Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Slap Shot

worIn Kelly Jamieson's Slap Shot, the 5th installment in the Aces Hockey sports romance series, get ready to skate on the ice and be dazzled by a winning goal in one story. Meet Max Hall. He's a right wing for the Chicago Aces hockey team. He's been off the ice ever since his wife died and wants to get back on the roster again. At a friend's wedding, he meets Kendra Armstrong, one of his team mate's cousin who's from NYC. At first glance, it was lust at first sight that had awakenened his libido and went into overdrive. From there, he had a sextastic relationship with Kendra and corresponds with her via text and Skype, until they rendezvous and meet again over the months. While Kendra goes through some issues with her parents and trying to get her sex toy to get up and running into the markets, Max is on a healthy diet and underwent vigorous training to get back into the game. When he sprained his ankle, that's when things took a different turn, when she cared for him and didn't except to fall for him, until he plans to break it off with her. For a short while, they went their separate ways until Max prepared to let go of his late wife's memory and began to heal and love again with Kendra. In the end, they have a happy ending of their own.

This was a truly moving and gripping sports romance novel that's centered around hockey, on and off the ice. I really cared for Max and Kendra's relationship, and how they had their own ghosts in the past that make them truly different and special. I did find it a bit too overbearing for Max to have an active sex drive and used the F word a lot. But I loved how Max healed and let himself find love again by finding love of his own. I loved the NYC and Chicago settings in the stadium and at Max's condo. He does seem to be a down-to-earth guy and Kendra was the perfect match for him.  This would make you want to fan yourself and clear those steamy windows, sigh and gasp, and maybe cover your eyes every now and then. This has steamy romance, non-stop action, drama and suspense every step of the way.

Will you be ready to take a step forward and hit that Slap Shot today?

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire

In Kerrelyn Sparks's How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire, the first installment in the Love at Stake paranormal romance series, this twisted love story would make you drop your jaw and give you goosebumps and some giggles. Roman Draganesti is rich, handsome, daring, and also a vampire. And when he lost one of his fangs, he needed a dentist... stat. And that's when he met Shanna Whelan, a mortal woman who's living in the Witness Protecton Program, and the only dentist who came help him... even under mind control. For Shanna, he protected her from the Russian mafia and from Ivan Petrovsky, a Russian coven leader who wants the both of them dead.  Between Shanna and Roman, they were opposites like night and day. But they were some kind of sparkling and brewing chemistry between them. Their relatonship wouldn't work out, since Shanna wanted a normal life and Roman wanted to make vampires have a better life too--making synthetic blood, a formula to keep them alive during the day. What's next? And then there were the problem with Roman's harem and that Shanna's father is part of the CIA's Stake-Out team to eradicate vampires. Between the two of them, they defied the odds in order to be together to have their own future.

This paranormal romance had some humorous moments and red-hot sexy scenes. I did care for Roman who waited for the right woman to give him hope and make him a better person. Some of his Highlander Guards were a bit charming as well. I also adored Shanna, who had her own issues and overcame her fear of blood. I've found Ivan a bit creepy as Hell. I did like the Romatech laboratory in NYC was made for a fascinating setting as the locations were vivid and bright with color. This would make you laugh out loud, feel chilled all over, feel faint, and swoon in this terrfic love story that has a bite to sink you teeth into... on the first page. It has explosive romance, drama, non-stop action and prickles of intrigue.

Will you be tempting to read How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire today?

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Moonlight Kiss

In LuAnn McLane's Moonlight Kiss, the 5th installment in the Cricket Creek contemporary romance series, this heart-warming romance will sweep you off your feet and propel you to find love in the most unexpected places. For Addison Monroe, she was a city girl from Los Angeles, who looked for a fresh start after two broken engagements to well-known celebrities. Heartbroken, she needed a get away to Cricket Creek, Kentucky, and reunite with her cousin Mia. She had first met Reid Greenfield, when his twin sister had concoted the idea of have a rural wedding at a rustic barn. Although skeptic, he wasn't looking for love, until he met Addison and fell head over heels in love with her. As she set up shop in Wedding Row with her wedding planning boutique and found romance with Reid, real estate Maggie McMillan was a single mother in her fifties who had a rough childhood and had given up on finding her Mr. Right. Then came Richard Ruleman, a well-known musician posed as Rick Ruleman, and Addison's ex-fiance's father. He needed an escape in a cabin to change his lifestyle and need to make amends to Addison. But when he met Maggie, it change him to a reformed man who longed to have someone like her in her life. In the ends, both couple finds true love and one gets a charming happily ever after of their own.

This was an enchanting and lovely contemporary romance that was set in a rural small town. I did really care for Addison and how she changed her life around after a crushing heartbreak. I've grown fond on Reid and have found Mia and Sara were a hoot.  I did think Rick and Maggie do make an adorable couple. The town of Cricket Creek itself was picturesque and enchanting with its eye-catching settings for the perfect location. This would make you want to swoon and sigh, fan yourself,  dream and wish upon a star with non-stop action, drama, tons of passionate romance, and a hint of intrigue in every way.

