Sunday, August 20, 2017

Evil at Heart

In Chelsea Cain's Evil at Heart, the third installment in the Archie Sheridan and Gretchen Lowell thriller series, this chillling cat-and-mouse game turns up the heat and ups the ante. For Archie Sheridan, he had spent his time in rehab for her pain killer addiction and healed for his wounds from his last encounter with Gretchen Lowell. But while he convalesced, he knows she's on the loose to kill again. But it wasn't for Susan Ward, his journalist friend, who discovered there's a wicked fan club of Gretchen online and a tour bus, too. When she discovers the ice cold crime scenes, they believed she was out there in Seattle. But when they went  undercover, they ran into someone known as Shark Boy, her number one fan, and Jeremy Reynolds, who has a sick obsession with her. One of them had marked the same carved hearts on their kills and removed their organs. It became too close to comfort for Archie, when Jeremy toys with his mind and Susan becomes injured by his sharp tools. In the end, Archie breaks his truce with Gretchen and then finds out, if she's been lying to him or telling the truth face to face with her.

This was another chiling novel from Chelsea Cain. This would make you heart beat and feel cold and numb all over with this another thrilling chase. I contiued to care for Archie and how he dealt with Gretchen's copycatting her serial artwork on human victims. Gretchen just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I did feel bad for the patients at the rehab center who were all pawns to her sick mind games. I did love the vast scenic settings and vivid pictureque locations of Seattle, including the crime scenes.  This would make you want to hold you breath and gasp at every turned page with non-stop action, drama, intrigue and suspense  from right to the end. 

Will you become evil at heart tonight?

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Saddled with Trouble

In Michele Scott's Saddled With Trouble, the first installment in the Horse Lover's Thriller Mystery series, you'll be welcomed to the grand world of horse racing. For Michaela Bancroft, she had enough trouble as it is, with her ex-husband's new girlfriend forcing her to sign the divorce papers, while overwhelmed in debt, and then finding her uncle murdered in his own horse stall.  While she was shocked with his death, she had met Detective Jude Davis on the case, trying to find answers on her own. She had become suspicious of her best friend's boyfriend's behavior and her own troubled feelings for Dr. Ethan Slater, her friend and vet. When she discovered that one of her ranch hands had been murdered with his own suicide note, it made her worrisome and suspicious of the people she had known on the ranch. She also suspected some strange goings over her ranch and the breeding scam that had placed the blame on her uncle. While Jude questioned her and her step-aunt Cynthia, she had to deal with her father's gambling problems again. As soon as she figured out who wanted her uncle Lou dead, someone almost ran her off the road.  Then on the way to Vegas for a rodeo show, she became face to face with a killer who wanted her dead too with a shocking ending.

This was a gripping and amazing thriller debut from Michele Scott (aka AK Alexander). I cared about Michaela and her love for horses, whether it's racing them in rodeos or by grooming them on the ranch. I loved the world she had brought us in, when it comes to learning about living on a horse ranch. I thought Camden was a hoot and Joe was a fine friend. I could almost see Michaela with Ethan, but Jude might be a fine catch. I loved the California location backdrops for scenic scenes and amazing vivid settings as well. This would become enticed to keep reading in every page and go through loops for her emotions with non-stop action, drama, intrigue and mystery through and through to the end.

Will you check out Saddled With Trouble today?

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Something's Cooking

In Joanne Pence's Something's Cooking, the first installment in the Angie Amalfi culinary cozy mystery series, this cozy would whip you a great storyline with all the right ingredients for this series. For Angelina Amalfi, she's a young woman who writes a food column for a weekly newspaper. When someone sent her a mysterious package, it exploded into her kitchen. That's when she's introduced to Inspector Paavo Smith and his partner Matt Kowalski, when they went to a crime scene and later learned about the bomb. In an instant, there was some kind of chemistry between Angie and Paavo, when someone had sent her threats and a mysterious character named Edward Crane claimed he's her biggest "Fan" and had sent her the recipes for her column. Immediately, Angie hired two bodyguards and later went to Paavo's home under her protection. She had come to know Paavo better and understood his mysterious background. When Matt's killed, Paavo went to Angie for some compassion as he had kept a close distance from her, since he cares so much about her. As Angie decided to search for Crane himself incognito, it had put her into a precarious situation with Paavo. And when she finally figured out who the real culprit was, somebody she knows and trusted, she took matters into her own hands as Paavo saved her life... when something's really cooking between the two of them in the end.

This was a great introduction to the Angie Amalfi culinary cozy series from Joanne Pence. I really cared for Angie and her carefree independent ways and how she concocted her own foodie codes for her recipes in the newspaper. I adored Paavo and how he loved his job and wanted to protect Angie from the dangers of police work. I also loved the location of California and its vivid scenes with the Bodega Bay backdrop for the settings too. This would give you a delectable light read in one or two settings with a hint of romance, a sprinkle of non-stop action, a dollop of drama, and a cup of mystery and intrigue to rise to the occasion.

Will you be ready to read Something's Cooking today?

Thursday, August 3, 2017

The French Wedding

In Hannah Tunnicliffe's The French Wedding, she had told a beautiful story about love, life and friendship in this lovely woman's fiction novel. Set at the coast of France, six friends reunite for the 40th birthday of one of their friends for one weekend. Told from the POV of Max Dresner, a rock star who celebrating the big 40, and is in love with his best friend, Helen Barnett. He hired his housekeeper and cook, Juliette, who runs his home, and learns about everything about his friends over the weekend while serving food. There's Lars and Nina, an umarried couple who deal with her teenage daughter Sophie's daughter's angst, and Rosie O'Connor who has his own marriage problems with her husband Hugo, a doctor.  There's Eddie who has a young girlfriend and still living the good life. Helen who lives in New York, has to comes to terms to her half-sister Soleil. During the weekend, they reminiscence about the past and make new decisions of their own before the weekend's over. They learn new secrets about each other, while Juliette has her own to keep. In the end, there's a delightful ending on who finally tied the knot and a brand new start for the others.

This was a beautiful woman's fiction from Hannah Tunnicliffe. The idealistic settings of coastal France was so picturesque and romantic to paint the scene for this novel with intricate locations for the scenery. She was a wonderful storyteller about these six friends from college, coming together to celebrate a momental occasion for one of them. I cared about each and every one of them, when it was told in 3 POVs throughout this story. This make you want to learn more about them and to hear their story told about how they met and came together. This would make you want to sigh and cry, laugh, moan and gasp at every little nugget of surprise on every page. This has great romance, a hint of intrigue with drama and non-stop action right to the end.

Will you be invited to the French Wedding today?

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Shadow Girl

In Gerry Schmitt's Shadow Girl, the second installment in the Afton Tangler thriller series, this thriller would grip you from page one and lead you on a wild ride. It all started with a helicopter crash that carried a donor heart from Leland Odin, the CEO and owner of the Diamond Shopping Network. That's when Afton Langler, a Liasion Officer, and her partner, Detective Max Montgomery were on the scene in Minneapolis. They started to pick up the pieces to this complicated puzzle as they learn about Leland's business and his home life. But before they could talk to him, Momma Chao Cherry had his throat cut, since he had something he had stolen from her. And now her henchmen would do anything to get it back to her home country of Thailand. For Afton, a single mother of two girls, she would do anything to make detective at the Minneapolis PD. Through this case, it's a dangerous cat and mouse game between them to stop them in the tracks, when they interview everybody involved in Leland's business dealings. And the closer the truth they realized who was behind it, it was up to them to stop it by putting their lives on the line. For Afton, it was personal, when they came after her family, as justice would be served.

