Saturday, December 31, 2016

Too Hot to Handle

In Tessa Bailey's Too Hot to Handle, the first installment in the Romancing the Clarksons contemporary romance series, get ready to fan yourself and cool yourself with a hot glass of water. After Rita Clarkson had accidentally burned down her late mother's restaurant, she found an entry in her journal with her last wishes for Rita and her three siblings. To complete that final wish, they would have to take a road trip from Los Angeles to New York City. On the way there, their car breaks down in the middle of New Mexico, when help arrived on a motorcycle. The Good Samaritan who rescued them is named Jasper Ellis, who tried to live up to his grandfather's expectations. While the car's in the shop, both Rita and Jasper get to know each other better, while she tried to settle the peace between her brothers and sisters, who haven't seen each other in years.  But the chemistry between Jasper and Rita was steamy hot, ever since he kissed her and when they made love with each other. He helped her find peace and faith to cook again in the kitchen since the fiasco, while she also found a new home where she belonged with him and in his kitchen of his restaurant. While her sisters continued to road trip without her to NYC, she had found what she was looking for in a fresh new start.

This was a fantastic contemporary romance debut.  I adored Rita and her siblings, as they've tried to get along and make peace in the end with encouragement. I found Jasper hot and sexy altogether with his flannel shirt. I also cared for Rita, Aaron, and Belmont, as they've tried to make amends and help Rita out with her toughest decision to stay in Hurley, New Mexico.I found Hurley very picturesque for a small town in the middle of nowhere with all the right fixings for an idealistic location and settings. The chemistry between Rita and Jasper was hot all over. This would take you on a thrill ride with your emotions and senses as you would cry, sigh, and cheer on Rita in the end. This has plenty of romance and love with great drama, non-stop action, and a hint of humor.

Will you be too hot to handle to grab a copy today?

We'll Always Have Parrots

In Donna Andrews's We'll Always Have Parrots, the 5th installment of the Meg Langslow mystery series, this fast-paced mystery had brought a Hollywood flair to this novel with a dose of humor. When the Porfiria, Queen of the Jungle convention arrived in Los Angeles, it had drawn a huge following of fandom from that cult fantasy TV show. As Meg and Michael landed there, things had gotten awry. Parrots and monkeys invaded the hotel, and the main actress was a force to be reckoned with, even behind the scenes to run the show. With her bad temper, it had scared Meg's nephew Eric away for her autograph, when Meg had a choice word or two for her. But when she discovered her dead body in her hotel room, it became suspicious as she later learns that everyone had a bad word or two. With the police on the scene, Meg sleuths around to her history and the creator of the graphic novel before his untimely death, thirty years ago or so. As she pieces the puzzle together, she becomes suspicious of one person or another, when the truth leads to her to believe it was someone right under her nose in disguise. As she corners him with her suspicions, he pulls the fast moves on him until he's captured by the police to find out why before the weekend's over.

This was a great mystery from the fabulous Donna Andrews. I cared so much and a lot for Meg and Michael, while they tried to work out the next step of the relationship. I thought Salome the tiger, the monkeys and the parrots were a hoot. I loved the crazy Porfiria cast of characters, behind and in front of the camera. I loved the Hollywood flair of taking it to a new level of learning about fan fiction, Hollywood, and graphic novels. This would reel you into a great quick read with oodles of humor and will get you absorbed into the novel, like you were transported there from outerspace. Plenty of drama, non-stop action, intrigue and some dollops of humor along the way from start to finish.

Will you check out We'll Always Have Parrots today?

Immaculate Reception

In Jerrilyn Farmer's Immaculate Reception, the second installment in the Madeline Bean culinary cozy series, things get heated and a bit controversial with past historical topics. Months after the debacle from the previous incident, Madeline and her two associates started a new catering company together. When they received an invitation to cater the pope's arrival in Los Angeles, things get a bit dicey, when she discovered a hidden confession from a Jesuit priest in a folder of recipes for making bread. She became intrigued and asked her ex-fiancé's help, when they talked about the discovery and started investigating into the matter. While preparations are in full swing, during the viewing of a sitcom, a friend of Brother Xavier's had gotten murdered. While the cops believed a gang banger did it, she thought so otherwise. And then she's been harassed after speaking to the monsignor about the letter, and a day later, he turned up died. Later on, she unearthed something in his English journals and dug around by asking Victor Zoda, who had a hidden past. During the pontiff's visit, things turn awry, when Xavier gets handcuffed to a crate, and Zoda escapes the clutches of the cops, when Maddie corners him and fends for himself to find out why he had done it in the end.

This was another great catering culinary cozy in the series. I really like Madeline and haow she made a fresh start with her catering company to make their first big event a success in th end. I found Holly and Wes a hoot. I didn't like Dottie much and Arlo was a bit much. But I could see her hooked up with Chuck if things pan out well. I loved the California backdrop of Los Angeles for the scenic settings and locations. This would give you a great read to learn about the Jesuit order of priesthood and a great caper to get a feel for things, even with such history from World War Two. This has great drama, non-stop action, intrigue, good recipes, and plenty of mystery to go around.

Will you be invited to the Immaculate Reception?

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Peachtree Road

In Anne Rivers Siddon's Peachtree Road, a long saga and coming-of-age historical woman's fiction novel that takes place from the 1950s to the 1970s in Atlanta, Georgia. Told from the narrator, Shephard Bondurant, he told the story about the arrival of his cousin Lucy and the life they lived on Peachtree Road with his aunt and two other cousins all in one roof. Throughout the years, these two cousins were inseparable as siblings, he told how Lucy came into their lives and how she became a hellion in such a young life.  While it mainly focused on Shep "Gibby" Bondurant through his lives, it showcased how they grew up in a rich family through the changing years. While Lucy hadn't known her father, Shep was close to his folks as an only child, until they've grown apart. In three parts, this reflected on their adolescent youth to how Shep found true love with his neighbor Sarah Cameron, while Lucy had a rough childhood and a turbulent marriage at a young age. Later on, they grew up to deal with such heartache from loss in family and friends, broken hearts, domestic violence and abuse, and for Lucy, motherhood. After Lucy gave birth to Malory, her only daughter, Shep told how he had dealt with Lucy's manic depression and alcoholic days and the many treatments she went through to clean up her act. After when she had a clean slate with some happiness as Malory grew up and found love of her own, Shep told how Lucy snapped until he couldn't deal with her anymore, until her own death happened to bring it full circle to how the story started.

Although long, this was a heart-wrenching historical Southern woman's fiction novel. I did care for Gibby, who had been dealt with a lot in the span of the story. And every chance he wanted to get with Sarah, his cousin called, until it tore them apart. I did feel sorry for Lucy, when she had harbored a lot of abuse and mental issues throughout the years, until she took matters in her own hands at the end. I did love the backdrop of Atlanta and NYC for the dual locations of the novel's settings, and how it changed and shifted throughout three decades or so along with the times. Though we might now know the mystery if Gibby really had fathered Malory or not. This would make you want to cry, yell, and sigh for the long haul. This has plenty of non-stop drama, action, romance, and plenty of intrigue on how they grew up and dealt with it all from start to finish.

