Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Delayed Justice

In Cara Putman's Delayed Justice, the third installment in the Hidden Justice inspirational thriller series, this would make you a believer of God and fight for the underdog.  Jaime Nichols is a public defender in the Washington D.C. Metro area and loved her job. But there was one thing that held her back, a secret she kept for the longest time: her uncle molested her when she was little girl. Now as an attorney, she did feel strong enough to tell her parents, her friends, and to inform others about the battle, when she decided to prosecute her uncle, Dane Nichols, before his nomination for an one-star general in the Army. And she never believed in God, when she had felt He had let her down. In the same apartment building, she met Chandler Bolton, an Army veteran who loves helping others deal with the transition and uses his dog Aslan as a comfort dog. Though when they first met, they had gotten off on the wrong foot and worked together toward together to help Tiffany Ange in a crisis, when her mother's boyfriend had assaulted her. It reminded Jamie when she was a little girl. While she fought against her uncle's threats and the potential loss of her job, Chandler had receives threatening calls from a mystery caller who would wish to see him harmed. Together they dealt with their inner demons, surrendered to their feelings, and let God lead the way to set things right with them in the end.

This was a truly exceptional and phenomenal inspirational thriller that tugged heart strings of my heart. I did really care for Jamie and how she dealt with that secret now and handled it the best she could. I did like her circle of friends who were there for her and supported her through everything by sending them lifelines and safety nets. I did like Chandler and Aslan, who make a hell of a team, and how they were there for Tiffany, Jamie, and other war veterans who were also in need. I did think they each had found their true callings that God provided them along the way and how they found each other. The scenic locations and the settings for the D.C. area was profoundly gripping, inside and outside the courtroom and Vet center. This would make you believe in God from the depth of your heart as you would sigh, shake your head, and take a big deep breath with non-stop action, suspense, drama and a hint of mystery.

Will you fight for your own delayed justice today?

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Christmas in Whispering Pines

In Scarlett Dunn's Christmas in Whispering Pines, the third installment in the Christmas/historical romance series, this magical novel would warm your hearts and get you ready for the holiday season.  Clay Hunt had been a happily married rancher in Kansas until tragedy struck: his wife and son were killed, his beloved horse went missing. Four years later, Clay arrives in Whispering Pines, Colorado, and is a preacher of the local church. Though he had given up the search for the cold-blooded murderers who killed his family, he made piece with it and moved on. And that's when he met Emma Langtry, a successful opera singer who toured across the country and visited her family. When he first met her and heard her enchanting voice, he had been smitten with her. As for Emma, she loved Granny and her sisters and brothers-in-law. She wasn't ready to settle down and start a family. But things had changed when she met Clay as they had gotten off in the wrong foot. Along the way, trouble's on the horizon when Emma's brother Frank comes to town and stirs up trouble with his girlfriend Leigh King. Everyone's not pleased to see him, since he had killed his own brother earlier on. During a snowstorm, things heat up for Emma and Clay, when a French prince wants Emma as his own, and a blast from Clay's past resurfaces. In the end, they surrendered their feeling and had a happy ending around Christmas to count their blessings and their own lucky stars.

This was a magical and enchanted Christmas/historical romance novel.  I did care for Emma and how she found her true soul mate in Clay Hunt. I believe her music is a gift from Heaven and a wonderful talent. I did despite Frank for all reasons and purposes. But I did feel sorry for Clay for losing his family to a selfless and cruel act. But I'm glad he moved on and was ready to give love another chance, one to start it with Emma.  I did love the brief scenes in Kansas and the scenic scenes in Denver, Black Hawk, and Whispering Pines--even in between towns during the storm. This would make you fall in love with miracles and get you ready for the holiday spirit with non-stop action, sparks of mistletoe-planted romance, a heap of drama, and tons of Christmas joy.

Will you spend Christmas in Whispering Pines tonight?

