Sunday, July 27, 2014

Brownies and Betrayal

If you love culinary cozies, you're in for a delicious treat. In Brownies and Betrayal,  Tempest "Tess" Crawford was a former pastry chef from Chicago and starting her own business in her hometown of Silver Springs, Arizona. When she catered her brownies at a wedding party, she came across an arch rival and then found her dead body. While she tried to set up her own bakery shop, she became under suspicion for murder. It's up to Tess and her best friend, Honey, to find new clues on who wanted Valerie dead, and went behind the scenes. Trouble came her way with her scheming ex-fiancé to win her back, a couple of attacks on her life, and a possible new love interest for Tess, before she opened her own shop and discovered whodunnit and why. This included yummy recipes to try at home.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Neon Rain

If you love a dark kind of a detective story, you'll love the Dave Robicheaux series by James Lee Burke. In the Neon Rain, we're introduced to Dave Robicheaux, a detective in New Orleans. It all started with a murder of a black African-American teen that lead him to deal with all sorts of nefarious types of people--the mob, a gang of snarly men, a ruthless U.S. Treasury Man, and his partner, Cletus, who turned bad and corrupted. Along the way, he tried to the truth and the connections between the events that led to it, while his life and his brother ended up in trouble. There's also a love interest for Dave, when he tied up loose ends and decided to hit the road his own way. Lots of nitty gritty intrigue and drama in this dark noir tale.

Special review from 2/09: Blacklist

In the eleventh installment of the V.I. Warshawski series, Blacklist, she returned back on the scene with a new client and new case to tackle. In post-9/11, V.I. was eager to take on a request from a previous old client to check on an empty mansion. She ended up more than she bargained for with an intruder in the dark, and a dead body of a reporter in the pond. She tumbled into a war between two prestigious Chicago families with decades-old secrets that lurked from the skeletons in their closet. In the midst of this warring battle, she became involved in a case of a missing Egyptian boy with terrorist connections. With everything going on, this propelled her to move forward and treacherously, before she became the next victim to turn up dead.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Special review from 10/08: Don of the Dead

If you love paranormal cozies with a twist, you'll love this new one from Casey Daniels. In Don of the Dead, she introduced us to Pepper Martin who worked at the local cemetery in Cleveland as a tour guide.  Down on her luck with her father in prison and a fiancé who bolted from her, this was the only job she could find to help pay her bills. When she accidentally hit her head on the headstone of one graveyard, she began to see visions of ghosts. One named Gus wanted her to work on his case of who wanted this mafia don whacked back then. It's up to Pepper to clear his name before trouble came her way. This cozy also had a bit of romance with Quinn Harrison from the Cleveland PD with a bit of paranormal humor and drama like from the "Ghost Whisperer" and "Pushing Daisies."

Special review from 12/09: The Body in the Bonfire

This book was a quick and easy read with most culinary-themed cozies. For the 12th installment in the Faith Fairchild series, The Body in the Belfry dealt with suspense and drama. Faith Fairchild, a caterer and minister's wife, had accepted a position to teach a cooking class at a private school for boys. Racism, death threats and two murders were added to the pot. We watched how Faith figured out the culprit, when she'd gotten closer to the truth behind the prejudices in the academy, someone sabotaged her kitchen. She discovered about the lurking evil presence in the school, when it was centered in Massachusetts with cooking tips for this enjoyable mystery. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Blood Rights

In Kristen Painter's Blood Rights, she told us a tale that takes place in the future in Paradise City, New Florida. Chrysabelle was a comarré, a human hybrid bred for their vampire patrons, when her patron's found dead. On the run, she sought help from an unlikely source to clear her name and prove her innocence. Malkolm is a cursed anathema vampire, who was tempted to kill her. But due to Chrysabelle's blood rights, when he gave her blood, he owned her. They're both on the run against Tatiana, an evil vampiress who wanted to break the covenant for higher powers of her own. And she needed to get her Tatiana or her loved ones to do it. What a powerful story.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Death Takes the Cake

In the second installment of the Della Cooks series, Death Takes the Cake, Della Carmichael is off into a new adventure. When her boss Mickey Jordan wanted her to join a reality cooking contest show to help boost the ratings, she knew she'd gotten more into what she bargained for. The sponsor of the contest is her arch-rival from high school and the baking mix tasted terrible. Between her steaming love affair with Nicholas D'Martino and her cooking show, she discovered the dead body of her nemesis. It's up to Della to compete with tougher competition and discover who killed her and why, before she's the next on his list. This included yummy recipes to try at home.