This was a terrific installment in the series. I couldn't put it down from start to finish. I instantly cared for Afton and her small family and how she wanted to make it big as a detective. I also enjoyed Max as well and the rest of the MPD crew. I did feel bad for Sunny and Terrell, when they were dealt with a tough blow. I did enjoy the scenic locations and vivid settings for Minneapolis throughout the novel. This novel would have you root for Afton and Max to fight the bad guys and solve the case with fast-pacd pace-turning non-stop action, drama, intrigue and suspense throughout this thriller.

Will you uncover the mystery behind Shadow Girl today?

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Say When

In Elizabeth Berg's Say When, this woman's fiction novel deals with the changes in a relatioship from a male's POV.  It all started when Frank Griffin's wife Ellen said she wanted a divorce, a few weeks before the Christmas season. That started the ball ralling for Frank and Ellen as they started to go their separate ways in a trial seperation. For Ellen, she found love with a younger man and needed time and distance to think things through. As for Griffin, he dealt with the ramifications and tried to set things right with their daughter Zoe, who was caught in the middle. And they had to put her needs first. Frank finds a job at a mall Santa and meets Donna who works there, while Ellen had trouble sleeping at their home and decides to move out in her own place. There would always be there for Zoe as a tomboy, who's been dealing with some hard times of her own. Frank remembers pieces of their life together as learns about love and relationships from the people closest to him, when it comes to the healing heart. At Christmas time, he asked Ellen if they could start over and try again to make things right with a happy ending fit for the holidays.

This was a beautiful and emotional woman's fiction novel that deals with the topic of divorce and how Frank told his story from it. I did care for Frank on how Ellen tore his world apart in the beginning and how it made his sense of it through the story. I cared for Zoe and her spunkiness. I did like how Frank and Ellen managed to turn things around toward the end. I loved the  Chicago locations during the cold  winter holiday seasons with vivid scenic settings. This would make you want for Frank and Ellen to pull through as it would pull your heart strings real taut, make you cry for Zoe's sake, take a deep breath and sigh with nonstop action, drama, suspense, and a hint of romance to wrap it up with a bow.

Do you know when to Say When to call it quits for something worth fighting for?

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Vanishing Girls

In Katia Lief's Vanishing Girls, the third installment in the Karin Schaeffer Mystery thriller series,  get ready to be thrown into a twisted and violent world of child sex trafficking. It's close to Christmas time in New York City, when Karin's husband Mac is sick with the flu, and their close friend Billy is dealing with a major case of PTSD, Karin comes to the scene of a horrible crime. Another woman is found dead on the streets and a young child was hit by a car, putting her in a medical-induced coma. As a criminal forensic specialist, not yet part of the NYPD, she talks about the issue with her babysitter Chali Das for her son. As it made sensational news once again, Chali wanted to tell her something, before her daughter Dathi visits her from India. But before she could, it was too late, when she was killed. Now this meant something personal to Karin, when she contacted with Dathi and her folks in India about the harrowing news. While dealing with the loss of her baby girl from a miscarriage, she aches to have a child for her own and did everything she could to save Dathi from her uncle selling her for child trafficking across the globe. And she took care of Dathi under her home, while she bonded with Abby Dekker, who dealt with the loss of her family, and waking from her coma. That's when Karin started to piece the puzzle together when Dathi went missing as she learned a shocking conclusion about who killed Chali and the others in the end.

This was a gripping and dark thriller that dealt with hard-core subject matters. I cared for Karin all the way from start to finish on how she dealt with so many things at one time. I also feel for Dathi, who had lost her mother, and had bonded with Abby, when they discovered a sick secret together. And it had connected the dots from one set of murders to another. I also cared for Billy, who had deal with being blind in one eye, and being haunted by his own inner demons. I loved the NYC scenic settings and vivid locations, especially during the holiday season. This would pull your heart strings, grimace and groan, give you a weak stomach in some scenes, root and cheer for Karin to solve the mysteries with nonstop action, drama, intrigue and suspense.

Will you check out Vanishing Girls today?

Monday, July 17, 2017

Bourbon and Blood

In Garrard Hayes's Bourbon and Blood, the first installment in the Bill Conlin thriller series, this one would get you hooked into it after the first page. Bill Conlin is a former Army Veteran from the war and couldn't find any good work in New York City. That's when his cousin Jimmy tells him about a job working for Francis Sullivan, the same his cousin works for, too. But thing aren't what they seem, when he works for the Irish crime lord. As soon as he meets Dana, a waitress at the diner, things heat up for Bill and Jimmy. It all started with the first assignment and that was going to a Mexican bar with Jimmy. From there, he had been dealt with prostitution, corrupted cops and FBI agents, a drug war between the Mexicans and Russians, and a sex trafficking crime ring. When a fellow associate  gets his cousin hooked on heroin, he sends him to rehab and when to start his new life. With his new partner Kenny, it took a nose dove, when the next assisgnment almost had gotten him killed and put him in a coma. Months later, Kenny stole his girl, when he believed the Russians had kidnapped her and set him up for the murder of the Mexican gang leader. Now he came gunning after the real ring leader with a cheesy cop on the take, when he had to go into hiding and run for his life with vengeance on his mind.

This was a real good crime thriller debut by Garrard Hayes. I did care for Bill Conlin and his cousin Jimmy. I thought Dana was a keeper, but I thought wrong about her and the people he associated him with. I do like the NYC locations and the vivid depictive scene in each settings. This really took me into the novel to get a feel for his world. This had everything you would need in a fast-paced thriller with non-stop action, drama, suspense, intrigue and a lot of mystery. (There's a couple of typos every now and then.)

Will you be ready to taste Bourbon and Blood?

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


In Karen Moning's Iced, the 6th instalment in the Fever urban fantasy series, get ready to feel an arctic chill. Meet Dani "Mega" O'Malley, a 14-year-old teenage girl with super powers as a sidhe-seer. Her former best friend wants her dead, and Inspector Jayne from the police needs her sword, as a group of surly Unseelie princes want her banished too. Except for Christian MacKelter, who wants to make her his own. But first, something or something is freezing the people and places of Ireland to death. And it's up to Dani and Ryodan, the club's owner to figure it out before it goes any further. But he has her under his contract to abide by his rules and work in his club, when she rather be with her new best friend, Dancer. When she was frozen to death in the White Mansion, it was up to Ryodan and the others to save her life. But when she explored the mansion, she accidentally unleashed the Crimson Hag, who would pierce your guts with the shap knitting needles to finish her dress. With the Ice Monster and this other fiend in harm's way, it was up to Dani and the others to come up with a plan to stop the Hoar Frost King's tracks and send him packing to his own icy hell in a frosty climax.

This was a fantastic urban fantasy novel that would leave you chilled and breathless from start to finish. I really cared for Dani and her "dude-ness" to fight for the people in Dublin and to try to live a normal life. I did think Ryodan is a hoot and has his own plans for her, that he would rather not tell her about. I loved the characters and this imaginary world in a new Ireland with great scene-building and visuals for the locations and settings inside and outside. I really did care for Kat, who longs to be with her soul mate Sean, too. This would make you root for Dani and her super-heroic friends, cheer, whistle, sigh, gasp and cringe from time to time. It has non-stop action, drama, suspense, and intrigue to suck you in and leave you hanging on every page.

Will you be Iced today?