Saturday, October 27, 2018

The Breakup Doctor

In Phoebe Fox's the Breakup Doctor, the first installment in the Breakup Doctor woman's fiction series, this debut would put a smile on your face and feel better too. Meet Brook Ogden. She just lost her practice and is out of work. While she plans to start her own practice, her best friend Sasha develops a plan for her--to start her own column for her newspaper. And thus the "BreakUp Doctor" column had started when she helped everyone with their relationship woes, including Sasha's boss Lisa. When the column took off in the paper, she became a hit and then had a patient list, even when she did a news segment for a local TV program. But everything in Brook's life wasn't a smooth as her newfound career. When she planned to say yes to moving in with Kendall, it caught her off guard when he dumped her and said he wasn't ready for it. That had spiraled her life out-of-control, when she tried to deal with her breakup and how she reacted from it, even landing a trip to the county jail.  Plus her mother had a midlife crisis to renew her theater career,  and her best friend was having a secret relationship with her brother. As she tries to pick up the pieces of her life, she needed to give herself some therapy of her own to move on from the hurt and to find someone to heal her broken heart.

This was a heart-warming and splendid debut in the Breakup Doctor series. I did care for Brook and how she handled a lot of things going on in the same time. I did feel for her and how she cared for her family and how she tried to mend her broken heart. I did think Sasha was a hoot, when there were many laugh out loud humorous moments. I think we can all learn from Brook's advice on how we deal with broken relationships, partnerships, and even marriages. I did love the Fort Myers location and how every scenic location popped on every page with intricate detail. This would make you laugh, cry, shake your head, and then let out a huge sigh in the end with hints of romance, non-stop drama, plenty of action, and a spark of intrigue.

Will you pay a visit to read the Breakup Doctor today?

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Angels Burning

In Tawni O'Dell's Angels Burning, this story is so mesmerizing and gripping on how a senseless tragedy can shock a small town. It all started for finding a dead body of a young girl for Chief Dove Carnahan of the Buchanan PD. Not only she was dead, she was also burnt as well. It was up for Dove to get to the heart of the matter and find out who killed Camio Truly and why. Besides all of this, she deals with an unpleasant visit from Lucky, an ex-con who's been released from prison for her mother's murder. He believed he's innocent and wants to sue Dove and her half-sister Neely for lying at court. While Dove looked into the shaky background of the Truly family, a poor redneck family who's a close-knit family, they gave her a hard time and point the finger to Zane Massey, Camio's boyfriend. One by one, she picked up the pieces of Camio's last hours before she was killed and took a real closer look on who her family is. At this time, Champ, her half-brother, dropped by to pay her a short visit with his nine-year-old son, and then later disappears unexpectedly. He'd been living a hard life with a drinking problem. Dove and the Buchanan PD figured one of the Truly family members as the culprit when they learned about Camio's little secret to disturb more than a hornet's nest. In the end, the truth would be revealed on what happened to Dove's mother and who killed Camio and why with a twisted ending.

This was a twisted and dark psychological thriller about a shocking murder in a small town. I did feel for Dove as she handled a family crisis and a disturbing crime to darken her doorstep. She didn't let anyone intimidate her or give her a hard time when she did things by the book.  I do like her casual relationship with her colleague Nolan and how she got along with Neely so well. I did feel bad for Camio for losing her life for a senseless crime committed by someone she loved. I did like the scenic picturesque location of Buchanan PA for this novel from every intricate stop along the town's landscape and beyond. This would make you want to bite your nails, hold your breath, and shake your head a few times with non-stop action, drama, suspense, and plenty of mystery to keep you guessing straight to the end.

Friday, October 19, 2018


In Pete Barber's Nanostrike (aka Allah's Revenge), this gripping thriller has a realistic story line that could be ripped from the sidelines. It all started with a London subway attack when Detective Sargent Investigator Steven Quinnborne was on the case and butted heads with his former partner. With CCTV footage, they witnessed the madness and the mayhem on what caused it and who caused it. Back in Jordan, they was a named Nadar Eudon, who was the CEO of his own oil company and decided to convert it to ethanol. He also wanted someone on his team to program nanobots for the production of ethanol for his company. He did select two Muslims to help him with the process, while someone else wanted to destroy Eudon and have those virginbots of their own. For David Baker, it was a journey to Mecca to devote his time to Allah, and for Abdul, who fell in love with Adiba, when he was a young journalist caught up in this mess. Eudon has a mind of his own and his assistant might have her own motives. When Adiba goes missing, he meets Ghazi to go find her and cross borders. Quinn would do anything to track down Eudon and help find Adiba and her abducted sister Lana. From there, they would make a deal with the devil himself to go to Jordan and beyond to put a stop of a mass destruction of a nanobot attack who had killed thousands of people. It would be up to him to stop it before it spreads havoc in Arizona and before people's lives would be lost in the end.

