Wednesday, November 13, 2019

A Pitying of Doves

In Steve Burrows's A Pitying of Doves, the 2nd installment in the Birder Murder Mystery series, this interesting caper title would keep you at the seat and make you want to find out more. It all started out for Chief Inspector Domenic JeJeune of the Norfolk Regiment of the RCMP when they received a call about a double murder in a bird sanctuary for doves. For Domenic, who's a fellow birder as a hobby, they came to investigate the scene of the crime in Norfolk. They looked for clues in the sanctuary and the identities of the bodies to one Mexican consulate and the fellow college student at a local university. If one murder wasn't enough, they had two on their lands when it led them to find more about the super-species of doves and the owner of them. Piece by piece, Inspector JeJeune would find out why and how they've gotten there and who wanted to kill them, while he tried not to let his birding hobby get the best of him to look for clues. The closer they get to the truth, the more it unravels before him and his team when they get closer to danger with every new lead along the way., including one of their own suspects being murdered. He would do everything in his power to stop at nothing before his putting his career--and his life--on the line to have it done.

This was an interesting mystery series. You learn something new about birding as a hobby for birdwatching and about the specific bird in general for the series. Doves are one of my favorite birds, whether they're white or grey. This made me care about the doves too. I like Chief Inspector JeJeune and how he and his squad went out to solve a most complex mystery to tie things up in a big bow. We can see how he cared for Lindy, his girlfriend, and his love for birds. I also love the Canadian locations and the scenic settings including the bird sanctuary for this novel. This would make you want to care for birds and follow his footsteps with non-stop drama, plenty of drama, lots of action, and scoops of suspense from start to finish.

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Sunday, November 3, 2019

One Dark Wish

In Sharon Wray's One Dark Wish, the 2nd installment in the Deadly Force romantic suspense series, this novel is gripping and powerful from the first page. It all started for historian Sarah Munroe when she's looking for clues and ancient artifacts in a Puritan love story that's more than three centuries old. When she's been shot at, she ran across Nate Walker, a former veteran who's dealing with seizures and had been dishonorably discharged for a massacre in Afghanistan. When Nate spotted Sarah at the Isle of Grace cemetery in Savannah, she became intrigued on his presence there. And there was a chemistry between them. Two weeks later, they meet at the same place and at the wrong time, when he warmed her not to search for clues in the cemetery. There's a war between the Fianna warriors and the Prince's men that's darn-right deadly. But Sarah was more than hell-bent to look for clues and work on that grant proposal to fund the money for her research... it's something she held close to her heart since her late mother had been fascinated with that Puritan love story and its secret cipher code. While dealing with threats for her father's health and the war outside, Sarah and Nate work together to discover the mystery while they deal with threats and other obstacles including from Nate's own XO who had them followed. The closer they get to the truth, the more they unearth the mystery that might be linked to Sarah's birth father. But the sparks would be flying between them to set the night on fire, though there was a ticking timeline before Nate's sent back to a prison hospital in Maine. Even with time's not on their side, they would put their lives on the line to set thing right and happy a sweet ending that would last a lifetime.

This was a fantastic romantic suspense that would keep you at the edge of your seat. I did care for Sarah and how she dealt with her father's declining health and how she'd gotten into a lethal mess. I loved that she wanted to started what her mother finished and to pick up the pieces to solve this centuries-old puzzle. I also love Nate, who was a bit diverse, since he's dyslexic, and had haunted issues of his own between his family and military life. I liked how they worked together to defy the odds and watch the spark fly between them to find their perfect match. The scenic locations in Savannah were fantastic and spectacular for the settings from the isle and around the town to make it idealistic and perfect. This has a lot of action-packed suspense, lots of sparking romance, plenty of non-stop drama and tons of hinted mysteries to keep you wanting more in the end.

