Sunday, May 31, 2020

Sea Change

In Nancy Kress's Sea Change, this stand-alone sci fi novella is about the future outlook for our world and concerning our environment. This story is about Renata Black, a lawyer for the Quinnault Indian tribe, and her fight for changing the planet, one step at a time, starting in 2010. It's also how she fell in love with Jake Sanderson, a rising superstar actor, and how this fight for the environment had affected them and around them.  As an operative for a secret organization for the Department of Agriculture Safety (DAS), they're onto the Org, a radical company who used GMOs for their produce and in the ocean. Fast fast a decade later, it caused a disastrous mess and a bona fide catastrophe, including killing her only child Ian and a few other kids. As a secret agent, she goes by the name of Caroline Denton and searches for answers in the Org. When she gets too close to the answers she's been looking for, she's been found out and is on the run from the law for her quick escape to freedom.

This novella gives us a closer look at our world from a climate-changing/techno-thriller and futuristic thriller view. It gives us a different perspective on our produce, our oceans, and the chemicals that kill people, organism, and animals. I've cared for Renata and how she struggled to deal with a collapsed marriage, the loss of her son, and who were responsible for endangering our planet. I loved the dual locations from Seattle to Oregon in both time periods, then and now. The themes are environmental-conscious with a gentle reminder of what poisons can do to our environment... two years from now too.

If you like novels that focus on the planet with high-stakes drama, tons of suspense, plenty of action, and sparks of eco-friendly hints of espionage, take a chance to read Sea Change today.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Never Saw You Coming

In Hayley Doyle's Never Saw You Coming, this feel-good romantic comedy/woman's fiction novel would have you in stitches. Zara Khoury lived in Dubai most of her life and planned to track down a man she met named Nick Gregory in London and had a long-distance online relationship with him. She boarded a plane to go there to speak to him and crashed her car into Jim Glover's new car. For Jim Glover, he worked a dead-end job as a toll booth collector and won a brand new car from a radio call-in contest. He was a former lead singer of a band that got nowhere and took care of his mother since his father died. From there, it was a collision course of calamities between them when it wasn't love at first sight. When Zara tells Jim about her woes and heartbreaks during the car ride, she gets to know him a bit longer. At first, Jim just wanted to deal with the car repair and move on with his life.  But when he took her and a "mop" to Nick's place, he waits for her to confront him. Then he spots her on the ground and comes to her rescue when he later learns who Nick really is. From there, he begins to care for her and plan to take her to the airport--but they did hit a couple of snags along the way. Later, they went their separate ways to start their new lives at the opposite ends of the world and discovers they care for each other before they reunite in the end and decide to give it a chance.

This was a beautiful well-written story that talks about Fate and tugs at the heart. I cared about Zara and how she had no luck with love and family troubles of her own. I also cared about Jim who needed a break and needed some exciting adventure. But the sparks did fly when they met in that car accident. I loved the Dubai and Liverpool dual locations to capture those scenic settings and imagine ourselves were there in the moment. The themes are be careful of online dating and you'll never love when love comes sneaking up on you.

If you need a feel-good romance to keep you laughing and grabbing a Kleenex, Never Saw You Coming has that and non-stop action, bits of humorous drama, lots of suspense, and a hint of mystery and romance here and there. Check it out today!

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Empire of Lies

In Raymond Khoury's Empire of Lies, this alternative history thriller will blow you mind.  It all started when this mysterious man had an interesting proposition to the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire in Istanbul 1683 to change history. Fast forward to 2017, in present-day Turkey, Ramadan Agha works at the local hospital when a naked man appeared in the hospital with dozens of tattoos all over his body.  He's happily married to his wife Nisreen, and has two kids of his own. But when this man named Ayman Rasheed remained silent and spoke in a new language, it blew his mind. His brother Kamal, works for the Sultan's private sector army, while they deal with war-like issues in Turkey. But when Rasheed's secret is discovered,  mayhem and chaos ensued in the hospital. While Kamal learns about this newest development, he stops Ramadan and Nisreen with a bloody mess on the streets. When the were killed in the crossfire, it was up to Nisreen and Kamal to go back in time and make things right to change history. But the consequences might be deadly when it was up to them to stop Rasheed in his tracks for a better future.

