Thursday, August 16, 2018

Pretty Dolls and Hand Grenades

In Cara Reinard's Pretty Dolls and Hand Grenades, this domestic suspense is so compelling and down to the nitty-gritty with real good drama. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. For CeCe Laramie, her perfect world had started to slip away from her. When she learned her husband Mitchell was having an affair with his younger red-haired assistant, she almost flipped her lid. Besides her marital troubles, she's been having blackouts, panic attacks, and a severe case of OCD. Her daughter Josie has an eating disorder, and her son Camdyn is fascinated with violent video games. She almost had it all, until he wanted a divorce to be with her.  Then she lost her friends and he had cut her off financially when she decided to get a job at the local coffee shop to lend a hand in the expenses. When she had thought of a way to bring them together, Mitchell believed she was lying.  But it didn't explain those headaches when she had blacked out. That's when she met a mystery Russian woman named "Dinah" who wanted to help her out since she had been wronged too. With secret meetings, they came up with a plan to bring her husband back to her and to drive his mistress away. But with every plot of revenge, she never thought it would get too far and real dangerous without getting anyone hurt or killed. As long as he had an alibi for each act, no one would suspect her of any wrong-doing.  At the end, when things come to a head, she learned who "Dinah" really was and had she kept the secret with an explosive happy ending.

This was a great and intriguing domestic suspense.  I did care for Cece and had she tried her best to keep her family together, while they were splitting apart. I did get a bit worried about her with her OCD and her blackouts, and how she put on a brave face on for her two kids. I didn't like Katelyn too much either. I did like the NYC and New Jersey dual locations and the compelling scenic scenes from start to finish. This would make you want to shake your head, gasp, and hang on tight, when it's loaded with non-stop action, drama, suspense and tons of mystery on every page.

Will you give Pretty Dolls and Hand Grenades a read today?

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Yarn to GO

In Betty Hechtman's Yarn to Go, the first installment in the Yarn Retreat Crafty Cozy Series, this caper is twisted and leave you up in tangled knots in the end. For Casey Feldstein, she's a dessert chef for a local restaurant.  But when she learns about her aunt's hit-and-run, she became puzzled on why it happened. In her late aunt's place, she decided to continue the Yarn to Go Retreat in Cadbury by the Sea, when she met the Master Knitter named Kris Garland and other fellow knitters who came there to relax for the weekend in Vista  Del Mar. But while she wondered about her aunt's accident, she learned that one fellow knitter who couldn't make it, since she had an accident by the sea. While she learns the ins and outs of knitting with the others, she meets her neighbor Dane Mangano and runs into an abrasive man named Kevin St. John, the owner of the hotel, who would do anything to take over the retreat for her. When one of the fellow knitters turn up missing, Casey and her friend Lucinda decided to check on her and discover she had been murdered in her bed. Now it was up to Casey to do a bit sleuthing of her own and learn more about the other knitters in the process. In the end, it was up to her to point the fingers to the main culprit and save her own hind before she would be next.

This was a great cozy series debut that would leave you hooked on every purled stitch for every page. I did care for Casey and how her chocolate muffins became a hit with the locals and how she took charge to solve three murders in the price of one in the end. I did see a potential love triangle between Sammy, her ex, and with Dane. And I loved how she stuck to her guns and didn't leave an unfinished project to find her true calling. I did find the Cadbury by the Sea a terrific location with mesmerizing scenes around Vista Del Mar and near the sea in general. This would make you want to take up knitting and to devour a new cozy mystery at the same time with great drama, suspense, non-stop action and plenty of mystery to keep you guessing whodunit right to the end.

Will you check out Yarn to Go and read it tonight?