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Friday, November 1, 2019

Absolute Power

In David Baldacci's Absolute Power, this political thriller is so intense, it cuts straight through with a knife. It all started when the President, Alan Richmond, got over his head with an affair with a younger woman who got rough with him. He ordered two of his Secret Service Men to take out the hit, while an old-time cat burglar watched everything unfold behind the scenes. Though they covered up all the tracks to make it like a burglary, they kept everything on the down low from the police. They put up the facade and put on a good show. Caught in the middle is Jack Graham, a lawyer from a prestigious law firm, engaged to Jen Baldwin, when he wanted to move on the up and up. When his ex-fiancée's father, Luther Whitney comes to him for help, saying he fears for his life, he turns to his ex, Kate, and lets her know. Besides old history, they had feelings for each other. When he reveals what Luther came to him and said, she becomes dubious. Meanwhile President Richmond played his card close to his chest on the investigation, acting like a good friend to Walter Sullivan, and pretending everything's all right. And when the DC PD discover Luther's connection, they believe they've gotten the guy when it turns all out wrong with a massive hit on his head and a major fallout. He would do everything to save face and not let the world know, even if it might cost him everything by destroying evidence and going after Jack next. In the end, there's a mind-blowing twist in the end for Jack and Richmond for a big clincher.

This was an excellent and mind-boggling, mind-numbing political thriller. On every turned page, I was hooked from start to finish to sink my teeth into a compelling and fascinating plot line. I cared for Jack on how he had gotten stuck into this situation in the first place. He might not have feelings for Jen, when he didn't want a loveless marriage, not from what she'd done to his friend at the firm. I did care for Kate, who were estranged from her father, and blamed him from what he'd done to her and her mother. But she felt she had to do the right thing in the end. I believe they might reconnect at some point. From the White House and all around the D.C. area, the scenic settings were strong and powerful with poignant in those various locations. This would make you want to buckle your seat belt and to hold on tight for a wild ride with non-stop action, plenty of political drama, lots of intense suspense with hints of mystery on every page.

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Saturday, October 19, 2019

Cookies and Clairvoyance

In Bailey Cates's Cookies and Clairvoyance, the 8th installment in the Magical Bakery culinary cozy mystery series, this enticing caper would make you seek your teeth into this chilling novel. For Katie Lightfoot, she's not your ordinary baker. She's half-witch and half-Native American and have been endowed by two magical forces as her gift as a lightwitch. And when Kensington Bosworth stopped by her bakery, she paid a closer look on him. Later on, word had it that Randy Post, a local fireman had been arrested for his murder. And it's up to her and her coven of lightwitches to find out who's the real murder. While she's planning her wedding to Declan, a fireman who had a leprechaunic gift of his own, and building her dream home, she became the police's consultant on everything paranormal and magical in Bosworth's murder. She interviewed everyone who became close to him and everything that might be important to him to help her solve the case. But when she tried a spell to pinpoint the murder, someone threw a monkeywrench at her with an anti-magic spell of their own. She would do everything in her power to get her magic back and solve the mystery at the same time.

This was a great culinary mystery that has a hint of magic in it. I did care for Katie and how she dealt with wedding planning and working at the bakery while learning her craft. I did love how she was a bit diverse by being half-witch and half-Native American with a dollop of magical gifts. I've thought Declan was a hot piece of Irish eyecandy. I loved the location and the mesmerizing scenic settings in Savannah for the backdrop. This would make you intrigued and spellbound with non-stop action, plenty of spicy suspense, a scoop of drama, and lots of mystery on every page.

Will you check out Cookies and Clairvoyance today?

Friday, October 18, 2019

The Escape Room

In Megan Goldin's The Escape Room, this chilling thriller will leave you hooked and at the edge of the seat. It all started when Sara Hall landed a job with Stanhope and Sons, an investment banking firm, a dream job straight out from college in NYC. As the new girl, people treated her differently until she fast-learned the ropes in no time. Between her rise on the ladder of success, she had to deal with her parents' health issues and a new potential love interest. Things were up and up for her. For Vincent, Sylvie, Jules and Sam, they were stuck in an elevator for an escape-room team building for the firm.  Pretty soon, they're trapped and feeling the heat, when new clues shook things up when secrets and lies come out into the open and turn each other. For the past five years, everything was fine for Sara, when one of their co-workers Lucy died from a "suicide" and later her mother died in a "hit-and-run." It was up to Sara to put the pieces together and discovered what Lucy left behind for her to find in hidden clues. When she told this to her boss, Vincent, he denied everything. Things took a drastic turn for her when her co-workers didn't give her the time of day and harsh deadlines, and ruining things for her. And later, it landed her being fired, losing everything including her mother's death. But revenge is better served cold when Sara concocted the perfect plan behind the schemes to leave them in the cold, looking for answers, until she would have the better revenge after all in a shocking ending.

