Wednesday, December 31, 2014

16 Lighthouse Road

In Debbie Macomber's 16 Lighthouse Road, the first book in the Cedar Cove series, she told us a beautiful story about romance and family. We were introduced to Olivia Lockhart and to her friends, family, and other people in the community. It all started with the divorce proceedings for Cecilia and Ian Randall. For the past couple of months, we showed how Olivia began a new relationship with Jack Griffin, how Grace Sherman dealt with her husband's disappearance, how Olivia's daughter Justine got caught up in a love triangle, and how the Randalls began to fall in love with each other again to start a new life. This was wonderfully written that touched my heart, just like Hallmark Channel's Cedar Cove series.

I really enjoyed this romance/woman's fiction series. I cared about Olivia and the people in the series. I found Cedar Cove a real charming town to be in for the state of Washington. However, I did find some inconsistencies that weren't in Hallmark's Cedar Cove series that differed from the book: there was no mention of Kelly and Paul, nor of James. I also found out that the cancer bit with Eric to father children were also different in the series, too, just as Justine's marriage to Seth, when in the TV show, she was engaged to him, on and off. This made me laugh, cry, sigh and cringe as well. You'll fall in love with the Cedar Cove series--both versions--when you're hooked in the first page.

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Rip Tide

In the 3rd installment of Debbi Mack's Sam McRae mystery series, Rip Tide, she told us an excellent storyline. When Sam and her best friend Jamilla were confronted by racists in front of the building, racial tension were high. Then the police came to the door to arrest Jamilla for murder. Now it was up to Sam to clear her best friend's name, while she was being blackmailed by a close associate of hers named Jinx. Sam discovered some interesting insights that goes into the poultry farming business and learned some hidden tidbits as well to save her best friend.

This was a charming mystery series. I really liked it. I loved the Baltimore central location for the storyline. I also loved the environmental connection to it. But I hated the racial tension in the beginning and also in the flashback scene. But I could see how it could serve this purpose for the storyline as well. I did care about Sam and Jamilla. I didn't like Billy Ray and his friends or the Bowers. Jinx was okay. This light read would take you on a whirlwind journey like a rip tide. Great drama, intense suspense, and nice action throughout this mystery.

Don't get caught up in the rip tide? Give this book a try in 2015!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Twenty-Eight_and_a-Half Wishes

In the first installment of the Rose Gardner mystery series, Twenty-Eight-and-a-Half Wishes by Denise Grover Swank, she introduced us to a great mystery series with a romantic comedy twist. For 24-year-old Rose, she lived with her verbal abuse mother at home and worked at the DMW, when she had a vision of her own death. When she finally stood up to her mother, she came home to her own mother murdered. That's when her own neighborhood believed she killed her own mother, except for her sister and her hunky and mysterious next-door neighbor Joe McAllister. From there, she needed to clear her name and make a wish list of things she wanted to do, since she saw more visions of her impending death. In the end, she discovered freedom and who wanted to do her in, too, with a surprising twist.

This was a terrific mystery series with hints of romantic comedy to give you laughs and goosebumps. I did like the small town Arkansas location for the series. I did feel sorry for Rose that everything bad had happened to her in a span of a week or two. Sometimes Joe aggravated me, like I knew he had a deep secret to hide. They make a cute couple together. This would leave you laughing in stitches and give you chills as well. Great comedic elements with tons of romance, new hints of intrigue and suspense to keep my mystery going to the end.

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Special Review: Zodiac from December 2008

In Neal Stephenson's Zodiac, we were introduced to Sangamon Taylor and his world in this eco-thriller. He knew about chemical sludge and evil very well. He followed the trail of sludge that led him to some nasty places. They bombed his house and shadowed his every footstep, when he was listed on the FBI's Most Wanted List and played a starring role for a near-assassination of the president. He would need help from his tofu-eating compadres to find an escape and to get out of his scrape on a Zodiac and save the day as a good guy.

At first, I had a love/hate relationship with this book. But in the end, I really did enjoy it. I did care about Sangamon Taylor and his ecological fight for the planet. I love the ecological theme to this novel, when it dealt with chemical sludge that could do harm to the planet. I love the central location of the Boston Harbor area in this one. This would take you for a wild ride for sure. Great tension, plenty of suspense and intrigue with an interesting mystery and non-stop action to the end.

