Monday, July 21, 2014

Blood Rights

In Kristen Painter's Blood Rights, she told us a tale that takes place in the future in Paradise City, New Florida. Chrysabelle was a comarré, a human hybrid bred for their vampire patrons, when her patron's found dead. On the run, she sought help from an unlikely source to clear her name and prove her innocence. Malkolm is a cursed anathema vampire, who was tempted to kill her. But due to Chrysabelle's blood rights, when he gave her blood, he owned her. They're both on the run against Tatiana, an evil vampiress who wanted to break the covenant for higher powers of her own. And she needed to get her Tatiana or her loved ones to do it. What a powerful story.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Death Takes the Cake

In the second installment of the Della Cooks series, Death Takes the Cake, Della Carmichael is off into a new adventure. When her boss Mickey Jordan wanted her to join a reality cooking contest show to help boost the ratings, she knew she'd gotten more into what she bargained for. The sponsor of the contest is her arch-rival from high school and the baking mix tasted terrible. Between her steaming love affair with Nicholas D'Martino and her cooking show, she discovered the dead body of her nemesis. It's up to Della to compete with tougher competition and discover who killed her and why, before she's the next on his list. This included yummy recipes to try at home.

Special review from November 2008: Wolf to the Slaughter

In the third installment of the Wexford murder mystery, Wolf to the Slaughter, Wexford and Burden on another complicated murder case. When a secret hotel room becomes the perfect hot bed for three uninterrupted hours of making love, it ended up to be a murder scene for a man who was stabbed in his back. Blood marked the scene, but his body disappeared form the hotel room. They're later on the trail of a missing woman who was last seen in the same room and disappeared with a stash of cash. The reasons why would keep everyone guessing, including Wexford, right in the ending.

Saturday, July 19, 2014


In Iris Johansen's compelling trilogy for the search of the truth to find Bonnie's body and her killer, Quinn placed us in Joe Quinn's POV. After he recovered from his attack, we were taken back to where it all started for Joe and Eve, when they first met on the case, and the chemistry between them to search for answers in the past. Meanwhile, in the present, Catherine Ling went on the hunt for John Gallo and experienced a sensual heat between them. With Bonnie's spiritual guidance for Joe and Eve, they honed in the devastating hunt continued in Bonnie, when it might be the beginning of the end for Eve's life-long search once and for all.

From Doon With Death

If you love classic and timeless British mysteries, you'll love the first one in the Wexford series by Ruth Rendell. In From Doon With Death, it's up to Inspector Wexford and Detective Burden to discover who killed Margaret Parsons. They dissected and examined every piece of her life that went back to her childhood. The closer they get to the truth, the more puzzling it appears to them on who's lying and who's telling the truth. It all stemmed from that ancient book collection and the inscription. In this fast-paced British mystery, there's lots of twists and turns with a shocking conclusion in the end.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Special review from 9/2008: Findings

In the fourth installment of the Faye Longchamp series, Findings, it brings Faye and Joe into another compelling archeological mystery. When they're on another site to dig for clues, Faye's joy was short-lived, when there's a violent break-in her neighbor's house that left him dead. Later on, she discovered a clue to why he was dead. A mysterious emerald in the midst. Her friend's widow asked her to organize the relics on the floor. Her field notes wound up missing. It's up to Faye and Joe to determine the connection between her friend's death and the story of the emerald. While they're closer to the truth, the chemistry between Faye and Joe are turning up the heat for them. Another good mystery to add to the series.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

May Day

Welcome to a new kind of cozy mystery, when there's a murder every month. When you think of May Day, you'll think about the call for help like in a distress signal or the first day of May, when there's a parade and a dance. Well, for Jess Lourey's May Day, her heroine Mira James sent out her own SOS. When she returned back to her home small town of Battle Lake, Minnesota, who said you can't go home again. She got a new job as the librarian in the library and discovered a dead body in plain sight. We learn about Mira's past with her father and her troubled adolescent years, when we find out about Mira's connection to the deceased. And from there, she's on the hunt for clues on why the state's hero was killed and with what motives. Jealousy? Greed? Or something else entirely, that may or may not stem from the past. She got to know the people in Battle Lake, its history of the land, and the residents hidden secrets. She becomes closer to the truth, until someone sent her a message to back off, before she's next. What a shocking twist in the end!