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Bimini Twist

In Linda Greenlaw's Bimini Twist, the 4th installment in the Jane Bunker Mystery series, this compelling storyline is twisted and send you spinning in a tailspin. Meet Jane Bunker. She wears two hats in Green Haven, Maine--she works as a deputy sheriff for Hancock County and also a marine insurance investigator. It all started for Jane that she had been assigned to look for a missing Romanian girl named Bianca Ciariac, while her thorough drug busts had been put on hold by her boss. While she was looking for her, she boarded one boat named the Princess of the Seas and meets Pete Alford, the chief fisherman there. During her boat ride, she witnessed a ramming of one other cruise ship and then later had killed Ron Thomas. As insurance adjustor for the company, she discovered more than she bargained for, when the chief suspect had suspiciously died by his own gear. Meanwhile, another call had come out about a missing maritime cadet named Franklin Avery, and later he was also presumed to return to Rockland the next morning on the ship. But while Jane had tried to put two to two together, things had gotten awry, when he turned up dead. More suspicions had swirled around in Jane's head, when she discovered other missing women had gotten missing on the ship with help from her assistant Deloris. In the end, she had gotten into herself a nasty bind of a potential coverup of something more sinister and learned the bitter truth behind it.

This was a compelling and interesting storyline that's set in Maine and on the sea. I did care for Jane who worked double duty in small town Green Haven, Maine. She's not just an ordinary plane Jane--pardon the pun--but she did care for her brother Walter, who has Down Syndrome. I love the diversity in that novel. I also thought Pete Alford was quite compellingly intriguing and a positive catch for Jane. I did like the visual gripping scenes in Green Haven and on the Atlantic Ocean to Bimini and how the locations were quitting fitting for storyline and title. This would send your head spinning and blow out a big breath with non-stop action, drama, suspense and intrigue from start to end.

Will you set sail for a twisted adventure today in Bimini Twist?

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Magic Bites

In llona Andrews's Magic Bites, the first installment in the Kate Daniels urban fantasy series, you would be enchanted and thrown into a dangerous magical world. For Kate Daniels, she's a broke mercenary looking for word, when she learned about her guardian's death.  This had propelled her to look for clues and search for answers.  And along the way, she had met an interesting array of characters, like Curran the lead of the Pack of Lycanthropes, and the Vampires who practice Necromancy. While both sides blame each other for the latest deaths in each tribe, she had a blood ward named Derek, and became intrigued by Dr. Crest. Though she had been accepted by the Pack to become an honorary member, they team up to learn about the upir, a half-breed who mates with women and eats the dead. And right under their noses, they discover it might be one of their own. For Kate, Curran, and Nick, a Crusader, the battle is one to decimate the upir and his brood and make this magical world set better with a fight for life and death.

This was a fantastic debut to this urban fantasy series. It placed you right into Kate's disorderly world and how she was thrusted on shaky ground. I did care for Kate, who has some magical touches, and meets some interesting people along the way. I did think Crest was amusing and Curran was a tad enthralling. I did like the magic atmospheric world in Atlanta for the mesmerizing locations and enchanting scenic scenes throughout Georgia. This woud make you want to gasp, shake your head, whistle, and hang onto a wild ride with non-stop action, drama, suspense and plenty of mystery on every page.

Will you take a chance to read Magic Bites tonight?

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Cooper's Charm

In Lori Foster's Cooper's Charm, the first installment in the Love at the Resort Contemporary Romance series, this new series will charm you and make you find your second chance at love. For Phoenix Rose, she had suffered a horrible ordeal when she was robbed. That left her shattered and make her call off things with her fiancĂ© David.  Then she went to Cooper's Charm park in Ohio, when she needed to get away and start fresh in a new life. That's when she met Cooper Cochran, the owner of the park, and asked him for a job. Right away, she became the housekeeper to keep maintain the resort cabins. But there was a chemistry between her and her widowed boss, when they had gotten well together. While she was insecure from the robbery, she didn't know who or what to feel. When her sister Ridley paid her a visit, she had feasted her eyes on Baxter, one of the coworkers at the park, and sparks continued to fly. Hot off the heels of a divorce and looking for a new love, she made herself a new home in the park and brought a RV to lure Baxter in a seductive trap. Besides all of this, someone had targeted Phoenix by scaring her to death, while Cooper protects her and begins to let go of the ghost of his last wife. When the past came to ahead, it was a life and death situation for Phoenix to take back her life and get the happiness she deserves and face her past...

