Sunday, July 28, 2013


If you loved Linda O. Johnston's Kendra Ballantyne pet-sitting series, you'll enjoy her newest series, which is a spin-off from them. In Beaglemania, the first installment in the Pet Rescue mystery series, Kendra did make an appearance in here, when he focused on pet rescues in a no-kill animal shelter. Lauren Vancouver was a single mom with two kids in college and worked as Hot Rescues, a no-kill animal shelter, as the administrator. It all started with a puppy mill rescue and a heated confrontation with Ephram Kiley, who made trouble than inroads with the people there. After his vile threats to them, Lauren found him there. We watched how she her discovered the body and other startling surprises, when the police suspected her. But she figured out who wanted to do her in and had killed him. We do see how she loved to care for animals who needed a new home and saved them from imminent danger. She was an underdog you'll be rooting for, as she's no ordinary heroine, while there was a surprise love connection for Lauren.

This was a charming new pet-friendly cozy series from Linda Johnston. I cared about Lauren and her co-workers at the no-kill animal shelter. I also loved the Los Angeles location in this series as well, especially learning the ins and outs of the pet rescuing business. My heart warmed to the animals that were mentioned in the series. This would make you want to rescue pets too and get into the business.  This would warm your heart with a smile and cherish this new series, too. Great drama,  real good action with tons of non-stop action and intrigue to solve this cozy mystery.

Will you become a part of Beaglemania today? If so, adopt a pet and pick up a copy today!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Darkest Night

In Gena Showalter's The Darkest Night, the first installment in the Lords of Underworld seris, we were introduced to Maddox, a Hungarian immortal lord with a death-curse to suffer the same death he gave Pandora when he killed her. He wasn't alone when his friends shared the same cursed fate, when they carried the spirits from Pandora's Box and shouldn't dare unleash them. When Ashlyn Darrow entered his immortal world, it changed everything about him. She befriended the lords and then fell for Maddox, while she tried to understand him and his friends, while she carried her own secrets, like hearing voices of others from close by. We saw how they struggled their own worst fates with each other, while the Hunters were after them and reunited with former foes. In the end, Ashlyn made a special sacrifice to change everyone's world. This was super well done and got the highest rating from me.

This was a terrific paranormal romance debut in the Lords of Underworld series.  I cared about Maddox and the other Lords and Ashlyn, too. They were some special and unique about them that brought them together. I loved the Hungarian location and the fantastic settings in the series, especially in Prague. I didn't like the Hunters, when the Lords had dealt with their own twisted fate. This would make you cringe and  root for Ash, Maddox and the others, when they suffered horrible fears. Great drama, terrific romance and plenty of non-stop action and intrigue in this great novel.

Will you have the darkest night? If so, grab a copy this weekend!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Capitol Murder

If you want to read an excellent thriller, you'll love Phillip Margolin's Capitol Murder, the 3rd installment in the Washington D.C. series. Dana Cutler and Brad Miller were back at it again. Brad worked with Senator Carson, while Dana continued to work for her tabloid newspaper. Together, they encountered a disturbing truth down in Washington D.C. First of all, Clarence Little hired a new attorney to overturn his guilty convictions. And things weren't the way it seemed. Once freed, there was a new line of bloodshed and copycat murders to frame him, when he had a plan of his own to set things right. Carson's dirty secret came out with his past affairs, while a diabolical terrorist plot was uncovered to top off 9/11. And while Brad uncovered this shocking secret of who was the truth culprit, Dana and Brad's wife Ginny learned another one of their own to an explosive ending that you'll never see coming. He did it again with this thriller with political thriller elements. We'll get to see what Dana, Ginny and Brad goes through with this tricky situation they've been caught into.

This was a great thriller/political thriller that dealt with politics and recent news headlines. I cared about Dana and Brad, while I was iffy on President Carson. I loved the location of Washington D.C. for this series and particular thriller. I couldn't care less about Clarence Little. This would make you break out in a cold sweat and your heart beat race as well. Great drama, real good action and suspense, with tons of mystery and intrigue all around. 

Will you be a witness to the Capitol Murder? If so, plead the 5th with a copy today!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Moving is Murder

 If you love a new cozy series to try, you'll enjoy Sara Rosett's Moving is Murder, the first book in the Mom Zone cozy mystery series. Meet Ellie Avery. She was a professional organizer, a new mom and an Air Force Wife, who just moved to Vernon, Washington. As the new neighbors in town, she was caught up into a dilemma of her own. She witnessed the death of her neighbor, Cass Vincent. As the new Air Force wife and mom on base, she needed to suspect her new neighbors, even her best friend's husband. She discovered some of them had secrets of their own. When she had gotten closer to find out the truth, she received threats and placed her and her newborn in danger. This is a good mystery to enjoy with helpful and insightful organizing tips.

This was an enjoyable new cozy mystery to love. I loved the concept of having a professional organizer and having an Air Force themed move. I cared about Ellie and Mitch. I also cared about Cass before she'd gotten herself killed. I loved the location of Vernon, Washington, and the Air Force Base there for the location for this cozy. This would make you question everything and everybody you know. I loved the helpful organization tips, too, in the end. Good drama, great suspense and non-stop action, and plenty of mystery to keep on guessing who done it to the last page. 

