Monday, October 6, 2014


In Lois Greiman's cozy debut, Unzipped, the first book in the Chrissy McMullen cozy series, we were introduced to Christina "Chrissy" McMullen in Chicago. She was a former cocktail waitress turned shrink, who were literally caught into a compromised position. Former Detroit Lions lineman Andrea "Bomber" Bomstad came into her office for a therapy session, he propositioned her by trying to rape her and literally dropped dead minutes later. From there, the CPD have been hounding her and claiming she was a suspect in his murder. For Chrissy, one annoying Detective Jack Rivera remained on her case, while there was some heated sparks between them. As Chrissy dug deeper into his life, more attempts were made on her life to silence her. It was up to her to crack the case and clear her name, when the true suspect was closer to her than she ever thought.

There was some sassy chemistry brewing between Chrissy and Jack who couldn't stand each other. I loved the love/hate relationship and how one irked one another to get on each other's nerves. I also liked the chapter quotes by someone close to Chrissy that set the path for the chapter for the storyline. I really didn't like Andrew Bomstad, since as Chrissy dug into his past, he was really a creep and a monster. I also didn't like David and Katherine, which irked me so much on how they used Chrissy's friendship for their own nefarious ways. I cringed a couple of times in this cozy.

If you love witty cozies, check this cozy out!

Special review: Justice for Sara from August 2013

Erica Spindler was back with her latest thriller that came out last summer. In Justice for Sara, we were introduced to Katherine "Kat" McCall who returned back to her small town of Liberty, Louisiana, ten years after the brutal death of her older sister. And it wasn't easy, when everyone was out to get her, when she was acquitted for her sister's death and moved away. While she looked to have a brand new start for her bakery business, old friends and foes made it hard on her. With Sergeant Luke Tanner on her side for her own ally, these two had a powerful chemistry together that was explosive. Together, they uncovered the truth of her sister's death and who killed a police officer on the same night. The closer she was to the truth, the more attempts were on her life to drive her away. In a small town, she discovered the hard truth on who was a friend or her foe with lies, and a devastating mind-blowing family secret that imploded right open. In the end, she did get justice for her sister and wouldn't ever look back again.

Once again, I was in shock and awe with the drama and intense action in this thriller.  I loved the driving force for Kat to clear her name on her sister's murder. I was glad that she had Luke on her side, when her own former town and friends were against her. I hated her cousins and her former ex-boyfriend and best friend who wanted to do her in. In the end, I was glad she was vindicated and started over with a new life. 

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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Special review: No One Heard Her Scream from May 2009

In Jordan Dane's thriller debut, No One Heard Her Scream, she delivered us a spine-tingling thriller set in San Antonio, Texas. For Detective Rebecca Montgomery, they never felt her sister's body. With two more abductions in the same area in five months, since her sister went missing. She knew her killer was still out there. She would do anything to stop him in his tracks. But as a seductive stranger that shadowed her every move, she met Diego Galvan at the crime scene of they've found a young woman's remains inside a burnt-down movie theater. This had plunged Rebecca from grief to her new worst nightmare. With Diego's dark connections, it lead them to a new break in both cases. But somehow she found herself painted into a corner, when she couldn't stop Diego's seductive powers of persuasion, it would leave her vulnerable to become the killer's next preying victim before anyone could hear her scream.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Slices of Night

In Slices of Night from three best-selling authors Erica Spindler, JT Ellison, and Alex Kava, they come together in a thrilling novella that would shock and scintillate you with their best-selling leads.  It all started out in New Orleans, when NOPD Detective Stacy Killian, from Erica Spindler's Stacy Killian series, was first on the scene of a killer who killed two homeless people, one of them a teen mother. Stacy also dealt with her miscarriage, when this mini case hit close to her. Then the killer headed over to Nashville, Tennessee, when he also made honed in on two targets, one of them close to him who knew his identity. For Taylor Jackson, from JT Ellison's Taylor Jackson series, newly engaged to FBI Profiler John Baldwin, she discovered the same kills there and tracked him down with CODIS for his past kills. Finally, it ended in Kansas City, Missouri and Omaha, Nebraska, when FBI Profiler Maggie O'Dell, from Alex Kava's Maggie O'Dell series, tied the trio of cases together, while she recovered from her own injuries from the past case. Three times the thrills in one whopping thriller novella.

For this thriller, I enjoyed the collaboration of one cases with three mini stories that linked together. Across the country, they all took you on a thrill ride with an evil menacing serial killer. All roads lead back to him on this triple treat of thrills and chills, when the trail of his crimes happen at night. For the first page to the last, this would grip and hook you in one setting. They also collaborated in another novella, Storm Season, too.

Ready for a thriller trifecta? Check out this novella right now!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Here in my Heart

In Anna De Stefano's novella spinoff from her Mimosa Lane contemporary romance series, we return to the small community of Chandlerville, Georgia. For Dru Hampton, she ran the radKIDS program and worked at the Dream Whip restaurant. She was a strong role model for her younger adoptive sister Lisa with the Dixon family. But she had issues of her own, when she was reunited with her former childhood sweetheart, Officer Brad Douglas. They were separated seven years ago and now come together again, when Brad's 91-year-old grandmother, Vivian, was dying for cancer. For Dru and Brad, they needed to work through their issues and proclaim their love for each other. For Lisa, she just wanted to fit in and be loved by everyone, when she ventured into online chat rooms and the dangers from there. If you have fallen in love with the Mimosa Lane series, you'll fall in love with Here in My Heart as well.

Special review: Sirius about Murder from May 2008

In the second installment of the Beanie and Cruiser series from Sue Owens Wright, Sirius about Murder, Beanie and Cruiser have found themselves stuck in another mystery in South Lake Tahoe around Halloween. Some residents were up for another debate about how the land should be used--some want a dog park while the others want it to be used for expensive housing for more revenue. When Abigail Haversham, the leader of the dog park movement, was found murdered by a killer known as Sirius, it was now up to Beanie and Cruiser to help the local police investigate the murder for suspects, except for the pet psychic at the fair. They might have another quarry to interview about the land debate controversy, they hoped the real killer wouldn't be serious about making them the next victims on their list.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Special review: Howling Bloody Murder from April 2005

In the cozy mystery debut from Sue Owens Wright, Howling Bloody Murder, she introduced us to a remarkable team of Elsinore "Elisie, Beanie" MacBean, a widow with an adult daughter with Washoe heritage through her blood, and her faithful basset hound, Cruiser. When she worked for the local newspaper, she reported about a grisly murder that hit her town of Lake Tahoe. Beanie and Cruiser teamed up with the local law to compare notes about all of the victims, who were all powerful businessmen, who were all up in arms about the environmental dispute about the land. Police leads to the militant tribal councils, who didn't want the local casino built there. Add some supernatural twists and Nona's detestable boyfriend to add to the mix of the plot, when it was up to Beanie and Cruiser to collar the killer before it was too late.