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Deadly Alibi

In Leigh Russell's Deadly Alibi, the 9th installment in the DI Geraldine Steel thriller series, you'll be hooked into this crime thriller and thrown into a turbulent world. For DI Geraldine Steel, she had met and then lost her biological murder for the first time. Before the funeral, she had learned she had an identical twin sister named Helena, who her mother had choice to keep, while she was put up for adoption. Their first meeting wasn't too pleasant, either. Besides all this, she arrived at the grisly crime scene of a dead woman's body and identified her as Jamie Coldwell. At first, they believed her husband Chris had done it, when all the evidence had pointed to him, while he had proclaimed his innocense muliple times. During the investigation of this case, Geraldine talked to Chris's alibi Louise Marshall. When she was due to meet her for her statement, she went missing and later discovered dead. This left Chris still in jail with a defeated look after they didn't believe him. During this time, Geraldine had meetings with her twin Helena and discovered she was a heroin addict and was in a financial bind. When she tried to help her out, she ended up gotten trouble at the London met by meeting Helena's dealer, ended up getting arrested, and then later was suspended depending the inquiry. With her career on the line, she encouraged her partner Sam to discover the evidence to clear Chris's name, when she searched for records of a previous related crime. as she convinces Helena to go to rehab. As soon as they connect the dots, they make the arrest of the culprit, while Geraldine looks ahead to start off in York for a new future. 
This was a fantastic look in the world of DI Geraldine Steel in the London Met police. I did care for Geraldine on what she had gone through, when she'd lost her mother and just learned about her twin sister Helena, too. I also adored Sam and how she helped Geraldine out in a pinch. I did feel bad for Chris for facing the hot seat multiple times, when he had been the victim in all of this. I did like the locale in London for the vivid settings and the gripping locations for the scenes. This would make you want to gasp and shake your head a few times, along with a couple of moans too. This has non-stop action, drama, suspense and intrigue in each gripping page. 
Will you pick up a copy of the Deadly Alibi today?

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Final Epidemic

I originally read this book a decade ago. And now since I've re-read it, I've changed my review. In Earl Merkel's Final Epidemic, the first installment in the Beck Casey medical thriller series, this debut would catapult you into a terrific read to read this summer. It all started with a sick patient had arrived in a medical clinic in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. From there, people had gotten sick real fast like wildfire. When the CDC were called in, they believed it was a strain of the flu with a killer variety. Patients have been dying too. That's when Beck Casey, a historian joins the CDC to help look for a clue on where the virus started and originated them. With the help from the FBI, they discovered it had a link to Beck's past as a former CIA operative who was tortured in Russia, and a link to the Japanese cult Aum and to an America militia who wanted to wipe out the world. When the virus spread across to New York City and nationwide to Russia and Europe, they would try everything to eradicate the virus and sacrifice lives. When Beck searches for his missing daughter with his ex-wife Deborah, they become frantic and search for answers. Later, when there's a discovery of the Russian antidote, they stopped it in the tracks and cured the ill from dying with a mind-blowing ending.

This was a great medical thriller debut that deals with medicine and politics that don't combine well. I do care for Beck and his daughter Katie. I also cared for the people who were sick and dying with this awful strain of the flu. I loved the vast and multiple locations in this novel from Russia and to the USA for the scenic settings as well. This would make you want to hold onto your seat for this wild roller coaster ride with non-stop action, suspense, drama, intrigue, to shake you head, gasp, wince and cry, right to the end.

Will you be a victim to the final epidemic?

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Inherit the Bones

In Emily Littlejohn's Inherit the Bones, the first installment in the Gemma Monroe thriller series, this debut would leave you breathless and give you chills. Welcome to Cedar Valley, Colorado, when Gemma Monroe first discovered the body of a circus clown named Reed Tolliver. She's six months pregnant, while her boyfriend's Brody in Alaska as a geological survey. The scene is a bit grisly for that small town, when she talked to her chief, Angel Chavez, and contacted the ME's coroner. From there, things take a bit of a twisted turn for the worse, when they they've learned Reed's real name, who was the missing son of the mayor, who was presumed "dead" three years ago in a fatal waterfall accident.  Now things get a bit dicey, when they talk to the Bellington family about their son's past and what lead him to hide out in the circus. Gemma and her partner, Finn Nowlin, and newest recruit Sam Birdhead, dig up the clues, that might lead to the Woodsman murders thirty years ago of two boys and before then, one lady.  It's up to Gemma to pick up the pieces into this jagged jigsaw puzzle of clues that had gotten astray, when Sam got hit by a car, Gemma and Finn get threatened, and newly discovered evidence had lead them to a shocking truth of hidden family secrets that would leave you chilled to the core in the end.

This was a real terrific thriller mystery debut from Emily Littlejohn. This was compelling and gripping at the same time to give me chills. I cared about Gemma and how she dealt with being alone and pregnant, while Brody was away in Alaska. And I also cared about how her grandmother took her in as her own, when she lost her own parents at a tender young age, even with her step-grandfather. I did find the Bellington family a bit creepy, especially Annika, Nicky's twin sister. I loved the visual settings in Cedar Valley to make it a picturesque small town. This would send you on a emotional roller coaster ride with some highs and lows and loop-de-loops at the side with non-stop action, drama, intrigue and plenty of suspense in this mystery.

Will you be the one to check out Inherit the Bones today?

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Crime Brulee

In Nancy Fairbanks's Crime Brulee, the first installment in the Carolyn Blue Culinary Cozy Mystery series, this debut would entice you with a compelling tale of betrayal. When Carolyn and her husband Jason had a dinner party with friends in the Big Easy, things got heated between Julienne Magnusson and her husband Nils. After that night, she never showed up and disappeared. For Carolyn, a 40-year-old mother of two and faculty wire, and now a food critic writer on the fine cuisine of New Orleans food, she's become a bit worried about her best friend. While she'd searched for sumptious food to try in New Orleans, she looked for clues everywhere her best friend Julienne could've went alone. Her husband thought she had an affair with another professor and ran off with him, while she had thought otherwise. She had a couple of mishaps along the way, she befriended a kind New Orleans police detective and reported her being accosted, mugged, pushed into the swamp, and then threatened by some unsavory characters. While she tried to track down her best friend's brother, she encouraged Nils to report her in, while she didn't give up to look for clues. Lo and behold, the tables have been turned against her, when she discovered who the true culprit was and how he managed to give her a rough time, while she had fought for her life, while she needed to get answers in this grim ending.

Although this novel had mixed reviews at Good Reads, due to the prose, and some grammar errors, and my late mother had read this series before she died, a few years ago, I had given this novel a fair chance with a fair rating of three stars. The pace was a bit slow and the inserted recipes in the middle of the chapters were a bit bothersome; they should've been add to the back of the book like other culinary cozies did. I did find Carolyn to be okay, though she was more interested to look for recipes at the same time to look for answers on what happened to her best friend. I did feel sorry for her flight and her best friend's boyfriend to be a bit insufferable at times. I did like most of the cast of characters as well and enjoyed the New Orleans scenic locations and visual settings in the French Quarter. This would make you salivate for the recipes and become enchanted in the New Orleans tale, while it would make you shake your head, grimace and groan, and wince a couple of times. This had good drama, non-stop action, suspense and intrigue, too.

Will you try Crime Brulee and take a whip at the recipes today?


