Monday, June 29, 2015

Ravishing in Red

In the first installment of Madeleine Hunter's The Rarest Blooms historical romance series, Ravishing in Red, she gave us a most fascinating read that would captivate your heart and your mind. For Audrianna Kemsleigh, she wanted to find the reason why her father died in shame and scandal. For Sebastian Summerhays, he met Audrianna at the lodge to find this person named "Domino", when they ended up in a scandal itself on the gossip sheets. They were both under scrutiny and looking for the same reasons behind the bad gun powder, when his brother was injured by a bullet wound and paralyzed for it. To save her reputation, Audrianna had to go into a marriage of convenience, while they investigate the root source of the scandal and fall in love, when it became a match made out of love in the end.

This was a most fascinating and wonderful historical romance. I cared about Audrianna's plight and Sebastian's concern for her brother. I loved the English locations that was set during that time period. This would make you keep reading to the end to find out what happened in one or two sittings. You would also fall in love with them and this series, too. Great drama, excellent non-stop action with heated romance, suspense and an  intriguing mystery, too.

Will you look ravishing in red, this summer? If so, check it out today!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Killer Heels

In Sheryl Anderson's Killer Heels, the first installment in the Molly Forrester mystery series, this mystery has it all--romance, humor, and plenty of intrigue. Molly was a columnist for Zeitgeist magazine, when she wanted to get away from it all and become a real journalist. As she discovered the dead body of a colleague, that's when she investigated the murder and met the handsome Kyle Edwards, a police detective for the NYPD. As they dug into Teddy Reynolds's life, she suspected a couple of people from her magazine, until her boss wounded up dead. The closer the truth she'd gotten to uncover an, the more she couldn't believe the real culprit was and why, when her life was on the line.

This was an excellent introduction to the Molly Forrester mystery series, which packed a helluva punch in the first couple of pages. I cared about Molly, Tricia and Cassady, including Kyle Edwards. I felt bad for Helen, and was on the fence for Yvonne and Gretchen. I liked the NYC location for the vast scenic settings for this mystery debut. This would make you think twice and suspect everyone you know with goosebumps and gasps on every page. Great drama, good suspense, excellent non-stop action with tons of intrigue and humor.

Will you wear a pair of killer heels today? If so, watch your step with a copy today!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Murder on Molokai

In Chip Hughes's Murder on Moloka'i, the first installment of the Surfing Detective Mystery series, we're taken on a wild and thrilling ride in Hawaii. For Kai Cooke, a surfing detective for the Hawaiian islands, his first case was requested by Adrienne Ridgely, when her sister had died from an accidental death on the mule ride. That's when he looked into the array of suspects that ranged from her sister's ex-husband to the people who were also on the mule ride. As he dug deeper into Sarah's life, things get grim when Adrienne was hit by a car and threats were aimed at Kai. That's when he knew about the hui had some involved into it and needed to throw a monkeywrench into their landing zoning plans for good, even if he staked his life for it.

This was a great introduction to the Surfing Detective series. I cared about Kai and Adrienne's plight to find justice for her sister. I loved the Hawaiian locations in this novel with vast scenic settings in various Hawaiian cities, since we learn about their culture and customs on living on the islands. This would take you on a wild ride on the ocean to keep you thrilled with this fast-paced mystery novel.  Great drama, excellent suspense and intrigue, with lots of non-stop action and intrigue along the way.

Will you say aloha to Murder on Molokai? If so, grab a surfboard to ride the waves today!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Married Til Monday

In Denise Hunter's Married 'Til Monday, the 4th installment in the Chapel Springs christian romance series, this was a heart-warming and lovely Christian romance novel that tugs your heart. In this novel, it focused on Ryan McKinley and his ex-wife Abby. When his former in-laws invited to their anniversary party, when they kept their divorce a secret. On the road trip to and back to the party, they revisited how they met, fell in love, got  married, and what made it fell apart, when they lead separate lives. Abby and Ryan rediscovered each other and fell in love with a fresh start, while she acknowledged the heartache of her father's verbal abuse against her, while Cole and PJ tied the knot for this fairytale ending.