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Monday, December 29, 2014

An Evil Shadow

In the first installment of the Val Bosanquet Mystery series by AJ Davidson, An Evil Shadow, we were introduced to his wild and wacky world. Set in New Orleans, Louisiana, Valentino "Val" Bosanquet was a former NOPD detective and lost his finger, a decade ago, to one of his cases. When his brother Marcus asked him to step in to be the interim security chief for the University of New Orleans, when Marie Duvall, a young Haitian girl who lost her mother due a brutal crime, she was accused of the crime. He needed to step in to protect, though he had his druthers. Along the way, he dealt with his soon to be ex-wife, who was in love with his brother, dirty cops and other nefarious types of people who didn't want him to stand in the way of their schemes. He would stop at nothing to get to the both of it.

This was a fantastic mystery series with a great introduction to Val Bosanquet and his family. I loved the New Orleans location and Val's background. I did feel bad for Marie Duvall, who was accused of killing her mother. I also felt the same way about Val, who lost his finger, quit his job, and now losing his wife to his own brother. Talk about an awkward love triangle! I did feel bad about the Jacksons and for Marcus as well. This would enthrall you through and through, straight to the end. Fantastic drama, excellent suspense and mystery, and plenty of fast-paced action.

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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Snow Crash

In Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash, he took us on a wild and wacky ride for this futuristic thriller. With fantasy and science fiction elements, he introduced us to Hiro Protagonist and Y.T., two heroic characters who braved the Metaverse. For both of them, they were Kouriers for a pizza company and were taken in for a ride. They dealt with Sumerian myths, alternative and virtual reality with a futuristic view of California and elsewhere. They deal with some unlikely characters like Russian assassins and the mob and a religious cult outfit as well, when Snow Crash was about a computer data virus and how they stopped it from taking over the world.

This was a weird and wild thriller. It was part science fiction, part fantasy to comprehend it. I did care about Hiro and YT and couldn't care less for the others. But this novel gave us a peek at the future via alternative and virtual reality. I found it a bit confusing and amusing at the same time. Some parts towards the middle and the end were a bit graphic for the virtual reality scenes. This send me some chilling thrills all the same in the end. So I found it a bit average with a three-star rating. Great drama, tons of action and adventure in two different realities, and plenty of interesting fun.

Ready to search for a snow crash? Give it a try today!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Political Suicide

In the second installment of Michael Palmer's Dr. Lou Welcome medical thriller series, Political Suicide, Lou Welcome returned into another excellent medical thriller. This time, when one of his friends was arrested for a crime he didn't commit, it was up to Lou to prove his innocence. While he continued to bond with his daughter Emily, he fought his toughest adversaries yet, Spencer Hogarth and Commander Wyatt Brody of the Mantis Company, a special military outfit who fought the war against terrorism. With help from Sarah Cooper, Gary's attorney, they formed a formidable team as friends and later possible a love connection between them to stop Mantis before it was too late.

This was another terrific medical thriller from Michael Palmer. This had some political thriller elements into it as well. I liked Lou bonding with the daughter. I felt sorry for him, for the Colstons, Gary McHugh, and for Edith Harmon as well. I found Sarah a bit rough around the edges. But she softened up to Lou. I think they could make a great couple in the future. I didn't like Brody one bit, while I didn't care so much for Hogarth and the dirty cop. Some scenes were a bit rough to stomach, too. Great drama, excellent action, and tons of suspense with a major medical connection, too.

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Friday, December 26, 2014

Dead Lift

In the second--and perhaps final?--installment of the Emily Locke mystery series from Rachel Brady, Dead Lift, Emily Locke returned to solve another gripping mystery. For Emily, she tried to build a new life as a single mom to Annette, while she placed her career on hold as a private investigator. But she'd gotten embroiled into a case, when a plastic surgeon was found killed and her client was arrested in prison. It was up to Emily to discover who was the murder and link it to an elderly abuse scam case as well. The closer she'd gotten to the truth, the more endangered she placed herself into harm's way for her and her daughter.

This was another great and fantastic read. I did feel sorry for Emily, who tried to reach out to her daughter Annette, when the Fosters became her real "parents." It just wasn't fair, though they're putting her best interest at heart. I was also sad to believe there was no other books in the series that I know of. This was a gripping mystery that would pull at your heart strings real tight. This made me cringe, cry and sigh a few times. I loved the Houston backdrop as well. I do like Emily and Vince as a new couple, since she last her husband Jack. Great drama, nice easy reading with a shocking twist for a mystery, and plenty of action all around.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Special Review: The Crocodile on the Sandbank from February 2009

In the first installment of the Amelia Peabody series by Elizabeth Peters, The Crocodile on the Sandbank, we were introduced to the heroine of the series. For Amelia Peabody, she loved to take an adventure and spend her inheritance traveling the world. She was always fascinated with Egyptology. From there, she met and rescued Evelyn Barton-Forbes and became fast friends with her. Along the way, they ran into the Emerson brothers, Walter and Radcliffe, while they were on a dig. But when they were a kidnapping attempt on Evelyn, it was up to Amelia to figure out who've done it. Amelia and Radcliffe fall in love, get married and have baby Ramses, too.