Saturday, June 24, 2017

Verse of the Vampyre

In Diana Killian's Verse of the Vampyre, the second installment in the Poetic Death cozy mystery series, we're back to the United Kingdom for another caper mystery. For Grace Hollister, she's been invited to be a consulted in a play by Polidori, who based his writing on Lord Byron himself. From start to finish, things didn't go off with a get-go with the debate on putting on that dramatic play, and Miss Coke who predicted gloom and doom for grace. She also had to deal with her feelings for former jewel thief Peter Fox, who seems to be the person of interest with the Met police in the recent robberies. During the production of the rehearsal of the play, there's been mishaps of sabotage backstage. At the Hunt Hall, things turned dark, when one of own was killed, along with the theft of the John Peel horn, and anti-hunt protesters for the fox. Meanwhile, while Grace tried to put things together, her former flame Chaz returned who wanted her back and go back home with him. She also became mystified on what's going on with Peter, when she received a phone call from Lord Ruthven. At the stage, she found him injured and then later missing. Then she traveled across the border to track down Peter and encountered Catriona, who was the lead mastermind of this scheme to stick it to people with her henchmen. In the end, she discovered the macabre truth of what happened and escaped for her life. Later she had found out who had really killed Theresa Ives.

This was another gripping cozy mystery from Diana Killian. I continued to care for Grace Hollister and how she made herself a home in Innisdale. I became a bit suspicious and wary for Peter, though he had grown on me a tiny bit. Some of the people of the play were an odd lot of characters, when the show didn't go off with a hitch as planned. I enjoyed the English and Scottish locations for the dual set of scenic settings that had pulled me in and enchanted me with this tale. This cozy would make you scratch your head and take you on a wild ride with drama, suspense, intrigue and plenty of mystery to keep you hooked right to the end.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Widow

In Fiona Barton's The Widow, the first installment in the Kate Waters thriller series, this captivating thriller would make you second-guess whodunit and why in a heart-stopping pace. Jean Taylor had met the man of her dreams, when she married young to Glen Taylor against her parent's well wishes. She became the perfect wife who had enabled her own husband.  The only one she couldn't have was a child of her own. But little did she knew that her husband became a pornographic pervert and a suspect into Bella Elliott's kidnapping and presumably murder. She tried to hold her emotions in check, when the press became like a pariah, as the police swooped in like a vulture with evidence against him. When they lost in court and then sued by the Taylor, the investigation continued on to find the culprits and kept nailing Taylor as the suspect, right up he was "accidentally" killed by the bus, freeing Jean from her husband's control. There's a shocking ending you don't want to believe on what happened and why that would leave you cold.

This is a mesmerizing and startling thriller debut by Fiona Barton. I did feel some sympathy for Dawn Elliott and Jean Taylor. I did take a liking to Kate Waters and Bob Sparkes too. I did develop a loathing to Glen Taylor as well. I didn't like how he took advantage of her and how she enabled him, even with her desire to have a child and not by taking someone's child in daylight. Poor Bella. I did like the London settings and the locations to bring the story into light. This would make you want to bit your lip, groan, gasp, shake your head, and flare your nostrils with non-stop action, drama, action, and a dose of mystery.

Will you feel sympathy for the Widow?

Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Perfect Stranger

In Megan Miranda's The Perfect Stranger, this thriller will give you goosebumps and make you second-guess the people you know and the people you trust.  When failed journalist Leah Stevens meets a woman named Emmy Grey in Boston, they both agree to go on the run to Philly to make a fresh start for their new life. But things aren't what they seem to be, when she goes missing and reports her disappearance to the police. From there, Leah discovers that one of her students are stalking her, Emmy's boyfriend turns up dead in the car, and a semi-dead woman named Bethany Jarvitz is in a coma. One way or another, they all appear connected together, when the police point her finger at Leah as her past had come back to haunt her from Boston. And the police have no proof of Emmy's existence, except for her own word. It's up to Leah to pick up the pieces to discover how she's been used and played by Emmy to solve this puzzle and face her so-called friend in person to bring her down for her own crimes in the end.

This was a fascinating and intriguing thriller to read for Netgalley. I instantly cared for Leah and became concerned for her plight and how she discovered how someone was using her and stalking her at the same time. I also cared for her search for answers to find Emmy and face her with the truth to seek liberating justice for herself, while she herself can't return to Boston for what she had done. I had found Kyle a handsome charming Philly PD detective and how they became together in this case together. I liked the dual locations of Philly and Boston, which had painted the picture clear with vibrant colors for the scenic settings.  This would make you shake your head, hold your breath, gasp, and shiver all over with non-stop drama, action, intrigue, and suspense with a hint of mystery.

Will you be wary of the Perfect Stranger today?

Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Tenth Circle

In Jon Land's The Tenth Circle, the eleventh installment in the Blaine McCracken thriller series, get ready to hold onto your seats and buckle up in this fast-paced wild thriller ride. Blaine McCracken is a force to be reckoned with, when he's a man on a serious mission. He would do anything to protect the country he loved and the people he cared about. As a former war veteran, he's now up against a serious heavy-hitter named Reverend Jeremiah Rule, a religious zealot who wants to start a war and placing the blame on Muslim Americans. It all started with those domestic terror attacks and his over-the-top sermons he preached to his followers. For Blaine, he needed to bring home Andrew Ericson, someone's close to him and part of his family, who was missing and back to his father. Along the way he teamed up with his Native American friend Johnny Wareeagle, and someone from his past, Zarrin, a classical pianist from the Middle East who also has Parkinson's Disease. When he realized that the terrorist attacks came from Rule  himself, they joined forced to discover the root of White Death, a dangerous water that had killed a colony in the past, and how it might be used now for Rule's plot. They were up against Rule and his legions of bikers who would want to wipe out the White House. And they needed to stop them from unleashing this tenth circle of hell, once and for all.

This was a mind-blowing and explosive action-packed and fast-paced thriller from start to finish. This would send you on a wild thriller ride in every page you turn. I cared about Blaine and his search to find Andrew Ericson along with his friends and newest allies. Zarrin had grown on me and her plight to deal with a nasty disease that might ruin her magical piano-making music. From the Middle East to the USA, the vast locations were wonderfully described for the scenic settings.  This would get your heart pounding and your pace racing with non-stop action, drama, intrigue, suspense and a lot of high-octane thrills in this novel.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

What I Did for Love

In Susan Elizabeth Phillips' What I Did for Love, the 4th installment in the Wynette, Texas contemporary romance series, this novel would make your heart melt and root for the underdog.  Ever since Georgie York's ex-husband made news with his latest squeeze, all she wanted was someone to love her and have a baby of her own. The comedic movies she'd made had  became flops. As a former child star from a well-loved sitcom series, she became a household name under the tutelage of her widower father Paul York. Everything's been busy and unloved between them. When she came up with a proposal to make her own headlines to her friend Trevor, her former co-star Bram Shepard came into her life. He's been known to be problematic and aggressive and the sole resason why the show was canceled years ago. When she went to Vegas to seek solace, Bram folowed her there. After a couple of drinks, they wound up married and surprised Hollywood.  Between the two of them, they had a convenient marriage, when Bram had cleaned up his act and wanted to produce an indie film, while Georgie wanted to step out on her own, be her own person, and be behind the camera. In order to make things work, they had to deal and tolerate with each other, while they slowly fell in love with each other and later get married with each other for real love.

This was a beautiful contemporary romance novel. I instantly cared for Georgie and Bram's love affair as well with her father's with her aunt Laura found love with each other. I'e also grown to love Chaz in her own unique way. This moved my heart and pulled at my heartstrings. They were some tender moments with a hint of humor that made me laugh and smile.  I loved the California location and the vivid scenes for the settings. This would make you find a second chance in romance--or your first one--and be enchanted from start to finish with drama, a hint of action, romance, and a sprinkle of intrigue.