Will you be lucky to receive a Moonlight Kiss today?

Saturday, December 2, 2017


In James Rollins's Bloodline, the 8th installment in this exhilerating thriller series, this novel would take you to the edge of your seat and make you drop your jaw.  It all started when the president's pregnant daughter was kidnapped by Somali pirates and later lost her husband in a brutal bloodfest. Then they've taken her to a secret cabin and want her unborn son for nefarious reasons. Back in the United States, while Grey Pierce deals with family issues of his own, he learns about Amanda Gant Bennett's kidnapping overseas  from Director Painter Crowe and prepares his team to go on a most dangerous covert operation they ever been on. They also recruited Sargeant Tucker Wayne and his trusted K-9 solider dog Kane to join their force on this rescue mission that would take them above and beyond. Inside the fertilty clinic in the Carolinas, Kat and Lisa from Sigma go undercover to learn the top secrets and why they wanted Amanda's baby. When discovered, it had put them in a most precious situation of their own and fought for their lives. Meanwhile, when they thought they've found Amanda on a secret island near Dubai, the president had put pressure for him to abort their mission and to terminate the Sigma Force's mission. But when Painter learn the hidden truth of who's behind it, it made the president rethink his strategy and to listen to what he said. Little did they know, that someone real close to the White House wanted to play God with genetics and nanotechnology for the immortal greater good. In the end,  the truth would come out on who was behind it and who played the better hand, when they would suffer the consequences with a terrible fate.

This thriller was fantasticly thrilling and bone-chilling numb at the same time. I did care for every member of Sigma Force and including Tucker and Kane too. I did find compassion for Amanda and the president, while some close to them plotted a real sick and sinister plot. The storyline was mind-blowing and utterly gripping to dip deep and then delve into the heart of someone playing God with medicine and science. I did love the vast  locations from the Carolinas to Africa and then all the way into the Middle East for that remote island known as Utopia. Each scenic setting was eye-popping to read on the page from one place to another. This would leave you speechless and feeling chilled in the end with non-stop action, drama, intense intrigue and mind-gripping mystery from start to finish.

Will you be ready to trust your own Bloodline tonight?

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The Vineyard Victims

In Ellen Crosby's The Vineyard Victims, the 8th installment in the Wine Country Mysteries series, this spine-tingling mystery is so twisted and would leave you at the edge of your seat. A few years ago, Lucie Montgomery was permanently disabled, when her boyfriend  crashed her car in front of the wall of the vineyard. Now, she had witnessed Jamie Vaughn, a presidential candidate hopeful and successful vineyard millionaire, crash his car at the same place. In attempts to save his life of the burning car, she knew it was too late, when he told her to relay a message for him. Then he died in the fire. Puzzled by the car crash, she promised Jamie on his dying breath to tell "Rick" that he forgives him for what he'd done in the past. That left Lucie to dig up some dirt and ask some questions around on what referred to, even if it meant people that were the closest to her. Though she wouldn't back down, she searched for answers on what happened 30 years ago, when an innocent man was wrongly convicted for someone's death. The closer she had gotten to the truth, people told her to back off and to let it go, when she stood her ground and uncovered the hidden and shocking truth of secrets and lies. When someone took a potshot at her, it meant more than personal for her as she took a closer look around with her fianc√© Quinn, who helps her run her winery and vineyard. In a matter of life and death, she discovered who done it and why in the explosive ending.

This was a great mystery novel in this series. I do like the backdrop of the Atoka Virginia vineyards to depict the scenery real well with eye-catching descriptonsfor the locations and the settings. The little backstory of the vineyards did really come into play for the plotline. I did care for Lucie and Quinn, who do make an adorable couple, and do love making and selling wine. I did feel bad for her, when the crash left her childless and with a deformed foot that maybe someday she would get fixed. This novel would make you taste a glass of wine and have a sip or two. It would make you want to shake your head and render you speechless and hold your breath too with drama, non-stop action, intrigue and some explosive red herrings to sink your teeth into. (My e-copy had about a dozen or so of punctuation/grammar errors, mainly with words with two fs like off and coffee for example.) 

Will you want to take a drive and dig into The Vineyard Victims today?

Monday, November 27, 2017

The Scotsman Who Saved Me

In Hannah Howell's the Scotsman Who Saved Me, the first installment in the Seven Brides for Seven Scotsmen historical romance series, this love story would captivate you and embrace you with arms wide open. Lady Emily Stanton was left for dead on the side of the road and her nephew Neddy was missing after her cabin had burned down in her Oklahoma home. After her own sister and brother-in-law had been murdered, she's been on the lam and needed a safe place to hide from people who tried to kill her and had murdered her family. Enter Iain MacEnroy, the oldest brother of the MacEnroy Scottish clan, who came to her rescue and saved her life and her nephew's too. As he tended to her injuries, he became curious about her and vowed to protect her from danger. As soon as she recovered, she kept her true identity a secret from them until it felt right to reveal Neddy's birthright. While she stayed inside his home, Iain and his brothers fought her enemy and battled them near and far with swords and pistols to protect her and his land. As they've gotten to know each other better, he became to care for her as she helped him learn to read and take care of financial matters. Later, she revealed to Iain and his brothers her story about her cousin's quest to become the duke, even if he had to kill people who stood in his way, like his own flesh and blood. The battle wages on in America as her cousin becomes closer to where Emily hid out with Neddy, while Iain woos Emily and falls helpless in love with her.  In the end, they had gotten a happy ending that was fitting for this story.

