Friday, April 29, 2016

A Witness Above

In Andy Straka's A Witness Above, the first installment in the Frank Pavlicek Mystery series, we were introduced to the world of falconry and the world of corruption. For Frank Pavlicek, a former NYPD detective who moved to Virginia, it all started when he and his red-tailed hawk Armistead came across a dead body in the field. That's when things tend to get difficult for him, when he dealt with the sheriff and his deputies, when they become suspicious of him. To make matters worse, his daughter Nicole were arrested for drugs in connection with the murder. As Frank discovers the truth behind Dewayne Parker's murder, he becomes embroiled in the world of corruption that stemmed back in New York City and traced it back to the gun that killed his friend's partner. Add in a suspicious drug lord that had connections to them, all for money and greed. Before he knew it, his own ex-wife becomes a link to it and his own daughter's held hostage from the person he trusted the most with a shocking end.

This was a real good introduction to Frank Pavlicek and his world of falconry in Virginia. I cared about him and how he wanted to reconnect with his daughter Nicole to get through this crisis. I didn't like Cowan or Frank's ex Camille that much. I thought Cat Cahill was a bit slimy. I loved the vast location and settings for Virginia, especially for the falcon scenes. This would make you soar like a falcon and take off in flight with great writing that has non-stop action, drama, intrigue and plenty of mystery.

Will you be a witness above murder?

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Love Walks IN

In Samantha Chase's Love Walks In, the 2nd installment in the Shaughnessy brothers contemporary romance series, this romance novel teaches us about life and how to live a little. For Hugh Shaughnessy, he's a hotel magnate and is in a rut, when his assistant quits on him. As the second oldest brother in his family, he's all business and doesn't have time for fun. That's when he meets Aubrey Burke, who walked into his hotel and got caught in his window. At first, they needed each other to work out their problems. Aubrey's an only child who's only parents doesn't love her enough and needed to spread her own wings. She helped Hugh out in a pinch to deal with his crisis at his hotel. Hugh felt guilty for causing his mother's dead, when he was a teen. But when he met Audrey, he opened it more and begin to feel for each other like they know in their relationship. As he talked about the future, Aubrey remained uncertain and pushed him away to deal with his own issues. In the end, they needed each other to live and love each other more.

This was a beautiful and heart-warming contemporary romance. I really cared about Hugh and Aubrey, alone and together, as a whole. They've both had emotional baggage they've carried for so long. Sometimes they just needed to let it go. I love the California, Montana, and the other various settings for the multiple locations for this romance. This would make you want to laugh, scream and cry for them with a heavy heart. This would move you with its non-stop action, drama, intrigue and romance along the way.

Will you be welcoming love when it walks in the door?

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


In Tamera Alexander's Rekindled, the first installment in the Fountain Creek Chronicles in the historical/Christian romance series, this riveting novel would tug your heart. Ten years ago, Kathryn Jennings made a vow with her husband Larson to keep the ranch on their land. But after many years of trying to have a baby and friction in the marriage, he disappeared in a storm on Christmas day. Feared he died in the storm, she was penniless and pregnant, who had to do anything to make ends meet by banking, ranching, and other jobs to survive on. For Larson, who were almost left for dead weak, and burned in the fire, his world is filled with doubt as she spotted Kathryn with his trusting ranch hand, Matthew Taylor. In the guise of Jacob, scarred with burns, he kept an eye on Kathryn and his identity himself. But the more he knew about her and her child, the more he grew to care about her with a rekindled passion that before. Right before the birth of her child, Jacob saved her life from the very man who left him for dead and reclaimed his wife with newfound love of his own by God's hands.

This was a beautiful and heartfelt, emotional historical/Christian romance about the Jennings. I instantly cared about Kathryn who struggled so much to make a living without Larson and dealt with so much that had been handled to her. I also cared about Larson, who had a second chance of life and love with Kathryn. I loved the Colorado ranch setting in the 1800s to give it a real authentic feeling for the location from her ranch to the Casaroja ranch. I didn't like some of the characters in the novel who took advantage of her plight. But I loved how they found their way back to each other again in the end. This would tug your heart strings, make you scream and cry, and fall in love with God and with a good story with drama, non-stop action, tension and romance.