Check out Moving is Murder today!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Mastering the Marquess

if you love timeless classic historical romance novels, you'll enjoy this debut from Vanessa Kelly. In Mastering the Marquess, Meredith Burnley had lived a sheltered life with her half-sister Annabel, ever since their father died. In Swallow Hill, their evil aunt, uncle and cousin wanted to do away with them for nefarious purposes. When Meredith fleed with Annabel to their grandparents's home, they sought their sanctuary there in London and asked for some help. At first, they were skeptical, since it brought up memories of an old family scandal. There, Meredith met Lord Silverton, Stephen Mallory, and his cousin Robert Stanton. And it brought the both of them into a whirlwind of a romance. But she encountered some difficulty from the ton, Silverton's mother and other circumstances, since she was poor and common with an inheritance. No matter what, we saw how they both struggled with this predicament and fall helpless in love, when they opened up to each other. This is a new hit!

This was a lovely historical romance about defeating the odds. I cared about Meredith and Annabel and hated her evil aunt, uncle and cousin. I also loved Stephen and his cousin Robert, too.  I loved the time period and the London location for this novel. This made me cry and weep with joy in the end. This also pulled on my heart strings as well. Great drama, excellent action and suspense with a sprinkle of romance and intrigue on top for this great historical romance.

Will you master the marquess, too? If so, pick up a copy today!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

The 9th Girl

In the 4th installment of the Kovac/Liska series, The 9th Girl, which happened years later since the last book, this dealt with real life everyday events that happened close to home. It was New Years Eve, when a dead body was found bouncing out of a car trunk. It was so unrecognizable, it looked like a zombie. It was now up to Kovac and Liska to identify her and find out what happened to her. We also would go into their minds and see what they dealt with as they believed it could be the ninth victim of a serial killer. While they do it, Liska's son Kyle was having his own life issues at home and being bullied at a special school for gifted students. This also dealt with cyber-bullying of sorts as well. When they worked this case, therewas a serial killer on the prowl and made his next move to his next victim. While they questioned the victim's family and friends, they go back and forth on doubting them. This book had a shocking ending that you wouldn't see coming to leave you breathless. This is so well done!

This was an excellent thriller. This dealt with hard core issues that's so on the news these days. I loved the pairing of Kovac and Liska, when things have changed over the years for them. I loved how it was after the holiday season and took place in a cold Minnesota winter. I didn't like how the victim was bullied and was killed either. I loved how it focused back and forth from Liska's home and career, when it dealt with the same subject matter. This would send chills down their spine. Great drama, excellent action and suspense, and a great mystery wrapped up in a thriller.

Ready for the 9th Girl? Check this out today!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Jane and the Madness of Lord Byron

In Stephanie Barron's Jane and the Madness of Lord Byron, the 10th installment of the Being Jane Austen historical mystery series, she brought us another story based on Jane Austen's life. In this one, Jane and her brother Henry were entangled into another mystery, when they discovered a teenager's death. While they mourned the death of Eliza from cancer, they took a holiday in Bath and came across Catherine Twining's help and the wrath of Lord Byron, poet George Gordon. It was now up to Jane to find out who caused her death and who framed the poet, right before he was to be hanged. With so many questions to be answered, they learned family secrets and hidden truths on the events that lead to her death. With a new interesting cast of characters, this case surprised Jane and her brother Henry, right to the end. What a delight for her to take us right back into Jane's life and experience the culture of her time. We saw things from her eyes and live it from her POV.

This was a wonderful mystery to include in the Jane Austen historical mystery series. I loved how she gave us a mystery told in Jane's time period to solve mysteries and other nefarious crimes. I cared about Jane and Henry,  when they were dealing with this tough period in their life. I love the historical facts and the London and Bath locations for this wonderful mystery. This would make you become in shock and in awe. Great drama, excellent historical non-stop action, and terrific suspense and intrigue for this gripping mystery.

Will you discover the root of Lord Byron's madness? If so, join Jane with a copy today!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Wyoming Fierce

In Diana Palmer's Wyoming Fierce, she wrote a heart-warming story about two people who were lost and needed to find their way. Bolinda "Bodie" Mays was a college student studying anthropology in Montana and lived with her sick grandfather in Wyoming. Their neighbors were the Kirks who lived on a horse ranch and were also friends of the family. When Bodie's grandfather was sick, they were strapped for money. We saw how Bodie dealt with their dilemma with pawning family jewels and looking for work. But when her stepfather Will Jones had his way, he wanted them removed from their family home and evicted off the land. But he was one sick person and had a sick porno obsession. And there was Cane Kirk, a war hero who lost his arm fighting the battle, and dealt with the loss. He was on a path for self-destruction and needed Bodie by him. After the loss of her grandfather, Bodie needed the Kirks more than ever. Little by little, we saw how strong they both are, while they've found their way to each other's heart and to a future. Simply wonderful!

This was a wonderful contemporary romance to warm your heart. I cared about Bodie and Cane. This tugged at my own heart-strings, when I cried throughout the novel, and sighed in the end. I loved the dual locations of Wyoming and Montana for this novel's settings.  I loved the beautiful backdrop of the settings, which was real visual and majestic, too. Beautiful drama, great romance and tons of action and intrigue along the way.

Will you enjoy Wyoming Fierce today? Check it out now!