This was a beautiful and romantic historical romance series that would sweep you off your feet. I did care for Emily and Neddy and despised everything that her cousin Albert stood for. I did find Emily compelling and charming as Iain and his brothers were tough as nails and pretty darn handsome too.  I could see the sparks flying between the two of them and how they cared for each other. I did like the settings for 18th century America in rural Arkansas and how it was portrayed during that time period to find their own parcel of land.  The location had popped on the page in vivid colors. This would make you swoon, sway, sigh, take you on an enchanted love story and propel you to fall in love with Emily and Iain's romance with non-stop action, drama, intrigue, and lots of romance to turn up the heat. (This e-arc had some minor punctuation/gramamar errors.)

Will be discover The Scotsman Who Saved Me today?

Sunday, November 26, 2017

I See You

In Clare Mackintosh's I See You, this thriller will grip you on the first page and make you hold onto your seats. Someone's watching female Subway passengers in London and preys on their fears. It all started for Zoe Walker, a mother of two teen children, and lived with her boyfriend for over a year. When she spotted a chatline advert in the local newspaper, it had a photo of her and her commute information. That made her want to raise red flags for her safety and for her own children, too. When she dug deeper online, she discovered there's been a rash of similiar incidents along the Tube. Women have been raped, assaulted or possibly murdered. This is when she brought the attention to PC Kelly Swift, who works in the Dip Squad for the British Transport Service. This become personal for Kelly, when her twin sister had been raped a couple of years in college. And that had almost cost her the job. After she had a run-in with someone at the Tube who almost thrown her to the tracks, it had sent her world in a tizzy and caused stress for her at work and at home. As Kelly asks for a temporary transfer to the Met's Murder Squad, she brought it to the attention to DI Rampello, who worked on a case that had some bearing to her own. Together, they discover who's behind the website that had made men prey on unexpected women. And as Zoe tries to figure it out with more clues of her own, she never realized who done it and why as it had hit her way too close at home in the shocking end.

This was a really creepy and twisted dark thriller. I did care for Zoe and her family and how this cause of fear make her a bit jumpy and paranoia. I did think Simon is okay and Zoe's ex Matt is a fair guy. I did love the vast locations of London's subway stations and outside of it with gripping and eye-catching scenic settings in every turned page. This would make you want to bit your tongue,  hold yor breath, shake your head, and feel cold all over with non-stop action, drama, suspense, and tons of chills by the end of the novel.

Will you be wary to read I See You tonight?

Thursday, November 23, 2017

No Virgin Island

In C. Michele Dorsey's No Virgin Island, the first installment in the Sabrina Salter mystery series, this debut would take you to the tropical paradise of the Virgin Island. Sabrina Salter was a former meteorologist from Boston, who had a bit of a dark past and accused of murdering her husband. She escaped to the US Virgin Islands to leave all that behind her. But when she discovered a dead body in Villa Mascarpone, one of the Ten Villas she co-owns with Henry, her friend and business partner, it had brought up her dirty laundry once again. She becomes the prime suspect in the investigation and the main news story for Faith Chase's fodder. While they look into who the victim was, she had new friends and close allies  in her neighbors on the island as things go a bit awry. From a missing gun to a woman looking for her wrongly kidnapped children, it all comes to the head in a cliffhanger twist on who done it and why in the shocking ending.

This was a gripping and terrific new mystery series debut. I loved the tropical settings of the US Virgin Island from St. John and to the other U.S. Virgin lands for the picturesque locations throughout this page-turner book. This had swept me away and want to find my own tropical paradise like in Hawaii. (Though in reality, when Hurricane Irma came through to rip through the Caribbean islands like Puerto Rico, it's a bit devastating and heartening to hear.) I cared for Sabrina and hated for her to be wronged for a crime she didn't commit. She has a great personality and a lot of charisma to start a new life as an ex-pat in the islands. I did think Neil was charming as a possible love interest as well. This would enchant you with the call of the islands, leaving you speechless and shaking your head with a grimace or a groan with non-stop action, drama, suspense and a hint of mystery.

Will you visit your paradise getaway in No Virgin Island today?