Will you be rekindled with your true love or with your God?

Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Mist

In Carla Neggers's the Mist, the third installment in the Boston Police/FBI romantic suspense/thriller series, this would leave you at the edge of your seat. It all started when Lizzie Rush alerted her friends in Boston about a bomb threat from Ireland. That's when it took off, when it ruptured at two select places. Back in Ireland, Lizzie's trekking the Beara Bay as someone wanted to attack her with a knife. That's when she met Lord Will Davenport, a sexy British spy who came to her aid, and searched for a former traitor who supposedly died in the war. In Boston, Abigail Browning was kidnapped by Norman Estabrook's thugs as he was  well sought out for those who've wronged him and sent him in prison before. Things heat up, when the both of them meet an unlikely ally who wanted to do the greater good, as the chemistry between Lord Will and Lizzie were sizzling hot together. In the end, they had the upper end to come out on top and find their way to each other, saving their friends along the way.

Whether you've read this book in series order or standalone, this thriller and romantic suspense novel will send your heart racing and her pulse to hit the roof. With non-stop action, this would send you on a wild adventure with non-stop action and some romance with drama and intrigue along the way. I loved how Will and Lizzie met your match and how John March and Bob O'Reilly cared for their daughters. I thought Myles Fletcher was a man of intrigue in his own way. I loved the dual locations of Boston and Ireland throughout the novel and the bonus one of Maine towards the end. This would leave you guessing from start to finish.

Will you encounter the Mist today?

Friday, April 8, 2016

Cold Girl

In R.M. Greenaway's thriller debut, Cold Girl, this novel would send you chills on every twisted page. For Royal Mounties David Leith and Calvin Dion, it all started with the search to find Keira Rikoff, an upcoming young star of the country band Fling, when she went missing. For Leith and his fellow mounties, they searched for other clues in the coldest winter in British Columbia, Canada. They interviewed her band members and manager, even her boyfriend and his two brothers. While the heat continued for the search for her, it continued to get more twisted, when they discovered another missing girl who had a connection to her disappearance and maybe from the Pick-Up Killer's path. When you've guessed it who done it and why, you'll be shocked in the end that would leave you cold and chilled all over.

This was a great crime novel that featured the Canadian Mounties for this thriller debut. I cared for Leith and Giroux and felt sorry for Dion and didn't like Spacey much. I loved how they all came together to work the investigation, when we got to know Dion and Leith better in the New Hazeltons section. I loved the vast Canadian locations in British Columbia in the dead center of winter. This would enthrall you and intrigue you with non-stop action, drama, mystery and intrigue from start to finish.

Ready to get chilled? Check out Cold Girl today!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Black Widow Agency

In Felicia Donovan's The Black Widow Agency, the first installment in the Black Widow Agency mystery series, these four women who don't just get mad, they get even. For Katie, Margo, Jane and Alexandria, each one of them have a special asset to contribute to this agency with a hidden past. It all started for Katie, a former cop, when Amber Gordon came into her workplace to discuss her case, when she lost her daughter and everything else with it. That's when Katie and her team devised a plan to get it back for her their way. With help from Margo's twin brother Marcus and his partner Antoine, (who reminds me of Teller of Penn and Teller, who doesn't speak much), they've righted this wrong to set things right. For Katie, she wanted to know who set her up to lose everything, including her marriage and the chance to have kids, when it could've cost her the things she holds dearly in her life, like her job.

This was a great introduction to this awesome foursome for this mystery series with a hint of comedy. I cared for each and one of these woman who have wronged for something they didn't do. Jane's hot flashes are a bit hilarious, while Margo can bake a cake or two. I became intrigued with Alex's hacking skills and Katie's torment to get along with her sister and seek out answers of her own. I believe she's torn about going back to Joe or not. I loved the great locations and beautiful settings in New Hampshire to set the scene. This would be laughing up a storm and dig into this comedic mysteries in no time.

Will you stop by the Black Widow Agency and give them a case today?