Sunday, June 17, 2018

Ice Station

In Matthew Reilly's Ice Station, the first installment in the Shane Schofield action-adventure adventure, this debut will break no boundaries and leave you feeling cold all over. When USMC's Lt. Shane Schofield received a SOS at the Wilkes Ice Station in Antaractica, the cold place in earth, this was no ordinary rescue mission. At first Schofield and his team had responded to a rescue mission, when a group of scientists were held captive by French paratroopers. But things aren't what they seem to be, when things turn hostile and lead into a battlefield on ice. It had left Schofield and his squadron members caught off guard to rescue those civilians and prepared to fight. But they had to deal with other obstacles along the way to get everyone in safety--killer whales and aggressive elephant seals for starters. But sooner than later, some of his squad members were either injured or killed in action, fighting for their country against British and French soldiers. If that wasn't enough, something did sit right with Schofield when he believed there might be a spy among his troop and an enemy out there with the others from the ICG, a secret spy agency to make sure the USA comes on top and be the best, even if they had to kill others in their way. And they would need the help from two Washington Post reporters, Peter and Allison Cameron, to blow this cover wide open. In order to survive the elements and hostile enemies, he would unearth the big secret behind it and come back home to Hawaii alone.

This was a pretty decent action-adventure debut from Matthew Reilly, though I have found it a bit too violent and gory for this novel. It needed to be tone down a bit in my honest opinion. I did care for Schofield and how he survived a brutal fight out there in the Station... and how he dealt with his scars above his eyes. I also found Kirsty a smart girl and found Wendy, the seal, a real charming arctic pet.  I did find Gant a remarkable solider who had defied and defeated the odds. The location of having it set in Antartica was really ideal and stellar with some scenic settings in the D.C. area, too. I did like how action-packed and fast-paced it was from stone to finish with intense action, lots of drama and tons for suspenseful scenes too.  This would leave you breathless and a bit numbing and cold right to the end.

Will you take a trip to the Ice Station today?

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Order of Protection

In Lexi Blake's Order of Protection, the first installment in the Courting Justice romantic suspense series, this novel would leave you breathless and hot and bothered. For Taylor Winston-Hughes, better known as Win to others, she led a privileged life and became a heiress. As a former reality TV star, she was tired of that life and sought refuge from a storm. And that's when she met Henry Garrison, known as the Monster of Manhattan, a defensive attorney to defended celebrities in trial. During that one stormy night, she needed him the most to help her keep her haunted nightmares at bay.  The chemistry between them became instant. But things changed, when she was almost killed at a party, her best friend Brie was murdered, putting Win as the prime suspect on the hot seat. Henry didn't know about her reality show stardom and turned cold, when he had dealt with some issues of his own, like with his ex-wife and his alcoholism. While  she stayed in his home for him to protect her from the onslaught of angry fans, his firm defended her to seek out the truth and the secrets that lied behind it, including who wanted to kill her multiple times. Then they would test their relationship and became seek a future of their own right to the bitter end.

This was a gripping introduction to this  hot and steamy new romantic suspense series from Lexi Blake. I did care for Win as she dealt with many hardships in her life and how she faced her eating disorder. I became proud of her for leaving the reality show lifestyle to start a safer life from her own. I did find Henry dashing and compelling as her lawyer and later her lover, when she made him melt like better and thaw those iciness in his veins. He no longer became a monster and took the bull by the proverbial reins. This two make a formidable couple to take NYC by storm. The locations were mesmerizing and memorable all around Manhattan from the beaches to the courthouse for the scenic settings. This would make you compel to read more of Win's story and become a fan with non-stop action, hot romance, intense drama and plenty of intrigue from start to finish.

 Will you need an order of protection tonight?