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Until Proven Guilty

In JA Jance's Until Proven Guilty, the first installment in the JP Beaumont mystery series, this debut would captivate you and make you want to keep reading for sure. When Seattle Detective JP Beaumont and his partner Ron Peters first arrrived at the scene of the crime of young Angela Barstogi's death. While they looked into the circumstances of it, they learned that his mother had ties to the cult inside the Faith Tabernacle search. That might them question everyone and everything around them, while Peters had a close connection to the case.. it had happened to his own kids by his own wife. Then Anne Corley entered the picture and JP's life, turning it around. But there remains a hint of a mystery of her and her background, when he met her at Angela's funeral. Then a double homicide had happened at the church, when both Suzanne and the cult leader had wound up dead. While all eyes pointed toward Andrew Carstogi, Suzanne's ex who's been ex-communicated and declared "Dead" in that church, he seemed to be the most likely suspect. Though JP had thought otherwise, he became more intrigued into Anne, while he had dealt with his own run-ins with Maxwell Cole, a thorn in his side. When someone else wound up dead and the heat is turned up, it was up to JP to put the screws on the killer... who was right under his nose in a mind-blowing climax on whodunit and why.

This was a great debut mystery from JA Jance. I really cared for JP and how he made it his own as a single man who misses his kids, and how he became enchanted by Anne Corley. I had grown fond on Peters and found them a remarkable partnership.  I did feel sorry for pool Angela and not so much for Suzanne a tiny bit. The Seattle locations were picturesque and the scenic settings were real-to-life on every page. This would make you shake your head and groan, hold your breath and propel you to read more to the end with non-stop drama, action, intrigue and a hint of mystery.

Will you take a chance to read Until Proven Guilty tonight?

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Dark Road Home

In Anna Carlisle's Dark Road Home, the first installment in the Gin Sullivan Mystery series, this debut would leave you speechless with this dark tale of secrets and lies. Seventeen years ago, Virginia "Gin" Sullivan's sister Lily had mysteriously disappeared from home. Now twenty of years later, she gets a call from home that her body has been found in the cooler. She drops everything and leaves Chicago to return home to Trumbull, Pennsylvania. But her welcome home had been a bumpy one. Though she reunited with her former  boyfriend Jake Crosby and her best friend Christine Parker-Hart and her twin brother Thomas, she had stirred up most than a hornet's nest.  At the time, and even now, people accused Jake of the crime, including her father. When she asked first to consult on the case, she learned a shocking truth concerning her sister and the secret she was hiding at her disappearance. As she asked questions and pointed things closer to her, she bridged a wider distance between the people she cared for the most and how they invaded her questions. And when Jake's father Lawrence was found dead under usual circumstances, she dug a little deeper to know who had done it and why. The more desperate she was to find the answers, the most daunting it was to hear it. And when she had finaly figured it out with Jake with a twisted truth that hit closer to home, she would have to face the killer dead on and seek justice.

This was a mind-blowing and compelling mystery debut. I did feel a ton of compassion for Gin and for her family, then and now. I hated how people shunned Jake, when he had seemed like the least likely suspect. I liked how they bonded and came together to discover the truth and to solve the puzzle. Maybe people would give him more respect than they did before. I adored the majestic settings of Trumbull PA and how it popped on the page in living and vivid colors for the locations. This would make you blood turn color and gasp, shake your head, and feel numb all over with non-stop action, drama, suspense and a hint of romance on every single page.

Will you be ready to take the dark road home today?

Monday, November 13, 2017

Hunting the Five-Point Killer

In C.M. Wendelboe's Hunting the Five-Point Killer, this thriller will take you places you never been before and compel you to read more.  For Arn Anderson, he's a retired detective who asked to be a consultant of the cold case in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He had a hard time getting the CPD's assistance, when he had a notion that it might be connected to the Five-Point Killings and two police officer's suspicious deaths that looked like homicides. And that left Arn to pick up the pieces to study all of those cold cases, especially when Ana Maria Villareal did a TV special on them to broadcast to the public. That's when she received threats to stop the special. And when Arn's on the case to catch her stalker, it came way too close of identifiying him, when he made moes of his own. After when the police chief gets shot and later dies from his coma, it left Arn and Ned Oblanski to revisit everything, especially after Arn had been atacked himself.  As he studied everyone who was close to Butch Spangler and the cold cases, it had turned up the heat when Arn had another attack from the killer again. With help from Danny as his sidekick, an Indian who's helping him renovate his mother's home, they pieces together the puzzle when Arn's friends had to rush to save his friends' lives before it would be too late with a shocking ending on who done it and why.

This was a good thriller that kept me reading. I did care for Arn and his pursuit of justice to solve this cold cases. I did find Georgia Spangler quite amusing and Danny a likeable character. I did like the settings for rural Cheyenne in the midwest with vivid locations around the town. This would make raise eyebrows and shake your head a few times with a grimacing groan. (Needless to say, I did find lot of glaring punctuation/grammar erorrs in this e-arc that the author,  Mr. Wendelboe, and his proofeader/copywriter  missed, especially when it comes to dialogue, capitalization, and wrong/misspelled words. It should've been proofread to catch those errors before it went to publication.)

