Monday, October 28, 2013

Goddess of the Hunt

If you love a beautiful historical romance that pulls at your heartstrings, you'll love Tessa Dare's historical romance debut in the Goddess of the Hunt. She did that, when were introduced to Jeremy and Lucy and their complicated relationship. It all started when Lucy wanted to seduce Jeremy to make Toby jealous. Secretly, she took it a bit too far, when she met her match with her brother's best friend, Jeremy. Sheltered by her brother Henry and fatherless since her birth, she was an adventuress type who tended to get into trouble. Jeremy didn't dare to fall in love with Lucy, when it might've crossed lines of his friendship. But after one kiss, those bets were off. It changed everything. After he bedded her, he comprised her and proposed to her in an unlikely passion. Through their eyes, we saw what they go through in their marriage and discovered that love brought them together. That's the true material thing they needed in love. What an enchanted tearjerker.

This was a beautiful historical romance. This one brought tears to my eyes and made me cry. It was so beautiful and moving at the same time. My heart went out to Lucy throughout this novel. I believed that Toby was a pompous jerk. Although her brother might be a bit over-bearing in his protective nature, I loved how Jeremy and Lucy came together. I loved the backdrop of 18th century England. Somehow Fate drove them together to find love. A great historical romance with hints of passionate drama and intrigue.

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Friday, October 25, 2013

The Whisper

In Carla Neggers's The Whisper, the 4th book in the Ireland series, she took us back to Ireland and to Boston to close out the Boston PD/FBI series. This was a continuation and a conclusion to give you a stand alone story or the closing end, if you read the series in order. Cyrus "Scoop" Wisdom was in Ireland, when he met Sophie Malone, an Irish archaeologist who studied Celtic forklore and experienced a scare of her own in the cave on the Irish island. At first, people didn't believe her and suspected her of what's been going on in Boston. Scoop himself survived a bomb blast, which almost ended his IA career, and was on the trail on Sophie Malone and started to fall for her. From both Scoops's and Sophie's POV, we were both drawn into their stories from their POV of what they've been through, every step of the way. Lots of intrigue and danger followed Sophie and Scoop in both Ireland and Boston, which drew them together and closer than before. Scoop's friends found a happy ending and a love of their own. This is a great story to takes you above and beyond in Ireland and Boston.

This was a wonderful thriller from Carla Neggers. I love the ambiance of both Ireland and of Boston for the location of the settings. I did care and feel things for Sophie and Scoop, when they became embroiled on mysteries of their own. I loved how they were drawn together. I thought Cyrus was an interesting character and Sophie was a bit curious in nature. This was a wonderful story that was filled with drama, romance, intrigue, and action, every step of the way.

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Deadly Grind

If you love a culinary cozy with a twist, this is one for you. Set in Queensville, Michigan, Victoria Hamilton introduced us to Jaymie Leighton  in her Vintage Kitchen series. In the first installment, A Deadly Grind, Jaymie collected vintage kitchen equipment and started her own vintage cookbook with recipes. But when she bidded for a Hoosier cabinet in an estate sale, things took a turn for the worse. Someone was found dead at her home. And from there, she met Detective Christian, who was a hot piece of eye candy, and reconnected with her friend, Daniel Collins, who both had their eyes set on her. While Jaymie was tangled up in the mystery behind the Hoosier cabinet and its contents, it placed her in a world of danger and intrigue. And people would "kill" for a valuable treasure. There was plenty to enjoy and root for in this new culinary series.

This was an intriguing culinary cozy series. I liked the concept of adding vintage culinary equipment and tools to the mystery. I found Jaymie an interesting character, who now have found herself in a love triangle of her own. It would be hard to say, which one I prefer her with, too. I loved the Michigan-Canada for the dual location settings for this cozy mystery, which was something different than you normally see. This was an interesting cozy with delicious recipes included as well. Great drama, plenty of action and intrigue, and a lot of mystery from start to end.

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bonus Ebook review: Mine to Keep

In the second book in the Mine series, Mine to Keep, Cynthia Eden re-introduced us to Skye and Trace. After they left Florida to return back to New York, Skye dealt with the nightmares from her stalker and basement imprisonment. With Trace, he proved his love was solid with their engagement. But things weren't so sweet, when someone was after Trace and killed people who stood in his way. While  it made him look guilty for the police, he honed after Skye and tormented them some more. Trace would do everything to protect the ones he loves, including his innocence, while someone was sending him a message. While they were closer to the truth, the more people he was close to was targeted by the killer. And for Skye and Trace, there was a shocking truth no one saw coming. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer...

This was a fantastic romantic suspense to warm your cold nights. Whether as a stand alone or in part of the series, this would make you melt like better. I liked the Floridan and New York location links to parallel both worlds. I loved the pairing of Skye and Trace, though I hated to see them apart and Skye more vulnerable and hurt.  This was packed with a lot of hot romantic, good dramatic action and an intense storyline.

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Can You Keep A Secret?

If you loved the Shopaholic series, you'll love one of her classic standalone novels. Meet Emma Corrigan in Can You Keep a Secret? She worked hard for her money at a cola company in the marketing department. Her family paid more attention to her cousin than they do to her. There was a disconnect with her boyfriend Connor. But when she went on a business trip to Scotland, she blabbed all of her secrets to a stranger. Later on, unknowingly, she met the man in person who was the head of her company. She became friends with him and later fell in love with him. Somehow he changed her world for her better and spun it around. They clicked, while she didn't know his secrets. From Emma's POV, you'll root for Emma with a bundle of laughter.