Friday, June 15, 2018

One Rough Man

In Brad Taylor's One Rough Man, the first installment in the Pike Logan military/political thriller series, this debut would have you at the edge of your seat from start to finish. Pike Logan was a devoted family man and a Navy SEAL. He promised his wife that he would retire after one last tour of duty, when the call came in to serve for his country. But while he was in action, he learned about the devastating news that his family was killed by a brutal home invasion. And that had pushed him over the edge and to distance himself from the Taskforce. For Jennifer Cahill, she wanted to search for her uncle and to help him with the journey to find the missing treasure in a temple in Central America. That's when Pike meets her at the most unexpected time, when someone wanted to rough her up. From there, he saved her life and went to help her to search for clues and ran into a notorious drug log and two people who had mugged him-those two people were terrorists and on a mission of their own. From there, they needed to track them down on a grueling trek all the way into Europe, when one ruthless person who has a connection to the White House wants them out of the way at all costs. It's up to them to stop this WMD in its tracks before it self-destructs and calls a third world war with an explosive ending that would blow you away.

This was a mind-blown military/political thriller that would have you at the edge of your seat from start to finish. It would leave you hanging on every page and keep you hooked on this fantastic and powerful journey. I did care for Pike and how he dealt with the impact of the loss of his wife and daughter in his own way and how he took charge to help out Jennifer at the worst inopportune times. I did care for her and how she somehow impacted his life in a good way to make a remarkable team--a force to be reckoned with too. This would keep you in suspense with mind-blowing vivid imagery and scenic locations from Central America to Europe and back to the USA. This has non-stop action, intrigue, plenty of drama and a lot of mystery with hot topic political issues in current news.

Will you be unstoppable with this One Rough Man today?

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Death by Honeymoon

In Jaden Skye's Death by Honeymoon, the first installment in the Caribbean Murder Mystery series, this novel will knock you over like an undercurrent in a riptide. For Cindy Blaine, she thought she had married the man of her dreams. But during her honeymoon in the Barbados, things went wrong. After she had taken a nap, she discovered Clint's dead body washed away on the shore. Devastated by her grief, she returned home for his burial in New York and didn't believe it was an "accident" either.  At first, her in-laws had given her a hard time and put the pressure on her to move. But as Cindy dug deeper to the truth, things got a little hairy when her sister was in a car accident. More than ever, she's convinced that it was meant for her and looked for answers and searched for clues to discover more on Client's life. What shocked her was how hard-pressed his former co-workers wanted to buy her silence and keep things mum. When she turned to a closest ally to her late husband, things do get heated when he turned up dead. Now she would seek help from the FBI and get down to the truth to the scene of the crime to seek out justice and get closure for her and her family.

This was a gripping and astonishing debut to this mystery series. I did care for Cindy when she had found happiness and had it taken away in an instant. I did became concerned on how she kept on digging for answers and how obstacles stand in her way. I also liked Ann and some of the characters, except for Greerson and her former in-laws. I did like the dual locations of New York and the not-so-tropical paradise in the Barbados when things turn deadly by the tide. But the scenic settings were picturesque and compelled me to read. This would have you moan and shake your heads and scowl a few times. This has non-stop action, intense drama, suspense and plenty of intrigue on every page.

Will you be a witness to a death on a honeymoon today?

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Free Fall

In Emmy Curtis's Free Fall, the third installment in the Elite Ops military romantic suspense series, this novel would have you at the edge of your seat with nail-biting action every step of the way. For Casey Jacobs, she uncovered something dark and dangerous at TGO, the place she worked for. When there's a conspiracy theory of what happened to her missing pilots. In a blink of an eye, she's on the r run where she's running for her hide. For Corporal Duke Cameron of the Air Force at Nellis Air Force Base, he was supposed to be on a date with Casey. But when he ran into her in D.C., he became more than curious but suspicious of her and her actions. The people at TGO would do anything to silence her and want her more than dead, when there's a military contract on the line. When Casey and Duke look for clues and the truth, it sent them across the country with new unearthed dirt. The chemistry between them is hotter than ever when they do more than hit the road. With their lives on the line, they lay it all on the table and stop TGO in their tracks with the plain hard truth to see justice served.