Will you be tempting to check this out today?

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Rock Addiction

In Nalini Singh's Rock Addiction, the first installment in the Rock Kiss contemporary romance series, get ready to be blown away and turn up the heat with smoky windows in this steamy romance. Molly Webster lived a quiet life in Auckland, New Zealand, when she was the center of a heated scandal with her parents years ago. Now, when she ran into tattooed rocker Zachary Fox, the lead singer of an American band named Schoolboy Choir, who had an amazing voice, while he was on tour. Both he and Molly had one thing in common: they both had bad childhoods. As they get to know each other intimately from an one-month affair, they opened up about the sorrows from their youth. They became addicted to each other with an explosive chemistry after the first kiss. Before the month ended, she took a chance to make their relationship solidified and forged together by moving to Los Angeles with him. As soon as she became the center attention with the paps, she had to endure sex tapes still and videos, groupies, and people who hated her and her looks. She also to deal with the ups and downs of living with a rock god on a daily basis. Together, they would show the world they were meant to be together and bring the house down as they would love each other completely.

This sexy and steamy contemporary romance would do more than leave you hot and bothered. You would do need a tall glass of water and an air conditioner to cool yourself down. I cared about Fox and Molly as a couple and two people who have found a rock hard anchor in each other. They both had their share of a troubled past, while his bad boy looks contrasted well with the quiet lifestyle in her life. I loved the dual locations of Auckland and Los Angeles for both parts of this contemporary romance novel. This would leave you speechless, sigh, swoon, and fall head over heels for this love story with non-stop action, a hint of erotica, plenty of romance, and lots of drama.

Want to get your fix into Rock Addiction today?

Monday, May 29, 2017

A Fatal Waltz

In Tasha Alexander's A Fatal Waltz, the third installment in the Lady Emily historical suspense series, this would grip you in this shocking tale of two cities. When Lady Emily was invited to attend a party, she had to deal with Lord Fortescue who didn't wish to see her marry Colin Hargreaves. Though they've been engaged for a certain period of time, while trying to set a date for the wedding, Emily had to deal with and contend with Colin's former flame Kristiana.  Although not jealous, she didn't tried to let her get to her. During the party, Lord Fortescue winds up murdered as Ivy Brandon's husband is set to prison and framed for the murder.  To help clear his name, she goes to Vienna and look for clues there, while she visits her friend Cecile. In Vienna, she comes across some unsavory characters and have an enemy watching her. When she joined up with Colin, she fears for his life, when someone placed a hit on his life and one of the kaiser's. In a race against time, she returns to London and discovers who's the true culprit there with a shocking ending.

This was another fascinating and gripping good read from start to finish. I cared about Emily and Colin as a whole couple and individually, too. They really have a true romance going and will make their marriage work, when they tie the knot. I did feel a bit of sorry for Mary Fortescue and for Ivy Brandon, who both had gotten the shortened end of the stick. I loved the picturesque descriptions of London and Vienna during the winter holiday season for the locations and the settings. This would sweep you away to do a Viennese Waltz of your own and keep you hooked on reading. This has non-stop action, drama, suspense, intrigue, and sparks of romance.

Will you be daring to try the Fatal Waltz?

Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Goat Woman of Largo Bay

In Gillian Royes's the Goat Woman of Largo Bay, the first installment in the Shadrack Myers mystery series, this tale will welcome you to the island coastline of Jamaica. For Shad Myers, he's a bartender and problem solver for his boss Eric Keller, an American who owns the restaurant he works for. When Eric and Shad check out an islet off from the island, they thought they saw a goat in a former hotel that was wiped away from the hurricane. It was a woman named Simone who came there to hide from her past life in America. But when two cons approached her, it was up to Shad and Eric to protect her, while Eric became fascinated for her and had brought her supplies and food by a boat. When her brother Cameron paid them a visit, they learned about Simone's grief and her past as they protected her from outside evil. For Shad, he tried to put the pieces together and on how it was connected to his former life as an ex-con and dirty politics that's been going on in his own country.

This was an intriguing mystery series set in Jamaica. I did like Shad and Eric, two different men who are friends, and totally opposites for each other. I also cared for Simone who had a hard life and a whole lot of emotional baggage to deal with, before she took cover in that rundown hotel. I also liked the vivid descriptions of Jamaica in the locations and settings and learned about their culture, too. This would make you want to raise eyebrows in every page turn, and be hooked into this compelling storyline with non-stop action, drama, a hint of romance, and intrigue along the way.

Will you be curious to know about the goat woman of Largo Bay?

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Making Waves

In Laura Moore's Making Waves, the first installment in the Beach Lane contemporary romance series, this debut will make you score big by hitting the waves of love and crash land on the shore with a compelling novel. Dakota Hale is the owner of Premier Services concierge services in the Hamptons. When her uncle Elliott decides to sell the family home of Windhaven to a new buyer, it caused an uproar with her single mother Piper and her aunt Mimi. Between the both of them, they had it in for her, since she wasn't welcome much into the Hale family since childhood. When she met Max Carr, a Wall Street financier, she had agreed to help him redecorate her former family home.  In an instant, they had a business relationship. Later, they had a love affair that had something else. For Max, he wasn't looking for romance, when he hired Dakota. He had a ghost in his past and a prickly thorn in his side at work. For Max and Dakota, things had changed, when she learned she was pregnant with his child and then decided to get married. He had taken care of her and had grown to love her and vice versa, when something had troubled him somewhere down the road. While Piper and Mimi tried to give Dakota a hard time, she had broken free from them and gave them the heave-ho, right after she discovered the truth about her biological father from her own mother.  In the end, they made things work out between them and had fallen in love with each other before their baby was born.

This was a beautiful contemporary romance series debut. I instantly cared about Dakota and on how she tried to make it her own. I had felt compassion for Max and how he was haunted---perhaps tormented--by his twin sister's death. I couldn't stand Mimi and Piper one bit and was glad Dakota told them to stay out of her life in her own way.  I loved the Hampton locations and the surfing scenes on the water along with the central NYC settings. This was a phenomenal read, while you can get swept away by this emotional love story, it would make you feel touched and cry. This has drama, romance, non-stop action and a hint of mystery.

Are you ready to be making waves with this novel?

Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Girl who Knew Too Much

In Amanda Quick's the Girl Who Knew Too Much, this tale takes you to the 1930s in this novel that's a cross of historical romance and romantic suspense. For Anna Harris, she had witnessed her former boss's death and discovered a secret notebook. From there, she leaves NYC to Hollywood, changed her name to Irene Glasson, and become a gossip reporter. When she becomes entrenched into a hot story featuring actor Nick Tremayne, she uncovers the truth behind the first death. Along the way, she meets Oliver Ward, a former magician and now the owner of Burning Cove Hotel in California. In an instant, there's a brewing chemistry between them. But the more she dig deeper to the truth to find a connection, she's evicted, loses her job, and threatened by others, when the past had caught up with her. When she fills Oliver in, he helps her set a trap to eliminate him as a threat, since he cares for her. In the end, she had thought she had it put together when the true culprit prepares to do away with her unless she could get to her first in a shocking ending.

This is a real fantastic new story from Amanda Quick (aka Jayne Krentz.) I really cared for Anna/Irene and how she put together this puzzle from start to finish. She's charismatic and has tons of guts to cover this story, while putting herself into danger. I liked Oliver and how he cared for Irene, while he became curious about her. The dual settings of California and bits of New York City were fantastic with surreal imagery to capture that time period wonderfully for the locations. This has everything you could ever want for--romance, non-stop action, drama, mystery, and suspense from start to finish for a great read.