This hilarious chick lit would leave you with a warm and happy feeling. I did began to feel for Emma, when her family mistreated her. All she wanted to do was to impress them. I did feel sorry for her, when she blabbed to a total stranger on the plane. This also left me laughing in stitches. I loved the United Kingdom backdrop from England to Scotland, even from a plane. Overall, this was a great read, when you're feeling down and needed a pick me up, with great dramatic suspense and a dose of humor.

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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Dead End Deal

If you love enthralling medical thrillers, this is one for you. In Allen Wyler's Dead End Deal, this take you all over the place. Jon Ritter was a surgeon who worked on a cure for Alzheimer's from stem cells. When his mentor had gotten killed, a group of anti-abortion protesters marked him as a target and posted his profile on the website. And since then, they wanted him to kill the deal or else. When the FBI had gotten involved into this case, they encouraged him to do the same thing. We'll saw what Jon decided to do in his point of view from start to finish, when his life remained on the line. Jon was  determined to get the exploratory surgery done elsewhere, as it took him to South Korea, when things went wrong. This also took him to get back home to prove his innocence and clear his name. This fast-paced thriller is like a roller coaster ride you'll enjoy.

This was another fantastic medical thriller from Allen Wyler. I did care about Jon Ritter for the entire novel. I didn't like the way people treated him, especially down in South Korea. I liked the locations he went in this novel from USA to Korea and back home. This would make you take a deep breath and release a sigh for relief in the end. Great drama, excellent medical thriller suspense, and plenty of non-stop action for a thrill ride.

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Sunday, October 6, 2013


In the 15th installment of the best-selling Carol Higgins Clark's Regan Reilly series, Gypped,  Regan Reilly her husband were in Los Angeles, California, for a vacation, it wasn't idyllic as they thought. We watched Regan meet her close friend, Zelda Horn, and learned what unraveled next. Since Zelda won a windfall of money, things  came crashing down on her. Someone was out to get to her and out for blood--namely murder--at the night of her party at the estate she won at the auction. Someone else wanted her money. And to top everything, she discovered her father remarried someone he knew for less than five months. Is it bad luck or something else entirely? And when Regan was on the case, she was in the world of hurt and more trouble. You'll enjoy this fast-paced latest cozy for a quick read.

I always found the Regan Reilly series was a delightful read to enjoy! I loved how she took a break from the NYC to vacation in Los Angeles with Jack. I believe they were made for each other, other than sharing the same last name. How cool is that? You can see how much they were in love with each other and cared for each other.  I cared for Regan and Jack and for Zelda, too, when her luck crashed down in a windfall of her own. Good drama, nice action and suspense, and plenty of action in a light pace.

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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Hoping for Love

If you love Catherine Anderson's Kendrick/Harrigan/Coulter contemporary romance series, you'll love Marie Force's McCarthy series set on fictional Gansett Island, Rhode Island.  In Hoping for Love, the 5th book in the Gansett series, you'll be introduced to the McCarthy family and be welcomed into their world. You would also be involved into their troubled relationships into this continuing series and how they resolved it. In this story, we were introduced to Grace Ryan, who was once fat and alone, and found a new love on the island. That was when she met Evan McCarthy, who rescued her from a bad date and changed her life around. He was a confirmed bachelor, a musician, and had no room or interest for a relationship or for love. But when sparks fly between them, those bets were off. Romance was in the air and love goes around for the other residents on the island too. You'll fall in love with this series.

This was a wonderful contemporary romance. I loved the picturesque setting of Gansett Island, Rhode Island. It's so remote, beautiful and peaceful to reside in. I loved getting to know the McCarthys and how everyone had discovered new found love the second time around. I thought Grace was a charming young woman who needed a break. I loved how she found a job and discovered new life there. I hated it when people picked on her and used her. That wasn't right. When you read this romance, you would find warmth, love and happiness down in your heart. Great romance, hint of intrigue and plenty of good action.

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Afraid of the Dark

Jack Swyteck was back into this newest legal thriller by James Grippando. In the 9th installment of the Jack Swyteck thriller series, Afraid of the Dark, it all started with McKenna Mays's death and Officer Vince Paulo's blindness. In this shocking thriller, Grippando took us to the deepest and darkest evil in the world from Miami to London. Not only Jack was embroiled into this disturbing case, his fiancée FBI Andie Henning was also caught up into a real extremely dangerous investigation of her own. When he took Jamal Wakefield as his next client, people did their best to deter him from becoming his lawyer. He ignored the warnings and the danger and learned more of the truth. Andie dug dip into Black Ice, when people were onto her. When they didn't know that their both cases collided with a shocking connection, it placed them both into danger. This heart-gripping novel had non-stop action that went into the deepest parts of darkness.

This was an explosive legal thriller. I loved the South Florida location and the scenery throughout the novel. This would grip you from the first page and keep you hanging on to the end. I did feel  bad for Jack and Andie, when this dealt with nefarious people. I also feel bad for Jack, when he needed to care for his own grandfather. I loved how Vince operated while blind. This gave it a twist of its own.  his had so many shocking surprises that keep you floored as well. This was like an adrenalin rush on a roller coaster ride. Great dangerous action, sharp twists and turns, and plenty dramatic suspense to leave you speechless in the end.

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