This was a fantastic and red hot military romantic suspense novel. I instantly cared for Casey Jacobs and Duke Cameron, as a couple and separately. I loved Duke's bravado and how he went out on a limb for her. I also adored Casey's ambition to uncover the truth and put the stop to the blazing madness from TGO--they had it coming from the get-go. I did feel sorry for Eleanor, Missy and Dexter, who ended up victims in that brewing crossfire. I loved the trifecta of amazing scenic settings and gripping locations of Las Vegas, Washington D.C. area and in Connecticut too. This would make you drink a tall glass of water or iced tea to cool you off and fan yourself from the scorching heat that Casey and Duke had made. This has non-stop action, drama, suspense and tons of fiery romance every step of the way.

Will you be there for the Free Fall to happen today?

Thursday, June 7, 2018

The Birdwatcher

In William Shaw's The Birdwatcher, this standalone thriller will have you at the edge of your seat. For DI William South, he shouldn't be at this murder scene. But when he arrived at the home of the victim, he knew the victim as his friend Bob Rayner. While he investigated the case with DI Alex Cupidi his newest partner, things became complicated between them. For South, it had drudged up memories of the past, painful flashbacks of when he lived in Ireland with his mouth and how he dealt with an abusive and violent father in a rough childhood. As we get to know more about him, we know how he became a birder in his youth and how he still is today as a past hobby. When someone turned up in the sea and presumed missing, he knew who the person was and had been looking for. More memories resurfaced about the crime he committed in the past and how it was recovered up by a closest ally of his family. One of these days, he would have to fess up and pay the piper. As he dredged up more clues to his friend's death, he became distant from Cupidi and pieced the puzzle together. The closer he had gotten to the truth, it had put him in a line of fire of the least person he suspected after all... who would do anything to stand in his way to keep it from coming out.

This was a gripping thriller inside-out of how South became interesting in birdwatcher and how he became the person he is today... with a dark past of his own. I did care about him, when he was young via flashbacks, and how he dealt with police work by covering up that secret, which could be explained as self-defense. I did also care for Cupidi and her daughter Zoe, who became excellent secondary characters to the plot and possible series spinoff in the future. I really liked the dual locations of England and Ireland, past and present, which showcased the scenes real well and around the storyline. This would make you fascinated and curious about South further and shake your heads a few times with non-stop action, drama, suspense, intrigue and a dollop of mystery.

Will you check out the Birdwatcher today?

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Something Secret This Way Comes

In Sierra Dean's Something Secret This Way Comes, the first installment in the Secret McQueen urban fantasy series, this novel has a dangerous bite and might give you goosebumps and whiplash too. Meet Secret McQueen, a twenty-two-year-old vampire bounty hunter who's more than out of this world. She's half-vampire and half-werewolf, her mother abandoned her and raised by her grandmother as her own. Now she's been assigned to the Vampire Council to look for Alexandre Peyton, a rogue vamp who wants to rule the world with his people. And she knew where to look for him, since she had ran into him in the past. She also runs into the wolf king, Lucas Rain, and his second-in-command, Desmond, who has a connection to her and a soul-bonding love triangle form. Besides having nightmares of the worst kind that predicted her future, she's a dangerous woman on a mission and discovered where his coven is. That's when things got dicey and lethal, when he left a mark on a dangerous path. When she accidentally saved someone's lives, he had turned an innocent woman into one of his own. And now it's up to Secret to track him down and learned some unexpected secrets of her own, when it could be brutal to learn the truth and eliminate your rival at all costs.

This was a most intriguing urban fantasy that has a little bit of a paranormal romance too. I did care for Secret and how she handled herself as a hybrid who had accepted who she is and came to be at a young age. I also liked Holden as her handler and Lucas and Desmond makes a nice catch for two werewolves who have a strong connection to her. I also found Calliope a hoot and a most reliable ally for Secret. I did like the NYC location for the settings and the vivid scenes from page to page. This would make you flip your own lid and keep you hooked on every page with intrigue, suspense, non-stop action and tons of drama.

Will you keep a secret in Something Secret This Way Comes today?