Saturday, July 6, 2013

Jane and the Madness of Lord Byron

In Stephanie Barron's Jane and the Madness of Lord Byron, the 10th installment of the Being Jane Austen historical mystery series, she brought us another story based on Jane Austen's life. In this one, Jane and her brother Henry were entangled into another mystery, when they discovered a teenager's death. While they mourned the death of Eliza from cancer, they took a holiday in Bath and came across Catherine Twining's help and the wrath of Lord Byron, poet George Gordon. It was now up to Jane to find out who caused her death and who framed the poet, right before he was to be hanged. With so many questions to be answered, they learned family secrets and hidden truths on the events that lead to her death. With a new interesting cast of characters, this case surprised Jane and her brother Henry, right to the end. What a delight for her to take us right back into Jane's life and experience the culture of her time. We saw things from her eyes and live it from her POV.

This was a wonderful mystery to include in the Jane Austen historical mystery series. I loved how she gave us a mystery told in Jane's time period to solve mysteries and other nefarious crimes. I cared about Jane and Henry,  when they were dealing with this tough period in their life. I love the historical facts and the London and Bath locations for this wonderful mystery. This would make you become in shock and in awe. Great drama, excellent historical non-stop action, and terrific suspense and intrigue for this gripping mystery.

Will you discover the root of Lord Byron's madness? If so, join Jane with a copy today!

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