Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The Girl Before

In Rena Olsen's The Girl Before, this shocking psychological thriller debut will knock you off your feet. For Clara Lawson, everything changed in the blink of an eye, when FBI agents charged inside her home and took away her husband and her "daughters." Told in Clara's POV, we learn her story about she first met and married Glen Lawson the love of her life and how they came a couple. But every love story had a dark side, when she flashes back to how she lived in her former life with him and how she trained people. In every thriller scene, we learned how she handled the truth about her abduction at the age of six and then groomed to train girls in a brothel for a human sex trafficking ring. Everything she believed were shattered like glass, when she fought for her life and the life that grew inside her. Pieces of her former life resurfaced like a completed jigsaw puzzle as she remembered the past of Glen's violent tempers and how she came to be kidnapped for seventeen years. In order for her to fight for her bright future, she needed to put the people away who'd harmed her and others behind bars to set herself free.

 This was a truly emotional and intense psychological thriller debut from Rena Olsen. This touched on the hard-core topic of human sex trafficking rings that still  goes on these day. I did care for Clara/Diana throughout this story and how she entered that dark world and cared for those girls. She became strong and tough as a young woman who broken free from the past and learned the truth from the lies. I loved the various locations from the brothel to the therapy and the prison in Midwestern regional area here in the USA. This would make you want to root for Clara from start to finish as she remembered how she was the little girl before with non-stop action, drama, intense suspense and plenty of intrigue.

Will you be there to help her who she was as the girl before today?

Saturday, July 14, 2018

The Banker's Wife

In Cristina Alger's The Banker's Wife, this phenomenal thriller  deals with ground-breaking real life topics you hear in the news everyday. For Marina Tourneau, she was a happily engaged woman and investigative journalist for the Wall Street Journal. But when she received a phone call from her editor-in-chief Duncan Sander, he proposed an interesting investigative case for her to write. It all started with a tip with some information on Morty Reiss, a man who had stashed hidden offshore funds and caused a financial scandal across the border. Duncan needed Marina to help him track him down. But later, she learned that Duncan was murdered, which set her world into a tailspin. For Annabel Werner, she believed that her husband Matthew was killed in a plane accident. But things aren't what they seem, when she learns more about her husband's dealings with the Swiss United Bank in Switzerland. For Marina and Annabel who had never met each other, they have questions and look for hidden connections to the same place, while hearing more secrets and lies. And Zoe Durand, who's one of the whistleblowers had risked her life to tell what she knows to blows this story wide open. But there's a lot of people who would stand in their way, even if it might hit close to home, with a twisted and shocking ending you can't believe.

This was absolute fantastic to read from start to finish. This would keep you guessing and turning the pages right to the end. I cared for Annabel, who had been dealt a shocking blow to her life, and was in total disbelief it could happen to her. I also cared for Marina, who had been hit hard with shocking lies and would do anything to get answers. I really feel bad for Duncan and Zoe who were both stuck in the middle of it all. I loved the vast array of locations from Paris, Zurich, New York City, and then to Mexico in the end. Every scene was mesmerizing and mind-blowing to picture us there with them. This would make you want to grit your teeth, hold your breath, and shake your head a couple of times with non-stop action, drama, suspense, and plenty of nail-biting mysteries.

Will you be there to read the Banker's Wife today?

Monday, July 9, 2018

Sandpiper Shore

 In Debbie Mason's Sandpiper Shore, the 6th installment in the Harmony Harbor contemporary romance series, this sweet and heart-warming romance will bring tears to your eyes and believe in magical fairytales. For Jenna Bell, she always wanted a fairytale romance and to find her prince charming. As a matchmaker and wedding planner, she had thought she had found the one, when her fiancĂ© Lorenzo dumps her before her wedding. Then she becomes a runway bride of sorts in her wedding dress and runs into Logan Gallagher, a Secret Service agent on detail for Princess Isabella. Not only did he save her life twice, they become connected and save a baby sandpiper from the shore. With Jenna's TLC to take her under the wings, she deals with trying to please her stepsisters to win their love and a ruthless cop who has it in for Logan's family. Meanwhile Logan's great-grandmother Colleen makes a ghostly appearance and had kept family secrets in her book she had written. After Logan gets into a car accident, he has amnesia and supposedly engaged to Isabella. For the two of them, they became entangled into a mess of ruthless criminal and her maddening ex-fiancĂ© who runs his ring back. In the end, after the spell had been literally broken, they realize they were meant to be together with a happily ever after for her own to remember.