Will you visit Peachtree Road?

Fatal Fiction

In Kym Roberts's Fatal Fiction, the first installment in the Book Barn Mystery cozy series, this startling debut has plenty of humor and lots of intrigue. When Charlie Rae Warren came home to help her father out by selling the bookstore in Hazel Rock, Texas, she had stumbled into a murder at the same store. From there, she became a suspect, while her father was missing and have been presumed to be missing from the law, she took matters into her own hands to clear his name. She came across her high school boyfriend and the new sheriff, while she looked for new suspects and new clues. While she tried to save the store by revamping it, she learned rumors and idle gossip into the small town. Someone tried to sabotage her and cause her a scare. After her father turned up, she faced the hard core truth of who really was the killer and why, when she finally had figured it out in the end.

This was a fantastic cozy mystery debut. I really cared about Charli Warren, a biracial girl living in the small town. That's really diverse and something more we would love to see more often in any genre novel. I found Cade and Mateo and Scarlet, all charming in their own way. I loved how they came together to save the small town store to raise money and make a good profit. And you've got to love Princess, the pink armadillo! That cracked me up! This would take you into a great new world of cozy mysteries. This would make you laugh and groan and root for Charli Rae. This has drama, a hint of romance and good humor, non-stop action and plenty of intrigue.

Will you check out Fatal Fiction today?

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A Kiss of Shadows

In Laurell Hamilton's A Kiss of Shadows, the first installment in the Merry Gentry urban fantasy series, welcome to the world of feys cohabiting with humans in the 21st century. It all started for Merry Gentry, when she came into a most unusual case for the detective agency she worked for.  While she went undercover, she learned about the mystical powers of Brownyn's Tears, a magic potion that had controlling powers to have people worship at your feet and could become lethal. After the spider shower that killed the object of her clients' obsession, things got a bit weird for Merry. That's when she learned that she's requested back home to her aunt, the queen of sidhe fairies in St. Louis. And she could be after something, other than wanting her dead and from being in hiding for three years. For Merry, the sidhe princess, her aunt had given her a hard bargain to later control the throne. Later on, she would have to deal with her cousin's evil antics and do what her aunt wishes for her in her human world to complete the deal.

This was a sexy and a bit erotic urban fantasy debut on the wild side. I did care for Merry Gentry and her half-sidhe world she lived in with the humans. I thought her sidhe guards like Doyle, Galen and Rhys were peculiar and quite charming as well. I despised Cel and became suspicious of her aunt along with her interior motives. I loved the dual locations of St. Louis and Los Angeles with the fey and human worlds for the settings. This showed a bit of eroticism by a tinge, due to the nature of the potion and how sexy Merry was. This would take you on a wild adventure ride with drama, suspense, plenty of romance and lots of non-stop action and intrigue.

Will you be tempted to try the kiss of shadows?

Monday, December 26, 2016

Ark of Fire

In C.M. Palov's Ark of Fire, the first installment in the Caedmon Aisquith thriller series, this esoteric thriller is packed with non-stop action in every turned page. It all started, when Edie Miller, a photographer for the national art museum witnessed the murder of her boss's death. From there, everything's been covered up and swept under the rug. On the run for her life, she contacted Caedmon Aisquith, an associate from her boss, who could help her solve the puzzle on the Ark of the Covenant, a prized possession that withheld the hands of time and could start a war. From Washington D.C. to London, danger followed them by the hot of the heels from a war-crazed zealot named Stan MacFarlane along with his goons. As they began to untangle the twisted cryptic messages in the poem and later from a stained glass window, the more trouble followed them at their every doorstep. And it lead them to Malta, when they might start a world war. It's up to Edie and Caedmon to stop them in their tracks and to uncover the greatest mystery of them all, when this adventure would never end to find this lost and buried treasure.

This was an explosive thriller with a lot of non-stop action for this adventure and esoteric adventure thriller series. I cared about Edie and Caedmon as a force to be reckoned with, alone and with a potential couple. I do find Caedmon a bit annoying sometimes with this wealth of knowledge, but I do adore his red hair. I liked how they join forces to go across the country and to stop a new world war. I loved the trio of locations of D.C., London and Malta for the picturesque settings. This would take you on a whirlwind adventure wind with non-stop action, drama, romance, intrigue and a boat-load of mystery.

Will you be on the hunt for the ark of fire today?

Sunday, December 25, 2016

The Vicious Vet

In MC Beaton's The Vicious Vet, the 2nd installment in the Agatha Raisin cozy mystery series, get ready for a light reading tale of lies and deceit of the worst kind. After Agatha Raisin returned from her vacation, she decided to take her cat to the newest vet. Low and behold, he became popular with the ladies. But when he was found dead, the police claimed it was an accident, while Agatha didn't think so otherwise. She searched for answers on who wanted him dead and why. When Mrs. Josephs claimed she had information on him, when Agatha paid her a visit, she turned up dead. Now with her death, she believes it was a suspicious death. As she started snooping around for shocking clues, someone threatened her and later kidnapped her cats to hush her. The closer she had gotten closer to the truth, the killer cornered her to make her next. After he confessed, it shocked her what he had done next in a climaxing end.

This was another great cozy mystery caper to read in a sitting or two. I still adored Agatha and her love for her two cats. I absolutely believe James Lacey could be the perfect man for her and just be himself. I've found the town of Carseley is charming along with the other English towns for the picturesque settings and locations. This is superb for a great read with drama, suspense, intrigue and plenty of mystery to go around.

Will you be wary of the Vicious Vet?

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Sparking the Fire

In Kate Meader's Sparking the Fire, the third installment in the Hot in Chicago contemporary romance series, get ready to be doused by the hose to cool yourself down. Seven years ago, Molly Cade was an upcoming actress who met Wyatt Fox, a Marine and had a passionate love affair for a week. Fast forward to the present, when Molly arrives in Chicago to shoot a film for her movie and base it on Wyatt's sister. But in order to get through a yes, she needed to get through to him and to his big family. For Wyatt, since he injured his shoulder on the job, while it needed it to heal, he acted as a consultant for a movie set. Lo and behold, it was Molly's and the sparks began to fly. While he had a job to protect his niece from the family drama, he stayed away from Molly, but he couldn't help himself. Molly had to do with some ugly baggage from her ex-husband and the public scandal he caused to wreck havoc on her image. During the shoot, she made new friends and stood up to herself, while the chemistry between her and Wyatt was smoking hot to a steamy ending.

This was a sexy, steamy and hot contemporary romance all rolled up into one hot package. I loved the Chicago settings for this backdrop for this novel--inside and outside the firehouse. I loved how Molly stood up to take back her freedom and grabbed the reign about her own image. I loved how this showed a diverse case of foster siblings living in one family and how Gage cared about his man Brady. The chemistry between Wyatt and Molly were palpable and smoldering like a candle flame. You would fall in love with these two crazy lovebirds from page one. This has plenty of sexy romance, non-stop action, a hint of intrigue and plenty of drama with a capital D.

Will you be sparking the fire today?