Will you be encaptured to read The Girl Who Knew Too Much today?

Friday, May 19, 2017

Hearse and Buggy

In Laura Bradford's Hearse and Buggy, the first installment in the Amish cozy mystery series, this debut would intrigue you about the Amish and compel you to read more. For Claire Weatherly, she moved from NYC to the Amish community of Heavenly, Pennsylvania, after she was recently divorced from her husband Peter to start a new life. She lives in the inn with her Aunt Diane and runs an Amish craft shop called Heavenly Treasures. She learned about how the previous owner Walter Snow had left town and ran off with their money. And when he was found dead behind her shop, it leaves Claire a good reason to find out more about him. Besides that, she meets Jakob Fisher, a Heavenly PD detective, who was formerly Amish and shunned from the community. Instantly, there's some chemistry behind them as they work together to find out who murdered Walter Snow. They also discover who was behind the pranks and other surprises in the town to cause trouble. Claire also meets Benjamin Miller, a young Amish widower, who she cared for as a friend. While she had gotten herself stuck in an awkward love triangle of sorts, she began to piece together a new life for her and helped solved the mystery of who killed Walter Snow. It was a big shock in the ending to find out who had done it.

This was a great debut from Laura Bradford.  I really enjoyed learning about the Amish lifestyle and learning about Claire immensely. I cared for her and didn't want to see her hurt. I loved the picturesque settings of Heavenly, Pennsylvania, when it was split into two sides between the Amish and English residents. I also cared for Esther and Jacob Fisher as well. This was so beautifully written and touching, though I found one typo, when Paul had replaced her ex-husband's name.... twice. This would enchant you and captivate you with lovely imagery for the locations with non-stop action, drama, suspense, and intrigue. 

Will you check out Hearse and Buggy tonight?

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Rain Fall (A Clean Kill in Tokyo)

In Barry Eisler's a Clean Kill in Tokyo (aka Rain Fall), the first installment in the John Rain thriller series, this would hook you on the first page and keep you in suspense right to the end. John Rain is a half-Japanese, half-American assassin, who's specialty was giving his victims "natural causes." It all started when he went after his mark on the subway in Japan and gave him a "heart attack" in Tokyo. Then he gets involved with Midori, a beautiful jazz pianist in a band. When while he tried to get one stop ahead of the people before him, he later learns that she's at risk of being targeted. It had something to do with her father's death and the disk he kept in the special pouch. Between them, they discover what lurks in the dark for them in their past and to get to know each other better. John sets out to meet a journalist who had met with Midori's father before he died, and what was special about the disk. Hot on the trail, they were people who were out to get John and Midori and didn't want the disk to be uncovered and exposed. In a heated moment, Rain went up against William Holtzer, an evil man who wants to see him dead. But not if he could see to it first, when he's apprehended and what's really on the disk, when everything about John's existence had to be erased and to end his love affair with Midori.

This was a great debut into the John Rain thriller series and published with a killer new title and cover art. This would take you into the world of International espionage. I really cared about John Rain and his vivid backstory into the dark world of being an assassin. I also cared about Midori, too, though something weren't meant to be in the end. I loved the brief locations in Virginia and the vast settings throughout Tokyo, above and beyond. This past-faced thriller would make you turn your head and the page and propel you to keep on reading right to the end with non-stop action, suspense, drama and plenty of intrigue.

Will you be a witness to see a clean kill in Tokyo?

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Fowl Prey

In Mary Daheim's Fowl Prey, the second installment in the Bed-and-Breakfast Cozy mystery series, this cozy will compel you to keep on reading to the last page. It's a few days before the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, when Judith McConigle and her cousin Serena "Renie" Jones head to Canada for a brief respite. When they arrived in the Hotel Clovia, Judith bumped into an old high school friend named Maria. Due to a mix-up with registrations, Maria offered them a room on the fifth floor, due to the cancellation from two guests.  later met the "Elusive Eight" who were all actors at some time and formed an inner circle. That also included Kent "Spud" Forbisher who was Maria's high school sweetheart. During the first day of their stay, they discovered the dead body of Robin "Bob-o" O'Rourke, the popcorn vendor, dead in the elevator shaft. Later his parakeet was found dead too. Between the fog and the RCMP going on strike, it was up to Judith to dig deeper into everyone's lives and Robin's, too, in order to get home for the holidays. And before she knew it, she cracked the case and learned who was the true culprit was and why.

This was another intriguing cozy mystery from Mary Daheim. I cared for Judith and Renie and how they carried on to a new journey since the first book in the series. Thick as thieves, they do crack me up at some times. I also found some of the characters interesting like Spud and Maria, and how they led separate lives. I enjoyed the dual locations of Canada and Seattle with vivid scenic settings to paint the picture of the hotel and the tepid bad weather they had. This would keep you turning the page and guessing from start to finish with a shocking ending that would cinch it all.

Will you be a witness to Fowl Prey today?

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Kale to the Queen

In Nell Hampton's Kale to the Queen, the first installment in the Kensington Palace Chef Mystery culinary cozy series, this would take you across the pond for a real treat in this cozy mystery. For Carrie Anne Cole, she just landed her dream job to be the personal chef for the duke and duchess in London. Other than she being American, she had came across a hard time in her first week of the job. One of her chefs was found murdered in a bed of kale in the greenhouse, while the other was placed under suspicion. Other than being the new girl in town, she had dealt about under scrutiny for the people she worked for and to make a good first expression with her culinary skills. While she had to hire new chefs and butted heads with the master chef of the kitchen, she ran into unsavory people, while trying to clear one of the chef's name. Then she had to contend with a long-distance relationship with her boyfriend, while they were on break and parted ways. While she had thought on who had done it and why, she came across the killer and fought for her life to get the answers she was well sought after.

This was a terrific debut introduction to the series. I really cared for Carrie Ann and how she made new friends in the Kensington Palace. I adored Penny and thought Ian Gordon was a bit charming. I also loved the picturesque London settings inside and outside the Kensington Palace for the locations.  Although this had a list of recipes in the back, it sounded yummy to eat. This would make you want to hail and salute royalty, turn the page and keep reading with plenty of suspense, non-stop action, drama and intrigue.

Will you be ready to check out Kale to the Queen today?

Sunday, April 30, 2017


In Dee Davis's, Endgame, the first instalment in the Last Chance romantic suspense series, you'll be thrown and blown away in this novel. When Madison's godfather Cullen Pulaski asked her to join his Last Chance team, this tenacious FBI profiler seeks him out in New York to find out about the problem. When she joins his joint task force team with her friend Harrison, things aren't what it seems to be. And then she met Gabriel Rourke, a man who's intrigued by Madison at first, a man who's kept personal stuff of his own to his chest. It all started to find a thread between the mysterious deaths of members of the consortium who had hoped to have this accord with the Chinese trade go through. Straight from the president himself, Cullen would pull no punches to find out who's taken out the board members. As they worked with the previous deaths, new ones had come along the horizon for them to figure it out. Besides all this, they had to deal with a potential mole in the midst as they're thrown together by enemy fire and potential red herrings along the way.  While they grab hold with the feelings for each other, they come closer truth of who's behind the mess, when it hit too close to home for Madison. In dawning realization, she discovers the true culprit and his ambitious MO behind it with a twisted closing as she fought for her life and rebounded with true love.