Will you give Hunting the Five-Point Killer a try tonight?

Saturday, November 11, 2017


In Jake Halpern's Nightfall, this young adult thriller has exhilarating fantasy elements that would leave you feeling chilled and numb all over. On Marin's island called Bliss, every twenty-four years the sun always rises and every twenty-four years, it always sets with the rolling tide. And since this day had finally come for everyone on her island, they needed to pack everything and board the furrier boats. But for Marin and her fraternal twin brother Kana, they needed to find their friend Line who had wandered off on the island looking for mushrooms and Marin's sunstone necklace.  And when they finally located him, they finally made it back to shore to join the others. But, it was too late as they were left alone in the island, surviving to find a boat to head to the Desert Lands. It didn't come easy for them, since Line was injured and had gotten sick, and only a medicinal plant called lekar could heal him. As for Kana, he experienced a change into the night that he noticed he was different than the others appearances alone.  Between the three of them, they neded to survive and outlast against the nocturnal creatures that roam the island, while Kana learns a shocking hidden truth about his changes of his own. Together it was a race against time to make it on the boat and head to their new home before it would be too late for them.

This novel was eerily similar to the classic novel of Lord of the Flies, only with a modern and fantasy twist. Though I rarely read YA novels, this one was  fantastic and gripping beyond belief. I loved the contrast between day and night on Bliss Island and how the moonlight and the night becomes you. I care for Marin and Kana, who were more than two different split peas in the pod. And it had brought about an example that it's only the inside that counts and not the outside.  I did have harrowing compassion for Line and how he had a caring concern for Marin. This would grip you and hook you on the first page for a wild adventure that would take you places you've never been before with drama, non-stop action, suspense, a hint of fantasy, and a spark of romance.

 Will you survive before nighfall comes calling?

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Black Echo

In Michael Connelly's Black Echo, the first installment in the Harry Bosch Mystery series, this debut would take you on a journey and keep you hanging on tight. Meet Hieronymous "Harry" Bosch, a Detective of the LAPD Hollywood Murder Squad. It all started out with a routine call for a drug bust, when he uncovered the dead body of Eddie Meadows in one of the tunnels. With a closer look, it became more than personal for him, since he used to know him from the Vietnam War. Bosch wanted answers and had taken the heat from the brass and also fro the IAD who had been tailing him around to pin something on him. Then he met FBI Agent Eleanor Wish and John Rourke, who had hindered him in the case. When he looked to find a witness named Sharkey, he told him what he saw when he found. But when later he was found dead, it had floored Bosch as he dug deep to find the connection between the Vietnam War and now in Present Day California. And the closer he would get to the truth, it might cost him his life and maybe his career in an explosive climax, when he least expected who was responsible for it in the end.

This was a gripping mystery debut that had kick-started the Bosch series and then later the Amazon hit series too.  I did become fond of Bosch and how he picked up the pieces to this puzzle. Although a loner, he did put his life on the line, while it might've irked others in his way. They most likely hindered than helped him, except for Eleanor. I've found her a bit intriguing in her own set ways and how she might've had something going with Harry. I did like the LA settings from the dark tunnels to the police station with picturesque scenery for the location. This would get you swept up into Harry's dark tale of how he fought in the war and how he went his own way to solve this mystery with non-stop action, intense drama, mystery and a hint of intrigue.

Will you be curious to read the Black Echo today?

Sunday, November 5, 2017

A Taste for Murder

In Claudia Bishop's A Taste for Murder, the first installment int he Hemlock Falls Culinary Cozy Mysteries series, this debut series packs a punch of culinary delights and a lot of surprises. For Sarah "Quill" Quilliam and her sister Meg, they prepared to get ready for the Hemlock Falls History Days skit at their inn. While Quill managed the business end and Meg the kitchen, they had an electric bunch of guests to reside in the inn. But things took a turn for the worse, when first there was an accident on the balcony and two mishaps during the play outside of the inn, when two people ended up murdered--one of them was no accident. As Quill looks for clues on her own and her accountant John disappears from the inn, making him look up a prime suspect, she did her snooping on her own and pointed her finger at her other guests in the inn, including the uncouth Keith Baumer who's been nothing but rude. Though Quill has growing feelings for Myles the sheriff, Quill and her sister put their heads together to pick out the most unlikely suspect, when Meg becomes sick from her poisoned coffee. In the end, she couldn't believe her eyes on who done it and why for the most unsavory reasons of them all.

This was intriguing debut to this culinary cozy series.  I've found that both Quill and Meg are very careable and likeable people as sisters, co-workers and friends. I could see some chemistry between Quill and Myles, while Meg whips up some delectable recipes for the hotel guests. The recipes are too die for in the back of the book. I did like Hemlock Falls as an idyllic and visionary small town in New York state with compelling scenic scenes and picturesque locations. This would make you hungry for the food, starving for a good light, and to be compelled to read more in one or two settings with non-stop drama, suspense, mystery, and a dash of action.

