel from every intricate stop along the town's landscape and beyond. This would make you want to bite your nails, hold your breath, and shake your head a few times with non-stop action, drama, suspense, and plenty of mystery to keep you guessing straight to the end.

Friday, October 19, 2018


In Pete Barber's Nanostrike (aka Allah's Revenge), this gripping thriller has a realistic story line that could be ripped from the sidelines. It all started with a London subway attack when Detective Sargent Investigator Steven Quinnborne was on the case and butted heads with his former partner. With CCTV footage, they witnessed the madness and the mayhem on what caused it and who caused it. Back in Jordan, they was a named Nadar Eudon, who was the CEO of his own oil company and decided to convert it to ethanol. He also wanted someone on his team to program nanobots for the production of ethanol for his company. He did select two Muslims to help him with the process, while someone else wanted to destroy Eudon and have those virginbots of their own. For David Baker, it was a journey to Mecca to devote his time to Allah, and for Abdul, who fell in love with Adiba, when he was a young journalist caught up in this mess. Eudon has a mind of his own and his assistant might have her own motives. When Adiba goes missing, he meets Ghazi to go find her and cross borders. Quinn would do anything to track down Eudon and help find Adiba and her abducted sister Lana. From there, they would make a deal with the devil himself to go to Jordan and beyond to put a stop of a mass destruction of a nanobot attack who had killed thousands of people. It would be up to him to stop it before it spreads havoc in Arizona and before people's lives would be lost in the end.

This was a real fascinating read and a compelling concept too.  I did care for Quinn on how he traveled across the world to get to the heart of the murder. I did feel for Adiba and Abdul, who had seem to find a match within each other, and had overcome a lot of obstacles. I did like the vast set of locations from Arizona, London, and even to the Middle Eastern region. It had real fascinating and amazing scenery from one spot to another to have set for a techno-thriller plot. This would make you want to turn the page and hold onto your seat with non-stop action, suspense, lots of mystery and tons of drama.

Will you be there to stop the next Nanostrike tonight?

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

A Killing by the Sea

In Kathleen Bridge's A Killing by the Sea, the 2nd installment in the By the Sea cozy mystery series, this installment would sweep you off your feet and captivate you with heightened suspense. For Liz Holt, her life couldn't be better as a writer and living in Melbourne Beach, Florida. But besides the continuous babble with her great-aunt Amelia and her friend Susannah Shay for a part in the play called the Bat, things do get dramatic along the shore. It all started with Liz finding a dead body along the ocean. She already knew it was her family friend Minna's nephew Dylan, a photographer who was making a name for himself as an underwater cinematographer. When she learned about the news, she begins to dig deeper on who caused his death and why. Things are getting deeper for Liz and her boyfriend Ryan, when they might take their relationship up to the next level. But when she ran into Jake, a friend of Dylan, she became suspicious of him and his latest actions. Then Minna's house had a fire and nothing was missing or damaged, except for one thing. Then she took a closer look into Jake's background and learned more about the ship Poseidon and what it has been up to.. including a new murder from a local billionaire. As she pieced together the pieces to this twisted puzzle, it thickened the pot before things got hotter during a hurricane storm to found out who done it and why.

This was a great new cozy mystery to try and add to my TBR list for future reading. This one intrigued me from the title to the story line. I did care for Liz and how she handled all of the drama in her family and even in her own love life. I loved how she cared for others in her community and how she pieced everything thing together from the small bits to the big chunks of the puzzle. I also found Ryan a charming man and attractive eye-candy as well. I loved the Melbourne Beach backdrop with mesmerizing descriptive settings and amazing locations on every scenic page. This would make you want to plank the proverbial plank and take a big deep in the water with drama, non-stop action, suspense and a hint of mystery.

Will you want to check out a Killing by the Sea today?

Saturday, October 6, 2018


In Sandy Gingras's Swamped, the first installment in the Lola Polenta cozy mystery series, this debut would keep you hooked on every page. Lola left her husband  and teaching career in New Jersey and headed for the hills to live in Florida to start a new life. She started talking PI lessons over the Internet and lives in a trailer park community near the Everglades. But when one of her neighbors wounded up clobbered in the head with a golf club, it was up to Lola to talk to her neighbors. She learned that her former neighbor blackmailed them and vowed to keep their secrets. Each one of them had a motive to kill him, except for Joe, who becomes Lola's newest friends. She also had a crush on Detective Johansen who was on the case, a single father with a teenage daughter, as they had butted heads from time to time. The closer Lola gets into the truth, the more she becomes swamped with more suspicions on her neighbors, when one of them would stop her from finding out for good.

This was a charming cozy debut. I did care for Lola and how she made a fresh start in Florida out of all places. I did think she would make a great PI if she put her heart into it some more. I did think she might wind up in a love triangle with Joe her neighbor or Dave the police detective. I did like the Florida swampland area for an interesting setting for a trailer park. I did think Squirt has a charming nickname and that some of Lola's neighbors were a bit suspicious to say the least. This would keep you on the toes and make you want to read more with drama, non-stop action, intrigue and a scoop of mystery.