This was a fantastic contemporary romance novel that really pulls at your heart strings. I really loved Jenna and her ability to make perfect matches. I also loved how she cared for Pippa and how she let her spread her wings and fly in the end. I did feel bad for her on how her step-sisters, stepmother and how Lorenzo mistreated her. I also found Logan compassionate and dreamy and how he handled toughest situations even in his household. I loved Shaybae and how she cared for her best friend and helped her out in a pinch or two. I did love the Boston area for Harmony Harbor and how it painted a vivid and lovely picture for the mesmerizing settings and the idyllic scenes. This would make you stand on your own two feet, sway and swoon, whistle, and believe in magic and fate with lots of romance, a hint of non-stop drama, a sprinkle of action, and a dollop of suspense.

Will you be swept away to find your true love at Sandpiper Shore?


Saturday, June 30, 2018

The Scent of Lilacs

In Ann  Gabhart's The Scent of Lilacs, the first installment in the Heart of Hollyhill Christian-Inspirational novel series, this heart-warming story will tug at our heart string about faith and family. Set in the 1960s, for fourteen-year-old Jocelyn "Jocie" Green,  she lived in Hollyhill, Kentucky with her single father and never knew her mother. When she asked God in a prayed for a dog, he delivered her a dog she named Zeb, who might be her friend Wes's lost dog. Then she prayed for her sister Tabitha to return home. Once again, God had granted her wish. Tabitha, at age twenty, returns at their doorstep. She haven't seen her sister in seven years, when she left with her mother to go to California.  Since then, she had stuck to her father like glue and had her Aunt Love to help take care of her. Her father, David, was the interim pastor for the church and needed a vote to be the permanent preacher. But he had a problem, someone named Ogden Martin, who had it in for him and wanted him away. Meanwhile when Tabitha returns, she brought up a new problem of her own--she's pregnant and keeping the baby. And that cause of problem for David's position at the church. For Josie, she's getting to learn a lot more about the truth of her mother and the secret her aunt Love had kept close to her chest.  Meanwhile, she ran away in a midst of a tornado brewing, and later learned what really makes a family and how God provides us all.

This was a truly moving and inspirational novel about God's family and your own family in a small community. I instantly cared for Jocie who's a bit curious and a bit adventurous for her young age. I did feel bad that she never knew about her mother who had abandoned her for her own selfless reasons. But for David to take it on as his own gets high points for me to preach at church and being. single father. Maybe something would come out of his relationship with Leigh. I also did feel bad for Love who had lost the love of her life and so much more at the tender age of twenty too. The Brooke family had been dealt a whole lot of hardships throughout the years. I loved the 1960s eras to show social issues and current events for that time period like Elvis and JFK's murder by a cold-blooded assassin in a small town in Kentucky.  This would make you sigh and weep and shake your heads a few times and a believer in God too with non-stop action, drama, suspense and a hint of inspiration to find your own faith.

Will you witness the Scent of Lilacs today?

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Every Moves She Makes

In Jannine Gallant's Every Make She Makes, the first installment in the Who's Watching Now romantic suspense series, this compelling debut will send you shivers with every turning page. For Rachel Carpenter, a divorced mother of three girls, and a former soap actress, she had an ideal life for her family. But when her eldest daughter Lark got into hot trouble with her, she thought a time away to a peaceful camp is what they needed. That's when she met Kane Lafferty, a cop who's dealing with some issues of his own, and met her there. He was met her through Rachel's sister's boyfriend Nolan at the time and brought out the idea. For Rachel and Kane, they had instant chemistry to heat up their relationship, when they needed to take things slow. But someone was watching Rachel and wanting her for his own. After the camp, things get dicey and accelerated, when her stalker came after her outside of her home, and then near her family. Kane decided to take things seriously and personally to look into the dilemma with the sheriff's office and started to narrow it down to two suspects they had met from the same camp. And when things turned desperate for Rachel, she would do anything to protect her daughters and face her perverted creep  as Kane would deal with his inner demons and face them dead on to fight for her life.

