Sunday, February 19, 2017

Going for the Goal

In Sara Rider's Going for the Goal, the first installment in The Perfect Play hockey sports romance series, this novel scores on all levels and across the board on and off the ice. Jillian Nichols first met Nick Salinger, when she was a sports agent intern. Fast forward to a decade later, she now runs her own sports management agency and trying to make a name out for herself in the sports world. When Nick "the Punisher" Salinger needs a new agent, he remembers Jillian and asks her to sign him up. Hesistantly, she agrees to start a professional business relationship with him. While she helped him to control his temper, stay out of trouble, and maintain his sports image, the heat between them is sparking red hot, when they date and get to know each other better! As Jillian wants to be nominated for ASLMA as president, she dealt with a lot of interference from her former mentor and rival, who's a bit of a prick, and had poached her clients. When she was disqualified for the running of the board, due to ethical reasons, Nick has his own issues with his fellow team mate Sebastian Liakos, a hot head who likes to causing trouble amongst the team. He also would love to let his team win the Stanley Cup if Liakos didn't get in the way. Together, they've figured out a way to settle the score and get a happy ending to get what they want in the end... with each other.

This was a fantastic sports romance that features a hockey theme. I really liked Jillian and Nick together as a couple and really feel their pain on what they have to do to make ends meet. I couldn't stand Liakos and Parsons, when they had their comeuppance in the end for their shady business to ruin the fun for the both of them.  I really loved the New York sports scene with the compelling settings and the scenic locations in the area. This would make you root for Jillian and Nick on how they defeated the odds and grunt and groan for every twist and turn on every page. This sports romance has a lot of steamy romance, drama, non-stop sports action, and intrigue along the way.

Will you be going for the goal today?


Saturday, February 18, 2017

When She's Gone

In Jane Palmer's When She's Gone, the first installment in the Ara Zuyev thriller series, this fast-paced thriller will keep you at the edge of your seat. For bodyguard Ara Zuyev, a woman with a mysterious past and a former cop, she's sworn to protect Samantha Harper, the stepdaughter of millionaire Oliver Boone. When she was kidnapping from a restaurant, she chases the van that snatched her from her eyes. That's when the FBI is called in and Agent Luke Patrick is one the case. In order for them to talk together, they needed to trust each other. For the both of them, they discovered that Sam orchestrated the kidnapping as payback, which had taken a dangerous turn for the worst. After Oliver receives a ransom request via phone, she listened to her message on the phone and played it back in her mind to connect the dots. She pieced the together about the forged paintings from the gallery, which has dangerous Russian mob connections. In a race against time with the body count piling up, Ara puts herself in the line and faces somebody from her past to bring Sam home.

This was a fantastic thriller debut from start to finish. I really cared about Ara and on how she had put herself on the line to save Sam. I really felt bad for her on how she had endured a lot as a young Russian teenager and also as a cop. I also found Luke quite charming and amusing with his quick wits and sharp street smarts. I loved the New York City location with vivid depictive and scenic settings from the mansion to the shipyard in the end and everywhere in between. This would make you want to grit your teeth and hold your breath in this energetic thriller with non-stop action, drama, suspense, intrigue and plenty of mystery along the way.

What would you do when she's gone?

Friday, February 17, 2017

The Quilter's Apprentice

In Jennifer Chiaverini's The Quilter's Apprentice, the first installment in the Elm Creek Quilts Woman's Fiction series, this heart-warming tale would intertwine stitches of historical fiction/romance into this tale of love, loss, life, and friendship. For Sarah McClure, she and her husband had moved to Waterford, Pennsylvania for a new job prospect for her husband. While Sarah searched for a new accounting job and had no luck with interviews, she had made a friend for Mrs. Sylvia Compson, an elderly widow who needed help sorting out her late sister's belongings inside of her manor home before the sale. While she landed a temporary job helping Sylvia, she learned a lot about her life during World War II as a young girl, along with some tales on how to make a variety of quilts. From time to time, she made new friends with the Tangled Web Quilters and discovered a great deal about how to piece quilts. In a race of time to prevent Sylvia to stay and not to sell her home, she came through on her promise to keep it alive and to find out what she was missing along. She had found an ideal job right there with Sylvia, too.

This was a wonderful and lovely woman's fiction novel. I cared about Sarah and Matt and also about Sylvia's plight about being a young war widow and how she befriended Sarah in her home. I also loved learning to hear a great idea about Sylvia's life and hope Sarah could make amends with her own mother. The locations for Waterford was beautiful and lovely in the scenic settings from Sylvia's home to the Tangled Web Guild. In great detail, we learned a lot about how quilts are made and the variety of designs. This was a fantastic read and really enjoyable from start to finish to give you a feeling of faith and hope and warmth. No wonder my late mother loved this series right before she died. This would make you cheer for Sylvia and Sarah's quilting designs in this novel with a hint of romance, drama, intrigue, suspense and mystery.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Distress Signals

In Catherine Ryan Howard's Distress Signals, this thriller debut will throw you some nasty surprising punches and leave you breathless. It all started when Adam Dunne fell overboard the cruise ship and rescued by the French Coast Guard. In this four-part story, we learn how Adam's girlfriend Sarah O'Connell had disappeared from her business trip and never returned home. That's when panic sets in when he calls the Garda for help after he receives a mysterious note from her in the mail. On a mission to discover disturbing answers, he did research on the Blue Wave Cruise line and looked up cruise crimes, until he'd found one that was similar to his and contacted Peter Brazier, a man who "lost" his wife a year before. We also learn about Romain Dupont, a French man who had a troubling childhood with a family secret and a "dark" past, and his mother Corinne, who worked on the same ill-fated cruise ship to escape from him. Later on, the tides have turned for Adam to discover the truth about Sarah and how Peter used him to find justice for his wife Estelle when no clues lead him into the opposite direction with a shocking conclusion in the end.

