Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sleep No More

In Sleep No More, Susan Crandall gives me a shocking twisted romantic suspense that'll send you shivers down your spine. At a young age, Abby was blamed for the fire that scared her baby sister's life when she sleepwalked. Years later, her sleepwalking takes a twisted turn of another kind, when she gets involved in a car accident. From that moment one, she didn't remember everything and becomes an intended target from an unknown enemy. That's when Jason Coble enters her life as a friend, psychologist and future love. The closer they get to the truth, the more dangerous her life becomes caught in a sticky web, while things heat up for them. In the end, she learned the truth of both accidents and throws caution to the wind for a future romance. What a heated romantic suspense!

Monday, April 14, 2014

The Doctor Digs the Grave

In the Doctor Digs the Grave by Robin Hathaway, this traditional mystery had a helluva twist. We're introduced to Dr. Andrew Fenimore, a doctor and sometimes PI, when he's not with patients. It all started with Fenimore and Horatio, a young boy who wanted to bury his cat. But what they discovered on ancient Native American Indian burial ground, they found the body of a barely dead young woman. From there, they investigate the murder and find out all about her, including her medical history and her relations with her fiance's family. There's plenty shocking twisty turns in this mystery, as Fenimore gets closer to the truth and his life's on the line. As he narrowed the field to a culprit, he didn't see it coming, before it's too late. Right under the nose, he uncovered how the murder was done and who did it and why. A lovely mystery set in Philadelphia and parts of New Jersey.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Moon Signs

If you like a new kind of cozies, this series is a charmer. If you loved the late Anne George's senior sister series, long time ago, you'll enjoy this one. Kathleen Williamson, a widow, and her spinster sister Andrea, visited a local ski resort in a small town in West Virginia, where their niece worked. On their trip, they became embroiled in a mysterious adventure, when they're searching for their ancestors Monet paintings at the same resort. By the signs of the moon, they've gotten more when they bargained for... when two people winded up dead. And they're in the thick of it, while they help the police and the sheriff with the investigation. Everyone in that hotel's a suspect under their eyes and come together for a closer look, when they might be the next one in the crossfire. Plenty of charming suspense and drama in this cozy.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Urgent Care

If you've followed the Angels of Mercy series before with Lifelines and Warning Signs, you'll enjoy the heart-stopping third installation. We follow the lives and loves of Gina, Amanda, Nora and Lydia, and their patients. And this time, things takes a heated turn, when a fellow nurse was found battered and left for dead. From there, everyone's a suspect who worked around the crime scene and leaking it to the press. Everyone deals with a dilemma of their own, while it's personal or professional, when they deal with their most complicated and complex cases in their careers. Later on, they find out, they've got two major problems who's making a target in the hospital, when looks could be deceiving. Urgent Care deals with the matters of the heart and lives on their own with action-packed suspense.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Body Count

If you love compelling psychological thrillers, you love this series by Aussie author PD Martin. She introduces us to Sophie Agent, a FBI profile with psychic visions who lost her brother when she was younger.  In present-day, she takes us on a wild ride, when Sophie and her FBI task force are on their toughest case yet. They're tracking down a serial killer and profiling him is hard as it gets. Right under their noses, one of their own becomes one of his victims and there's a race against time to find her before it's too late. Sophie's visions and new insight into his profile to track down his previous crimes across the country. Later on, they get a shock to the system and he's after Sophie. And she couldn't believe who it was and why, when it's a fight for survival at the end.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Because of You

If you love heartfelt and compassionate contemporary romances with the twist, welcome to the Coming Home series. In Because of You, Jessica Scott wrote about the war in Afghanistan in 2007, before, during and after. It deals with families and relationship, on and off the battlefield. When Shane Garrison meets Army nurse, Jen St. James, there's chemistry  between them. Shane deals with his battle wounds, the situation with his ex-wife, and delicate matters with the team with a pending investigation. Jen St. James has her own scars to deal with, as a former breast cancer survivor. With each other, they wouldn't get through their situation and face the ghosts of the past for their future. This tugs your heart and reminds us that beauty's skin deep, when we all deal with all types of scars. A beautiful story from former Army Veteran Jessica Scott who've been through it all herself.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Wall-to-Wall Dead

In the 6th installment of Jennie Bentley's DIY series, she introduced us to a new kind of murder. When Avery and her fiancé Derek started to renovate a condo before it's up to sell, they met the neighbors and get to know better. When nosy busybody Hilda Show pried into their lives, Avery's new neighbors didn't like her. When she turned up dead, she learned about what everyone's secrets were in a secret file. Talk about your Pandora's Box imploding, when their dirty laundry was hung up to dry for exposure. It's up to Avery and Derek to find out who's up to no good, while they're in the midst of planning their wedding. And when another neighbor winded up ill and later died, it's up to find out what their true motives and intentions were. The closer they got to the truth, the more lives are in danger in a shocking climax.