Sunday, September 15, 2019

The Truth Behind the Lie

In Sara Lövestam's The Truth Behind the Lie, this gripping thriller will have you at the edge of your seat. It all started when Kouplan, an Iranian refuge living and hiding in Sweden, answered a strange ad who needed assistance from a PI. That's when he met Pernilla, a mother who said her six-year-old daughter Julia is missing, who doesn't want the Swedish police's help. From there, Kouplan asked her questions about the date of Julia's abduction and some background history in her life and Julia's. From there, Kouplan looks for clues all over Sweden to see if he could find her before it's too late. Since he's been living off the grid, he uses all his resources to help find Julia and if she was abducted by a child smuggling ring or not. Inside-out, he covers all his bases and tracks down anybody who might know about Pernilla and Julia's life including a priest named Thor. As he digs deeper into Pernilla's world and Julia's birth, something doesn't make sense to her. Was it a figment of her imagination or was she telling the truth? Kouplan has to find the answer before it might be too late to save either one of them in the end.

This was an intriguing thriller that's set in Sweden. The locations were so visual and mesmerizing with the scenic settings in every place and town. I did care about Kouplan on how he would solve this mystery and by staying under the radar. He would do anything to survive and to make ends meet. I loved it how his character is diverse and how he's a refuge in another country. I also cared about Pernilla and how her story spiraled out of control when Kouplan needed to divide fact from fiction, truth from the lies.  This would have you hooked on every page with non-stop drama, plenty of fiction, lots of suspense, and bits of mystery interwoven into the story line.

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Friday, September 13, 2019

Fool's Puzzle

In Earlene Fowler's Fool's Puzzle, the first installment in the Benni Harper cozy mystery series, this debut would keep you in suspense and care for the characters. Albenia "Benni" Harper is a widow and missing the love of her life. When she works at a museum for the craft show, she discovers the dead body of one of her closest friends. It had left her rattled and shaken to see her friend Marla died. While she did some snooping around, she ran into the new sheriff in town, Gabriel Ortiz, who gave Benni a hard time. While she couldn't think of anyone who would harm Marla, she had to deal with her cousin Rita and track her down to locate her for her aunt. Though she goes toe to toe with Ortiz, she ran into some interesting information that might have to do with her husband's death and her former in-law's ranching business. As she learned new information, she discovered a second dead body, someone else who worked for the museum. While Benni looks to connect the dots between the two murders, she gets closer to the truth on what's been going on behind the scenes and who was responsible for her husband's death. Behind the secrets and lies, she comes face to face with the culprit to find out why and deals things her way in an intense climax.

This was a great debut to the Benni Harper cozy mystery series. I did like Benni's name, which I found unusual and interesting. I did care for her and on how she dealt with so much going on from family life to what happened to work. I thought she was something else and someone we can root for. I've found Ortiz a pretty interesting character and a possible new love interest for Benni after they kissed toward the end. I did love the rural locations and crisp scenic settings in the Arkansas area for the series. This has plenty of action, a hint of suspense, lots of drama, and great sparks of mystery from start to finish.

Will you be there on Benni's side in Fool's Puzzle today?

Sunday, September 8, 2019

The Search

In Christiane Heggan's The Search, this compelling romantic suspense will keep you hooked from the first page to the last. Sydney Cooper is an ADA in Philadelphia, working on a complex case in the courtroom. But when her best friend Lilly Gilmore requests to meet her in New Jersey, she drives them and watches Lily being kidnapped right before her eyes. Now the search is on to find her. But life became complicated, when Jake Sloan, a former Vet and an New Orleans oil rigger, comes into her neighborhood and deals with his former buddy from the Army, Victor Van Heusen, who's a known arms dealer who wants to blow things up. And he has to work with the FBI to get to him.. And he's also one of the same people in one of  Syd's cases. As Jake gets closer to her, they learn that they might be spied on by one of Victor's men. While Syd deals with her ex and Lilly's ex and other people who might want to harm her, she uncovers a lot of secrets, lies, and deception to get to the truth even if  she's in harm's way. And in the end, it's a fight for the fittest to get answers and solve the great mystery of them all.

This was a gripping and mind-blowing romantic suspense that hit all the right notes to keep you hooked from start to finish. I cared for Syd on what she had to do to find her best friend. I liked her spirit and how she took charge of her life. I also cared for Jake and how he wanted to mend fences with his sick father and look for a change. I also liked how he cared for Ted and for Syd too. I loved the dual locations of Philly and New Jersey which had gripping scenic settings on every page. This would keep you hooked with plenty of explosive suspense, red-hot drama, plenty of sizzling romance, and lots of intrigue to keep you guessing on every page.

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Monday, September 2, 2019

Goodnight Irene

In Jan Burke's Goodnight, Irene, the first installment in the Irene Kelly mystery series, this debut will grip you from the first page. It all started when Irene's friend O'Connor was killed in a car bombing, when he was about to tell her something important. After his death, it was up to Irene to pick up the pieces and return to her former newspaper as a journalist. When her brother-in-law ended up in a car accident, things had gotten too close to personal. While Irene look for his cryptic notes about a 1955 Jane Doe case with only the skull, she picked up the pieces and searched for clues in microfilm and microfiche. She comes to rely on her good friend, Frank Harriman, from the Las Piernas PD, who ended up injured from helping her on the case. For Irene, she goes to Phoenix to find some clues there on the missing person and talk to the victim's family. The closer she gets to the truth on whodunit and why, the more endangered she would be in the end to solve this puzzle things aren't what they seem to be in the end for a shocking climax.

