Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Black Widow Agency

In Felicia Donovan's The Black Widow Agency, the first installment in the Black Widow Agency mystery series, these four women who don't just get mad, they get even. For Katie, Margo, Jane and Alexandria, each one of them have a special asset to contribute to this agency with a hidden past. It all started for Katie, a former cop, when Amber Gordon came into her workplace to discuss her case, when she lost her daughter and everything else with it. That's when Katie and her team devised a plan to get it back for her their way. With help from Margo's twin brother Marcus and his partner Antoine, (who reminds me of Teller of Penn and Teller, who doesn't speak much), they've righted this wrong to set things right. For Katie, she wanted to know who set her up to lose everything, including her marriage and the chance to have kids, when it could've cost her the things she holds dearly in her life, like her job.

This was a great introduction to this awesome foursome for this mystery series with a hint of comedy. I cared for each and one of these woman who have wronged for something they didn't do. Jane's hot flashes are a bit hilarious, while Margo can bake a cake or two. I became intrigued with Alex's hacking skills and Katie's torment to get along with her sister and seek out answers of her own. I believe she's torn about going back to Joe or not. I loved the great locations and beautiful settings in New Hampshire to set the scene. This would be laughing up a storm and dig into this comedic mysteries in no time.

Will you stop by the Black Widow Agency and give them a case today?

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