This was a great introduction to the Amelia Peabody historical mystery series and to everything related to Egyptology, too. I became in awe of Amelia who had a love for travel, even if it took her to far out places like Egypt, to explore the world. I believe Radcliffe and Amelia make a lovely couple, the same for Walter and Evelyn too as well. I did feel sorry for Evelyn who was abandoned by her lover. This was a fascinating read. Great drama, nice action and suspense, and pure adventure with intrigue along the way.

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Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Curse of the Pharoahs

In the second installment of Elizabeth Peters's Amelia Peabody series, The Curse of the Pharoahs, Amelia and Radcliffe Emerson return to Egypt in this newest adventure. This time, they went to deal with an ancient curse in Luxor Egypt, when the late Lord Baskerville was found dead. When they left their son, Ramses, behind in England, they meet an interesting array of characters, like the crazy Lady Berengeria. They came to a bunch of mishaps and accidents, when it dealt with the lady in white floating around, and the curse of King Tut's tomb. It was up to them to discover who was the murderer, too.

I always found this series charming and intellectual at the same time. I loved the concept of setting a mystery in the 1800s for Egypt. It seemed to me, that Egyptology is still now a fascinating subject for novels. I found Amelia and Radcliffe a helluva pair for a couple, while Ramses, I did find a tiny bit sad for him, when they left him behind. But I'm always amused when they manage to solve the crime in the end of the novel.  Great mystery, nice action and adventure, and plenty of intrigue and danger along the way.

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Friday, December 19, 2014

The Orion Project

In Edward Marin's The Orion Project, this action-adventure was something different than your typical action-adventure novel. For Dan and Linda, two museum workers who were in charge of the Egyptian sarcophagi for display. When one mummy named Tonemcadu reawakened, it took them a wild ride for them. From there, they taught him English and the modern technology, when he informed him about his special project. Later on, he went on his adventure to find work, love, and to complete his mission with some complications with a surprise ending. This action-adventure had some fantasy elements in it, too.

For starters, I only gave this three stars, because it was a bit whimsical and not a typical action-adventure. I did feel sorry for Dan and Linda, when they had to deal with Tonemcadu, and the aftermath when he wanted to be free. For awhile, it took me awhile to get used to him. He was okay for the mummy. I was happy that he was happy to find new love, since he was separated from his own family from centuries, and to complete his mission on time. I liked the adventure it took us from Chicago to Egypt in the end. This did feel a bit like a fantasy to me. Good humor, a light pace for action, and plenty of drama for a quick read.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

SEAL's Seduction

If you love sexy romantic suspense novels with a military theme, you'll love the first installment in the Uniformly Hot SEALs book, SEAL's Seduction, by Tawny Weber. For Lieutenant Blake Landon from the Navy SEALs, he needed to distract himself while he on leave, and mourned the loss of his best friend. He wasn't looking for a commitment or serious relationship. And that's when he met Alexia Pierce, the admiral's daughter, this red-headed spitfire who turned his world upside down and seduced him. After their first encounter, it was nothing but hot sex to turn up the heat. She was a linguist who studied sexual behavior, but didn't want to get involved with anybody in the military. And things change between them, a year later, when she got abducted and Blake had to rescue her, before they sorted out their feelings.

This steamy military romance would turn up the heat and melt the cold weather outside. I loved how Alexia became her own person in spite of her father's orders. I loved how close she was to her brother Michael, though her parents weren't so much, either. I loved how Blake was a military man and wanted something more permanent. The chemistry between them was so palpable and heated. I loved the dual locations of Alaska and California, when they've gotten close and almost too close to comfort. I did feel for Blake on losing her best friend in the war. Great romance, sexy intrigue, and plenty of hot dramatic action to keep you warm all over.

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Special review: Salvation in Death from December 2008

In the 27th installment of the In Death series by JD Robb, Salvation in Death, we've returned back to the year of 2060. When Father Flores sipped wine from his chalice during a funeral mass, he fell over and wounded up dead. Now it was up to Eve to discover the true story behind that unholy act, when she uncovered he was poisoned. For Eve, Roarke, and the NYSPD, they dug into his background and unearthed his shady background of being a former gang member. When they've thought they've got it all figured out, a second murder occurred in front of worshippers, threw them for a loop.