This was a fantastic introduction to the crazy world of high-stakes politics and power had taken center stage in this romantic suspense. I instantly cared for Madison and for Cullen, too, and had grown to like Gabriel as well. He's certainly a man of mystery and had come to care for her. I liked the dual locations of Quantico and New York City in every action-packed scene from start to finish.  This would leave you breathless and have you guessing from start to finish with romance, non-stop action, drama and plenty of intrigue.

Will you be the one to stop the endgame today?

Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Searcher

In Christopher Morgan Jones's thriller, The Searcher, this novel told a tale of international espionage and great adventure set in Eastern Europe.  For Isaac Hammer, he was a lone Englishmen looking for his friend and business partner, Benedict "Ben" Webster. Reported missing from his wife, he goes searching for him in war-torn Georgia. From there, when he first arrived, it wasn't easy, since he caught up into a riot and a political revolt against the government. He was later thrown around with a missing passport at the airport, and then he met Koba his taxi driver. Little did he know, his search for truth and justice had let to what happened previously in London for their newspaper that reported a bombing and killed their friend. He had met some interesting people along the way that would do anything to stop him from finding the answers he longed to seek and find. And as it led him across the border to Russia in the end, he became suspicious of the company he kept and those who he should've left behind along the way with a shocking and twisted ending.

This was a terrific spy thriller that deals with current day events in war-torn Georgia and a bit of Russia. I did care for Hammer and how he had many stops to find his friend Ben in Georgia, which wasn't easy and turbulent like a plane flight. We do get to know about him better and his past and the people he had met along the way--some good and the rest so bad. I liked the dual locations of Georgia and a bit of Russia with rustic and compelling descriptions and visual scenic settings. This would make you want to bite your nails, hold your breath, gasp, and hang onto your seat from start to finish.

Will you follow the journey of the Searcher today?

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Hung Out to Die

In Sharon Short's Hung Out to Die, the 4th instalment in the Toadfern/Stain-Busting Cozy Mystery series, this cozy caper would have you enthralled and at the edge of your seat. It's Thanksgiving at Mamaw Toadfern's home in Paradise, Ohio, when Josie talked to her grandmother about her family, and learned how she was adopted by her Aunt Clara and her Uncle Horace, when her parents skipped town. During this family holiday vacation, she gets an unexpected surprise from her loving parents, twenty years later. And they have a  surprise for her. She had learned a lot of family secrets and heated arguments at dinner, when old animosity had reared its ugly head. But during a walk with her friend Rachel Burkette, they discovered that someone had killed her Uncle Fenwick and had left him to die on a clothesline. With her father in jail as a suspect, it was up to Josie to learn new truths about the past and try to bond with her mother, while she would figure out who would really do such a cruel thing. And when she had gotten closer to suspecting a culprit, it had put her and her parents in danger as she later saved their lives in the end.

This was another great read from Sharon Short. We do get a closer look to learn more about Josie and her dysfunctional family during the holidays. I cared about her and was upset to hear about a pending heartbreak or two with her and Owen. I did care about her folks and was happy for them to give her a second chance, however brief, before they left town again in the end. Maybe it was for the best. I do love the quaint town of Paradise and all of its lovely descriptive locations and settings. This would make you shake you head a few times, grimace and groan, and gasp from start to finish.

Will you check out Hung Out to Die today?

Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Falls

In Karen Harper's the Falls, nothing what it seems in a small town in Oregon. When Claire Malvern couldn't find her husband Keith one night, she called the Portfalls PD to help search for him. When it had turned out he had fallen from the Bloodroot "Suicide"  Bridge, they believed he had fallen to his death. But for Claire, she didn't believe it happened that way. In order to proof her claim that it was nothing but that, she would need Sheriff Nick Braden's help. Then things got tumuleous for Claire, when someone's been stalking her, sending her threats, and driving her crazy by hearing the sounds of the falls in the background. When she needed her friend's the most, she learned some hidden truths about them, when it concerned Keith. The closer she had gotten to push to the truth, the more dangerous things had gotten between them, when it brought Nick and Claire together, exploring feelings for each other. And in the end, she discovered how twisted and far-reaching people would go to make ends meet with her own life.

This was a compelling romantic suspense from start to finish. I cared about Claire and how she searched for answers on Keith's death. I also found Nick amusing and compassionate, though he had lost his wife to cancer, he had understood her pain. I liked the backdrop of Portfalls and Seattle Oregon, which was very picturesque and visual in location and settings for the scenery. This would make you jaw drop, shake your head, gasp and sigh in every page with non-stop drama, action, tons of heated romance, and suspense.

Will you be tempted to listen to the Falls today?

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Organize Your Corpses

In Mary Jane Maffini's Organize Your  Corpses, the first installment in the Charlotte Adams cozy mystery series, this caper had plenty of surprises in store with many twisted turns. For Charlotte Adams, she's a professional organizer who returned to her hometown of Woodbridge, New York. Her first client was her former teacher, Helen Henley, who was tough as nails on her former students. She requested her professional services to look for important paperwork. And when she called for help late one night, Charlotte told her she was busy. Later she found out, she was clobbered by a beam in her own house. And that made Charlotte a number one suspect, even from her best friend Pepper Monahan, who was a Woodbridge homicide detective who has in it for her. At the funeral for Miss Henley, she ran into suspicious people as one of them had caught her eye. She discovered Helen's cousin errant behavior and later learned about the "tragedies" that had befallen her family. As she had gotten closer to the truth, she learned about the Henley family and how far someone evil who would go for the sake of money and revenge. After a few attempts in her life, she thought she had figured it out to piece together this warped jigsaw puzzle, when she unmasked someone who was so treacherous and duplicitous right before her own eyes, she took matters in her own hands to save her own life.

This was a terrific cozy mystery debut from Mary Jane Maffini. This had all the right elements of a great cozy mystery from start to finish. I really cared for Charlotte and her friends Jack and Sally and even Margaret. I didn't like Pepper so much or Miss Helen Henley. I felt bad and horrified for her own cousins and how they came to an untimely end. I thought Dominic was a good catch, but I shook my head when he was part of a wicked charade. I liked the backdrop of Woodbridge in New York and while it had a great scenic view of the location and settings. This would make you shake your head and moan and groan, gasp and drop your jaw with non-stop action, drama, suspense and mystery. This also had great organizing tips for you.

Will you be willing to organizing your corpses today?

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Murder of a Sweet Old Lady

In Denise Swanson's Murder of a Sweet Old Lady, the second installment in the Scumble River Cozy Mystery series, this cozy mystery has a lot of twists and turns on every page. For Skye Dennison, she had dealt with some hard blows as the school psychologist, when angry parents don't like the results she gave them. Some had threatened her, when she had been going through a hard time. When she visited her grandmother to work on their family history, she discovered that her grandmother was died and her housekeeper was missing. After she called Simon Reid, the local coroner, everyone turned their heads and blaming her for not calling them first instead of Simon. They believed she died from natural causes, when Skye had thought differently. As she snooped around to become suspicious of her relatives and their angry glares, the hits kept on coming, especially when her Aunt Minnie had one of her spells and needed to be hospitalized. Though she wouldn't back down for finding answers to the truth, she discovered a link in a couple of family photos. To make matter worse, things are tense between her and Simon as Sheriff Wally Boyd had feelings for her after his wife had split up with him. When she got closer to the truth to someone who wanted to harm her own grandmother in her family, she couldn't believe who had done it and why with a shocking ending.

