Friday, September 30, 2011

The Dark of Day

If you love twisted suspense novels, this is the one for you by the late Barbara Parker. C.J. (Charlotte  Josephine) Dunn is a lawyer in Florida, when she finishes one high profile celebrity case. At a party, one girl goes missing. And everyone at the party is a suspect, including the people who hired her. There's a stunning attraction to Rick Slater, who's her client, while she has a steamy relationship with Billy Medina. When she ends up dead, things gets heated up and things got bad, when she suspects the truth to come one from the least suspected person, and the truth of her past comes out from hiding. Plenty of twists and twists till the end.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hunt Her Down

If you love red hot romantic suspense, you'll enjoy this next installment of the Bullet Catchers. Maggie Varcek Smith was once the girlfriend of an drug dealer and a lover of an undercover Narc agent, Michael Scott, carrying a secret with her--his baby. Fourteen years later, Dan Gallagher arrives in Marathon Florida, when word of the drug dealer she helped put away is released. When Dan falls in love with Maggie again, he can't stay away from her, and finds out about Quinn, who might be in danger, and fireworks explode. When they clear the air, they clear the air and helped protect each other, while fighting for their undying love. What a great novel!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Land of the Living

If you love great psychological thrillers, you'll enjoy Land of the Living from Nicci French. Abbie Deveraux had been kidnapped for two weeks by a mad man, who was also tired and held hostage in a cold place. When she escaped, it was a cry for help, when she lost two weeks of the time. She didn't remember what happened before it, when no one believed her story, and thought she was delusional. Now she was picking up the pieces of her life, when she discovered the news about new boyfriend and then a missing flatmate. And it was up to her to find out the answers, before he went after her again. What a great psychological suspense.

This was a gripping psychological thriller that would leave you at the edge of your seat. I did love the central London location throughout the novel. I did feel real bad for Abbie, when she had escaped from this terrible ordeal and no one believed her. But she was a tough and strong determined young woman to prove then wrong. This would leave you speechless and shaking all over in the end. Great drama, plenty of intense suspense and action, and a great mini mystery all the way through to the end.

Come on and give this thriller a try tonight!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Killer Instinct

If you love action-packed thrillers, you'll enjoy Killer Instinct. Jason Steadman is an employee at Entronics, who wants to move up the ladder of success. He and his wife Kate are trying to have a baby too. Things aren't too good for him, until he met Kurt Semko, a former Special Forces vet, who helped him out with his car. From there, things get better. He recruited Kurt to the softball team and gets him a job in Security at the same building. From there, things get crazy, when he's up for competition for VP against two people, when their luck fail on landing a client, and he gets better. Of course, Kurt "helped"  him along the way. But when things get dicey, when Kurt tells him about trade secrets and corporate espionage, one employee found dead, and Jason's get  better. Kate's pregnant. From there, suspicions are thrown his way, when his boss gets drunk, and he gets promoted, and it escalates from there and gets worse, when he finds out who's really behind it all, when his life is endangered. What a shocking twist!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Hunger Like No Other

If you want to try a new paranormal romance, you'll enjoy A Hunger Like No Other. Emma is half-Vampire, half-Valkyre, looking for the identity of her birth father. When she meets Lachlain, King of the Lykae, there's two of an unusual kind. At first, they have a love-hate relationship. Lachlain wants her to be her mate, while he didn't know who she really is, while he suffered being tortured for centuries and loss his leg. Now, they realize with threats from other demon vampires and other kind, they were mated for each other and would overcome any difficulties.  This is an unique but great paranormal romance.

A Poisoned Season

If you love a good suspense and historical romance, you'll enjoy the second book in the Lady Emily series. In a Poisoned Season, Emily's mourning period was over, and things were going well with Colin. They were so in love and talked of marriage. Meanwhile, there was talks about the thefts of Marie Antoinette's jewelry and a new heir to the crown of Louis XVI. Emily had a mysterious secret admirer. When she investigated the theft and an innocent woman became accused of murder, she realized the connection of the poison and the spy in her household. Threats had been made on Emily's life to stop investigation, along with vicious gossip. When she realized who it was, she found out the truth with her life in the line, and was wary of the people she trusted. A great series.

This was another fantastic historical suspense novel. It had everything you could wish for and so much more in this storyline. I continued to care for Emily and her love affair with Colin, a perfect match in my opinion. I loved the Marie Antoinette-Louis XVI angle as well. It added an air of mystique and drama to it. I also love the dual locations of England and France as well to set the scene. Well-researched and well-written, this would suck you right into that time period and take you for a wild ride. Great drama, nice hint of historical romance, and plenty of action.

Please give this book a good look today!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Necessary Evil

If you love bone-chilling thrillers, you'll love the Maggie O'Dell series by Alex Kava. In A Necessary Evil, the first book in the Maggie O'Dell series,  Maggie investigated a serial killer case, when she found the heads and couldn't find the bodies. While this happened, someone threatened Dr. Gwen Patterson. When Maggie was called to go to Nebraska, she reunited with her old flame and on the serial killer case of someone beheading priests and killing them. They believed it had something to do with an online game for abused altar boys to vent out their anger. One by one, a dead beheaded priest was found in different states. As she investigated this case, Gwen's life was in danger, and a lurker wasn't far behind. It had a shocking end I can't give away! You'll have to read it.

This is a great thriller debut with an exciting new heroine to root for. To place the setting in rustic Lincoln Nebraska gave it an urban feel.  We do get to learn a bit more about Maggie's background and watch her interact with others. Between Nick and Maggie, we can feel the chemistry they had in the past and could be still there. She made for an intriguing new character. The plotline of the execution of Catholic priests was a bit hard-hitting and still exists today with their abuse of religious power on vulnerable young children to prey on. This one left you with chills and a cold sweat.

Ready to get chilled? Pick up a copy today!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Full Pursuit

If you love juicy romantic suspense with lots of adventure, you'll enjoy Jasmine Cresswell's Full Pursuit, the second in the Unit One trilogy series, when Melody and Nick's relationship are tested to the limit. Melody's sent to infiltrate the Soldiers of Jordan in White Falls, Idaho, a cult that lives in a 1950s neighborhood, when they're for extreme terrorism against Muslim behind their facade. Melody realizes it's harder than she thought, when it might be compromised with Dave Ramsdell's escape from Leavenworth for treason. Nick has to find out answers from the senator's wife, when they realize they're meant for each other. Melody finds out the truth on her biological father too. What a great read!

Friday, September 2, 2011

The Spice Box

If you love culinary cozies  and historical mysteries, you'll love the Spice Box series by Lou Jane Temple. Twenty-year-old Bridget Heaney, poor and Irish in 1860s New York, have landed a job in the Gold mansion as a cook. From there, she discovered the dead body of their missing son. She and her boss decide to investigate the murder, while she looks for her long-lost younger sister Maggie. Every step of the way, there's lurking dangers and untrustworthy people right under from their nose. When she uncovers the truth, Bridget's life is at stake, before she reunites with her sister. A delightful mystery with yummy recipes.