Monday, December 12, 2016

The Queen's Accomplice

In Susan Elia MacNeal's The Queen's Accomplice, the 6th installment in the Maggie Hope Historical Mystery series, this would leave you breathless and shocking in this twisted tale. In England 1942, while the war waged on against German with the Blitz, a dead body have been located during the hectic panic of the war. For Maggie Hope, an SOE secretary and a code-breaking agent with MI-5, she was on the case and assisted them in the search for answers. While she worried about her half-sister's safety and an agent who had gone missing in Paris, she had a lot to contend with. A decade before, Jack the Ripper had made startling history by killing prostitutes. Now there's a new killer known as the Blackout East who's copycatting after him and targeting SOE agents. Maggie, a mathematical whiz, tries to put the pieces together with every dead body found, including one of their own and puts herself in harm's way during the war.  And when she realized who it is and why he's done it, she fights for her life and takes care of business with a shocking twist.

This was a fantastic historical mystery that dealt with war, spies, and a great chilling storyline. I really cared for Maggie and her fight for women's payment in the SOE agent. I also loved the twists and turns of the Jack and Ripper copycat-like murders that hit too close to home and a decade after the first murders. I loved the war-time storyline set in war-torn England and how it took center stage throughout this installment of the series. I liked how Durgin became her closest friend and ally and potential love interest. This gripping historical mystery would take you there with drama, non-stop action, intrigue and suspense to give you chills.

Will you be the queen's accomplice today? 

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Neighing with Fire

In Katherine O'Sullivan's Neighing with Fire, the third installment in the Colleen McCabe mystery series, if you can't stand the heat, step away from the fire. For Colleen McCabe, a small town fire chief in Corona, North Carolina, it all started with finding a dead body being washed up by the shore. Then there was a series of arsons in the area that her small team had to help put out. Besides her budding romance with Bill Dorman, a police detective, and preparing for one of her fire fighter's wedding, she started snooping around to discover who wanted to set up her former teacher, Myrtle Crepe, and who had murdered Denny Custis in cold blood. The closer she asked around for answers, the fires became more frequent to scare the horses on the beach and with the piping plovers. If it wasn't for her Border Collie Sparky, she would've have figured out who was the arsonist and why, before he had a chance to escape from her dog's scent to catch the killer.

This was a beautiful mystery that's set in an idyllic small town. The location was so lovely in North Carolina and the beach scenes for the settings were wonderful. I love Colleen as a small town fire chief and how she had a budding romance with Bill. I loved how Myrtle cared for the environment and for the horses. This is similar to the Assateauque Island horses off the Maryland coast, who might lose their island home from the shore.  This is a a compelling mystery with plenty of intrigue and drama, suspense and non-stop action to keep you guessing.

Will you be neighing with fire today?

Thursday, December 8, 2016

If Looks Could Kill

In Kate White's If Looks Could Kill, the first installment in the Bailey Weggins mystery series, she told us a compelling and intriguing mystery about what lies beneath the surface. When Bailey Weggins, a true crime writer for a magazine, receives a call from her fellow friend and co-worker Cat, about her nanny Heidi being unconscious in her bedroom, Bailey helps her find out and discovers that Heidi had died. Later on, they talk to the police about the discovery and learn she was poisoned by truffles at the party.  Bailey starts her own investigation to learn more about Heidi's life and more on Cat's marriage issues. The closer she had dug her own heels into the truth, the more someone wants her silent. As she had taken a closer look at her fellow colleagues at the magazine, she figured it out before she was next on the list with a shocking twist.

This was an intriguing mystery debut that takes us behind the scenes of the magazine industry. I cared for Bailey and became concerned about Cat. Some of the characters I didn't like, but I did found Jack a potential love interest for Bailey okay. I loved the NYC backdrop for the locations and the settings for the storyline. This would take you on a wild ride with a gripping storyline from start to finish with non-stop drama, action, suspense and plenty of mystery.

Will you be daring to read If Looks Could Kill?

Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Highest Stakes

In Rick Reed's The Highest Stakes, the 4th installment in the Jack Murphy thriller series, hang onto your hat for a bumpy ride. It all started with a bombing in Chicago, when Jack Murphy and his partner Liddell chased a family of bank robbers and shooting them dead. But things get dicey, when his friend ATF George Killian gets shot in an undercover operation. As he investigates the scene with Liddell, they learn about who's involved into the crime of crooked cops and other unsavory characters. Every step of the way, he throws no punches to uncover the secret of why other federal agencies are on his tail and wanted to stop him dead. In the end, it comes to a shocking explosion that would knock your socks off. 

This was a gripping thriller to read with a lot of going on. I cared for Jack and for his troubles at work and liked Liddell a lot. I thought the CIA agents were swarmy and Susan were a great friend to Jack.  I liked the Evansville scenery in Indiana and how intricate the locations of the riverboats were on the Ohio River. This would take you for an action-packed ride with non-stop action, drama, a hint of humor, and lots of suspense that will keep you guessing.

Will you gamble on reading The Highest Stakes?

Friday, November 25, 2016

Knit One, Kill Two

In Maggie Sefton's Knit One, Kill Two, the first installment in the A Knitting Cozy Mystery series, this mystery will slowly unravel and get untangled into a dicey mystery. Kelly Flynn returns to Fort Connor, Colorado, when she learns about her Aunt Helen's death. As she handles her aunt's affairs, she meets new friends and learns about the world of knitting. While she takes cares of business, she becomes curious about the nature of her aunt's death and discovers her aunt's hidden past from her aunt's cousin Martha. As she delves deeper into a closer look, she came close of being scared away and probes more into her aunt's past. When she thought it was figured out, she learned about Martha being murdered. In the end, she nabbed the bad guy with help from her her friends on the only way she knew how.

This is a great new cozy series to read and get hooked into a great mystery. I really cared about Kelly and her new friends, when she sought out answers on her aunt's death. I really learned a lot about knitting and how to create scarves and sweaters. I loved the scenic locations in Fort Connor, Colorado, and pictured myself there. This would get you hooked into knitting for this light read with drama, suspense, non-stop action and intrigue.

Will you try out Knit One, Kill Two today?

Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Devil's Work

In Mark Edwards's the Devil's Work, this psychological thriller will shock you and thrill you on how far someone would go for revenge. Sophie Greenwood always dreamed to work for Jackdaw Publishing Company in downtown London. When she had gotten a chance to do so as the new manager, things aren't what they seemed. It all started when one of her employees complained about a sexual harassment email on another employee. And then it spiraled out of control from there. First her close gay friend was beaten by a thug and then things got astray in her own workplace. While she was on probation in her new job, her husband Guy is getting accused of posting a harsh tweet that cost him his freelance career and their marriage hit a turbulent period. While Sophie has her eye on Cassie, a fellow go-getting achiever to climb the ladder of success, she believed she would do her in, like they did with the previous predecessor. And when she thought she had figured it out, she was wrong on who rubbed her the wrong way... someone from her past in the shocking ending... and why.