This was a fantastic debut for this romantic suspense series. It had tons of hot romance and intense suspense with a lot of danger going around. I did care for Rachel and her three daughters and how she dealt with a rebellious teen and handled a lecherous stalker in the woods. I did think she rushed into things way too fast with  her relationship with Kane.  I did think he was a hot piece of eye candy and declared how he felt about her and his job with the SFPD. I loved the Granite Lake Retreat for the camp and the other beautiful scenic locations around California. This novel wtould seam up your windows with red-hot romance, intense suspense, a lot of drama and tons of action.

Will you read Every Move She Makes today?


Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The Cottages of Silver Beach

In RaeAnne Thayne's The Cottages of Silver Beach, the 8th installment in the Haven Point contemporary romance series, this sweet love story would enchant you with a heart-warming plot line. For Megan Hamilton, she had been the innkeeper of her family's inn in Haven Point, Idaho, and had put her dreams on hold twice. First she had to help take care of her grandmother before she had died, and then with her sister-in-law's disappearance seven years ago, she gave her brother a lending hand. She had lost a lot in her life and had given up a lot too, especially when her boyfriend Wyatt died a few years ago. Then Elliott Bailey re-entered her life and rented one of her cottages for some down time. As a FBI agent and true crime writer, he had nursed an injured shoulder and needed quiet.  But for Megan, her brother Luke had been under a cloud of suspicion for her sister-in-law's disappearance for seven years and lived a hard life. When she caught Elliott digging into the case, she became suspicious and later got to know him better. Later, they took a road trip to Denver for her first photo exhibit at a gallery, when they got to know each other better and the chemistry was red-hot as a burning flame. The closer they get to the truth of what happened, the more they question their feelings for each other and a possible future of new beginnings of second chances.

This was a sweet and romantic contemporary romance novel that warmed my heart all over. I instantly cared for Megan and how she dealt with some many hardships in her life including a touch-as-nails abusive father. I also cared for Elliott and how he opened his heart to see things clearly and not abrasive or cold as she thought. I loved the dual locations of Haven Point, Idaho, and Denver, Colorado, at the side. The scenery was breath-taking and picturesque to take you to Silver Beach and around the small town community in Idaho. This would make you a believer to follow your heart and to shoot for the stars to go for the dreams. This has a big scoop of romance, non-stop action, drama, and a hint of mystery to keep you amazed at the end.

Will you pay a visit to the Cottages of Silver Beach today?

Sunday, June 24, 2018

The Face of a Stranger

In Anne Perry's The Face of the Stranger, the first installment in the William Monk historical mystery series, this debut of this new mystery would leave you bewildered and feeling cold. For William Monk, he had a serious problem. After a ransom accident, he had hit his head and lost his memory. He didn't know who he was or remembered anything at all, except that was a policeman. Set in the late 1850s in England, his first assignment back on the job was finding out who brutally murdered Joscelin Grey, a prominent man from royalty at the Shelburne Hall. Hard-pressed by his boss Runcorn to find the killer, he needed to look inside Grey's wife, both personal and private. While he did that, he looked for glimpses of memories to help him remember, and what lead to the accident, especially the investigation into Latterly's death that's been deemed a suicide. For Monk, he tried to put the pieces together and see if they connected together. As soon as the memory surfaces, he believes he could've killed Grey. And in order to prove his innocence, he would look deeper and remember the last person who saw and why it happened in the name of the law with a bone-chilling ending.

This was a gripping and fantastic new mystery debut by Anne Perry. No wonder my late mother loved reading books in her series so much. I loved the time period of 1850s England to set the mood and the pace for the crime scene. It had picturesque scenic scenes for the location in and around London from one place to another. I cared for Monk, who had lost his memory and needed to come to his senses and remember what happened, since one thing had lead to another. I did find some sense of pity to the Grey family and sadness to the Latterlys since they were connected from one another. This would hook you on the first pace and keep you reading these long chapters to discover what he had discovered. It's well-packed with drama, non-stop action, intrigue and plenty of suspense to keep you up at night.

Will you come to the Face of the Stranger tonight?