Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Man from Stone Creek

If you love historical romances in the Wild West, you'll enjoy the Man from Stone Creek by Linda Lael Miller. In the first book of the Stone Creek series, Sam O'Ballivan was a Texas Ranger going undercover as the schoolmaster in Haven, Arizona Territory. He was looking out for robbers who were after gold, when he met Maddie Chancellor, who had a hidden family secret. Things had gotten tense between Maddie and Sam, when he had a job to do, and her mercantile was caught up with financial troubles, especially when there was a family scandal in the county, and it affected everyone. More obstacles were thrown in their way, when they defeated the odds and fall in love. Lovely!

This was a nice and gentle Western romance to heat up any cold autumn afternoon. Haven in Arizona Territory was an ideal name for a small Texas town. Sam was an interesting character, who was a man on the mission. And Maddie was something mystical and unique as well. But I loved the pairing of both of them, when they worked on the same case to save lives, other than their own. Any Texas Ranger would make you hot and crave more of the entire series.

Ready for the wild west? Hop aboard the wagon trail today! 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Lost Daughter

If you love great legal thrillers, you'll love the continuing series of Lily and Shana Forrester in My Lost Daughter.  In the last installment, Lily was in the middle of the head-lining case, straight from the news, when she was worried about her daughter Shana and the distant gap between them. Things still haven't been the same. Shana's life was falling apart. When Lily visited her, she was worried about the mess she made and the lies Shana told. Convinced she needed help, she sent her to Whitehall, when things weren't what they seemed for her medication. While Lily was on trial, Shana learned the secrets between Whitehall and the obsessive nature on one of her "friends", when drugs made you crazy and strange. Worried for her life, she called or help, when things got in tense, once she was out, and more into danger, which only brought Lily and Shana together and closer than before. What a good one!

This was a pivotal conclusion the series, when it focused on both mother and daughter. I became worried for Shana and for Lily as well. This would leave you with a lump in your throat as well. I loved how they've gotten closer together to move past the hard times from the past.  It was only a fitting conclusion with closure for both of them. I loved the scenic backdrop from California to paint the scene well. I'll miss this series and her other books.

Ready to fight for someone you love? Give this whole series a try!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Red Lily

If you love good romantic suspense with a twist, you'll enjoy Red Lily, the final book in the In the Garden series. In Red Lily, it focused on Hayley's story of finding romance with Roz's son, Harper Ashby. Once friends, they realized they have feelings for each other, and became lovers. They eventually love each other in more ways than one. But don't forget Amelia, the ghost who sought revenge on the Harpers and on finding her lost son. They've learned what happened to her, her son, and how she died. But Amelia's ghost haunted Hayley, caused her harm, along with other women for competition. Later, they learned that love conquered all, when there was a happy ending for all three women at Harper House. What a good ending!

This was a touching ending, when this focused on Hayley's story to find love after she gave birth to her child. The connection between her and Harper was fiery red hot. I loved how he cared for her and her baby, too. I loved the gardening scenes in this one as well, while the ghost story died down to a happy and surprise ending with a twist from the Harper Bride. I did feel bad for Amelia, but happy for the others as well. What a lovely way to close the story!

Ready to thrive on a good romance? Give this one a look!

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Shadow of Your Smile

If you love good mysteries, you'll enjoy this newest mystery. Monica Farrell was a pediatrician in New York, who wanted to know more about her father's birth parents, and took care of children. Not only that, she was asked to testify for Sister Catherine's beautification. In the midst of things, the Gannons were after her with a shocking family secret: she was a heiress to die for. People had died to find the truth and expose the Gannons for who they were. Plenty of shocking twists and turns in this mystery to keep you guessing in the Shadow of Your Smile.

This was an excellent thriller that kept me in suspense through the novel. I loved the Catholic connection of the nun and canonization as a nice touch with a twist.  It's funny how there's always a hidden family secret twist to most mysteries and thrillers. I didn't care much for the Gannons. But Monica seemed to be a most interesting person, while she discovered more about her family history.  I do enjoy any Mary Higgins Clark mystery.

Ready to get intrigued? Check out a copy today!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Dangers of Deceiving a Viscount

If you love fantastic historical romances, you'll love this book in the series by Julia London. Lady Phoebe Fairchild is a seamstress under the name of Madame Dupree. Once she's threatened to be exposed to the ton, she's forced to work for Lord Summerfield at his castle, and mend dresses for his sisters. Little did she know how hard it would be, when she falls in love with Will Darby, as her fa├žade crumbles, when there's some threats who might uncover the truth, including her competition. In a battle of love under different guises, this one is one for the heart. A great read!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Drop Shot

In the second installment of the  Myron Bolitor series, Drop Shot, sports agent, Myron Bolitar was at a tennis match, when he witnessed Valerie Sampson being shot down in cold blood. Little did he know, that she was going to go to him before her untimely death. Now, it was up to Myron to find out, who and why he shot her, along with uncovering some cold cases along the way. He dealt with a rival sports agency, death threats, and people lying to him, calling his bluff,  while he wasn't deterred and determined to get to the truth, even if they came after him and his girlfriend Jessica Culver. If you love some humor into your mystery series, you'll enjoy Drop Shot. 

