Tuesday, February 20, 2018


In L.P. Dover's Playmaker, the third installment in the Breakaway hockey sports romance series, this romance novel is sexy and hot, on and off the ice that scores on all levels. For Maddox Ledger, he's one of the star players in the Charlotte Strikers hockey team. In his father's eyes, whatever he did was never good enough for him. Three years ago, he met and married someone named Paige on a whirlwind elopement in Las Vegas. No one knew about their secret marriage, not even when Paige left him a day after they were married. Fast forward to the present, they meet again at Dallas Easton's wedding to Maddox's cousin Callie and confronted her about her true identity as Lacey Easton, Dallas's sister. For Lacey, she didn't expect to see Maddox again, since she lost all signs of trust on him, due to the tabloids. Other than finishing her residency in New York City, she had to face the facts and also to tell him. During the hockey season, Maddox and Lacey got to know each other better, when she knew him best when he was down and stayed at the beach. Right there, they began to trust each other and fall in love with each other, when they couldn't stop wanting each other. With a couple of obstacles in the way, they dealt with a lovesick fan, one of  Maddox's teammates wants more than friendship with her, and revealing the truth to Dallas, they came through it all, even when there's a baby on the way to make things better for a new future together.

This was a sexy and steamy hot hockey sports romance novel that would steam up your windows. I do love the hockey theme for this sports romance novel and how it showcased what it was like playing on ice. I did care for both Maddox and Lacey as a couple and also as individuals, since they had been through a lot, even for a bit of a long-distance relationship, to get from here to there. They both have dealt with some issues and obstacles along the way and persevered together. I also do like the dual locations of New York and Charlotte, NC for the gripping red-hot scenic settings. This would make you gasp and hold your breath, fan yourself and swoon with non-stop action, plenty of romance, lots of drama, and a hint of intrigue to sweep you off your feet.

Will you be one to score with the Playmaker tonight?

Sunday, February 18, 2018

A Riesling to Die For

In J.C. Eaton's A Riesling to Die For, the first installment in the Wine Trail Mysteries Culinary cozy series, this debut new cozy series will knock you socks off and leave you begging for more. For Norrie Ellington, she's a screenplay writer for the Hallmark Channel. When her sister wants her to oversee the Two Witches Winery for her, while she's away in Costa Rica for a year with her husband Jason, Norrie wasn't sure and then decided to give her a helping hand.  As she learned the lay of the vineyard and the winery business, she became entangled into her own mystery of her own. When the dead body of Elspeth Waters was found on the irrigation ditches, she decided to dig deep and learn more about Elspeth. With the help of her newest employees, she had her eye on a couple of culprits that ranged from business developers to fellow winery owners and even to her niece. But while she kept unearthing for clues, she almost placed herself in a delicate situation by falsing accusing others in the process. In the end, the truth was right under her nose, when she never expected someone who would want to do her in too.

This was a delightful and promising new cozy series to devour and learn about the winery business too. I cared for Norrie and how she took the Two Witches Winery under her reins and became a fast learner. While approaching the deadline, she had the knack to dig for the truth and in a short amount of time. I loved how there was a bit of diversity, when she added Don and Theo as a gay couple who owned the Grey Egret Winery and became fast friends with her. I loved the New York location of the Finger Lakes section and how the scenic settings took us there on the pages. This would make you shake you head, cringe, want to taste the wines, and sigh and gasp with non-stop action, drama, intrigue, and suspense.

Will you try a Riesling to Die For and drink bottoms up tonight?

