Monday, July 30, 2012

Silent Mercy

In Linda Fairstein's Silent Mercy, the 13th installment of the Alexandra Cooper series, Linda Fairstein took us on a wild thrill ride on her latest case yet. For Alex Cooper, she was called to go to the Harlem Baptist Church to find a decapitated body there. And then there was another one like it in Little Italy. Besides the Star of David necklace imprinted in their flesh, that's when they discovered a serial hate crime motive behind it and nothing religious to link the two. It was up for Alex and her team to stop the killer, before there was another woman who was bound to die, as they dove through the serpentine path in the city's religious history to find a connection between the past and present. When it all added up, it might lead them to serious danger.

We were so deeply involved into this one, when it dealt with religious beliefs. We rooted for Alex to find out a connection between old and new murders from this serial killer, which took us all over to New York. There were plenty of surprises in this one, that would leave you breathless on every twist and turn she had in store for you, the fellow reader. I love Alex's closeness to Chapman and Mercer and her fellow colleagues, even a bitter rival with Pat McKinney, and how intact she was to her French chef. From the court room to the scene of the crime, this one was packed with drama, action, suspense and a lot of mystery in one package.

Will you be fallen to a silent mercy? If so, check it out now!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Bobbie Faye's Very Very (Very Very Very) Bad Day

This is a great read, if you need some laughs. The main character, Bobbie Faye Sumrall, is a caring person who defends her family and protects her niece and helps her brother, when he's in trouble. Known as the Contraband Days Queen, this mystery takes you all over the place in New Orleans. We understand why this bad day has gotten worse by the minute. And with every twist and turn, we're in for a surprise at the end. Every dog has its day, but for Bobbie Fays, she ends up with tons of rotten luck. There's a hint of romance and oodles of humor into this mystery series. When you think it couldn't worse for her, it did with tons of obstacles. This one is a hoot.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

You Slay Me

If you love great romantic suspense novels with a twist, you'll enjoy the Aisling Grey series from Katie MacAllister. This paranormal romance will send you into Paris and into another world of its own. There's tons of humor into this series, like Aisling's talking demon-dog.  You're personally invested into Aisling and her love affair with Drake, a wyvern in which she has a love-hate relationship, when her life is thrown for a loop and then some. She does get into heaps of trouble, when she wants to return home to good old USA. You can really feel for her and her dilemma.  I cheered and rooted for her all the way through. This is a good summer read.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Ties that Bind

In Phillip Margolin's Ties that Bind, the 3rd book in the Amanda Jaffe legal thriller series, it packed a big punch of surprises on both sides of the spectrum. Murder, intrigue, politics, it was all in there. Amanda Jaffe survived the Cardoni attack, a while back, while it left her traumatized and avoiding the limelight. That was until she took on the case on Jon Dupre, who ran an upscale call girl service, and was accused of murdering the US senator. But he had proof of the existence of a secret society of men in politics who were bonded as brothers with a political right of passage. But that's when she was pressured to walk away from the case, she didn't want to give in to threats to investigate the issue more, while she put her loved ones in danger to find out the truth.

This was a terrific legal thriller. I really had gotten invested into Amanda Jaffe's world and life, one year after she survived the Cardoni attack. Here, when she tackled a new client, we saw her deal with a boatload of emotions and fought fear with a vengeance. I loved the Portland locations in this novel. I cared about Amanda and maybe Dupre a bit, while I didn't like that secret male society of powerful politicians. With an eclectic cast of characters, this one made you root for the underdog and for Amanda Jaffe. It remained hard to separate who the good guys were from the bad. But this is one powerful thriller that you'll enjoy to read.

Will you find out about the ties that bind? Check it out today!


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Liver Let Die

If you enjoy culinary cozies, you'll enjoy Liz Lipperman's Liver Let Die, the first installment in the Clueless Cook culinary cozy series. She introduced us to Jordan McAllister, a journalist in a small-town in Texas. In an instant,  we welcomed Jordan into our world, when she struggled to make ends meet as a journalism for a small newspaper, and how she glowed into the limelight, when this new assignment of hers was a hit.. with yummy recipes for you to make.  She filled in for the culinary reporter and went to the steakhouse with a murdered waiter outside her door, with her name and number. Now she became the prime suspect and needed to clear her name on who murdered the waiter, before she was next on the killer's list.  There was an instant connection for her and Alex, how close knit her friends were to her, and how she had gotten into a heap of trouble. There were some laughs in there with a hint of romance. This is a new cozy to enjoy for years to come. Jordan McAllister was someone to cheer for.

This was a great terrific culinary cozy debut from Liz Lipperman. I enjoyed getting to know Jordan and watch how the chemistry grew between her and Alex. I also cared about her newfound friends. Ranchero was an ideal location for a small town with idealistic scenic settings. This would make you take you for a ride of culinary delights and sink you teeth into a terrific book. Great drama, good action and intrigue with plenty of romance and humor to keep you reading to the end.

This spring, check this culinary cozy series out today!

