Friday, April 8, 2016

Cold Girl

In R.M. Greenaway's thriller debut, Cold Girl, this novel would send you chills on every twisted page. For Royal Mounties David Leith and Calvin Dion, it all started with the search to find Keira Rikoff, an upcoming young star of the country band Fling, when she went missing. For Leith and his fellow mounties, they searched for other clues in the coldest winter in British Columbia, Canada. They interviewed her band members and manager, even her boyfriend and his two brothers. While the heat continued for the search for her, it continued to get more twisted, when they discovered another missing girl who had a connection to her disappearance and maybe from the Pick-Up Killer's path. When you've guessed it who done it and why, you'll be shocked in the end that would leave you cold and chilled all over.

This was a great crime novel that featured the Canadian Mounties for this thriller debut. I cared for Leith and Giroux and felt sorry for Dion and didn't like Spacey much. I loved how they all came together to work the investigation, when we got to know Dion and Leith better in the New Hazeltons section. I loved the vast Canadian locations in British Columbia in the dead center of winter. This would enthrall you and intrigue you with non-stop action, drama, mystery and intrigue from start to finish.

Ready to get chilled? Check out Cold Girl today!

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