This futuristic romantic suspense dealt with some shady religious overtones. I still love the futuristic backdrop of a future New York in 2060 with modernized and advanced high technology in communications and transportation. I loved how Eve worked well with her fellow superiors and with Roarke with this grisly murders.  This one dealt with some sinister and nefarious twists to leave you at the edge of your seat and then some. Great drama, hot passion between Eve and Roarke, and plenty of suspense and intrigue with non-stop action to leave you cold all over.

Ready for some salvation? Pick up a copy this week!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Wishing Season

Welcome to Chapel Springs, Indiana. In the third installment of the Chapel Springs series by Denise Hunter, The Wishing Season, she told us a heart-warming love story about a small town. For Penelope Jane "PJ" McKinley, she wanted to open her own restaurant and B&B to prove to her family she could do it on her own. For Cole Evans, a handyman and adopted by a foster family, he wanted a transitional house for young adults to learn life skills before they can life on their own. When they proposed their idea dreams for Mrs. Simmons's old ancestral home, they had a year to make it work before a final decision would be made. For PJ and Cole, they started out as rivals and friends and later to something more, when  they went through their own ups and downs in life and realized they wished for something better and more... each other, when their wishes and dreams would come true.

This was a wonderful small town contemporary romance. This would move you to tears and warm your heart. I loved the community connections in Chapel Springs, Indiana. It sounded ideal to have both a B&B/restaurant and a transitional house for adopted kids too. I instantly cared about Cole and PJ and how they worked things out. I fell in love with then, since I could see how they were well made for each other. My heart broke into a thousand pieces for Cole a few times and for PJ, too. You would fall in love with this book. It had a blooming romance, a hint of intrigue and suspense, and an excellent storyline.

Ready to make a wish? Pick up a copy today!

Special review: Promises in Death from March 2009

Welcome back to the year 2060 in the 28th installment of the In Death series, Promises in Death, by JD Robb. For Amaryllis Coltraine, she was a recent transfer to the New York City Police Department from Atlanta, and knew how to defend herself against an assailant. When she was killed in front of her own place by her own weapon, this was more than personal for Eve Dallas and the rest of the NYPSD, too. For all of them who mourned her loss, it was up to Eve to investigate her background to see who wanted to take one of their own. And this time, she didn't take taunted treats too kindly, when the next one was aimed at her.

This was a wild and crazy futuristic romantic suspense. I loved the futuristic outlook of New York in 2060 in ways of communication and technology that have improved ten times over.  I loved how Eve became strong, while letting no one ever bring her down. I like how Roarke backed her up and assist her on these cases. I loved how their romance and marriage was strong as hard nails. I did care about Eve, Roarke and the others in this novel. To lose one of their own in the worst unimaginable way was unconscionable to me. Great drama, terrific intrigue and plenty of suspense for a perfect page-turner to the end.

Promise to give this a good read? Give this book a try today!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

A Fatal Grace

In Three Pines, Canada, it was a bitter cold winter and holiday season. In the second installment of the Chief Inspector Armand Gamache series by Louise Penny, a Fatal Grace (or Cold Death), Chief Inspector Gamache was asked to investigator the murder of CC de Pointiers, a most despicable woman. At the same time, he looked in the murder of a vagrant woman who died right before her. When Gamache and his team returned to Three Pines, he interviewed the same people he met, a year ago, when Jane Neal died. This time, he learned about the emotional abuse of CC's daughter and the hunt for her heritage. While he understood why people hated her, he needed to get a closer look on who wanted to do her in and why, before it was too late. The ending had a shocking twist, too.

This was a compelling mystery series. I did feel sorry for Crie, for CC naming her that way and giving her emotional abuse. I don't blame her one bit for acting out. I did feel sorry for those who knew CC. I loved how Armand and Reine-Marie worked together in two complex mysteries. I loved the recurring characters from Three Pines, except for Ruth, who I didn't like so as much. Her poetry was terrible in my opinion. I love the Quebecois location for Three Pines in their small knit community. I loved the little bit of curling as an interesting tidbit in the storyline. Great suspenseful drama, good action, and an interesting story to boot for this mystery.