Sunday, July 15, 2012


You would love powerful romantic suspense novels, this is the one with you. This brought together two people, who were Missing things in their life. It did have a little bit spiritual zing to it, which gave me a whole lot of meaning. This one would have your heart strings pulled tight and taut like a fishing rod and have you rooting for both Ally Monroe, a lonely girl in a small West Virginia town with a foot deformity, and Wes Holden, a former solider from Georgia who lost his family. When this two meet, chemistry spark between them. My heart went out to both of them. It's beautifully written with a bittersweet ending. This novel is true to form to the war overseas today, when we have loved ones over there fighting for our country against terrorism. Three cheers for this one!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Templar's Code

Wow. This is really an excellent thriller. It packs a wallop of a punch and so much more. Part action-adventure, part thriller, this novels takes you all over the East Coast and London and back again. We really know the main characters well and their relationship. Caedmon Aisquith is an eccentric Englishmen, while Edie Miller, his assistant/lover, had a troublesome past. We really feel for them and experience their pain, their heartache, and their quest for a great adventure. But they're a great team, when they're on the quest to find the great puzzle know to men, while evil lurks right behind them. Non-stop action, this would take you on a thrill ride on every page, packed with tons of knowledge and insight into the Knights of Templar. Buckle your seat belts. You'll root for Caedmon and Edie in this series of esoteric thrillers that's reminiscent of Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Dead Connection

If you love a great suspenseful mystery series, you're at the right place. Alafair Burke introduces into the world of Ellie Hatcher, a new NYPD detective who's assigned to a new case. When we meet Ellie, we're welcome into her world as how she's treated as a fellow police officer, and how people look at her. Tough as nails, we see how she cares for her mother and brother, and how devastated she is, with some emotional baggage back in Kansas. She doesn't give up. This mystery series packs a punch of twists and turns, dealing with hard-hitting facts, and tons of surprises. When you meet Ellie, you'll be rooting for her all the way through. She's your kind of heroine who doesn't give up.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Pretender

If you enjoy great historical romances, this is the one. Celeste Bradley does it best here, when she introduces us to two different people cut from the different cloth: Agatha Cunnington, who's looking for her brother, and Simon Raines, someone who works for the Liar's Club, a prestigious club for men to gather information and spy for their country. Two world do collide when Simon and Agatha meet. It's not an easy relationship. Once they stop, they can't get enough with each other. There's danger, intrigue and romance, all thrust into this novel. When apart, we see why they need to belong and how they feel for each other. It's Kismet for this star-crossed lovers. I really pulled for them here and applauded their efforts.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Passage

In Justin Cronin's The Passage, the first installment in his futuristic thriller trilogy series, you would be taken into a whole new world as we know it. With a combination of paranormal/urban fantasy/horror into this thriller, this is epic and long like Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth historical fiction series. With a paranormal feel to it than horror with sci fi and fantasy elements, it had launched a trilogy and reminiscent William Golding's the Lord of the Flies, without the cannibalism parts. Welcome to their world, when an epidemic virus had flat lined the total country population with war-torn states as their own countries. We follow Peter and Amy in their fight of survival against the virals who had decimated their families and the whole country. With their circle of twelve friends, when they fall in love to find their own victory with a band of their brothers and sisters. Non-stop, we learn about their lives and how they came to this stage of their lives.

For this epic post-apocalyptic thriller debut, it had everything you ever could want in this long novel.  We care about Peter, Amy and their friends in this futuristic new world they were in. We learned how Amy had became warped into the passage of the vortex to lead the fight. We all care about the country as a whole with their remaining survivals on the search for peace and justice. For this enjoyable read, you're catapulted into a whole new world in the future from Texas and beyond. Drama, suspense, a hint of romance, intrigue and a lot of mystery was packed into this novel.

Go check it out and get warped into their future.

Silent Scream

If you love great romantic suspense novels, then you're in for a treat. In the 11th installment of Karen Rose's romantic suspense series, Silent Scream, it was dealt with two lovestruck people, David Hunter and Olivia Sutherland. Both of them had emotional baggage, while working together on a complicated serial arson case. David was devastated when he couldn't save a teen girl in the fire. They shared a passionate night, a long time ago, and someone knew their secret. It was up to them to stop the fire and face their blackmailer before it was too late.

 In the second installment of the Minnesota series, I loved how it was the central location for this novel. I cared about David and Olivia and were glad to work things out to get back together again. I didn't like the serial arsonist and the blackmailer one bit, even in a fiery situation. There was  plenty of fireworks between them, a lot of heated suspense and drama, and tons of twists and turns to keep you guessing to the end with plenty of action and romance, too. Bring the fans! This was an enjoyable read. Karen Rose's romantic suspense novels will get you hooked on reading her work from the first page to the end.

Get ready to have a silent scream? Snatch a copy today!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Slave to Sensation

Wow! This is a brand new series in paranormal romance. We're talking exotic and erotic between changelings, half-human, half-animal creatures, and the Psy, Psychic humans. Never have been them a well-packed combination of Sascha Duncan, a Psy, and Lucas Hunter, a changeling of a leopard. This gives it a twist to other PNR novels like it. Red hot, steamy, and totally set your hearts on fire. For them, they would discover what's it like to feel and to beloved, to belong and sacrifice for life. We can see how Sascha struggles with her being a different kind of Psy, and what it must take for her to break those bonds and be with her mate. For Lucas, he has a haunting past of hurt and loss, and protects his Pack and the one he loves. Danger does brew, but in the end, they're together. Turn up the heat on the ACs!