This was a real fascinating read and a compelling concept too.  I did care for Quinn on how he traveled across the world to get to the heart of the murder. I did feel for Adiba and Abdul, who had seem to find a match within each other, and had overcome a lot of obstacles. I did like the vast set of locations from Arizona, London, and even to the Middle Eastern region. It had real fascinating and amazing scenery from one spot to another to have set for a techno-thriller plot. This would make you want to turn the page and hold onto your seat with non-stop action, suspense, lots of mystery and tons of drama.

Will you be there to stop the next Nanostrike tonight?

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

A Killing by the Sea

In Kathleen Bridge's A Killing by the Sea, the 2nd installment in the By the Sea cozy mystery series, this installment would sweep you off your feet and captivate you with heightened suspense. For Liz Holt, her life couldn't be better as a writer and living in Melbourne Beach, Florida. But besides the continuous babble with her great-aunt Amelia and her friend Susannah Shay for a part in the play called the Bat, things do get dramatic along the shore. It all started with Liz finding a dead body along the ocean. She already knew it was her family friend Minna's nephew Dylan, a photographer who was making a name for himself as an underwater cinematographer. When she learned about the news, she begins to dig deeper on who caused his death and why. Things are getting deeper for Liz and her boyfriend Ryan, when they might take their relationship up to the next level. But when she ran into Jake, a friend of Dylan, she became suspicious of him and his latest actions. Then Minna's house had a fire and nothing was missing or damaged, except for one thing. Then she took a closer look into Jake's background and learned more about the ship Poseidon and what it has been up to.. including a new murder from a local billionaire. As she pieced together the pieces to this twisted puzzle, it thickened the pot before things got hotter during a hurricane storm to found out who done it and why.

This was a great new cozy mystery to try and add to my TBR list for future reading. This one intrigued me from the title to the story line. I did care for Liz and how she handled all of the drama in her family and even in her own love life. I loved how she cared for others in her community and how she pieced everything thing together from the small bits to the big chunks of the puzzle. I also found Ryan a charming man and attractive eye-candy as well. I loved the Melbourne Beach backdrop with mesmerizing descriptive settings and amazing locations on every scenic page. This would make you want to plank the proverbial plank and take a big deep in the water with drama, non-stop action, suspense and a hint of mystery.

Will you want to check out a Killing by the Sea today?

Saturday, October 6, 2018


In Sandy Gingras's Swamped, the first installment in the Lola Polenta cozy mystery series, this debut would keep you hooked on every page. Lola left her husband  and teaching career in New Jersey and headed for the hills to live in Florida to start a new life. She started talking PI lessons over the Internet and lives in a trailer park community near the Everglades. But when one of her neighbors wounded up clobbered in the head with a golf club, it was up to Lola to talk to her neighbors. She learned that her former neighbor blackmailed them and vowed to keep their secrets. Each one of them had a motive to kill him, except for Joe, who becomes Lola's newest friends. She also had a crush on Detective Johansen who was on the case, a single father with a teenage daughter, as they had butted heads from time to time. The closer Lola gets into the truth, the more she becomes swamped with more suspicions on her neighbors, when one of them would stop her from finding out for good.

This was a charming cozy debut. I did care for Lola and how she made a fresh start in Florida out of all places. I did think she would make a great PI if she put her heart into it some more. I did think she might wind up in a love triangle with Joe her neighbor or Dave the police detective. I did like the Florida swampland area for an interesting setting for a trailer park. I did think Squirt has a charming nickname and that some of Lola's neighbors were a bit suspicious to say the least. This would keep you on the toes and make you want to read more with drama, non-stop action, intrigue and a scoop of mystery.

Don't be Swamped and check this out today!