This was a gripping and interesting debut that would hook you on the first page and reel you in. I really cared for Irene who had been going through a lot of stuff at the same time. But for her to step in O'Connor's shoes to pick up where he left off before his untimely demise, she was more than onto something when she identified the missing person with little clues. I also had found Lydia a hoot and a remarkable good friend for Irene too. Frank is so easy on the eyes.  I also loved the dual locations of Phoenix and Las Piernas for this gripping debut and how the imagery popped on the screen for the scenic settings. This would make you want to keep reading with non-stop drama, plenty of suspense, intrigue, and lots of clues for a great mystery on every page.

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Saturday, August 24, 2019

A Stranger on the Beach

In Michele Campbell's latest novel, A Stranger on the Beach, this thriller will grip you and take you on a wild ride. It all started when Caroline Stark spotted Aidan Callahan on the beach near her beach house, and when her husband Jason came into the housewarming party with his Russian girlfriend. But things aren't what they seemed when she accused him of cheating on her and he asked her to get a divorce for some strange reason. Shocked and dismayed, she goes to the Red Anchor Bar and seeks Aidan out as the bartender. After a couple of drinks, she teases him when he's fallen hard for her and began a temptous affair. He couldn't get her out of her mind and is smitten with her. He spent prison for involuntary manslaughter and tends the bar in his spare time. His brother is the chief of police. But he wants the beach house on his grandfather's land. But after a one-night stand, she cuts things off with him and whispers to him that he wants Jason dead.  Although he turned it down, things had gotten too far between them and their affairs. He follows her husband and her daughter and reports back to her on what he saw and heard. Before the hurricane, things got dicey and heated when there was a break-in at the house and her husband winds up dead. But after the storms, Aidan's charged with the crime and Caroline goes into hiding. But in the end, things don't add up with a shocking twisted ending you would never believe.

This was a spine-tingling and suspenseful thriller that would leave you at the edge of your seat.  I did care for Caroline in the beginning, but I didn't in the end. She had gotten what she had coming for her. I did feel bad for Aidan who was sucker-punched into this mess when he had fallen for her. I did feel bad for Hannah who was caught in the mess of this dilemma too. I did like New York as the locations and in and around the beach for the gripping scenic settings, even before and after the hurricane. This would keep you in suspense on every single turned page from start to finish and leave you at the edge of your seat with non-stop drama, plenty of mind-blowing action, tons of intrigue, and plenty of suspense to keep you hooked right to the end.

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Monday, August 12, 2019

Murder on Park Lane

In Karen Charlton's Murder in Park Lane, the 3rd installment in the Detective Lavender Historical Mystery series, this novel would take you back to time with a twisted ride. It's London 1812. It all started when Detective Stephen Lavender and Constable Ned Woods from the Park Row Police Department received a call about a murder from Dr. Richard Allison, the Medical Examiner. They came to the scene of the crime to discover the body of David MacAdam. As they started the investigation, they learned more about the corpse that had more twists and turns with every clue. It ranged from adultery to being a lothario and a swindler to say the least. Meanwhile Lavender expected his first child with his Spanish wife Magdalena, while Ned dealt with fasting to trim his waist. Together, they come across some unsavory people who might want MacAdam dead for more than one reason. The closer they get to the truth, the more twisted it could be with one step from another until they found the culprit and put him and her behind bars.

This is a gripping and intriguing historical mystery that's set in 1812 London. I did care for Lavender and Woods on how they worked together and dealt with nefarious obstacles along the way. They worked well as a team and managed to care for their own families outside of the job. The locations around historic London in that period was very spot on and precise with every single detail on how they handled crime scenes back in the day. This has plenty of non-stop action, lots of intrigue, historical drama, and intense hints of mystery on every page.

Will you be there to witness the crime in Murder in Park Lane today?

Thursday, August 8, 2019


In Mia Hopkins's Trashed, the 2nd installment in the Eastside Brewery Contemporary Romance novel series, this will make you believe in second chances. Meet Eddie "Trouble" Rosas. Six months ago, he's been released from prison and out on parole. He served his five-year stint for gang-related crimes and is ready to start fresh. But it isn't easy for Eddie, ever since she stepped outside of the prison doors and looked for work. Five years ago, he met a woman in the garden and made love to her. Ever since he had gotten out, he's been looking for her until he landed a plum dishwasher job at her restaurant. That's when he met Chef Carmen Centeno, and had gotten to know her name for the first time. Besides the sparks growing between them, it had cost them their jobs and back on the street to look for work. But when the Eastside Hollenbeck gang learns of his release, they make trouble for him and want him back in. Ever since his brother Sal gotten out of the gang, he wants the same thing for him too. But first, he needs to find their no-good father and get answers for him, then he would make a promise he intended to keep to go straight and be with Carmen, even though her parents like it or not.  Though when trouble strikes at his brother's home, he needed to cut his losses and never look back to step forward and stay clean from the gangster life for good.

This contemporary romance was fantastic and told from Eddie's POV only on how the life outside of prison was for him and for his family. I did care for him and how he would deal with so many issues right in front of him between the gangs and his brother's business and looking for his father, Dreamer.  He had so much emotional baggage that he kept and carried for so long. I also cared for Carmen on how she wanted to be with Eddie and how she wanted to be her own person too. You can see how much they care for each other when the sparks flew between them. I did love the California and Washington state dual locations for the mesmerizing scenic settings for this contemporary romance. This would make you want to root for Eddie and Carmen with red-hot steamy romance, plenty of non-stop action and lots of drama, and sparks of intrigue on every page.

Will you be there to check out Eddie's story today in Trashed?