Monday, February 12, 2018

State of the Union

In Brad Thor's State of the Union, the third installment in the Scot Harvath political thriller series, this novel will propel you forward in a race against time to stop an immiment threat from plunging our country into self-destruction. During the ten-year anniversary of his father's death, Scot receives an urgent message from the President of the United States. He was needed in Washington D.C. right away. When President Rutledge informs him about a mystery message concerning his State of the Union address and what it implies from a new Russian threat, Scot agrees to help him in a race against time. But first, he has to go find Gary Lawlor, a close family friend, who's mysteriously vanished without a trace. And more importantly, when he looks for clues at Gary's home, who was Frank Leighton. With a week to the State of the Union,  Scot travels to Germany first to take care of some unsavory people and to locate Gary. And then he flies to Russia to track down his terrorist threat and the Nukes planted in various US cities. There, he joins forces with Alexandra Ivanova, who became a key ally to stop the bad guys from getting further. Only she could help them decipher top-secret codes and what could it mean. With the clock ticking down, Scot and his team members had to eliminate the only person who could stop in their way and put him out of business before it would be too late for everyone in the USA.

This was a mind-blowing and very powerful political thriller that deals with the "ripped from the headlines" real life events going in the world today. I cared about Scot and how he dealt with a lot of emotional termoil going on in his personal and professional life. He had to carry a lot of heavy weight on his shoulders like Atlas and managed to get the job done in an expedient fashion before the deadline. I think Alex was real interesting and compelling to become a new future alley and an asset to the USA in the future. The characters and the storyline was realistic and idealistic at the same time, when the threat of war is ongoing on everyday. I loved the trio of locations from D.C., Germany and parts of Russia even to the White Sea. It was real visual for those scenic setttings to pop on the page. This has a lot of non-stop action to keep you in suspense, gasp, groan, and shake your head, along with fast-paced drama, intrigue and plenty of mystery along the way.

Will you bear witness to the State of the Union address today?

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Dearly Depotted

In Kate Collins's Dearly Depotted, the first installment in the Flower Shop Cozy Mystery series, this cozy will intrigue you from the first page to the last. It all started when Abby's cousin Jillian had cold feet for her wedding. Before she could get to the altar, she needed to talk some sense into her cousin. And when she does tie the knot, that's when things erupted in mayhem. Outside of the gazebo, her uncle had gotten into a fight with his daughter's no-good boyfriend, Jack Snyder. And when he was later found dead, it made things a lot worse. It had thrown a lot of suspicion to a lot of people who wanted to see him dead. It was up to Abby to team up with Marco to get to the bottom of it, especially when she wanted to help her friend Grace out by clearing her boyfriend Richard's name. And that was to sort the truth from the lies, the fact from fiction, when she wan't back down from mere threats. When she had a name on the culprit, it was a matter of life and death to have justice being served....

This was another great and charming cozy mystery. I did care for Abby Knight and how she had gotten herself into another hot mess of a plot. I do think Marco is hot eye-candy and could be her perfect match. I did feel sorry for Melanie, Jillian and for Grace, since they all went through a troubing ordeal when one thing had led to another, linked by her wedding's nupitals. I did like the idealistic New Chapel location set in Indiana with vibrant scenic settings from one place to another. This would make you gasp, grit your teeth, bit your lip and shake your head a few times with every twisted page turn. This has non-stop action, drama, suspense, and a hint of mystery interwoven to tie it up.

Will you be reading Dearly Depotted tonight?

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Wishing Moon

In Erica Spindler's Wishing Moon, this early classic contemporary romance will make you fall in love and be swept away.  For Lance Alexander, he grew up with his single mother. As an older man, he didn't believe in love since his own mother had heart broken. He had never knew his father. But he's looking for more than love to find his wife. Madison "Madi" Muldoon yearns for motherhood and didn't want to get married, since her mother had been married and divorced many times before. When Lance met Madison in an interview for his non-profit fundraising charity on saving turtles, he knew they would mesh together. The sparks were right there for them. Together they get to know each other and date, while they worked in his campaign. They reveal their faults and their past mistakes as they get to know each other better. During one magical moonlit night, they made an wish and made passionate love. A few weeks later, Madi learns she's pregnant with Lance's child and worries how he would react. When she tells him, he wants the baby. But for what he proposes, she won't marry him unless it's for love. While they both hurting for each other, Lance makes a gallant move to sweep his fair lady off her feet in order to have a happily ever after that dreams were made of.

