Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Slap Shot

worIn Kelly Jamieson's Slap Shot, the 5th installment in the Aces Hockey sports romance series, get ready to skate on the ice and be dazzled by a winning goal in one story. Meet Max Hall. He's a right wing for the Chicago Aces hockey team. He's been off the ice ever since his wife died and wants to get back on the roster again. At a friend's wedding, he meets Kendra Armstrong, one of his team mate's cousin who's from NYC. At first glance, it was lust at first sight that had awakenened his libido and went into overdrive. From there, he had a sextastic relationship with Kendra and corresponds with her via text and Skype, until they rendezvous and meet again over the months. While Kendra goes through some issues with her parents and trying to get her sex toy to get up and running into the markets, Max is on a healthy diet and underwent vigorous training to get back into the game. When he sprained his ankle, that's when things took a different turn, when she cared for him and didn't except to fall for him, until he plans to break it off with her. For a short while, they went their separate ways until Max prepared to let go of his late wife's memory and began to heal and love again with Kendra. In the end, they have a happy ending of their own.

This was a truly moving and gripping sports romance novel that's centered around hockey, on and off the ice. I really cared for Max and Kendra's relationship, and how they had their own ghosts in the past that make them truly different and special. I did find it a bit too overbearing for Max to have an active sex drive and used the F word a lot. But I loved how Max healed and let himself find love again by finding love of his own. I loved the NYC and Chicago settings in the stadium and at Max's condo. He does seem to be a down-to-earth guy and Kendra was the perfect match for him.  This would make you want to fan yourself and clear those steamy windows, sigh and gasp, and maybe cover your eyes every now and then. This has steamy romance, non-stop action, drama and suspense every step of the way.

Will you be ready to take a step forward and hit that Slap Shot today?

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire

In Kerrelyn Sparks's How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire, the first installment in the Love at Stake paranormal romance series, this twisted love story would make you drop your jaw and give you goosebumps and some giggles. Roman Draganesti is rich, handsome, daring, and also a vampire. And when he lost one of his fangs, he needed a dentist... stat. And that's when he met Shanna Whelan, a mortal woman who's living in the Witness Protecton Program, and the only dentist who came help him... even under mind control. For Shanna, he protected her from the Russian mafia and from Ivan Petrovsky, a Russian coven leader who wants the both of them dead.  Between Shanna and Roman, they were opposites like night and day. But they were some kind of sparkling and brewing chemistry between them. Their relatonship wouldn't work out, since Shanna wanted a normal life and Roman wanted to make vampires have a better life too--making synthetic blood, a formula to keep them alive during the day. What's next? And then there were the problem with Roman's harem and that Shanna's father is part of the CIA's Stake-Out team to eradicate vampires. Between the two of them, they defied the odds in order to be together to have their own future.

This paranormal romance had some humorous moments and red-hot sexy scenes. I did care for Roman who waited for the right woman to give him hope and make him a better person. Some of his Highlander Guards were a bit charming as well. I also adored Shanna, who had her own issues and overcame her fear of blood. I've found Ivan a bit creepy as Hell. I did like the Romatech laboratory in NYC was made for a fascinating setting as the locations were vivid and bright with color. This would make you laugh out loud, feel chilled all over, feel faint, and swoon in this terrfic love story that has a bite to sink you teeth into... on the first page. It has explosive romance, drama, non-stop action and prickles of intrigue.

Will you be tempting to read How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire today?

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Moonlight Kiss

In LuAnn McLane's Moonlight Kiss, the 5th installment in the Cricket Creek contemporary romance series, this heart-warming romance will sweep you off your feet and propel you to find love in the most unexpected places. For Addison Monroe, she was a city girl from Los Angeles, who looked for a fresh start after two broken engagements to well-known celebrities. Heartbroken, she needed a get away to Cricket Creek, Kentucky, and reunite with her cousin Mia. She had first met Reid Greenfield, when his twin sister had concoted the idea of have a rural wedding at a rustic barn. Although skeptic, he wasn't looking for love, until he met Addison and fell head over heels in love with her. As she set up shop in Wedding Row with her wedding planning boutique and found romance with Reid, real estate Maggie McMillan was a single mother in her fifties who had a rough childhood and had given up on finding her Mr. Right. Then came Richard Ruleman, a well-known musician posed as Rick Ruleman, and Addison's ex-fiance's father. He needed an escape in a cabin to change his lifestyle and need to make amends to Addison. But when he met Maggie, it change him to a reformed man who longed to have someone like her in her life. In the ends, both couple finds true love and one gets a charming happily ever after of their own.