This was a gripping and compelling thriller debut from Catherine Ryan Howard. I cared about Adam and his search for answers to find Sarah, even if it had a grisly ending. I liked how Corinne and Romain's stories intersected into the storyline, when one event had lead to another. I felt pity for Peter and sorry for those innocent lives lost at sea in his insane search for justice. I liked the backdrop of the cruise ship along Eastern Europe especially Ireland for the center location with scenic settings. This would leave you at the edge of your seat with non-stop action, drama, intrigue and suspense along the way.

Will you listen to the SOS in Distress Signals?

Thursday, February 9, 2017


In Traci Tyne Hilton's Foreclosed, the first installment in the Mitzy Neuhaus Cozy Mystery series, get ready to enter the world of real estate. Mitzy Neuhaus is the top realtor in Portland who's against a rival realtor named Alonzo Miramontes. While the economy is dead for new prospective hot properties, there's a mansion that's been foreclosed by the bank. She wants to sell it to its new owners. But she had hit some snags along the way, besides Alonzo wanting that home for her sister Carmella to use as an inn. First, there's the stolen Russian jewelry at a charity auction that was bid on, her brother and sister-in-law's home broken into, including her office too. And there have been more things that have gotten awry, even after she broadcasted over the air in her radio spot. The potential buyers of that Victorian home pulled out, her best friend gets assaulted, and her rental burned down. When she wanted to check the place for herself, she meets the owner of the home and would do anything to stop her from buying it, even if the stolen jewels are hidden inside somewhere. It's up to Alonzo to team up and work together to stop him in its tracks.

This is a great new cozy mystery debut that deals with the cutthroat world of real estate business. I cared about Mitzy and her real estate firm. I had warmed up to Alonzo toward the middle and could see something brewing between them. I liked Sabrina and Ben and cared for her sister-in-law and brother and even her friend Joan, too. I liked the location of Portland Oregon to be very surreal with the settings. This would teach you a lot about foreclosure and real estate and entertain you with a gripping good tale with drama, suspense, intrigue, and lots of non-stop action.

Will you be wary when your home is foreclosed?

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

A Death at the Yoga Cafe

In Michelle Kelly's A Death at the Yoga Cafe, the 2nd installment in the Keeley Carpenter cozy mystery series, the town of Belfrey is hit by another gruesome tragedy. After the Terry Smith murder, things haven't seem to calm down for Keeley. When she witnessed the heated argument outside of her yoga cafe between Raquel and her mayor boyfriend. Then when he's found  murdered, Raquel is the prime suspect and asks Keeley for help to prove her innocense.  At the same time of her mother's surprise arrival to visit, things had got cozy for her and DC Ben Taylor, until she did some outside snooping of her own for Raquel's insistance. That had put a kink into her relationship with Ben. When she had finally figured it out, the killer had put her in the face of danger with the shocking truth, and things had gotten better with Ben, too.

This was an intriguing cozy that's set in Belfrey, England. I found Keeley and Ben both charming as a couple and how they sorted through their feelings for each other. I did feel sorry for Raquel in a way. I did like the scenic locations in Belfrey and amusing settings for the storyline like her yoga cafe with delicious healthy treats. I did enjoy the storyline arc, when each chapter emphasizes on a yoga pose and its benefits in learning yoga. This would keep you guessing and root Keeley on with every twisted turn with drama, non-stop action, intrigue and suspense along the way.

Will you enjoy a visit and read A Death at the Yoga Cafe today?

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Murder Strikes a Pose

In Tracy Weber's Murder Strike a Pose, the first installment in the Downward Dog Cozy Mystery, you'll enjoy this debut and strike a yoga pose at the same time too. When yoga teacher Kate Davidson encountered a homeless man named George and his monster-sized German Shepherd named Bella outside of her yoga center hawking cheap newspapers, she befriends him and his dogs and tries to force him to leave. But when she overheard a conversation outside of her center and discovers his dead body, she needs to provide a home for Bella, she digs into George Levin's background and learned what lead to him to live on the streets. When the police thought it was nothing but a brawl that did him in, Kate thinks otherwise, though she'd been threatened along the way. She would stop to nothing. With help from her best friend Rene and her boyfriend Michael, they figure it out, when she discovered who did him and why in the end as Bella saved her life and had found a new happy home with Kate.

This was a delightful yoga-centric cozy mystery debut. I loved everything about it, since I've been a fellow yogi for 2.5 years. I loved Kate and Rene as best friends and how Kate took care of Bella under her wings after George was murdered. I did feel sorry for him and thought Bella's former owners, Jake and George's daughter was creepy and bad in their own way. I felt sorry for Bella who endured such abuse and dealt with her own disease. I loved the Seattle locations and scenic settings from Kate's center to down in Seattle. This would make you cheer for Kate and Bella, boo at the bad guys, root for Kate and Michael, and feel at peace with yoga. This has great drama, non-stop action, intrigue, and plenty of suspense.

Will you dig into Murder Strikes a Pose and relax with yoga today?