Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Girl who Knew Too Much

In Amanda Quick's the Girl Who Knew Too Much, this tale takes you to the 1930s in this novel that's a cross of historical romance and romantic suspense. For Anna Harris, she had witnessed her former boss's death and discovered a secret notebook. From there, she leaves NYC to Hollywood, changed her name to Irene Glasson, and become a gossip reporter. When she becomes entrenched into a hot story featuring actor Nick Tremayne, she uncovers the truth behind the first death. Along the way, she meets Oliver Ward, a former magician and now the owner of Burning Cove Hotel in California. In an instant, there's a brewing chemistry between them. But the more she dig deeper to the truth to find a connection, she's evicted, loses her job, and threatened by others, when the past had caught up with her. When she fills Oliver in, he helps her set a trap to eliminate him as a threat, since he cares for her. In the end, she had thought she had it put together when the true culprit prepares to do away with her unless she could get to her first in a shocking ending.

This is a real fantastic new story from Amanda Quick (aka Jayne Krentz.) I really cared for Anna/Irene and how she put together this puzzle from start to finish. She's charismatic and has tons of guts to cover this story, while putting herself into danger. I liked Oliver and how he cared for Irene, while he became curious about her. The dual settings of California and bits of New York City were fantastic with surreal imagery to capture that time period wonderfully for the locations. This has everything you could ever want for--romance, non-stop action, drama, mystery, and suspense from start to finish for a great read.

Will you be encaptured to read The Girl Who Knew Too Much today?

Friday, May 19, 2017

Hearse and Buggy

In Laura Bradford's Hearse and Buggy, the first installment in the Amish cozy mystery series, this debut would intrigue you about the Amish and compel you to read more. For Claire Weatherly, she moved from NYC to the Amish community of Heavenly, Pennsylvania, after she was recently divorced from her husband Peter to start a new life. She lives in the inn with her Aunt Diane and runs an Amish craft shop called Heavenly Treasures. She learned about how the previous owner Walter Snow had left town and ran off with their money. And when he was found dead behind her shop, it leaves Claire a good reason to find out more about him. Besides that, she meets Jakob Fisher, a Heavenly PD detective, who was formerly Amish and shunned from the community. Instantly, there's some chemistry behind them as they work together to find out who murdered Walter Snow. They also discover who was behind the pranks and other surprises in the town to cause trouble. Claire also meets Benjamin Miller, a young Amish widower, who she cared for as a friend. While she had gotten herself stuck in an awkward love triangle of sorts, she began to piece together a new life for her and helped solved the mystery of who killed Walter Snow. It was a big shock in the ending to find out who had done it.

This was a great debut from Laura Bradford.  I really enjoyed learning about the Amish lifestyle and learning about Claire immensely. I cared for her and didn't want to see her hurt. I loved the picturesque settings of Heavenly, Pennsylvania, when it was split into two sides between the Amish and English residents. I also cared for Esther and Jacob Fisher as well. This was so beautifully written and touching, though I found one typo, when Paul had replaced her ex-husband's name.... twice. This would enchant you and captivate you with lovely imagery for the locations with non-stop action, drama, suspense, and intrigue. 

Will you check out Hearse and Buggy tonight?

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Rain Fall (A Clean Kill in Tokyo)

In Barry Eisler's a Clean Kill in Tokyo (aka Rain Fall), the first installment in the John Rain thriller series, this would hook you on the first page and keep you in suspense right to the end. John Rain is a half-Japanese, half-American assassin, who's specialty was giving his victims "natural causes." It all started when he went after his mark on the subway in Japan and gave him a "heart attack" in Tokyo. Then he gets involved with Midori, a beautiful jazz pianist in a band. When while he tried to get one stop ahead of the people before him, he later learns that she's at risk of being targeted. It had something to do with her father's death and the disk he kept in the special pouch. Between them, they discover what lurks in the dark for them in their past and to get to know each other better. John sets out to meet a journalist who had met with Midori's father before he died, and what was special about the disk. Hot on the trail, they were people who were out to get John and Midori and didn't want the disk to be uncovered and exposed. In a heated moment, Rain went up against William Holtzer, an evil man who wants to see him dead. But not if he could see to it first, when he's apprehended and what's really on the disk, when everything about John's existence had to be erased and to end his love affair with Midori.

This was a great debut into the John Rain thriller series and published with a killer new title and cover art. This would take you into the world of International espionage. I really cared about John Rain and his vivid backstory into the dark world of being an assassin. I also cared about Midori, too, though something weren't meant to be in the end. I loved the brief locations in Virginia and the vast settings throughout Tokyo, above and beyond. This past-faced thriller would make you turn your head and the page and propel you to keep on reading right to the end with non-stop action, suspense, drama and plenty of intrigue.

Will you be a witness to see a clean kill in Tokyo?