This was an enchanting and lovely contemporary romance that was set in a rural small town. I did really care for Addison and how she changed her life around after a crushing heartbreak. I've grown fond on Reid and have found Mia and Sara were a hoot.  I did think Rick and Maggie do make an adorable couple. The town of Cricket Creek itself was picturesque and enchanting with its eye-catching settings for the perfect location. This would make you want to swoon and sigh, fan yourself,  dream and wish upon a star with non-stop action, drama, tons of passionate romance, and a hint of intrigue in every way.

Will you be lucky to receive a Moonlight Kiss today?

Saturday, December 2, 2017


In James Rollins's Bloodline, the 8th installment in this exhilerating thriller series, this novel would take you to the edge of your seat and make you drop your jaw.  It all started when the president's pregnant daughter was kidnapped by Somali pirates and later lost her husband in a brutal bloodfest. Then they've taken her to a secret cabin and want her unborn son for nefarious reasons. Back in the United States, while Grey Pierce deals with family issues of his own, he learns about Amanda Gant Bennett's kidnapping overseas  from Director Painter Crowe and prepares his team to go on a most dangerous covert operation they ever been on. They also recruited Sargeant Tucker Wayne and his trusted K-9 solider dog Kane to join their force on this rescue mission that would take them above and beyond. Inside the fertilty clinic in the Carolinas, Kat and Lisa from Sigma go undercover to learn the top secrets and why they wanted Amanda's baby. When discovered, it had put them in a most precious situation of their own and fought for their lives. Meanwhile, when they thought they've found Amanda on a secret island near Dubai, the president had put pressure for him to abort their mission and to terminate the Sigma Force's mission. But when Painter learn the hidden truth of who's behind it, it made the president rethink his strategy and to listen to what he said. Little did they know, that someone real close to the White House wanted to play God with genetics and nanotechnology for the immortal greater good. In the end,  the truth would come out on who was behind it and who played the better hand, when they would suffer the consequences with a terrible fate.

This thriller was fantasticly thrilling and bone-chilling numb at the same time. I did care for every member of Sigma Force and including Tucker and Kane too. I did find compassion for Amanda and the president, while some close to them plotted a real sick and sinister plot. The storyline was mind-blowing and utterly gripping to dip deep and then delve into the heart of someone playing God with medicine and science. I did love the vast  locations from the Carolinas to Africa and then all the way into the Middle East for that remote island known as Utopia. Each scenic setting was eye-popping to read on the page from one place to another. This would leave you speechless and feeling chilled in the end with non-stop action, drama, intense intrigue and mind-gripping mystery from start to finish.

Will you be ready to trust your own Bloodline tonight?

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The Vineyard Victims

In Ellen Crosby's The Vineyard Victims, the 8th installment in the Wine Country Mysteries series, this spine-tingling mystery is so twisted and would leave you at the edge of your seat. A few years ago, Lucie Montgomery was permanently disabled, when her boyfriend  crashed her car in front of the wall of the vineyard. Now, she had witnessed Jamie Vaughn, a presidential candidate hopeful and successful vineyard millionaire, crash his car at the same place. In attempts to save his life of the burning car, she knew it was too late, when he told her to relay a message for him. Then he died in the fire. Puzzled by the car crash, she promised Jamie on his dying breath to tell "Rick" that he forgives him for what he'd done in the past. That left Lucie to dig up some dirt and ask some questions around on what referred to, even if it meant people that were the closest to her. Though she wouldn't back down, she searched for answers on what happened 30 years ago, when an innocent man was wrongly convicted for someone's death. The closer she had gotten to the truth, people told her to back off and to let it go, when she stood her ground and uncovered the hidden and shocking truth of secrets and lies. When someone took a potshot at her, it meant more than personal for her as she took a closer look around with her fiancĂ© Quinn, who helps her run her winery and vineyard. In a matter of life and death, she discovered who done it and why in the explosive ending.