Will you have a hankering taste for murder today?

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Every Dark Corner

In Karen Rose's Every Dark Corner, the third installment in the Cincinnati romantic suspense series, this romantic suspense will keep you at the edge of the seat with shocking suspense right to the end. After Griffin "Decker" Davenport wakes up from his coma, he couldn't help wondering about the children who were victims of sexual crimes and human trafficking. Right by his side, Agent Kate Coppola helped him out on this assignment with her assignment, while Davenport heals from his wounds. Both Kate and Decker both have a dark tormented past that haunts them to no extend, while there's a budding and growing relationship between them that's red-hot and fiery as a firecracker. With the CPD and the FBI joint force task team, they look for clues and the way to bring this predator known as the Professor down for the count. As Brandon Edwards controls everyone in his house and his own family, he keeps them in his pocket, especially using Mallory Martin's sister Macy as a bargaining chip to do his evil bidding. But she has a plan of her own to make contact with the police and escape from the clutches so bravily to be reunited with her. As they close him on the missing links, everyone prepares to move in for the kill and take central aim to rescue Mallory and put the Professor out of business for good.
This was a bone-chilling and possibly a mind-blowing romantic suspense novel. I did care for Kate and her own skeletons of the closet. But I do see how she cared for Griffin and the others in her team, while she put herself out there in the line of duty. I did care for Griffin as well and his haunted past as well that had a twisted connection similiar to the case. I do believe they're perfect together as an explosive and exclusive couple. I do love how it's set in Cincinnati as the settings and locations pop on the page. This would make you feel bone cold and chilled, wince, shake your head, feel numb all over, and take you on an emotional roller coaster ride with non-stop action, intrigue, suspense and red-hot romance.

Will you watch your step in every dark corner?

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Crash and Burn

In Lisa Gardner's Crash and Burn, the third installment in the Tessa Leoni thriller series, this novel will leave you feeling chilled and numb all over. It all started with Nicole Frank's car accident, when she suffers from post-concussive syndrome and cries out for someone named Vero. When Sargeant Wyatt Foster questions her husband about the crash,  they learn she doesn't have a daughter. And that perplexes him with a complex puzzle of his own. Tormenting about the ghostly memories of her past, her husband Thomas tries to keep their secrets safe in their New Hampshire town.  But when parts of the truth come out from her fragile mind, Wyatt has more questions than answers for them and asks his girlfriend Tessa Leoni to help them out with this case. And when Nicole claims to be "Vero", a missing child for over thirty years, she searches for secrets of the past before it had caught up to her real fast. And there wherein lies the truth of what she knows and what truths should be remained buried, when a mind is a terrible thing to waste... if it proves to be deadly to remember where it all started.

This was a bone-cold chilling thriller to read on a cold night. I instantly cared for Nicole Frank and her sobering story. I hated for her to go through that turbulent road to remember, even if she's been concussed a few times. I'm glad she could post those ghosts of the past to rest.  I've found both Tessa and Wyatt an enjoyable couple in more ways than one. I did become suspicious of Thomas's erratic behavior and how he came to her rescue. I did enjoy the idyllic New Hampshire background for the locations and the vibrant settings from start to finish. This would give you an adrenaline rush, leave you feeling cold all over with, and form goosebumps on your skin with non-stop action, drama, suspense, and tons of intrigue along the way.

Who will be there for you when you crash and burn?

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Angel's Tip

In Alafair Burke's Angel's Tip, the second installment in the Ellie Hatcher mystery series, you'll be thrusted into an intense fast-paced high-octane thriller that would chill you to the core. It all started for Ellie Hatcher, when she went jogging with her brother Jess, and were the first ones on the scene to discover a grisly dead body of a college girl named Chelsea Hart. Newly assigned to her partner JJ Rogan, they worked together to identify her and build a case of suspects. Although her boss Lt. Dan Eckels is giving her a hard time at the police department, her relationship to journalist Peter Morse starts to fizzle and unravel. Meanwhile, a prowler is on the loose and keeping an eye out for his own news headlines and moves in for his next victim. When they think they've got it made with preppies like Jake Myers and Nick Warden, who are suspicious for giving her drugs like meth. As soon as they've got a break, someone phoned an anonymous tip with a cold case connection that her former partner Flann McIlroy was on before he was killed. Ellie follows the trail and connects the dots to see some common pattern by the time the killer finds his next mark. As Ellie puts the pieces together, she realized a shocking connecton that she could be next, when the killer isn't what or who she suspected it to be in the end.

This was another gripping mystery in the Ellie Hatcher series. I cared for Ellie and Jess and made an instant connection with them. I did think Peter was okay and maybe a bit borderline creepy, while Max may be a better match with her. I did feel sorry for Rachel, as I have found JJ a real likeable character, too.  I did like the nitty-gritty NYC locations and the compelling scenic scenery from the clubs to the NYPD station. This would make you feel cold all over and keep you hooked with every intriguing page with non-stop action, drama, suspense, and lots of mystery to make you want you read more.