This was so beautiful and made it cry throughout the novel. I loved Abby and Ryan on how they've worked through their issues. But I hated Abby's parents and Lewis for how they crushed Abby's self-esteem. I loved how Ryan's family supported her and re-welcomed her into the fold. I loved the Chapel Springs and Indianapolis dual locations for the scenic settings. This really pulled at your heart strings for an emotional wild ride. Great drama, a hint of suspense, intrigue and lots of light non-stop actions.

Will you stay married til Monday? If so, check it out today!


Monday, June 22, 2015

Special review: Left for Dead from October 2008

In Kevin O'Brien's Left for Dead, when Claire Shaw awakened in a Seattle hospital, she didn't recognize the faces from her husband and friends, while she knew she was lucky to be alive and a lone survivor from a serial killer. She understood she was a mistake like the others, and there would be no escape, when her eyes focused on the beautiful, perfect terror. When she returned home to her island home from the mainland, she returned to a life she didn't know anymore, a town that can feel it too, when the evil remained hidden behind its facade. Slowly, Claire's memories return and take shape, when it really feels like home.

This was another gripping and spell-binding thriller. I cared about Claire Shaw and the precarious state she wounded up in, when had amnesia and felt danger closed in on her. I also loved the Seattle island location that isolated her from the mainland for the settings to foreshadow the ever present danger. This reeled me in for a wild emotional roller coaster ride from the first to last page. Great drama, excellent non-stop action and suspense, intrigue and mystery.

Will you be wary, if you're left for dead? If so, give it a try today!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Special Review: Speak No Evil from July 2008

In Allison Brennan's Speak No Evil, the first installment in the No Evil romantic suspense trilogy, she sent us thrilling chills in this romantic suspense trilogy debut. Silence can be deadly. It all started with the vile murder of Angie Vance with her mouth glued shut, an obscenity scrawled on her skin and suffocation by garbage bag. That brought Police Detective Catrina Kincaid over to the scene, when she met Sheriff Nick Thomas by investigating his brother, Angie's ex-boyfriend. With Nick scarred from a recent confrontation of a serial killer, he would do anything to prove his brother's innocence, while learning about his dark side, when a friend of the victim suffered from the same fate. Now it was up to the both of them to trap a psychopath before another unlucky woman becomes his next victim.

This was a mind-blowing romantic suspense that would send chills up and down your spine. I cared about Catrina and Nick, when they dealt with a dark evil force that threw them together and put them at ends. I loved the California location for the scenic depicted settings, when sparks flew between Catrina and Nick. This would hook you on the first page and compel you to keep reading straight to the end. Great suspense with lots of non-stop action, intrigue, mystery and romance.

Will you speak of no evil today? Give it a try tonight!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Race

In Clive Cussler's The Race, the 4th installment in the Isaac Bell historical action-adventure series, this time he took to the friendly skies on an aerial race. It all started with Josephine Josephs, who wanted to be the first woman to race cross-country in an airplane, when she witnessed her husband attempted to kill her friend and lover. That's when Issac and the other Van Dorn detectives were assigned to protect her during the race from her husband. During the race, there was a lot of mayhem, sabotage, murder, and a lot of deceit, when Isaac took to the skies and fly a plane himself while protecting her and learned the hard earned truth about the plotted scheme to make her a winner--or not.

This was another fascinating historical action-adventure series from Clive Cussler. He tackled automobiles and trains in the past three books, and now have done airplane so beautifully. I loved Isaac with Marion and rest of the Van Dorns. I didn't like Harry or Marco Celere one bit and felt bad for Josephine to fall for their vile acts of love and deception. I wasn't certain about her feelings on Preston Whiteway. I loved the cross country locations and vast scenic locations for the entire novel.  This would make you ooh and ahh through the storyline, like you were watching fireworks in the sky.  Terrific non-stop action with suspense, intrigue, drama and a hint of romance along the way.

Will you come aboard to join the race? If so, hit the friendly skies today!