This was a fantastic thriller that had an alternative history twist. I cared for Nisreen and Kamal and Ramadan on how they've gotten into this mess. I did feel sorry that Nisreen loved Kamal before she married his brother. I love the historical facts that's been interwoven into the storyline and how it had made me in the edge of the seat. I loved the various locations in past and present-day Turkey and Paris--the scenic settings were mesmerizing and well-absorbing to get sucked into this time warp in the second half of the book. The theme is difficult to define: don't change history and leave the past in the past.

If you love time-travel/alternative history novels and mind-blown thrillers with tons of intense drama, plenty of non-stop actions, sparks of suspense, and lots of mystery to keep you hooked on the first page, check out Empire of Lies today!

Thursday, May 14, 2020

The Grace Kelly Dress

In Brenda Janowitz's the Grace Kelly Dress, this beautiful woman's fiction novel is so emotional and has a bit of a historical fiction twist. When Rachel "Rocky" is engaged to her true love Drew, her mother wants her to wear the Grace Kelly dress,  a dress that's been handed down from one generation. As she plans her wedding, Rocky isn't the typical bride--she has tattoos, dyed her hair, and doesn't wear dresses. While she deals with the details with her sister Amanda, we flash back into time when Joan, Rocky's mother, and Rose, her grandmother, when they wore the wedding dress.
For Rose in 1950s, she's an apprentice for Madame Michel at the French bridal atelier shop. When Madame Michel unfortunately passed away, it's up to her and her nephew Julien to keep up with the subterfuge that Michel's busy. When Diana Laurent comes to the shop for Rose to design her bridal dress like Grace Kelly's, she meets Robert Laurent, Diana's brother, who's engaged to be married to someone else. The chemistry between them is palpable, while Julien warns her about him. As the attraction between them is mutual, she meets Elisabeth, his betrothed, which complicates things further for her. When the truth comes out about Michel's passing, they lose the business and potential customers... except for Diana Laurent and the dress. As for Joni,  it's the 1980s, when she's a college student who's engaged to be married to Matthew, and a sorority sister. She's on the hunt for the truth about what happened to her sister Michel who died from a heart attack. From there, she goes to the art gallery and meets Mel, an artist and one of her sister's her former friends. Then she meets her brother, Jesse, a musician in the band, the chemistry between them is red-hot, though she should stay away since she's engaged. Later, she broken off the engagement and marries her true love with the dress. In the end, the family comes together for Rocky's wedding and how she used the dress for her own dream wedding to honor tradition.

This was a terrific woman's fiction novel and how the Grace Kelly dress spanned three generations in one family. I loved how diverse the characters were from Drew being Korean and adopted into a Jewish family, and how both Julien and Amanda were gay and became who they were. I cared for Rose, Rocky, and Joni, who shared us their love story and how the dress became passed down from grandmother to mother to daughter. I love the three time periods that pictured the timing well in New York City, past and present, for the locations and mesmerizing scenic settings. The theme of the story is to follow your heart and how family comes together to build traditions like an interwoven quilt.

If you love to be loveswept into a terrific woman's fiction novel with non-stop drama, plenty of action, sparks of love, and hints of passionate intrigue, you'll love the Grace Kelly dress today. Check it out today!

Thursday, May 7, 2020

A Conspiracy in Belgravia

In Sherry Thomas's A Conspiracy in Belgravia, the 2nd installment in the Lady Sherlock historical mystery series, this gender-swapped tale packs a punch with a hell of a twist. For Lady Charlotte Holmes, she's been shunned by Society for masquerading as Sherlock Holmes's sister. With the help with Mrs. Watson, these two women sleuths set the world on fire and turned plenty of heads. It all started when Lady Ingram inquired her assistance to her find someone to meet. This provided her to go forth and helping her out. With some in-depth snooping and deciphering codes, she learned that the person she might be meeting was her half-brother named Myron Finch. One she never knew she had, whether he was dead or alive. Meanwhile as Lord Bancroft proposed to her again, her sister Livia worked on a separate case when Mrs. Burns accused her father's potential mistress of poisoning her and causing her to sick. As both Holmes's sisters work on these sleuth-worthy investigations, they learn the truth when it comes to a head with a daunting twist.