This was a gripping and bone-chilling thriller to take your breath away. I really cared for Sophie and Guy Greenwood and their daughter Daisy. I couldn't really stand Cassie and didn't like Simon much either. I guess I had every reason too, especially right in the end. I really thought bad for Jasmine (told via flashbacks) and how things ended up with her back then. It had excellent and compelling scenic locations through London and the SoHo area. This would take you on a disturbing roller coaster ride and made you care for Sophie, since this had drama, lots of non-stop action, intrigue, and plenty of mystery.

Will you be tempting to read the Devil's Work today?

Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Letters

In Luann Rice's The Letters, she told us a gripping and moving story about love, life and loss in one powerful woman's fiction novel.  For Hadley and Sam West, they had split up after their own child, Paul, died in a plane crash in Alaska. They went their separate ways and filed for divorce, when their love went wrong. For Sam, he had sent her the first letters, when he was set out to go to Alaska to see where the plane crashed and learned about dog mushing in his first Alaskan adventures. For Hadley, she wrote him back about how she needed time to herself in Mohegan Island, Maine, and how she painted again. Later on, they talk about how they first met each other, how they loved each other, and the sore spot about the reason for their divorce. Hadley became concerned on Sam's health out there, and enlightened him about her haunted cabin with a friendly ghost. Both of them didn't want to sell their home and their orchard on their land. While they discussed Paul and what he went through with his relationship with Julie, before the plane died, they mourned his loss in their profound way. They both sought out to get answers in Alaska and found their way back to each other in the end, when their love never died in spite of things.

This was a beautiful epistolary novel told in letters and in three parts. I cared for both Hadley and Sam West and what they had to endure by losing their own child. They both grieved and mourned their loss their own way, while they needed away from each other and in two different locations. I loved the vivid descriptive Alaskan locations and the idyllic Maine settings. Their love for each other and their son were gripping and moving on how they both sought out answers, when it in return brought them back to each other. This would pull your heart-strings real tight with drama, light non-stop action, and plenty of love to go around.

Will you reading The Letters today?

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Gunpowder Green

In Laura Childs' Gunpowder Green, the second installment in the Tea Shop Cozy Mystery series, she brewed an interesting and sordid mystery from the ground up. It all started, when Theodosia Browning attended the annual Charleston yacht race to share her newest tea flavor from her shop. But it kicked off with a bang, when Oliver Dixon was shot in close proximity of his young bride. As a witness to hear the argument before it happened and then saw it from her own eyes, she became intrigued on why someone wanted him dead. As she prepared for her own mystery tea party, she dig up the dirt on Oliver's personal and private life as she received idle threats of her own. Later on, she concocted a plot to lure the murderer out with her friends and discovered the real culprit and how he done it and why... when it was nothing more than strictly business.

This was another great cozy mystery to read in a light setting or two. I love the tea shop theme and how each novel features a new flavor to brew and try at home. I do care for Theodosia and her friends at the shop and liked how Timothy turned his own cheek by helping her out. I thought Tidwell was okay and maybe warming on Theo. I loved the Charleston location and descriptive settings in each compelling scene. This would get you intrigued on the first page with drama, non-stop action, suspense and a great mystery from start to finish.

Will you be tempting to try Gunpowder Green today?

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Triple Six

In Erica Spindler's Triple Six, the second installment in the Lightkeepers Paranormal Thriller series, the battle between good and evil, dark and light rage on in this compelling gripping thriller. Months later, after Detective Michaela "Mad Dog" Dare was injured on their first fight against the Dark Bearer, she had questions that she needed the answers for. Back on her feet on the next case, they deal with home invasions across the neighborhood. Meanwhile, Angel meets and gets rescued by a man named Seth, who she fells in love for. But both Micki and her partner Detective Zach Harris are both leery and wary about. As she's drawn into his embraces and meets his uncle Will, the case heats up for Micki and Zach, when they have possible leads and suspects, which hit a dead end, literary. As they get closer to the truth, Angel's turns against them, not know who's drawn her into a deadly web of her own. When it dawned to her, it would be too late, until it would come crashing down on her with a shocking ending.

This was another explosive installment into the paranormal thriller series. I really continued to care for Micki and Zach and worried about Angel. I felt compelled to read more and drawn on how she became tangled into an otherwordly web. I loved the New Orleans scenery and gripping locations, especially with the epic battle of good vs evil. This cross-genre of paranormal elements in a mind-blowing thriller will take you for a wild ride with drama, non-stop action, plenty of suspense and a hint of intriguing romance from start to finish.

Will you watch your step with Triple Six?

Monday, November 7, 2016

An October Bride

In Katie Ganshert's An October Bride, the eleventh installment in the A Year of Weddings Contemporary Romance Novella Anthology, she had brought forth a moving love story to warm your heart. Ever since Emma Tate spotted her father's bucket list, she wanted to make it come true. Enter Jake Sawyer, a local neighbor and childhood crush since junior high to help her make it happen. So he gives her a fake proposal for a fake wedding. When the word spread in Mayfair, it stirred a lot of commotion from her folks up to her best friend Lily. With rumors spread out about the fast wedding, as it quickly approaches to the end of October, Emma realizes she's in love with Jake and calls the fake wedding off. But he has a change of heart and tells her, his best friend's kid sister, that he's in love with her, and wants a real one. Emma gives her terminal ill father a happily ever after with her own happy ending.

This was a real beautiful contemporary romance novella. This one really moved me to tears and warmed my heart with a lovely contemporary love story. I really cared for Emma and Jake's story and how they followed their heart and went with their true feelings. I'm so happy that she made her father's last wish to come true on his bucket list before he passed away. I loved the small town of Mayfair and how they came together. I would love how to see Liam and Lily would've turned out, too. I would love to read more of Katie's books in the future. This would take you on a sweet ride in this easy ride with romance, a hint of drama, and a whole lot of warmth.

Will you be the next October Bride?

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Termination Dust

In Sue Henry's Termination Dust, the second installment in the Alex Jensen/Jessie Arnold serial mystery series, this gripping mystery brought forth a hint of mystery from the past into the present. It all started, when Jim Hampton, a tourist from Colorado, visits Alaska on a trek to discover a skeleton with bones and a journal of Addison Riser, a gold prospector during the rush in 1897. From there, he's been concussed and set up for murder, when Alex Jensen from Anchorage and Charles Delafosse from the RCMP came to his attention. From there, they question him and his story and later watch it unfold, when two dead bodies turn up at the same time. During the brisk Alaskan cold, it brought along danger and mystery to Jim, Alex, and Del, when the past is connected to the present with new suspects popping out of the woodwork. As they sorted things out, it placed Jessie in danger as the real culprit came up and surprised them, when they put him behind bars.

This was an very good compelling mystery that brought a past mystery to take centerfold in the present fold. I cared for Jim Hampton and for Alex, Del and Jessie. I loved how they worked together to solve this mystery that took part in both parts of the country--Alaska and Canada. I loved the beautiful scenic settings for both dual locations across the border in the cold winter. This would take you into a compelling ride in every gripping turning page with drama, a bit of history, a lot of mystery, a hint of romance, and a lot of suspense with non-stop action.

Will you be checking out Termination Dust today?

