Sunday, December 28, 2014

Snow Crash

In Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash, he took us on a wild and wacky ride for this futuristic thriller. With fantasy and science fiction elements, he introduced us to Hiro Protagonist and Y.T., two heroic characters who braved the Metaverse. For both of them, they were Kouriers for a pizza company and were taken in for a ride. They dealt with Sumerian myths, alternative and virtual reality with a futuristic view of California and elsewhere. They deal with some unlikely characters like Russian assassins and the mob and a religious cult outfit as well, when Snow Crash was about a computer data virus and how they stopped it from taking over the world.

This was a weird and wild thriller. It was part science fiction, part fantasy to comprehend it. I did care about Hiro and YT and couldn't care less for the others. But this novel gave us a peek at the future via alternative and virtual reality. I found it a bit confusing and amusing at the same time. Some parts towards the middle and the end were a bit graphic for the virtual reality scenes. This send me some chilling thrills all the same in the end. So I found it a bit average with a three-star rating. Great drama, tons of action and adventure in two different realities, and plenty of interesting fun.

Ready to search for a snow crash? Give it a try today!

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