This thriller is the perfect one that emulates revenge in the best way. I did care for Sara and how she sought revenge for herself and for Lucy Marshall, a fellow coworker, and even for Lucy's mother too. I loved how she dealt with such hardships and a ton of drama, even when she "faked" her own death to get even in the best possible way. I thought Vincent and company had gotten what they had deserved in the end. I loved the various locations set in NYC and Chicago and even in the Caribbean in the end and the lovely settings for every scene. This would have you rooting for Sara all the way with non-stop drama, action, suspense, and plenty of intrigue to keep you fascinated to the end.

Will you be there to see how it unfolds in the Escape Room today?

Saturday, October 5, 2019

A Nice Cup of Tea

In Celia Imrie's A Nice Cup of Tea, the third installment in the Nice cozy mystery series, this newest installment would send you traveling to France and some parts of London England. It all started with five retired ex-pat friends who chipped in and brought a divine French restaurant in Bellevue-sur-Mer. But they're having trouble making ends meet with not enough customers to keep their business afloat on the French Riviera waters. Sooner or later, they would have to deal with closing shop and taking the next offer from someone to take it off their hands. For Theresa, she has to deal with a stalker who's obsessed with her, while her granddaughter Chloe is missing and presumed to have runaway with her high school boyfriend. For Sally, she came across two old friends from her acting days and then landed a plum job to star in a movie in Monte Carlo.  While all of this is going on, they needed more customers to save their business. But when troublesome danger lurks ahead, they would deal with a difficult situation in a life-and-death matter in the end.

This was a nice installment in the cozy mystery that's set in rustic France and in part of London. I did care for Sally, Theresa and their three other friends, and how they would manage to try to keep their business alive. I did feel sorry for Sally who had to deal with her daughter and her acting career, while Theresa dealt with a stalker and helping her daughter find her granddaughter Chloe. They were some good humorous tidbits of humor interwoven to keep you in suspense with non-stop drama, action,  suspense, and intrigue. I did feel that the recipes aren't needed, since this isn't a culinary cozy that featured the French food in the story. And the post-script isn't really needed either.

Will you stop by for a nice cup of tea and enjoy this story?

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Rogue Most Wanted

In Janna MacGregor's Rogue Most Wanted, the 5th installment in the Cavensham Heiresses Historical Romance series, this wonderful love story would sweep you off your feet like an enchanted fairy tale. For Theodora "Thea" Worth, she's been known as Lady Eanruig from Ladykyrk Manor in Northumberland ever since her grandfather died. But seven years after his death, she kept to herself and managed the mansion until Lord Ferr-Coby challenged her title as the true heir for the estate. And she would need to prove her claim or marry someone in front of the House of Privileges. For Lord William Cavensham, he's been broken-hearted for a decade when he proposed to his third cousin Avalon and was jilted from her. Ever since then, he'd been unlucky in love and paid more attention to do manorial work for his family. But when his Aunt Stella proposed that he should marry to benefit them both, he said no. But later, he came her friend and true confident when they revealed their heartful woes to one another. Slowly but surely, he and his family helped her prepare to enter society and for the committee meeting, even by setting her up with three friends to better suit her and her needs. But he became smitten with her and fell head over heels with her, claiming hers as her own. But she's looking to marry for love and not for convenience, even when she put up a fake proposal to show the London ton she's ready to do battle for her title. At the committee meeting, she failed short and lost the match, when she has no choice but to return home and accept Ferr-Coby's next marriage proposal. Even though it had broken his heart, she would do anything to salvage the pieces and look for the second charter. If and when she finds it, she would reclaim what's hers and find her true fairytale ending she had ever dreamed of and hoped for.

This was an excellent and beautiful well-written historical romance novel that it brought tears to my ends in the end. I cared for Thea and how she had felt unloved from her grandfather and took care of his estate after his death. I loved how she followed her heart and became Will's friend to trust and rely on him for his needs. I also adored Will and his family on how they became there for her and enveloped her to join their fold. I loved how he was there for her and how to managed to find a true match with Thea. I loved the London settings and the mesmerizing locations around England with vivid scenes in great details.  This would make your heart sway and swoon with non-stop suspense, action, drama, and plenty of tear-jerking romance on every page.

Will you be swept away and read Rogue Most Wanted today?