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Seasons of Paradise

In Barbara Cameron's Seasons of Paradise, the second installment in the Coming Home Inspirational Romance series, this beautiful story would move you to tears and tug your heart. For Mary Elizabeth Zook, she lives and works with her Amish family in Paradise, Pennsylvania in Lancaster County. All her life, she wants to be with Sam Stoltzfus and have a life with him. Ever since he left his community to live with the English, she gave up on him and moved on to be with Ben Miller. And her older sister Lavina prepares to have her first child with her brother-in-law. As Sam dealt with such acrimony with his father, he rarely came home to the farm, except when his father was diagnosed with cancer and helped David out. As he tried to find a place in her heart, he wants to live his own life and have worked hard with his friend Peter. Later, Sam and Mary Elizabeth became friends together as they let God guide them to be back together to start a new life as a couple.

This was a beautiful inspirational romance about letting God guide your heart and lead you to your one true love, other than him. This deals with heartache, romance, life, love and loss, and second chances to come back home. I cared for Mary Elizabeth and Sam and liked Rose Anna and Lavina and David. I did find Amos was a bit harsh and Ben wasn't well suited for her. I loved the beautiful scenic descriptions of Paradise in Amish Lancaster county in Pennsylvania. This would make you listen to your heart with romance, inspiration, a hint of drama and little action along the way.

Will you welcome your own seasons of paradise today?

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

In Twenty Years

In Allison Winn Scotch's In Twenty Years, this woman's fiction novel grips you about friendship, love and loss and life itself from the very start. Twenty years ago, six Penn students make a pact to reunite and write their future plans in a time capsule on their graduation day. When their ringleader Bea died 13 years ago, the five friends reunited together on what would've been her fortieth birthday at the house they shared at Penn State. Each of the five friends took their own path. Narrated from the five friends' POV and how they dealt with the issues along the way. The college sweethearts, Catherine and Owen, who are going through marriage problems, when Owen's a stay at home dad and quit his law firm, and Catherine who's a superstar crafty diva like Martha Stewart. There's Annie, who's have her own marriage crisis, Colin, a single doctor, who had eyes for Bea and later for Annie, and Lindy, a Nashville superstar who's bisexual and an expectant mother. In the end, they remember Bea and what secret she took to the grave on her illness.

This was a beautiful woman's fiction that would tug at your heart strings. I cared for the five friends in their own way and how a remembrance for Bea had brought them together. In return, she gave something back. I loved the Pennsylvania scenic locations and the crisp settings that was seen from the five friends. I really felt bad for Bea who had to go through cancer again and later die from it, hiding the terrible secret of the real truth she died. This would grip you real hard and take you on an emotional heart-breaking ride with drama, romance, and plenty of heart-breaking scene with a hint of action.

Will you remember where you are in Twenty Years?

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Dark Mirror

In Barry Maitland's Dark Mirror, the 10th installment in the Brock and Kolla mystery series, we'll be introduced to the dark side of the rich and famous in this compelling mystery. For Special Crimes Unit Detective Kathy Kolla, it all started with the mysterious death of Marion Summers. As Kathy and her supervisor, DCI David Brock, they look into her life and the days that lead up to her death from arsenic poisoning. They talked to everyone she knew at the university, including her family life, and lined up a string of suspects. The more disturbing details appeared, the most they were concerned, as they discovered secrets of her private life and her paperwork on the pre-Raphaelite art period. When they dug deeper, they learned more about the truth and who done it and why in the end with a shocking ending you wouldn't believe.

This was a dark and gritty British serial mystery. I instantly liked Kathy and David working as a team at the Mat. I liked the central English locations and the compelling settings of city life in London. I didn't like the Warrenders one bit for one reason or another--the same for Marion's mother and sleazy step-father. I thought Guy and Kathy would make a great couple. This would hook you from the start with this gripping and twisted storyline with drama, suspense, non-stop action and tons of mystery with a hint of art history.

Will you be cautious of the dark mirror tonight?

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Killer Plot

In Ellery Adams's A Killer Plot, the first installment in the Books by the Bay Cozy Mystery series, you'll be swept into the picturesque town of Oyster Bay, North Carolina. For Olivia Limoges, a heiress and aspiring author, she's been having a hard time writing her historical novel on the first chapter. But when she met Camden Ford, the leader of the Bay Books Writing Group, she was a bit reluctant to join. But when she did, she made new friends with Harris, Laurel and Millay, when they swapped chapters to read for critique. But things turned dark, when Camden turned up missing for their next meeting and later discovered to be murdered. For Olivia and her three new friends, it was up to her find out who murdered him with a clue of seasonal haiku poems. Then later on, two more people turned out dead from one or the same murderer. With the uproar of the town's plans for the local park abrupt at the city hall meeting, it was up to Olivia and Captain Havilland, her beloved black poodle, to discover the murder lurking in the midst.

This was a great cozy mystery to read and escape into. Every writer can relate to Olivia's writing predicament, when it deals with writing groups and why we need them to succeed in order to be better writers--the same for beta readers and critique partners as well. I did care for Olivia and her new friends, though I didn't like the Talbots at all. I do see a possible love triangle with Olivia/Flynn/Sawyer, too. I loved the Oyster Bay setting for a serene location in the settings.  This would leave you at the edge of your seat for a great read with drama, a spark of romance, intrigue and mystery.

Will you write a killer plot for your novels?

Sunday, September 25, 2016

A Skeleton in the Family

In Leigh Perry's A Skeleton in the Family, the first installment int he Family Skeleton Cozy Mystery debut. Georgia  Thackery is a single mother of a teenage daughter and lives in her parents home, while they're on sabbatical. While she's also a new adjust English professor at a college, she also lives with a talking skeleton named Sid, who's lived with her as long as she was a little girl. This mystery started on Sid finding someone from his past in a photo. That lead Georgia to go on a discovery search to look for clues into the past, like why Sid was murdered. But with a link of break-ins leads to a murder of Jocasta Kirkland, it made her dig deeper into the connection between her and Sid. The closer she dug deeper, the more she had put herself into peril, with Sid there to rescue her in the end.

This was a fantastic and charming cozy mystery with a hint of a paranormal twist. I cared for Georgia and Madison and thought Sid was a hoot for a talking skeleton. I thought Fletcher was a good catch for Georgia, until he rubbed me the wrong way. I did like the vivid and scenic locations and settings in Massachusetts like the manga convention. This would take you on a wild journey with drama, intrigue, mystery, a dash of paranormal for non-stop action.

Will you be checking out any skeleton in your family closets in a Skeleton in the Family?

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Blood of Saints

In Maegan Beaumont's Blood of Saints, the 4th installment in the Sabrina Vaughn thriller series, she delivered us a powerful and most disturbing psychological thriller that would blow your mind. For Sabrina Vaughn, who was formally known as Melissa Walker twenty years ago, when she was tortured, raped and presumably killed by her half-brother Wade, she lived in hiding with her own small family. But when trouble knocked on her doorstep, they needed her to come out and help the FBI stop a serial killer. Posing as a FBI agent as Clare Vance, she needed to rediscover the connect to her past and connect us to the people she used to known. While she heard her brother's voice in her head, she would have to weave through the evidence and find out who's following iin Wade's footsteps. The closer she get to the truth, she would have to fight to save her other life in order to get back home.

