Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bonus Ebook review: Mine to Keep

In the second book in the Mine series, Mine to Keep, Cynthia Eden re-introduced us to Skye and Trace. After they left Florida to return back to New York, Skye dealt with the nightmares from her stalker and basement imprisonment. With Trace, he proved his love was solid with their engagement. But things weren't so sweet, when someone was after Trace and killed people who stood in his way. While  it made him look guilty for the police, he honed after Skye and tormented them some more. Trace would do everything to protect the ones he loves, including his innocence, while someone was sending him a message. While they were closer to the truth, the more people he was close to was targeted by the killer. And for Skye and Trace, there was a shocking truth no one saw coming. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer...

This was a fantastic romantic suspense to warm your cold nights. Whether as a stand alone or in part of the series, this would make you melt like better. I liked the Floridan and New York location links to parallel both worlds. I loved the pairing of Skye and Trace, though I hated to see them apart and Skye more vulnerable and hurt.  This was packed with a lot of hot romantic, good dramatic action and an intense storyline.

Do you want this a Keeper? Grab a copy today!

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