This was a beautiful and romantic early classic contemporary romance. This light read will make you feel warm all over. I cared for both Madison and Lance, separately and alone. They both have messed up childhoods and looking for a love connection... and a way to find each other's hearts. I loved the Melbourne Beach, Florida, location for this charming romance and sweet picturesque scenes.  This would make you swoon and sway, hopeful with dreams and wishes of your own, and leave you with a warm and fuzzy feeling. This has non-stop drama, light action, plenty of romance, and a hint of intrigue.

Will you find your own Wishing Moon tonight?

Sunday, February 4, 2018

The White Pearl

In Kate Furnivall's The White Pearl, this gripping historical romance deals with the harsh realities of surviving doing World War II. In 1941, Constance Hadley accidentally struck a woman with her car in Malaya. She feels bad for the accident and wants to help out the victim's twin children. Both of her kids want nothing to do with her and Maya, the girl puts a curse on her. Before word of war has hit them, Connie remembers she had a brief affair with a Japanese spy and accidentally killed him. While she tried to make amends, she does the best to be the wife to her husband Nigel, a rubber plant plantation owner, and mother to her son Teddy.  And when Japan hits Malaya, she would do the best to convince her husband to leave the country on her boat, titled the White Pearl, and sail to Singapore. She convinces her closest friends and couldn't help being attracted to Fitzpayne, an English man who lived on the island. While she's in a loveless marriage to Nigel, they sail away on dangerous waters and meets Morgan Madoc and his wife, a dangerous man who's wants what they have. On the high seas, they come across danger and become wary of Japanese planes from the sky. Later, Connie and her son hid out on a private island, when it became a new undiscovered world of their own. Later, Connie deals with unpredictable danger when the past catches up on her and learns what's worth fighting for, even if it's a new love for keeps and away from war.

This was a very good historical romance that would blow your mind. I did feel for Connie who wanted to be loved by her husband and to right those wrongs from her past. In the time of war, she did the best under the circumstances to survive and to start a new life. I did feel bad for the Juhat twins and cared for Fitzpayne in a way--I wish we've learned what his first name was, too. I did like the vast locations from Malaya to Singapore, both on land and on the ocean. It was very realistic and visual to take us there. This would make you hold onto your seats and take you back in time with non-stop action, drama, suspense, and a hint of romance.

Will you be ready to sail away on the White Pearl today?

Saturday, February 3, 2018

The Bad Daughter

In Joy Fielding's The Bad Daughter, this thriller is so dark and twisted, right to the end, that it would keep you at the edge of your seat. For Robin Davis,  a therapist in Los Angeles with panic attacks and suspicions on her fiancĂ© Blake, things had changed for her in the instant. When her older sister Melanie called her to inform that their father had been shot in a home invasion in Red Bluff, she hurried home. But the homecoming wasn't exactly warm with her sister, since she's been distant and estranged from her for years. She learned that their step-sister Cassidy was injured and their stepmother Tara was shot as well, things had formed a contorted picture for her. Although they both despised their father, Robin tried to reach out to Alec in San Francisco. Robin had tons of questions about what happened and who caused it to happen, when she flashes back to when things change for them. When Cassidy recovers from her injuries, the suspicion is thrown on Robin's nephew Landon, Melanie's autistic son, and also on Alec as two accomplices for the crime. She comes across some unsavory characters from the past and learns new insight on Melanie's life. But things aren't what they seem to be, when she questions everything what Cassidy said and how things are messed up. In the end, she learns about Cassidy's "sweet" act and how evil she could be.

This was a compelling and bone-chilling thriller that would leave you chilled and have icy coursing through your veins. I did care for Robin and the sordid dilemma she was in when she came home. Everything appeared distorted and twisted. I did find compasion for Melanie to be a single mother of an autistic son. I did like how Blake cared for her and how he stood for Robin's side. I did think the Los Angeles and Red Bluff locations were idealistic for the dual settings to grip you in every page. Cassidy is one sick and twisted little girl who got was she deserved in the end. This would make you shake your head and gasp and shudder on every page with non-stop action, drama, suspense, and plenty of mystery to wrap it up tightly with a big old bow.

Will you take heart to read the Bad Daughter tonight?