This was a wild and twisted psychological thriller that will get under your skin. I cared for Sabrina and how she survived by a miracle by her own half-brother. I also cared for Michael and became curious about Courtney Church as well. I loved the dual locations of Arizona and Montana, which were two different settings with vivid scenes to set the storyline. This would make your skin crawl and break into a cold sweat with drama, suspense, intrigue and non-stop action with a hint of mystery.

Will you stop the blood of saints?

Monday, September 5, 2016

How to Tame a Duke

In Juliana Gray's How to Tame Your Duke, the first installment in the Princess in Hiding historical romance series, she delivered a powerful knockout punch in this novel. For Princess Emilie, she's always looking for adventure. But when danger threatens her family from Germany, she took refuge and went into hiding, disguising herself as a male tutor for the Duke of Ashland's teenage son. As she transformed herself, she came to know about Ashland's family and to know the man herself better. When she was mistaken for a woman of the night at a hotel, she got to know him more intimately. For the Duke himself, a former soldier disfigured and with one hand from the war, he fell in love with Emilie until her true identity exposed herself. Until he can profess his feelings for her, he had to put away the demons from his past in order to have a future for himself and Emilie.

This was a wonderful historical romance novel. I fell in love with Emilie's story about how she had to go undercover and protected her true identity. I cared for Ashland, when he thawed out and became whole again, while he searched for answers in the past. I adored Freddie as well. I loved the London and Yorkshire dual scenes and vivid locations for the settings to put us right there. This had a bit of diversity, since Ashland's scarred, disfigured and missing a hand. This would take you into a heartfelt journey with drama, tons of romance, intrigue and non-stop action.

Will you be taming a duke today?

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Arsenic with Austen

In Katherine Bolger Hyde's Arsenic with Austen, the first installment with the Crime with the Classics  mystery series, you'll sink into this mystery with a twist. When Emily Cavanaugh inherits her great-aunt's property inheritance, she didn't know what she had gotten herself into. She travels to Stony Beach to help take care of her late Aunt Beatrice's affairs. Little did she know, she would deal with a conniving mayor, a real estate agent and a distant cousin. She also came across her high school boyfriend Luke Richards, who's now a sheriff in the small beachy town. Things do go up in smoke, when people target her and the people closest to her to get to the money. She invested herself into her love of books and the classic Jane Austen series to discover who murdered her aunt and wanted her dead with a shocking twist in the end.

This was a charming mystery debut with a classic-themed twist or two. I cared for Emily, a widow, and a college university, who came into this windfall. I also cared for Katie, Marguerite and Luke, too. I liked how Luke and Emily rekindled their love and aired out their past faults and transgressions. I loved the seashore town of Stony Beach in Oregon with its own picturesque neighborhood. Plus, I adored the love for reading, writing and everything Austen. This would get you hooked in no time with drama, suspense, a hint of romance and non-stop action.

Will you try Arsenic with Austen today?

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Murder on the Switzerland Trail

In Mike Befeler's Murder on the Switzerland Trail, he gave us a classic mystery with an intriguing tale. It's June 1919 after the Depression era, Officer Harry McBride and his wife Susan went on a train ride from Boulder to Eldora, Colorado. Along the ride, they were joined by a couple of passengers to took the same trip. At first, it sounded like a fascinated trip to see the scenery, but there was a lot of tension in the area and a lot of gripes for one person named Frederick Hammond, a war veteran who recovered from influenza. There was a lot of swipes at each other and jobs to set him off. At the stop of Eldora, before they returned to Boulder, Frederick was murdered on his way to board the train. Now it was up to Harry to uncover whodunit before they stopped at Boulder. As the only fellow police officer on the job, he made a shocking discovery before the culprit would stop at nothing in the end with a bittersweet ending.

This was a pretty decent mystery in my book, but due to a lot of factual information via the train ride, the murder took place halfway through the novel and not earlier. I did like the scenic route via the train on the Switzerland Trail from Boulder to Eldora, Colorado and the tidbits of historical knowledge thrown in. I liked Harry and most of the characters, though I couldn't stand Professor Sager and Frederick Hammond altogether. This is nice for a light ride from start to finish with a lot of intrigue to suck you in and take you on a ride of your own with drama, tension, and little non-stop action.

Check out Murder on the Switzerland Trail today!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

No Game for a Dame

In M Ruth Myers's No Game for a Dame, the first installment in the Maggie Sullivan historical mystery series, we're transferred back in time to hit the easy streets. In Post-Depression era in Ohio, Maggie Sullivan is a private eye and hoping to catch her first case. It all started when someone threatened her in her office and the police have an eye on her. When she worked on a case to help Lewis Throckmorton's nephew, Peter Stowe, who's in a bind, it was up to her to find out what's it all about. As soon as she unraveled the mystery on who was behind the threats for him and even on her, she doesn't break under pressure, even when her first client dumps her. When she believed she had it, she discovered who was behind it, when her life was on the line to fight for her own life.

This was a fantastic historical mystery that took place in 1930s Ohio. This paid homage to hard boiled mysteries from the past decade. I really cared for Maggie and how she made out on her own, when danger darkened her footsteps. I also cared for Flora, Thelma and Peter and a couple of cops. I loved the 1930s Ohio was the idealistic location and settings for this interesting twisted turn for historical mysteries. This would take you back into time, when things weren't so easy and everything was cheaper than a dime with non-stop action, drama, intrigue and suspense.

Will you check out No Game for a Dame today?

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Only the Hunted Run

In Neely Tucker's Only the Hunted Run, the third installment in the Sully Carter mystery series, he had interwoven a fascinating mystery with a hint of some historical facts. It all started at the mass shooting at the Capital, when Sully himself encountered a crazy psychopathic who killed the senator who was on the run. Now Sully had an exclusive story as a reporter in Washington D.C., when he had dug up this mass shooter named "Terry Waters" from Oklahoma. In a blink of an eye, they faced each other and had some kind of bond, since they both lost their mothers who were murdered. For Sully, he left his nephew Josh with his friend Alexis, while he took off to Oklahoma to dig up dirt on Waters himself. There, he discovered his true identity and his family life before he left it all behind. When he had uncovered almost everything, he went back to St. Elizabeth's a most notable hospital for the criminal insane to see for himself. But after he had blown his cover, his nemesis had a trick up his own sleeves to make ends meets in an explosive ending.

This was an intriguing and delightful look at journalism at its finest in Washington D.C. We had a closer look at the criminal insane and the judicial system when it comes to mental health. I did care for Sully and his nephew Josh, when Sully had encountered some gruesome acts of violence. I did like the dual locations of Washington D.C. and Oklahoma to show a depicting look at how things were back then and now. This fast-paced mystery will leave you hanging at the edge of your seat with non-stop action, suspense, intrigue and lots of drama on every page.

Will you be ready to read Only the Hunted Run real soon?

