Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Special review: The Theft from July 2008

Best-selling romantic suspense/thriller author, Andrea Kane, introduced a new tale to us in her historical romance, The Theft. We were introduced to Lady Noelle Bromleigh, who was determined to find out the truth on her biological mother from her loving adoptive parents to Franco Baricci, the blackguard who seduced and abandoned her mother. She was set out on the path to destroy him. But the knowledge wasn't enough for her, when she defied society to travel to England alone and unchaperoned. Danger and excitement awaited her there, when she met the earl of Tremlett, Ashford Thornton, who seduced her and awakened the wildest passion in him with suspicious eyes. From there, Thornton couldn't believe Noelle who lead him to his enemy on his own darkest mission.  He couldn't afford to let sweet innocent Noelle steal his heart, when he had his own secrets to keep and to keep his at arm's length from danger.

Sunday, August 17, 2014


In Andrea Kane's Twisted, she told us a twisted and warped tale of kidnapping, obsession and murderous mayhem in the first FBI trilogy. Sloane Burbank was a former FBI agent now turned consultant, due to a hand injury in her latest case. When her close friend's parents asked her to look into her disappearance from a year ago, she would be more than happy to oblige. But she'd gotten more than she bargained for. She teamed up with her former boyfriend, Agent Derek Parker, to work on this more difficult and complicated case. Someone's been kidnapping young women and giving them a royal godly treatment as goddess. He had a sick obsession on Sloane and with Greek mythology too. When she suspected she's been watched like an eagle with hang-up on her phone, it was up to Derek and Sloane to pick up the twisted pieces of this wicked jigsaw puzzle, while they resolved old issues and turn up the heat on their dormant sparking chemistry. Sloane didn't see this coming, when she became the next one on his list and who wanted her for himself.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

I Scream, You Scream

In Wendy Lyn Watson's I Scream, You Scream, someone didn't really scream out loud for ice cream. For Tallulah "Tally" Jones, she wounded up with that predicament. She lived in her grandma's home and worked at her own ice cream parlor in a small town in Texas. Recently divorced from her husband, she no longer lived in the lap of luxury. When her ex and his new squeeze, someone much younger than her, asked her to cater ice cream at his company's luau picnic, she'd gotten much more than she bargained for. His new flame accused him of flirting with Tally and had a row with her, later she wounded up dead. And that placed Wayne and herself on the hot seat. To clear both their names, she did some digging of her own on who wanted her dead and learned some shocking revelations. Things do heat up with her former flame, Finn Harper, when new sparks fly between then. When she discovered who was the culprit, she came close to become the newest victim on the list.

Friday, August 15, 2014

One of Us

Welcome to the dark side of town in Tawni O'Dell's latest thriller, One of Us. For Lost Creek, a small mining town in Pennsylvania, it had been haunted by a grisly history. More than fifty years ago, eight rebellious Irish miners were once hanged by the gallows from Walker Dawes. Residents of the town believed it was haunted from ghosts, especially from their descendants. This tale was told in present-day by two people who have been affected by the town's hidden secrets, past and present, with flashbacks of their former lives. It all started when Sheridan "Danny" Doyle, Prosperity McNab's great-great grandson, a prestigious forensic psychologist from Philadelphia, who came home to visit his 94-year-old grandfather. He also hailed from a dysfunctional family and a lot of heartache. When he visited the gallows near the mine, he came across a dead body. For Danny and his mentor, Rafferty "Rafe" Malloy, it was up to them to find out who's behind the recent spree in their neighborhood. On the flip side of the coin was Scarlet Dawes, the grand-daughter of Walker Dawes the first, the richest family in the small town who had an agenda of her own and stirring up a lot of trouble. When the past collided with the present, a whole lot of mayhem and family secrets were unearthed to shake this town up. When Danny figured it out the disturbing truth, his life was at stake. There's a shocking twist you didn't see coming in the end!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Special review: Move to Strike from January 2009

In the 6th installment of the Nina Reilley series, Move to Strike, she tackled another compelling and difficult case for her small one-person woman. Her newest client was her son's best friend, who was the niece of a prominent plastic surgeon, and a thief. She wanted to find out, if she stole something and later killed her uncle with it. While the DA's office wanted to try her as an adult, Nina had other ideas. She counted on her former lover and ally, Paul Van Wagoner, to find out about the plane crash that killed the surgeon's son. It was up to Nina to sort through the lies surrounding her client and put them to rest, while she tried to get a hold of a mining claim, former clients, and trying to tie them together to old cold cases. At the bottom of them all, Nina would soon later discover on what did her client see at the night of her uncle's murder ... and be shocked by the latest zinging twist.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Special review: Protect and Defend from March 2009

In the 10th installment in the Mitch Rapp series, it took place in post 9/11. The president of Iran spent vast money on the development of a nuclear program. He didn't want to wait anymore for the war to end with his enemy, Israel, who launched one of the most daring espionage operations ever conceived. And that left a radioactive tomb and environmental disaster in its wake. Iran blamed Israel and the USA and wanted them to pay. Mitch Rapp was sent to investigate and undergo a most dangerous operation to embarrass Iran and push them to the brink. Meanwhile, the Iranian president hatched a plan to team up with Hezbollah to leave an attack of their own in its wake. It was up to Mitch to do whatever it takes to stop it from imploding in 24 hours... or die trying.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

No Eye Can See

In the second installment of the Kinship and Courage series, the tale continued for Suzanne Culver and the rest of the widows who lost their husband from the cholera epidemic on the Oregon Trail. For all of them, they bonded like family and became closer friends, when they journeyed to California and hoped to find their own way. New romances bloom for Mazy and Tipton, while Suzanne wanted to be independent on her own and take care of her two young sons. Based on true facts of the original pioneers, there's no doubt of danger from Zane Randolph, Ruth Martin's estranged husband who spent time in prison for killing his own son on the trail. Heartache, romance, and new secrets and lies turn up in this continuation of the saga with an inspirational message for God to guide them along their ways.