Sunday, September 14, 2014

KIller Cuts

In the 8th installment of the Dead-End Job Mystery series by Elaine Viets, we've found Helen working as a gopher for the stylist to the stars and regulars in Killer Cuts. While Helen prepared for her own wedding, she helped Miguel Angel with the wedding details for Honey and King Oden's wedding. A lot of drama happened at the salon, when Phoebe, one of the assistants made rude comments to his customers and flirted with the wedding guests. On Honey's wedding day, it turned out to be a nightmare, when King Oden, a blog communist about gossip ended up dead by drowning, after they said "I Do." From there, Miguel fired Phoebe and rumors spread about Miguel being a person of interest. It was up to Helen and Phil to clear his name and save his business, before it would become too late for Helen's second wedding.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Special review: Deadly Safari from November 2008

In the first installment of the Jazz Jasper series by Karin McQuillen, Deadly Safari, she introduced us to Jazz Jasper, an American woman who escaped America and a painful divorce to start her own African safari as an indepedemt guide. She met Striker, a pilot, and started a relationship with him. She also made new friends there as well. But two ad reps, two wealthy businessmen and two models all gave her a headache. When two of them ended up killed mysteriously, she feared her first safari might be her last. She went on the case to solve the murders to track down a killer, may be it human or animal, and face this human predator once and for all.

Special review: Devil's Bride from March 2009

In Stephanie Laurens's historical romance debut, Devil's Bride, she told us a story about the Cynster family. In the first installment, Sylvester "Devil" Cynster was caught in a compromising position with Honoria Wetherby, he shocked the world by offering her marriage. No one suspected this rake, England's most eligible bachelor, would settle down. But Honoria wasn't about to bend down to society's demands to marry him. She wanted to go on adventures and solve a Cynster murder mystery. When that was solved, she wanted to see the world. She couldn't escape the desirable heat from Devil, which only made her want to crave something more--him! Would she cave in to his pleasure and a lifelong adventure with him?

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My Wicked Litlte Lies

In Victoria Alexander's My Wicked Little Lies, we were introduced to a married couple who had something to hide. For two years, Evelyn Hadley-Attwater was married to her husband Adrian. Before then, she was a spy known as "Eve". When she was called on again for a special assignment of theft of missing governmental files, she kept this secret to herself. Her boss was known as "Sir" and haven't been seen in person. For Adrian, he became suspicious of Evelyn, when his jealousy went wild. That's when she punished him, when he didn't trust her. From that moment on, Adrian kept a secret of himself--he was "Sir" in the flesh, and was also called upon. Between them, the sparks fly between them and danger loomed over them and took a dangerous turn for the worse. In the end, they confessed their true feelings and revealed their secrets to one another.

Special review: True Detectives from April 2009

In Jonathan Kellerman's True Detectives,  a spinoff from the Alex Delaware mystery series, this story focused on two brothers who weren't cut from the same cloth--Moses Reed, a LAPD detective, and Aaron Fox, a former cop turned PI--and both shared a troubled family history in the line of law enforcement. But the two of them come together to work on a most disturbing cold case of Caitlin Frostig, who disappeared years ago. With the help of Milo and Alex, Moses and Aaron would crack open this case of this straight-A student's life with two men in her life and would go into the darkest crevices of the sultry glamorous Hollywood culture with many shadowy secrets and an array of sinister characters. Before someone else becomes a lost soul, they would get down to the root of this problem and solve this case.

Monday, September 8, 2014


In the 16th edition of the Wings in the Night series, Maggie Shayne gave us an intertwining storyline of three people involved into this story. In the first half of Bloodline, we were introduced to Serena Monroe, a young mother who's baby daughter were taken away from her. In alternating POVs, we go to 21-year-old daughter Lilith, who had been raised on a Farm with other bloodliners who had the rare antigen Belladonna in their blood. That's where she met Ethan, another vampire with the rare antigen. For Serena, she searched for her daughter and wanted her safe. For Ethan who was in love with Lilith, he looked for his brother and dealt with his betrayal. And for Lilith, she found Serena, trusted Ethan, and wanted to break free from captivity. An enjoyable read!

Special review: When Strangers Marry from July 2008

In this earlier timeless classic historical romance from Lisa Kleypas, When Strangers Marry, we were taken back in time to 18th century Louisiana. We were introduced to Maximillien "Max" Villerand and Lysette Kersaint. Lysette escaped an escaped marriage to Etienne, when she went into the Bayou and met Max, a widower with two teen sons. He promised he would protect her from her fiance. She didn't care about her ruined reputation as long as she didn't marry Etienne. But Max was accused of murdering his wife, while society looked down on him. Lysette helped him get accepted into society, when sparks fly between these two strangers. The looming mystery of who killed Max's wife and Etienne's revenge is a strong theme for the plot of this classic historical romance with palpable heat for Lysette and Max.