Sunday, August 14, 2016


In Patricia Hall's  Dead Beat, get ready to do the time warp again. Before the Beatles made it big in Liverpool and London in the 1960s, a serial killer had struck the SoHo area with some gruesome deaths. For Kate O'Donnell, a young woman trying to make it as a professional photographer to impress her boss, she was also looking for her brother Thomas who she haven't seen it in years. For DC Harry Barnard, he's looking for a suspect in a line of murders of queers and runaways, while he has his eyes on Kate and Tom. While the both of them looking for answers, they dealt with the taboo  subject of same-sex relationships, corrupt cops and a gangly mobster who might stand in their way. In the end, they came to the shocking truth with a disturbing ending on who it was.

This was a stand out historical mystery to portray how London was back in the day in the 1960s. I really cared for Kate and how she made herself known in the world as a young professional photographer, while she looked for her brother. As for Harry, I thought he was okay who was only doing his job and did nab the right bad guy. I hated how they portrayed queers. I did like the dual locations of Liverpool and London in the 1960s time period for this storyline with crisp settings for the scenery. Great drama, suspense, intrigue, and a lot if intense non-stop action in this moving plot.

Follow the trail of music to the sound of a dead beat today.

Monday, August 1, 2016


In Peter Parkin and Alison Darby's Serpentine, this thriller will take you on a fast-paced thrill ride. Nathan Morrell is the head of Flying Machines Inc., and had designed Serpentine, a brand new roller coaster for Adventureland. On the day of the reveal, something's going awfully wrong when 25 people died. Beyond his shock and awe, he couldn't believe his eyes and rescued the lone survivor. From peer pressure from the brass to file a lawsuit to the NTSB's involvement, they discovered what people would take to cover up a secret in terms of sabotage and foul play. While it brought Shelby and Nathan together as a couple, it brought them in terms of who would try to thing of something so heinous and sinister in the end with a shocking fallout.

This was a spectacular debut thriller about the roller coaster. I cared about Nathan Morrell and Shelby Sutcliffe and how they went through and endured this ordeal. There's some nasty characters in there too. I loved the theme park setting in Virginia and the locations of Washington D.C and Florida. This would leave you with chills and thrills in this fast-paced page-turning thriller. Hang onto your seat as this has romance, drama, intrigue and mystery along the way.

Would you be tempted to ride Serpentine if you dare?

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Pray for Silence

In Linda Castillo's Pray for Silence, she delivered us a bone-chilling thriller right through the core.  The Amish town of Painters Mill have been shocked by the gruesome murder of the Plank family. It's up to Chief Burkholder to discover the details of what lead behind the death. She asked the assistant of John Tomasetti from the BCI to help assist her in this most difficult case. While the closer they get together, the more disturbing they are to find what secrets laid behind in one of the victim's diary and how they paid for the price in a cold death. With a couple of interesting suspects on her list, she discovered the cold truth on the motive right in the end.

This was another gripping and disturbing thriller to read. I continued to like Kate and John as a couple and as two individuals. I liked the feel of Painters Mill for an Amish town. There was some gruesome parts I didn't like and the outcome of who done it in the end. This would take you in for a fascinating story from start to finish with drama, intrigue, suspense and a huge mystery to take place.

Will you pray for silence today?

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Killer Cocktail

In Tracy Kiely's Killer Cocktail, the 2nd installment in the Nicole and Nigel Martini cozy mystery series, you'll get a taste of Hollywood behind the scenes. If you loved JA Konrath's Jack Daniels mystery series, you'll love this one, too. For Nicole and Nigel Martini, they've been invited to a Hollywood party for the Oscars and get to mingle with the stars. They just renovated and brought the home from Frank Sameuls, a top-notch Hollywood producer, and discovered old film footage from one of the fallen rising stars, Melanie Summers. She was the top of the game, until she "overdosed" and died, twenty years ago. Now it was up to Nic and Nigel to watch their videos and learn more about her back then. But when word came around about it, someone attacked their employee and almost left her for dead. When they discovered the truth and had it figured it out, when tragedy had struck with a homicide now, their lives became in peril when they couldn't have guessed who done it and why in the end.

This was a charming introduction to the Martinis to this mystery series. I really cared for Nic and Nigel--and yes their dog Skippy too--when they stepped onto the red carpet. I also had some callous feelings to some of the character and found Christina and Mandy a hoot. I loved the Hollywood red carpet for the settings and the locations, when they go about on solving an old case. This is a quick read with plenty of surprises on every page with drama, intrigue, non-stop action, a hint of humor, and plenty of mystery along the way.

Will you be tempting to try a killer cocktail today?

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Destroyer Angel

In Nevada Barr's Destroyer Angel, the 18th installment in the Anna Pigeon mystery series, she delivered us a bone-chilling mystery about survival and encountering tough odds. When Anna went on vacation with her friend, Heath, and her daughter Elizabeth, and their friends Leah and Katie Hendricks. It all started out with a peaceful camping trip along the river in Minnesota. But that's when it turned cold, when four ex-cons surprise them and made them hostage. It was up to Anna to come to their rescue, when her friends had to endure torture and violent abuse, along with their dog Wily from the evil hands of them. When Anna later caught up with them, she helped take care of them, one by one. Later, when she was shot in the arm, she observed everything they went through from them, while they waited for rescue and medical care. The real motive in the end was icy cold and chilling too.

This Anna Pigeon mystery was fantastic! I really cared for Anna and her friends and how they survived and dealt with such heinous things on their trip. I loved the camping theme in Minnesota and the clever usage of poisonous mushrooms as a secret weapon to fight the bad guys. I loved the diversity with Heath as a paraplegic and how she used her strength and wills. I didn't like the bad foursome at all and what they did to Wily and to Katie and Elizabeth. This is really gripping to reel you in with non-stop action, drama, suspense and plenty of mystery to go around.

Will you be tempting to read Destroyer Angel today?

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Decanting a Murder

In Nadine Nettman's Decanting a Murder, the first installment in the Sommelier cozy mystery series, you would learn a whole lot about wine making and becoming a sommelier. For Katie Stillwell, she wanted to pass her Master Sommelier test. But when she failed, she helped out his best friend Tessa Barkley at a party in front of Frontier winery. Everything wasn't what it seemed, when Mark Plueger winded up dead and her best friend's wine corker places the blame on her. To help Tessa out in a bind, she learns the secret truths behind the people at the winery and who wanted to see Mark dead. With the help from Detective John Dean, it's up to him to help Katie clear her name. But when Katie's ends up in trouble, she would have to figure out for herself on who wanted the winery for themselves. And who wanted Katie next to become dead.

This was an intriguing new cozy mystery series from debut author Nadine Nettman, who's a Sommelier herself.  I cared about Katie and Tessa and all about their friendship. I liked the chemistry she had with Dean, when I was a bit suspect with Jeff. I loved the California winery locations from start to finish. You'll savor every morsel of intense non-stop action, drama, suspense and mystery with that intriguing and charming cozy with every compelling page to turn.

Will you try Decanting a Murder today?