Will you take a chance to read Angel's Tip today?

Sunday, October 22, 2017

The Design is Murder

In Jean Harrington's The Design is Murder, the 5th installment in the Murders by Design cozy mystery series, this gripping tale about secrets and lies would have you shaking your head. For Devalera "Deva" Dunne, an interior designer in Naples, Florida, she had gotten more than she bargained for, when she took out two projects from two clients who live across the street on Whiskey Lane. First, she handled the Hawkins household, when she discovered a loose python, and then uncovered Connie Rae's dead body. Although Stew Hawkins had a past of domestic violence, Deva had thought otherwise. While she planned her wedding to Detective Victor Rossi and build a new home with him, Rossi had his own druthers and placed his under suspicion. Then, when she worked for James Stahlman, she learned that Hawkins's ex-wife is now his fianceé and is wary of him wanting him back. But like Stew, he had a secret of his own, too. His wife Marilyn had supposedly turned up alive, when he was under suspicion for her murder. And when she returned, she wanted vengence and her money back to start a new life. But when Kay Hawkins had turned up dead in the swimming pool, it had turned Deva's world upside down, when both neighbors had lost their loved one. While it was up to Deva to find out who had done and look for clues on the culprit, before it might be too late for her, too.

This was a very good new cozy mystery for me. I've learned a lot about interior design and how they work on a project (or two) with the insightful knowledge of the career. I did enjoy Deva (love her name) and how she operated out of her own shop in Naples, Florida. I've found Victor a charming man and possibly her perfect love match. I've loved the Naples location compelling and mesmerizing with rich descriptions for the scenic settings that made it pop on the page. This would make you bit your lip, take a deep breath, swoon, sigh, and groan with non-stop action, drama, intrigue and suspense along the way.

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Saturday, October 21, 2017

The Church Ladies

In Lisa Samson's The Church Ladies, this Christian inspirational fiction novel would make you believe in God and feel God's presence, inside and outside of the church. Penelope "Poppy" Fraser is one of the newest church ladies for Highland Oak Church in Mount Oak, Baltimore. She's also a mother of three and a pastor's wife in the community But while she was a lot to learn, she has a terrible secret that could destroy her family. Her oldest daughter Paisley is distant from her and had moved away. While she had a lot going on in her family, her best friend and cousin-in-law Christine Knight, had learned her son was killed by an accident at college. Shocked to hear the sad news, she did what she could do to help her family get through this and pray with other church ladies for her to get stronger.  It had brought the community and the other church together to put their differences together. As Poppy waffled on her indecision and her faith in God, she relies on her latest friends to also help her get through her darkest secret. While she and Christine discovered what went behind the scenes of the accident, they banded together to create a fundraiser for a scholarship in her nephew's name. She also had learned about forgiveness and reconciliation from the Grace of God and so much more.

This was a heart-wrenching and beautiful Christian fiction novel about faith and forgiveness, life and death, and how to count on God to help you through the darkest days. I instantly cared for Poppy and Christine and how they've gotten through a rough patch in their lives. I did think Miss Mildred and Charmaine were a hoot. I loved the church community in Baltimore and how they came together. This really made me laugh and cry, pray and sigh, and believe in our Lord savior each and every day. This would make you want to read the Bible and pray by feeling light-hearted and in peace. This has drama, some action, and a lot of inspiration with suspense built inside.

Will you visit the Church Ladies today?

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Traitor in Her Arms

In Shana Galen's Traitor in Her Arms, the first installment in the Scarlet Chronicles historical romance series, this novel would sweep you off your feet into a love story that's filled with romance and lots of danger. For Lady Gabrielle McCullough, a widow who has to pay her late husband's gambling debts to his debtors. The only way she can make ends meets is to go to the Beaumont Ball and steal the Cleopatra's necklace.  That's when she hit a snag and met her late husband's best friend, Ramsey Barnes, Lord Sedgwick, who she had belated feelings for him in the longest time. They're both after the same necklace, when he had purloined it from him. When she received a missive from the Scarlet Pimpernel to rescue two people from the damned in Paris and to steal another necklace, she had no other choice but to risk her life and neck. For Ramsey Barnes, he was on his own solo mission in Paris, when he has a close-kept secret to himself about his true identity. That's when the sparks fly, when he would help her in Paris and protect her at all costs. Caught up in the moment, they sought shelter with Alex Martin an actress, who helped them out with this daring plan. But when they had to pretend to be lovers, it almost became real for them. Later, after they managed to steal the prized jewel, their feelings for each other were profound. And when Gabrielle was arrested, it was up to Ramsey to save her neck and put his life--and--his heart on the line in a pitch perfect climax in the end.