This was a great mystery dealing with a sports focus. We do get to care about Myron, his associates, and his family. You'll be able to read this book in a day or two, since it's an easy read and fast-paced as well. There's some humorous books you'll be laughing and smiling about the good parts. I loved the setting of New Jersey/New York and some sports in Philly, like at the sports agency to paint a good picture of things.

Ready, set, match! Give this book a try tonight!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Summer Garden Murder

In Ann Ripley's Summer Garden Murder, the 8th installment in the Gardening Cozy Mystery series, Louise Eldridge's summer  party was interrupted, when Peter Hoffman came back to terrorize her neighborhood and her in particular. He was known as the "mulch" killer, a few years ago, and had returned from four years in mental rehab. After he frightened Louise, she decided to take her family on vacation. When she returned, Hoffman wound up missing. As Louise did her gardening, he ended up dead. And all evidence pointed to her, putting her family and her career in danger. Things go from bad to worse, days later, when someone else wound up missing and dead. And with the help from family and her neighbors, they helped her discover who's the cold-blooded killer  that who had framed her. It's a fight to the end.

This was another nice  captivating garden mystery from Ann Ripley. I continued to care for Louise and her family, when they received another scare from their past... a most frightening one. I didn't care for much for Peter, then and now. I still loved the gardening tips and the Washington D.C. location as well. This would make you grit your teeth and let out a big hollowed breath in the end. Great drama, compelling non-stop action with suspense, intrigue and mystery right to the end.

Come on and give this a try, before you plant your summer garden today!

A Cold Day in Hell

If you love steamy romantic suspense, you'll enjoy this one set in Pointe Judah, Louisiana. Eileen Moggeridge has a lot for her--a successful business, a great teenage son, and Christian "Angel" De Angelo, her new love interest. She had met her match in him, who's also her friend. But when someone takes a shot at Aaron and Angel's nephew Sonny, things get heated up, when it leads to someone scaring residents to a couple of murders. When her ex-husband storms back into town, he does anything to want her back. As Eileen's and Christian's lives are on the line, so is the body count of suspicious murders and assaults. You'll love the Bayou in this one.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Brothers in Arms

If you love great thrillers, you'll enjoy Brothers in Arms. When an attack happens on the wrong patient at the Torture Center in Minnesota, it sends out alarms for Charley Payne and his new friend, Dale Miller. They've met their match with two Dutch assassins. From there, they learn about two Saudi terrorists; and when they're ambushed, Miller winds up fighting for his life, when they talk to one terrorist. It's up to Payne and his team to find out about the attack on America with a bio-terrorism agent called "Sad Holiday", a new version of small pox, and the terrorist in general. This is when they team up with one of their former nemesis, who are after the same thing. Very intense and action-packed to the end.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Isle of Palms

If you love Southern's woman's fiction with humor, you'll love Isle of Palms. For Anna Lutz Abbot, she always loved the Isle of Palms in Lowcountry North Carolina, since she was a child. When her mother died, her grandmother from hell visited, while her father was loveless and in shock. So they moved, when things took a turn for the worse. In Anna's story, when she returns to the Isle of Palms, things change for the better. She owns her own house and then a hair salon. Her daughter visits from college, her gay ex-husband becomes her champion, and everyone fall in love, including Anna herself. But after all of that, her ex-mother-in-law knows something isn't right with Emily, and the big family secret, which comes out in the end. From a summer to remember, straight down to the holidays, this novel would keep you smiling.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

311 Pelican Court

If you love great romance series, you'll enjoy Debbie Macomber's 311 Pelican Court, the 3rd book in the Cedar Cove series. When Rosie Cox got divorced, Judge Olivia Lockhart gave her and her ex a weird ruling--they had to give the house to their two kids. Between them, they tried to make it work with the visitation agreement, while second guessing what went wrong in their marriage, while it had affected their kids the most. Slowly they rekindled their feelings together. Meanwhile while they tried to solve the murder mystery of who was killed in Bob and Peggy's B&B, we continue to watch what happened with Grace Sherman, Jack and Olivia's relationship, and Justine deal with being wed to Seth. An enjoyable read.

Although I haven't read the 2nd book in the series and skipped it, (and this storyline haven't been featured in Hallmark's Cedar Cove, maybe this summer for season 3,) this was a wonderful romance/woman's fiction novel. I did like the settings for Cedar Cove, Washington, when each address had a storyline feature. I did care about the Coxes and the other Cedar Cove residents. I did get a bit worried on how they were going to work things out, too, in the end. This would make you cry, sigh and praise God for a happy ending in this revolving series. Great drama, nice action with a hint of mystery and romantic suspense.

Welcome to 311 Pelican Court? Enjoy with a copy today!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Water Inc.

In Water Inc., William Greele has a master plan to build a pipeline between Canada and the USA to share the water. Once he proposes the pitch to other people, it's almost a done deal. When local Americans hear about it, they inform Claire Davidowicz, an environmental activist, who teams up with Malcolm MacPherson. From there, things get heated up, when Greele's plans gets more in tense, and they check out the story. When it's leaked out, Claire and their friends are in the life of fire as targets, putting their lives into line. For leverage, they reform into blackmail to find out one of its trade secrets, to get them to back down, before the truth comes out. What a great storyline.