Monday, July 4, 2016

A Bone to Pick

In Charlaine Harris's A Bone to Pick, the 2nd installment in the Aurora Teagarden cozy mystery series, she had given us a chilling cozy with this small town mystery. For Roe, it all started with her mother's remarriage and the funeral of Jane Engle, a close friend of Aurora's. First it began with the windfall that landed on her doorstep when she inherited her home and a load of money. And then she discovered a skull buried in Jane's old home. For this small town librarian, she had gotten to know Jane's neighbors and deliberated on staying or listing this home in this creepy neighborhood. While she discovered new feelings for love with the local minister Aubrey Scott, she had became the central focus when the skeleton was found down the road and learned that one of her neighbors had committed a crime or two in the past, when she had an unwanted visit at her own home.

This was another charming small town cozy mystery. I continued to care about Roe and how she dealt with her newfound wealth and her own security and feeling for Aubrey. I continued to love the small town location for this series. I thought some of her neighbors were a bit off. This cozy would give you a thrilling mystery with every page with drama, non-stop action, intrigue and a hint of romance.

Do you have a bone to pick with your neighbors today?

Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Devil's Closet

In Stacy Dittrich's The Devil's Closet, welcome to the world of sex crimes and carnal sins. For Detective Cecilia "Cee Cee" Gallagher, she's chasing a sexual predator and killer of young girls. It all started with multiple Amber Alerts of missing young girls. From one town to another, Cee Cee and her squad discover shocking glues from past crimes. When her former lover FBI Michael Hagerman returned to assist, it tilted her world and put her marriage in crises. Though with this tough mother of two, she dealt with her husband's infidelity and protecting her own daughters. While she managed to deal with her own emotions, she sifted through the papers to follow her own gut on nailing this sick son of a bitch. And when she does, it cuts closer to the truth. With a near-death encounter, she fought tooth and nail to save her own life and deal with her own family issues.

This was a thrilling and twisted serial thriller from Stacy Dittrich. I cared about CeeCee and her crumbling marriage with Eric. I hated Jordan from stealing her husband away from her. I thought Malone was an evil SOB who deserved his own due. I loved the Cleveland Ohio location, since it's near where I live and close too home. This would take you on an emotional roller coaster ride from start to finish with drama, suspense, non-stop action and plenty of mystery.

Will you enter the devil's closet of sins?

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Crescent Dawn

In Clive Cussler's Crescent Dawn, the 21st installment in the Dirk Pitt NUMA action-adventure series, this took you right into the heart of the Middle East. It all started with the missing Roman galley who disappeared many centuries again. Now with a heated war between Turkey and Israel during a political year, things get down to the nitty gritty. For Dirk and the NUMA cry, it all began with a vacation and them it went downhill from there with stolen antiquities, terrorism and piracy, and the loot of pilfered treasures. It reached far back from England and back to the shores. For the Celik siblings, they wanted to do it for power for their new leader. But they would do anything to get in their ways from explosives to committing murders. When Dirk and his crew are onto them, it's a fight to the finish on land and on sea with a fitting ending.

This was another fascinating action-adventure novel with gripping pages to read. I cared about Dirk and his family, along with the NUMA crew. I hated to see Sophie killed from a senseless act of violence. I didn't like the Celiks one bit, while Bannister was okay. I loved to see Dirk Jr. and Summer have adventures of their own. The scenery from England to Cyprus, Turkey and Israel was stunning for the locations. This would enthrall you with plenty of action, drama, twists and turns, and lots of adventure and suspense every step of the way.

Will you be ready to go exploring by a crescent dawn?

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The First Wife

In Erica Spindler's The First Wife, this was an excellent standalone thriller that deals with family secrets and deceptions. For Bailey Browne, she met and fell in love with Logan Abbott on her summer vacation. Instantly and on impulse, she agreed to marry him and move to his horse ranch in Wholesome, Louisiana.  Little did she know what she had gotten herself into in that small town.  She came across his sister, Raine, his best friend Paul, his trainer August. But it all started with her accident from her horse and the dreadful secret she couldn't remember. She learned about his first wife who disappeared and the others who came before and after her. Embroiled into a sickening plot on one Sheriff Williams who has it in for Logan with revenge, she learns more harrowing secrets and discovered the truth on her own. That the answers she had in front of her was someone she trusted and cared for, who had an ax to grind of his own.

This was another excellent thriller from Erica Spindler. I loved the horse riding theme and the central location of Wholesome, Louisiana, and how it's set on a horse ranch. I cared for Bailey and Logan's love story and how they tried to find some happiness of their own. I didn't care for Billy Ray much and I despised Paul with a passion. I loved how they propelled us into plenty of non-stop action, nail-biting drama, and plenty of heart-wrenching twists and turns along the way and straight to the end.

Will you check out The First Wife today?

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Reckoning and Ruin

In Tina Whittle's Reckoning and Ruin, the 5th installment in the Tai Randolph mystery series, a southern mystery with all the fixings to keep you in suspense all night long. For Theresa Ann "Tai" Randolph, her new homestead in Savannah had but been nothing but that to her. While she dealt with her boyfriend Trey Seaver's injury of the predicament, she dealt with more than she can handle. First it started with a lawsuit from her Uncle Jasper and what followed suit after it. Home it wasn't what it supposed to be, when someone requested her services to find John Wilde who had gone missing. That's when she ran into trouble with her cousins and other ruffians, when she had gotten truth to the matter. It all boiled down to the missing looted money that lead her being on the lam from the law. With a couple attempts on her life, she had gotten closer to the truth of her uncle's business with the KKK and some unfortunate family business of her own. She was also concerned about Trey's health and her relationship with him in the end as he told her some secrets of his own.

This was a delightful and intriguing mystery set in the south. I loved the Atlanta and Savannah dual locations and settings in Georgia to make it all too surreal and authentic. I cared about Tai and Trey's relationships and what they had to endure to make it work and get through some sticky spots. I didn't like the KKK connection, but that's part of our history and the south these days. This would give you a great read this summer with a great hooked mystery to sink your teeth into with drama, suspense, intrigue, a hint of romance, and plenty of non-stop action.

Will you check out Reckoning and Ruin today?

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A Florentine Death

In Michele Guittari's A Florentine Death, the first installment in the Michele Ferrara Italian mystery series, this chilling mystery will give you an ice cold look on a ruthless serial killer. For Superintendent Ferrara, it all started with a gruesome murder in his adopted city of Florence. When they investigate the murder of the first victim, they learned more about him and his private life. As the body count began to pile up with more gruesome murders, he later learned about the sexual nature of the victims as he received death threats of his own. While he took charge of his squad, his superiors and the press aren't impressed with him. For Valentina Preti, she had feelings for Mike Ross, an American journalist, who worked on a story in Italy. But she had her own mixed up feelings for her friend and lover, Cinzia Roberti. As a relationship forms with Mike, she learns about the secretive nature of him, before it became too late for her. As Ferrara picked up the pieces of this serial hate crimes against gays, he delved into the killer's past and captures him on a manhunt across the country.

This was a fantastic and dark Italian mystery debut. I cared for Ferrara and how he handled this gruesome murder investigation. I felt torn for Valentina and Cinzia, who had issues of their own. I didn't like the suggestive nature of a hate crime against gays. I loved the Italian locations and settings all over Italy from Florence and elsewhere. It made it very real and picturesque. This would reel you in with non-stop action, intrigue, mystery and tons of suspense.

Will you discover a Florentine death?