This was another enjoyable cozy mystery in the Scumble River cozy mystery series. I continued to enjoy Skye and her family and felt heartache for the loss in her family. I also felt the same when she ended up in a twisted love triangle for a short while. I wish people would give Skye a break at work and at home. I'm so glad she hooked up with Trixie, her close friend from her youth. I adored the small town of Scumble River and its vivid locations and scenic settings to paint a good picture of the scene. This would hook you on the first pages and grimace and groan throughout the cozy. It would make your heart pang and twist your heart strings, too. This had non-stop action, drama, intrigue and mystery from start to finish.

Will you be on the case to solve the murder of the sweet old family?

Saturday, April 8, 2017

For Whom the Bread Rolls

In Sarah Fox's For Whom the Bread Rolls, the first installment in the Pancake House Culinary cozy mystery series, you'll be enchanted in this tale and devour the recipes in the end. For Marley McKinney, the owner of the Flip Side restaurant that serves breakfast meals, she had a lot to deal with, ever since she inherited the restaurant from her late cousin Jimmy. When it was just an ordinary, she had to contend with Ida Wrinkler, a pain in her butt, who's been harassing her with prank calls and what not, to ruin business for her. When she wanted to talk to her, after she had stolen her new lamp shade from her own home, she turned up dead. And that's when she became into a pickle of her own, when she learns about Ida's suspicious neighbors, the blackmail scheme, and the illegal dumping on the river. When she became curious on this, she had been threatened and came close of losing her life. In the end, she couldn't believe who had done it and why, when she had fought for the truth.

This was a great new culinary cozy to read and to enjoy! I really cared about Marley and her friends and how perfect she was made with Brett, a former flame from her youth. I adored Flapjack the cat and Bentley the dog as perfect canine and feline characters. I loved the idyllic location of Wildwood Cave and found it picturesque with the river for the scenic settings. This would make you head spin and shake your head a couple of times. You would also sigh, groan and gasp, and hold onto your hat from page to page with non-stop action, suspense, a hint of romance, and plenty of drama.

Will you be there to check out For Whom the Bread Rolls today?

Monday, April 3, 2017

Wild Justice

In Philip Margolin's Wild Justice, the first installment in the Amanda Jaffe legal thriller series, this thriller will give you chills and make you shudder. When Amanda Jaffe joined her father's law firm as an associate, he helped him take the case against Vincent Cardoni. A prominent doctor who's been arrested for series crimes, who had run into some trouble with the law and with the mafia. He claims he's innocent and that Justine Castle, his soon-to-be ex-wife had framed him. During his trial, they hit a snafu with Detective Vasquez's testimony who had a hard-on Castle and to nail him for the crimes. From there, they motioned to suppress the evidence against him. That's when he disappeared and his hand is missing. Fast-forward to four years later, Amanda's moved up in his father's law firm, and a new farmhouse became the killing ground for another set of serial murders. And Justine Castle calls Amanda and asks her for her help, when she believes she didn't do it and she was framed from Cardoni. During this case, she began to have a heated relationship with Toni Fiori, someone she used to date back in high school. While the suspicion was on Castle, she hired Vasquez as a PI to protect her and with help with the case. Cardoni's discovered in a new guise to watch Justine; but when Vasquez's attacked and then Justine's later found dead, she discovered who's the culprit, someone who's real close to her with newfound truth, she fights for her life when the danger came near her in a shocking ending.

This was a terrific legal thriller debut in a new series from Philip Margolin. I read another book in that series a few years ago as the title had slipped through my mind. I cared for Amanda and Frank's relationship as father and daughter and also as colleagues in the same law firm. Although the murders grossed me out, I was confused on who really had done it in the end. I thought Castle and Cardoni deserved each other with their bitter rivalry, until Castle had bit the dust in the end. I wasn't sure what to say or think about Tony Fiori. I would let his actions speak for himself in this story. I loved the Portland locations for the backdrop and the scenic settings through the novel. This would make you shake your head, groan, do a double-take, and make your head spin from start to finish with non-stop action, drama, a hint of romance, and a lot of suspense.

Will you be prepared to deal with wild justice today?

Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Jungle

(Since I've originally read this novel in August 2012, I've updated it with a brand new review.)

In Clive Cussler's The Jungle, the 8th installment in the Oregon Files action-adventure series, get prepared to be blown away by fast-paced action series that had taken place in a post-911 world. It all started, when Juan Cabrillo and his crew mated had received orders to rescue a Pakistani boy from the terrorists. It was no rescue mission, when he met Marion  "MacD" Lawless, who had been a prisoner and had worked overseas. From there, they team up to escape, when things go awry for Cabrillo. Then he had gotten a call from Roland Croissard, a Swiss millionaire, who had requested their services to rescue his daughter Soleil in a Burmese camping trip. Things aren't what they seem to be, when they've been duped by a "John Smith" who's been working along them to rescue her. Since their meeting site was being attacked by bombs, they knew something was fishy and odd as Juan was taken prisoner and faced hours of water torture. When his crew rescued them, they recovered Soleil as a prisoner, too, and they knew that Suleiman Bahar had set them up into the trap. He wants to rule the world and have everyone at his knees as he uses crystals to control a quantum computer to destroy places and things by a sound of the voice. At the request of the President and their former boss, Langton Overholt, Juan and his team get ready to go undercover in a salt mine to take them out and destroy the computer before it was too late.

This was an excellent and mind-blowing action-adventure on land and on water. I cared about Juan Cabrillo and his team mates, especially his newest one, MacD. I also cared for Soleil Croissard as well, who had been dealt such a tough blow. I despised Bahar and everything he had done in plain sight. I loved the Middle Eastern settings from Myanmar, Phillippines, and elsewhere with gripping scenic location.  This would make you gasp and shake your head, cheer on Juan with his crew, and hook you with a thrill ride with non-stop action, drama, suspense and intrigue. 

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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Leave No Stone Unturned

In Jeanne Glidewell's Leave No Stone Unturned, the first installment in the Lexie Starr cozy mystery series, this debut is compelling and intriguing to give you a great story. Lexie Starr is a widow with an only child. When her daughter Wendy had gotten married to Clay Pitt, she became suspicious of him and his behavior. She had believed he had killed his first wife, a few years ago. That left Lexie to do some snooping of her own in Schenectady, New York, where the first murder took place. She had contacted Stone Van Patten, a jewelry from Myrtle Beach, where Wendy had lost her charm. As Lexie explained the story to Stone, he offered his services to help her figure out this murder in New York. From there, she came across some interesting characters and ran across a tough-as-nails detective named Ron Glick. The closer they had gotten closer to the truth, the more they had doubts about Clay, when things had taken a twisted turn of their own. Wendy had vanished at the airport. It had made things a bit dangerous, when her own suspicions on Clay changed, when they have a new suspect of their own as the killer, since things had gotten heated in the climax, and it became a bit sweeter for Lexie and Stone.

This was an enchanting cozy about what Lexie would do for the love of her child. She was set out to do something and accomplished it anyway. I cared for Lexie on what tangled mess she had gotten herself into. I had doubts about Clay, but I'm glad he turned out okay in the end. I thought Stone was a bit of a riot and a possible suitable match for Lexie. I adored Wendy and was concerned about her for her, due to Clay's behavior. I loved the dual locations of Kansas City and NYC for the picturesque settings in this gripping mystery novel. This had plenty of twists and turns that would leave you at the edge of your seat and keep reading with gasps and groans along the way. This has non-stop drama, action, suspense, and a hint of mystery.

Will you leave no stone unturned today?