This was a fantastic historical mystery. I loved how the roles were swapped in 1800-century England, when such things were hush-hushed as taboo subjects back then. I cared for Charlotte and how she wanted to be an independent woman, no matter who or what the cost. Even if that meant no marriage for her. I adored Mrs. Watson and Livia who were both hoots and delightful characters to read about. I loved the English settings around 1800-century England from London and beyond for idealistic locations in this time period. The dual themes can be looks can be deceiving and be careful on who you trust.

If you love daring and bold historical mystery series with non-stop drama, lots of heart-stopping action, intense suspense, and dashes of intrigue, check out A Conspiracy in Belgravia today!

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Too Hot to Handle

In Katie Rose's Too Hot to Handle, the 2nd installment in the Boys of Summer baseball sports romance series, this newest love story hits a grand slam right out of the ballpark. Jake Baldwin is the star hitter of the Sonics baseball team and a ladies man. But when Nikki Case, their new PR spokesperson, arrived in his world, it changed everything. At first, everyone gave her a hard time by pulling practical joke. They even made a bet to see if Jake can seduce Nikki--a bet he's not willing to lose for a mere locker.  Nikki Case had met her match when she met Jake and the team, though she was through with baseball when her ex gambled away their fortune. But while she tried to clean up their bad boy image, things changed into their favor. She'd gotten to know more about Jake and his persona--how he helped his alcoholic mother and gave a Hispanic boy a job and so much more. While she dealt with pressure from the bass of the team's owner and went toe-to-toe to him, she learned what it was really about the bet and how her heart broken was afterwards. In the end, Jake comes to his senses and sweeps her off her feet to her happily ever after ending.

This was another captivating sports romance with the baseball theme. I'm really enjoying and loving any type of sports romance stories these days, especially with the Covid-19 outbreak. when we'll be watching any sports from home to see fan-less empty stadiums. I really cared for Nikki and how she turned things around for the Sonics and how she cared for her sister and nephews. I also loved how Jake took Joaquin under his wings and cared for his mother and looked out for others in the team. Even though he was coerced into the bet, he did follow his heart and chased his dreams to find his own true love. I loved the Southern New Jersey location and the other visual settings in the area to make it come alive. The themes are to follow your heart and live for your dreams and be caring to others.

If you love fantastic sport romance stories with tons of romantic drama, compelling sports action, lots of intrigue and a spark of mystery, check out Too Hot to Handle today! It's a home run!

Friday, May 1, 2020

The Evil Within

In S.M. Hardy's The Evil Within, this dark thriller will send you goosebumps in every page that would keep you up at night. For Jim Hawkes, he needed a clean slate and to retreat to a sleepy village town. He's still wheeling and dealing with the loss of his fiancé Kat and needed time for his heart to heal. But when he arrived in Slyford St. James, it wasn't the respite he was looking for and expected. He learns from his two newest friends that his cottage has a shady history of sorrow and of neglect. Little did Jim know, that on his first night there, he listened to the voices and the sounds from a ghost haunting the home and later attacking him. This started for him to look deeper and harder to find out more about the cottage and who could've haunted him and harming others in the process. Meanwhile, he finds new love with a woman named Lucy, someone who could mend his broken heart. As they grow closer, they learn more about the evil spirit that's been inhabited and possessed a local resident. The danger's escalated and heightened near him as they race against time to exercise the spirit and rescue Lucy from its evil clutches with a fight to the finish in the end.

This was a terrific and bone-chilling dark thriller with a creepy ghost thriller twist. I did care for Jim and how he dealt with a broken heart and then a haunted house--um, cottage. I loved how he'd gotten to the heart of the mystery of who's been haunting him and why. And I liked how he found new love with Lucy and have found new friends in Jed and Emma. I loved the Slyford St. James as the disenchanted cottage town that had its own dark secrets buried in the ground. I also loved the other English settings around the area. The themes from this story are to do your research before you buy, rent or lease a new home. And don't get possessed by an evil spirit either.

If you love ghost stories that would keep you at night, check out The Evil Within now! It has tons of drama, lots of action, plenty of suspense, and a twisted mystery to keep you guessing and leave you at the edge of your seat!