Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Rip Tide

In the 3rd installment of Debbi Mack's Sam McRae mystery series, Rip Tide, she told us an excellent storyline. When Sam and her best friend Jamilla were confronted by racists in front of the building, racial tension were high. Then the police came to the door to arrest Jamilla for murder. Now it was up to Sam to clear her best friend's name, while she was being blackmailed by a close associate of hers named Jinx. Sam discovered some interesting insights that goes into the poultry farming business and learned some hidden tidbits as well to save her best friend.

This was a charming mystery series. I really liked it. I loved the Baltimore central location for the storyline. I also loved the environmental connection to it. But I hated the racial tension in the beginning and also in the flashback scene. But I could see how it could serve this purpose for the storyline as well. I did care about Sam and Jamilla. I didn't like Billy Ray and his friends or the Bowers. Jinx was okay. This light read would take you on a whirlwind journey like a rip tide. Great drama, intense suspense, and nice action throughout this mystery.

Don't get caught up in the rip tide? Give this book a try in 2015!

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