Friday, April 29, 2011

White Doves at Morning

If you enjoy good historical fiction, you'll enjoy this story, set in the Civil War in Louisiana. In White Doves at Morning, Willie Burke helped a mulatto slave named Flower Jamison learn to read.  He also gotten into trouble and then joined the war with his friends, Robert Perry and Jim S. During the four years of the war, each character told their story. Flower's battled with her white father and being taunted, Abigail Dowling, an abolitionist, who helped free slaves and the KKK, Willie's years in the war, amongst other characters in their POVs. There was a lot of drama and a hint of romance here, while the war went on and after it ended. This was a good one who can't miss for an enjoyable read.

This was a beautiful historical fiction with a tough of historical romance. It dealt with the war and a group of friends who fought during the war as well. The circle of life and death revolved in this storyline, when it focused on slavery and war injuries. This held me on the first page and kept me going until the end. Plenty of tears were shed, when I read it.

Ready to relive the war? Give his awesome novel a shot, this weekend!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Storming Heaven

If you love fast-paced mysteries/thrillers, you'll love the Mark Beamon series from Kyle Mills. In the second installment, Storming Heaven, Beamon was assigned a tough case. After Jennifer Davis's parents were killed, she was kidnapped by people and were trapped in a lonely prison. Beamon was on the case, when he needed to be careful on whom to trust, from his co-workers at the FBI, even to his closest allies. When he made a connection to the religion of the Knessians and its church, the pressure and the heat had gotten to him from everywhere. As he had gotten closer to the truth, his life was turned around--even vicious rumors and lies were spread to weaken him and to concede. But he didn't give up, as he fought to save Jennifer's life and to get his life back together.  What an enjoyable thriller.

This was another intriguing thriller in the Beamon series. I continue to care about Beamon and his FBI career. I liked the exploration of the religious cult angle to give it a helluva kick for the plotline. I did feel bad for Jennifer Davis as well. I loved the Virginia location as well. I liked how nothing and no one brought him down. This had a great plot, interesting cast of characters, great dramatic suspense and a compelling mystery to wrap it all up.

Ready to storm Heaven? Give this one a try this month!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Alpine Advocate

If you love a good cozy set in a small town, you'll love Alpine Advocate by Mary Daheim, the first installment in the Emma Lord series.. Set in Alpine Washington, Emma Lord was a single, unmarried mother, who raised her son alone, and now was an editor of a small weekly newsletter, trying to make ends meet.  When her son's friend came to town, things did get complicated, since he was estranged with his family.  There were hidden innuendos, family secrets, and a lot of bitterness between them. When Mark Doukas wounded up getting killed, it stirred up a lot of trouble. Later, when there was another murder, things do get heated up with talk of scandals. When an old murder had been discovered, things did get interested. And before you know it, Emma was over her head and into trouble. This is a great start for a new series.

This was a great introduction to the Emma Lord series. You do get to care about her, since she was a single mother and a newcomer to a new town. We do get to know the town residents and the people she worked up with in small town, Alpine, Washington.  I also cared about Adam, especially since he didn't know his dad and his friend had gotten killed. This would make you second-guess everybody and question everything. Good drama, nice action and plenty of suspense with tons of history all around.

Will you check out Alpine Advocate? Give it a try today!

Don't get Bitten

Here's my belated book review on Bitten, since I finished it on Wednesday.  Sorry so late. If you love paranormal romance, you'll love Bitten by Kelley Armstrong.  Elena Michaels is no ordinary woman.  For the past decade, she has undergone the Changes of the only female werewolf in the world. Bitten by someone she trusted and loved, she tried to break free from New York and escaped to live a normal life in Toronto. But things aren't what they seemed, when the Pack calls for her assistance, and she has no choice. Torn between two worlds, it's a struggle to fit in with other werewolves, or with the human race, when they're after serial killers who are after the Pack, and signaling them out, until things get tough. If you love a good paranormal romance, read Bitten now!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Man with the Load of Mischief

If you love British mysteries, you'll love this series. In Martha Grimes's The Man with the Load of Mischief, the first book in the Richard Jury series, it was when two murders struck two British inns. That's when it was up to New Scotland Yard's Inspector Richard Jury to find out who was the culprit. And when he interviewed the people in Long Piddleton, he met an interesting array of cast of characters. When he discovered the possible connection to those murders, two new ones took place  near him. And the murderer might be a step ahead of him, when he dug into the past crimes of what happened before. As he connected the dots, he knew what happened and why, before he was next on the list to be killed. An enjoyable read.

This was a fantastic introduction to the Richard Jury series. I loved his background and how he was introduced to the readers. I did care about him and the two inn owners who had this tragedy happened to them. I loved the England location of the two inns in Long Piddleton. It made you feel like you there. This would make you hold on tight for a good ride from a great mystery, excellent drama, and good action and thorough suspense.

Ready for a great mystery! Give this one a try this weekend!

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Tale of Hill Top Farm

This is the first book in the Beatrix Potter series, based on her life and books. Last year, I've read one of the middle series. I've heard there's a final book in the installment that would close out the series.  In this one, Beatrix leaves London, after she purchased Hill Top Farm, while Sawrey mourns the loss of Abigail Tolliver, and wondered how she died. There's been talk about murder by poison, when Sarah Berwick comes to town, inheriting Anchor Cottage. Meanwhile, there's Beatrix's bew neighbors who don't know what to think about her, as her animals talk amongst themselves, helping her solves mysteries and missing items. If you love Dr. Doolittle, you'll love this series.

P.S. I'll do the April reads real soon.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dirty Martini

If you love a great mystery with a bit of humor, you'll enjoy Dirty Martini. In the 4th installment of the Jack Daniels series, Jack was up against a serial killer who targeted Chicago with a vengeance. He was killing them with food poisoning and other ideas, when he called himself The Chemist, who had his sights set for Jack and the Chicago PD. When they closed on in him, he booby-trapped places where to find him, killing them on sight. Not only that, Latham proposed to her as Jack discovered a hidden family secret. This was a nice quick read to zip on through and root for Jack Daniels.

This was another great witty mystery with tons of humor. I still continue to care about Jack , the Chicago PD, and her personal life. I love the Chicago location and the interesting and puzzling book cover and title.  I did feel sorry for Latham and for Jack's relationship. The Chemist sent chills down my spine. This one had another wallop of humor, an immense level of intrigue, and sharp wit for this mystery.

Ready for another round of drinks? Check this out today!


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Crepes of Wrath

In the next installment of the Penn Dutch series, Magdalena Yoder is up to her knees. It's one week up to Lizzie Mast's death, when one of her neighbors mentions about her death and the letter.  While Melvin is running his political campaign, it's up to Magdalena to find out who killed her, while she's dealing with a new group of guests at her inn. Little did she know, she falls in love with Gabe Rosen, and learns about the Amish teens drug ring, and other suspicions. When she's close to the truth, her life is in the line, when an unexpected threats looms over her. Great culinary recipes for crepes accompany this tasty cozy.