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Friday, December 12, 2014

Dark Storm

In the 23rd installment of the Dark series by Christine Feehan, Dark Storm, welcome to the world like no other... of the Carpathians. For Riley Parker and her mom, they went to the Peruvian rain forest for a journey. For others, it was to find a precious rare flower. But they experienced an evil like no other. Riley encountered tragedy, when one of their porters killed her mother. While she experienced sorrow for losing her mother, she didn't expect to come across a Carpathian hunter named Danutdaxton "Dax", who was after an ancient vampire named Mitro. With many perils of the rain forest, Riley learned more about Dax as her lifemate and fell in love with him. Together they would take on Mitro, before they would embark on their new life together.

This was a fascinating and compelling paranormal romance. This also had a bit of eroticism and urban fantasy elements to it as well. I have to admit, since it's been a few years, since I last read a book in the series, the fighting scenes in the novel are a bit graphic, gory and gruesome to get through. I loved the South American rain forest backdrop and how Riley used her white magic to help fight good with evil. I loved how Dax shifted into a dragon and flew in the skies. He sorta dreamy in a way. This was well-written with some dark elements of drama, intense passion and plenty of action.

Embrace the dark storm? Take shelter with a copy today!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Special review: Naked in Death from October 2008

Welcome to the year of 2058! In the first installment of the In Death series by JD Robb, aka Nora Roberts, Naked in Death, she took us to the adventure of how it turned out from her vision. We met Eve Dallas, the lieutenant of the New York Safety and Police Department, when she was brought into the helm of her first disturbing case. As the technology had ruled the world and Eve knew a lot about dangerous and seductive passion, she never ever saw this first shocking crime coming. When the senator's daughter was found killed, she was put in charge of this high-profile case. And Roarke, one of the most influential and wealthiest man in the world was the prime suspect, there was nothing but sparking fires between Eve and Roarke.

This was a sexy and seductive introduction to the In Death series.  I loved the futuristic outlook of technology and how our country would be, thirty years down the road or so. The introduction and backstory of Eve was quite compelling and interesting as well. The same went for Roarke, when you've got to love his sexy Irish brogue. Although the crime scene might be a little upsetting at first, the search for a ruthless killer was nothing but hot to the touch. Great chemistry, perfect drama and an intense action to segue between the scenes.

Don't read this book naked without its cover! Pick up a copy today!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Blood Orchids

Aloha! Welcome to Hawaii! In the first installment of the Lei Crime Mystery series, Blood Orchids, by Toby Neal, we were introduced to Leilani "Lei" Texeira. She came from a troubled childhood and now working her way as a detective of the Hilo Police Department, while she worked on a most disturbing case. When she found two dead bodies in the water, while searching for evidence, she became the center of the attention. She met Michael Stevens and his partner, Jeremy Ito, when they focused on who targeted on the case. Someone had their eye on Lei and stalked her. But it became personal, when her friend and colleague Mary was targeted, raped and killed. There was a lot of surprising twists and turns in this excellent Hawaiian mystery.

This was a compelling mystery. I loved the Hawaiian backdrop and the tropical locations that place you right there. I did love Lei, who later became a strong female lead and someone to admire. I did feel sorry for her, since she was dealt from a bad childhood. I hated it when she was stalked and when her dog, Keiki, was also caught in the fire. I believe Michael and Lei make a terrific couple. This was well-written with excellent dramatic suspense and tons of non-stop action.

Ready to head to Hawaii? You got to check out this mystery today!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Against the WInd

In the first installment of the Raines of Wind Canyon romantic suspense series by Kat Martin, Against the Wind, she introduced us to a wonderful and spiritual small Wyoming town. For Sarah Allen Hollister, she was a widow, a single mother of a little girl, and left Los Angeles to hide out from the law and live a new life. She also wanted to dodge the people who harrased her, since she had a turbulent marriage from an abusive husband. When she reunited with Jackson Raines, a former flame from high school, when she broke his heart and humiliated him. He was now a ranch owner and a cowboy with a big heart. He would do anything to protect them from anything that came his way and to make her his own. Tons of great drama, lots of great chemistry, and nice action as well to melt your heart.

This was a wonderful romantic suspense.  I loved the dual backdrops of Wind Canyon, Wyoming and Los Angeles, California. Wind Canyon sounded picturesque and ideal for a quick getaway. I loved how Sarah protected Holly from harm. I knew her troubling secret of her shooting her husband in self-defense was the only answer. I hated her husband Andrew with a passion via flashbacks. He was no good to her and Holly. I loved how Jackson found his way to her and Holly's heart by being a better man for them. I loved how his brothers protected them too. This would sweep you away and off your feet.

Ready to take a trip to Wind Canyon? Check this out tonight!