Don't be Swamped and check this out today!

Monday, October 1, 2018

One Foot in the Grave

In Jeaniene Frost's One Foot in the Grave, the 2nd installment in the Night Huntress paranormal romance series,  this novel would have you laughing at the moon and sent chills through your spine. For Cat Crawfield, she works for a secret organization that  dispatches vampires by taking them through the heart. When she was on assignment in Ohio, they lost a member of the team. Later, while she tried to have a  semi-normal life, she found a new love to replace the hole in her heart from her former lover.  But during her best friend's wedding, someone came after her and tried to kill her.  And the only person who could save her was Bones, a vampire who she fell in love for, and still have old feelings for. While she rehashed old wounds with him, the feelings she had for him remained the same.  In order to get everyone on the same team as her, they would have to deal with her and her true half-breed origins and tracking her vampire father Max down. The chemistry  between them was red-hot and the stakes were higher to go after the head of another vampire line and bring down the house by sealing her own fate with Crispin in a daring way.

This was a sexy and fiery paranormal romance. This has a lot of red-hot romance and some good elements of humor too. I did care for Cat and how she took charge of her half-breed origins. I did how she would do the world of good by hunting down vampires and still light up the pages with her sizzling chemistry with Crispin aka Bones. They really set the pages together and Bones alone is a hoot and a sexy fiend to boot. I did like the dual locations of Ohio and Virginia, both day and night, which has eye-popping and vivid scenery. This would make you curl your toes and raise the hairs at the back of your neck with romance,  mystery, non-stop action and intense sexy drama on every page.

Will you be daring to read One Foot in the Grave today?

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Broken Windows

In Paul D. Marks's Broken Windows, the 2nd installment in the Duke Rogers PI mystery series, this compelling tale that could've been ripped from the headlines. For famed private investigator Duke Rogers, who had been notoriously famous for catching the killer of the Teddie Matson case, a new case had landed and darkened on his Hollywood doorstep. When actress Susan Karuvian jumped off the Hollywood sign as a suicide, it made news headlines. But when Marisol Rivera asked Duke to help find her brother's killer, he might be a little over his head. With his partner Jack Riggs, they've encountered the Hollywood PD and all sorts of swarmy characters along their way including some dirty politicians, a crooked priest, and the Proposition 187 bill on illegal aliens. Little did they know, they were being followed by a well-known drug smuggler who wanted them stopped and to catch their every move. When Marisol turns up missing and later ends up dead, it was nothing but personal to find her killer and to make the connections to an illegal human smuggling ring. In the end, they would shake down the criminals and put a stop to things before someone else gets hurt.

 This was a real good mystery from Paul Marks. It had a lot of various good elements to almost make it as an excellent thriller. I did care for Duke as a PI, who cared for his dog Molly, and had a good partnership with Jack. I loved how he worked together with him when they tied everything together in this twisted case. I did feel bad for Marisol and almost wished she didn't up dead as a loose end. I loved the Hollywood scenery and the compelling scenery to take me right there in Hollywood and behind. This would make you shake you head, grimace and groan, hold your breath, and hang on for a wild ride with non-stop drama, action, suspense, and plenty of mystery to keep you hanging on every page.

Will you be there to solve the mystery in Broken Windows tonight? 

Sunday, September 23, 2018

What I've Done

In Melinda Leigh's "What I've Done", the fourth installment in the Morgan Dane romantic suspense series, this gripping novel would take you on a wild and dangerous ride. It all started when Haley Powell had awakened in a puddle of blood and in a land of confusion.  Then she was accused of killing Noah Carter, her date for the night. For Morgan Dane,  a lawyer, a widow, and a single mother of three young girls, she had just been assigned to the case, courtesy of her friend Lincoln Sharp, who works for her law firm. After she had been decked by her former client when he didn't want to make a deal, she had taken some hard knocks. And then she took Haley's case and learned more about Haley's past and also about the victim's past. She encountered a couple of protesters, death threats, and plenty of scare tactics that included thrown rocks at Lance's car. Some people would do anything to throw the suspicion off themselves and cause the innocent a scare or two. For Morgan, and her boyfriend, Lance Kluger, her investigator for her firm, they look into the hard evidence from Haley's ex to Noah's best friends. From there, they connected the dots to the recent missing persons case in the news and one from the past. And like it or not, they would tooth and nail to clear her name, and would stop for nothing in a life and death manner.

This was a super and fantastic romantic suspense novel. I did feel sorry for Haley and how she had gotten sucked into this mess as an innocent pawn. I did care for Morgan and Lance, who together make the perfect team in court and outside of it. I'm so happy for Morgan to find a new love to help her take care of her young daughter who dote on him. I loved how she took control of a hard situation and let no one or nothing to slow her down. I loved the NYC location and how it made the scene pop in vibrant color and great details. This would make you gasp and bite your lip a few times and to buckle your seatbelt for a wild ride with non-stop action, sparks for romance, drama and plenty of suspense to keep you hooked on every page.

Will you dig into What I've Done tonight and grab a copy right away?