This was a great mystery novel in this series. I do like the backdrop of the Atoka Virginia vineyards to depict the scenery real well with eye-catching descriptonsfor the locations and the settings. The little backstory of the vineyards did really come into play for the plotline. I did care for Lucie and Quinn, who do make an adorable couple, and do love making and selling wine. I did feel bad for her, when the crash left her childless and with a deformed foot that maybe someday she would get fixed. This novel would make you taste a glass of wine and have a sip or two. It would make you want to shake your head and render you speechless and hold your breath too with drama, non-stop action, intrigue and some explosive red herrings to sink your teeth into. (My e-copy had about a dozen or so of punctuation/grammar errors, mainly with words with two fs like off and coffee for example.) 

Will you want to take a drive and dig into The Vineyard Victims today?

Monday, November 27, 2017

The Scotsman Who Saved Me

In Hannah Howell's the Scotsman Who Saved Me, the first installment in the Seven Brides for Seven Scotsmen historical romance series, this love story would captivate you and embrace you with arms wide open. Lady Emily Stanton was left for dead on the side of the road and her nephew Neddy was missing after her cabin had burned down in her Oklahoma home. After her own sister and brother-in-law had been murdered, she's been on the lam and needed a safe place to hide from people who tried to kill her and had murdered her family. Enter Iain MacEnroy, the oldest brother of the MacEnroy Scottish clan, who came to her rescue and saved her life and her nephew's too. As he tended to her injuries, he became curious about her and vowed to protect her from danger. As soon as she recovered, she kept her true identity a secret from them until it felt right to reveal Neddy's birthright. While she stayed inside his home, Iain and his brothers fought her enemy and battled them near and far with swords and pistols to protect her and his land. As they've gotten to know each other better, he became to care for her as she helped him learn to read and take care of financial matters. Later, she revealed to Iain and his brothers her story about her cousin's quest to become the duke, even if he had to kill people who stood in his way, like his own flesh and blood. The battle wages on in America as her cousin becomes closer to where Emily hid out with Neddy, while Iain woos Emily and falls helpless in love with her.  In the end, they had gotten a happy ending that was fitting for this story.

This was a beautiful and romantic historical romance series that would sweep you off your feet. I did care for Emily and Neddy and despised everything that her cousin Albert stood for. I did find Emily compelling and charming as Iain and his brothers were tough as nails and pretty darn handsome too.  I could see the sparks flying between the two of them and how they cared for each other. I did like the settings for 18th century America in rural Arkansas and how it was portrayed during that time period to find their own parcel of land.  The location had popped on the page in vivid colors. This would make you swoon, sway, sigh, take you on an enchanted love story and propel you to fall in love with Emily and Iain's romance with non-stop action, drama, intrigue, and lots of romance to turn up the heat. (This e-arc had some minor punctuation/gramamar errors.)

Will be discover The Scotsman Who Saved Me today?

Sunday, November 26, 2017

I See You

In Clare Mackintosh's I See You, this thriller will grip you on the first page and make you hold onto your seats. Someone's watching female Subway passengers in London and preys on their fears. It all started for Zoe Walker, a mother of two teen children, and lived with her boyfriend for over a year. When she spotted a chatline advert in the local newspaper, it had a photo of her and her commute information. That made her want to raise red flags for her safety and for her own children, too. When she dug deeper online, she discovered there's been a rash of similiar incidents along the Tube. Women have been raped, assaulted or possibly murdered. This is when she brought the attention to PC Kelly Swift, who works in the Dip Squad for the British Transport Service. This become personal for Kelly, when her twin sister had been raped a couple of years in college. And that had almost cost her the job. After she had a run-in with someone at the Tube who almost thrown her to the tracks, it had sent her world in a tizzy and caused stress for her at work and at home. As Kelly asks for a temporary transfer to the Met's Murder Squad, she brought it to the attention to DI Rampello, who worked on a case that had some bearing to her own. Together, they discover who's behind the website that had made men prey on unexpected women. And as Zoe tries to figure it out with more clues of her own, she never realized who done it and why as it had hit her way too close at home in the shocking end.

This was a really creepy and twisted dark thriller. I did care for Zoe and her family and how this cause of fear make her a bit jumpy and paranoia. I did think Simon is okay and Zoe's ex Matt is a fair guy. I did love the vast locations of London's subway stations and outside of it with gripping and eye-catching scenic settings in every turned page. This would make you want to bit your tongue,  hold yor breath, shake your head, and feel cold all over with non-stop action, drama, suspense, and tons of chills by the end of the novel.

Will you be wary to read I See You tonight?