This was a great contemporary romance that had a bit of a flare and diversity. I did care for Phoenix, who wears glasses and a bit plump, and how she fought back to have her life back. I loved how she bonded with Ridley and how she cared for Sugar and adored Cooper. I have found Ridley a hoot and Cooper a real charmer, who cared for her just the way you are, curves and all. I also loved the park setting in Ohio and how the scenic locations had came to life on every page. This would make you root for Phoenix, gasp for air, and laugh a few times with good humor with non-stop action, drama, suspense and plenty of powerful romance.

Will you stop by Cooper's Charm tonight?

Monday, July 30, 2018

The Patriot Paradox

In William Esmont's The Patriot Paradox, the first installment in the Kurt Vetter Political thriller trilogy, this fast-paced thriller is action-packed and fast-paced from start to finish. When Kurt Vetter learned about his brother's death, it had sent him reeling and went home to his funeral. As he listened to the last message had given him on his answering machine, it sounded cryptic to him. When he discovered what he referred him to his late brother's home, it discovered a  top-secret plot on a decoded disk. That had sent him straight into London to look for Amanda Carter, someone his brother had previously worked with. Back at the CIA, when word had came through about Kurt Vetter being on the move, something he had belonged to them. And they would do anything to stop them, no matter what the cost. When they discovered the truth, things came crashing down on them in a blaze of glory, when Amanda lost his closest friend in the process. As soon as they unearthed this sinister plot, an assassin was sent after them and had set up a trap for them.  In order to stop a ticking tomb to go over in Russia, someone's onto the CIA and saves Kurt and Amanda in the end... but that may not be the end of it...

This was an intense and insane political thriller and a great start to the trilogy series. I loved the variety of locations from the USA to straight into Europe and then in Russia. The scenic descriptions were amazing and compelling enough to put yourself in there. I cared for Kurt who had venging the death of his brother and had teamed with Amanda, who was a force to be reckoned with. I also found her something of an enigma as well. This would make you want to bit your tongue and hold onto the edge of your seat with non-stop action, drama, suspense and plenty of intrigue, that could be ripped straight from the headlines in today's news.

Will you stop the madness in the Patriot Paradox today?

Sunday, July 29, 2018

The Memory Lingers On

In Mary Higgins Clark's The Melody Lingers On, this startling mystery novel takes a storyline straight from the news that would blow you away. Lane Harmon is a young widow with a 4-year-old daughter named Katie. As an associate to the famous Glady Harper, an interior design, they get to interior design Anne Bennett's townhouse and for the Countess Sylvie De Marco's condo. And that's when she met Eric Bennett, the son of Parker Bennett, the notorious businessmen who ripped people's money off with a fraudulent fund. He had maintained his innocence and his eyes set for Lane and Katie. Meanwhile, the FBI has been looking for Parker Bennett himself, who had assumedly faked his own death and lived in paradise under another name. The people who were closest to him, besides his family, were under suspicion and possibly involved with him. One of them named Ranger Cole is avenging his late wife Judy's death in pure hatred and anguish.  Except for Anne, who had a music box that she played music, waiting for Parker to be "alive", the FBI also believed Eric had something to do with it. The closer the FBI dig into his background, the deeper Lane has conflicting feelings for him, they learn about his shocking dark side in the end when things come to a head for Lane and the FBI when he turned the table on them.

This was a gripping and intense mystery that hits close to home for today's news headline. I cared for Lane for a single mother who did the best she could to provide for Katie. I did think she could handle Glady's brash and demeaning behavior in the workplace. I thought Eric was a bit of a devil in disguise who might be hiding something and showed his true colors. I did feel for the poor people who had lost their savings in Parker's hand and dealt with a nasty blow. I did enjoy the gripping dual locations of New York City and New Jersey with compelling descriptions in every fantastic scene. This would make you want to shake your head and grimace and groan and gasp a few times with non-stop drama, action, suspense and a dollop of mystery.

Will you be there when the Melody Lingers On from the broken music box today?