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Fowl Prey

In Mary Daheim's Fowl Prey, the second installment in the Bed-and-Breakfast Cozy mystery series, this cozy will compel you to keep on reading to the last page. It's a few days before the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, when Judith McConigle and her cousin Serena "Renie" Jones head to Canada for a brief respite. When they arrived in the Hotel Clovia, Judith bumped into an old high school friend named Maria. Due to a mix-up with registrations, Maria offered them a room on the fifth floor, due to the cancellation from two guests.  later met the "Elusive Eight" who were all actors at some time and formed an inner circle. That also included Kent "Spud" Forbisher who was Maria's high school sweetheart. During the first day of their stay, they discovered the dead body of Robin "Bob-o" O'Rourke, the popcorn vendor, dead in the elevator shaft. Later his parakeet was found dead too. Between the fog and the RCMP going on strike, it was up to Judith to dig deeper into everyone's lives and Robin's, too, in order to get home for the holidays. And before she knew it, she cracked the case and learned who was the true culprit was and why.

This was another intriguing cozy mystery from Mary Daheim. I cared for Judith and Renie and how they carried on to a new journey since the first book in the series. Thick as thieves, they do crack me up at some times. I also found some of the characters interesting like Spud and Maria, and how they led separate lives. I enjoyed the dual locations of Canada and Seattle with vivid scenic settings to paint the picture of the hotel and the tepid bad weather they had. This would keep you turning the page and guessing from start to finish with a shocking ending that would cinch it all.

Will you be a witness to Fowl Prey today?

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Kale to the Queen

In Nell Hampton's Kale to the Queen, the first installment in the Kensington Palace Chef Mystery culinary cozy series, this would take you across the pond for a real treat in this cozy mystery. For Carrie Anne Cole, she just landed her dream job to be the personal chef for the duke and duchess in London. Other than she being American, she had came across a hard time in her first week of the job. One of her chefs was found murdered in a bed of kale in the greenhouse, while the other was placed under suspicion. Other than being the new girl in town, she had dealt about under scrutiny for the people she worked for and to make a good first expression with her culinary skills. While she had to hire new chefs and butted heads with the master chef of the kitchen, she ran into unsavory people, while trying to clear one of the chef's name. Then she had to contend with a long-distance relationship with her boyfriend, while they were on break and parted ways. While she had thought on who had done it and why, she came across the killer and fought for her life to get the answers she was well sought after.

This was a terrific debut introduction to the series. I really cared for Carrie Ann and how she made new friends in the Kensington Palace. I adored Penny and thought Ian Gordon was a bit charming. I also loved the picturesque London settings inside and outside the Kensington Palace for the locations.  Although this had a list of recipes in the back, it sounded yummy to eat. This would make you want to hail and salute royalty, turn the page and keep reading with plenty of suspense, non-stop action, drama and intrigue.

Will you be ready to check out Kale to the Queen today?

Sunday, April 30, 2017


In Dee Davis's, Endgame, the first instalment in the Last Chance romantic suspense series, you'll be thrown and blown away in this novel. When Madison's godfather Cullen Pulaski asked her to join his Last Chance team, this tenacious FBI profiler seeks him out in New York to find out about the problem. When she joins his joint task force team with her friend Harrison, things aren't what it seems to be. And then she met Gabriel Rourke, a man who's intrigued by Madison at first, a man who's kept personal stuff of his own to his chest. It all started to find a thread between the mysterious deaths of members of the consortium who had hoped to have this accord with the Chinese trade go through. Straight from the president himself, Cullen would pull no punches to find out who's taken out the board members. As they worked with the previous deaths, new ones had come along the horizon for them to figure it out. Besides all this, they had to deal with a potential mole in the midst as they're thrown together by enemy fire and potential red herrings along the way.  While they grab hold with the feelings for each other, they come closer truth of who's behind the mess, when it hit too close to home for Madison. In dawning realization, she discovers the true culprit and his ambitious MO behind it with a twisted closing as she fought for her life and rebounded with true love.

This was a fantastic introduction to the crazy world of high-stakes politics and power had taken center stage in this romantic suspense. I instantly cared for Madison and for Cullen, too, and had grown to like Gabriel as well. He's certainly a man of mystery and had come to care for her. I liked the dual locations of Quantico and New York City in every action-packed scene from start to finish.  This would leave you breathless and have you guessing from start to finish with romance, non-stop action, drama and plenty of intrigue.

Will you be the one to stop the endgame today?

Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Searcher

In Christopher Morgan Jones's thriller, The Searcher, this novel told a tale of international espionage and great adventure set in Eastern Europe.  For Isaac Hammer, he was a lone Englishmen looking for his friend and business partner, Benedict "Ben" Webster. Reported missing from his wife, he goes searching for him in war-torn Georgia. From there, when he first arrived, it wasn't easy, since he caught up into a riot and a political revolt against the government. He was later thrown around with a missing passport at the airport, and then he met Koba his taxi driver. Little did he know, his search for truth and justice had let to what happened previously in London for their newspaper that reported a bombing and killed their friend. He had met some interesting people along the way that would do anything to stop him from finding the answers he longed to seek and find. And as it led him across the border to Russia in the end, he became suspicious of the company he kept and those who he should've left behind along the way with a shocking and twisted ending.

This was a terrific spy thriller that deals with current day events in war-torn Georgia and a bit of Russia. I did care for Hammer and how he had many stops to find his friend Ben in Georgia, which wasn't easy and turbulent like a plane flight. We do get to know about him better and his past and the people he had met along the way--some good and the rest so bad. I liked the dual locations of Georgia and a bit of Russia with rustic and compelling descriptions and visual scenic settings. This would make you want to bite your nails, hold your breath, gasp, and hang onto your seat from start to finish.

Will you follow the journey of the Searcher today?