This was a fantastic and compelling, but daring historical romance novel. It had everything you can ask for in a historical romance and so much more. I cared about Gabrielle and her plight, while I thought Ramsey was a bit amusing and a risk-taker to boot. I loved how they worked together, while they had a love/hate relationship with a hot and steamy passion for each other. I liked how the Scarlet Pimpernel had remained so mysterious and dangerous at the same time without revealing who he really was to others. I loved the dual locations of London and Paris during the French Revolutionary War. This would leave you at the edge of your seat and make you begging for more with non-stop action, drama, passionate romance, and lots of intrigue to keep reading to the last page.

Will you be caught up in Traitor In Her Arms today?

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Death is Forever

In Elizabeth Lowell's Death is Forever, this romantic suspense would tantlize you like diamonds in the rough in a diamond mine. Erin Shane Windsor is a well-known nature photographer, and also the heir of Abe Windsor. When she had received a book deal of a lifetime to document the diamond tiger, she wondered what was the catch. And that's when she met Cole Blackburn, a prospector for BlackWing Limited out in Australia, to protect her and help her find this so-called mine in the Australian outback. Although skeptical, he came part of the packaged deal and to keep her safe from others who wanted the precious diamonds for themselves. Together, there was instant chemistry between them as they tried to solve the doggerel puzzle and look for clues. Besides the humid heat of the dry season and having their means of transportation being sabotaged, they have each other to survive the climate and discover newfound feelings for each other that sparked a fire between them. After they hit their own pay dirt, they had to fight for their lives in a cave and deal with the people who were after them in a fight of survival of the fittest.

This was a fantastic and gripping romantic suspense. I've learned a lot about diamond prospecting and about handling the Australian outback. I cared for Erin and for love to look for a rare gem and her love for her photography. I've found Cole was a charming and rugged character who I had taken awhile to get used to. The locations in Australia and parts of the USA were vibrant, colorful, and picturesque for the dual settings. It made it popped and come to life on the page. This would make you swoon, sigh, gasp, hold your breath and take you on a wild ride from start to finish with non-stop action, drama, fiery romance, and plenty of intrigue on every page.

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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Racing on a Wire

In Inge Moore's Racing on a Wire, this captivating woman's fiction deals with matters of the heart and finding where you belong. Meet Lucky, she's a young Muslin teenage girl who's been wanting a family to take her in and make her their own. She finally finding it in Solana as her adoptive mother, but that's when her dream had turned into a nightmare. Her foster father had taken adventure of her and had committed incest. This has forced her to take drastic action and run away far from home. That's when she worked on the race track and helped the jockeys with the horses. She had made new riend especially a dwarf named Robbie, who showed her the way. When she learns she's pregnant, she tries to commit her suicide and lands in the hospital. While she heals from her wound, she decided on what to do with this unwanted pregnancy and creates a fantasy for her, while she flashes back to when she was known as Virginia Seewell, before this incident had happened. Slowly, she builds a relationship with Robbie and tries to forgive her foster father. But when she returns home to make amends, she learns nothing's all what it seams to be with a heart-breaking decision in the end.

This was a compelling novel that deals with so many heart-wrenching topics from adoption to rape/incest and finding love and a belonging. I cared for Lucky and how she found her way from becoming a young woman by making a name for herself. I did like diverse the story was with having Lucky as a Muslim girl in Canada to Robbie as being vertically challenged, when they find their way to each other as an unlikely couple. I didn't like Solana and Abu at all. I did like the intriguing and picturesque locations and vibrant settings in Canada from the race track and beyond. I did like the horse names too. This would pull your heart-strings real taut and make you cry. This has drama, non-stop action, suspense and a hint of romance.

Will you be watching the horses race in Racing on a Wire today?

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Hush Money

In T.E. Woods's Hush Money, the first installment in the Hush Money mystery series, this debut would take you into the nitty-gritty world of cutthroat politics. Sydney Richardson is the proud owner of two restauants, Hush Money and Ten-Ten. At the night of the grand opening, it became a hit became the Madison crowd, except for the Mayor's wife who made a scene. And someone had killed Mayor Millerman on the same night. When Sydney's server and friend Wanda "Windy" Fields is found concussed with blood on her hands, she became the prime suspect of the Mayor's murder. As Sydney took care of business with a world-renowned chef, it was up to Sydney to help her friend out and hire Andrew Conyer to represent her.  While the evidence looked grim in Windy's favor of guilt, she did her best to put together the pieces of who wanted to kill the mayor, she learned more secrets of dirty politics on what he may be loved in Madison, some people had an ax to grind with him. She had growing feelings for Clay Hawthorne, a  pub that houses jazz music, and became curious on the identity of her birth parents. When they had gotten closer to the truth of the mayor's dirty secrets, things got dicey when someone shot at her and at her best friend Veronica. As Sydney put things together, she couldn't believe who was it all along and right under her nose with a twisted ending.

This was a great debut from T.E. Woods. I instally cared for Sydney and how she managed to handle two restaurants and to take care of a crisis on her doorstep. I did think her mother and Veronica were a hoot, while I did think Roland was a bit hot-headed like Gordon Ramsey. I did like her with laid-back Clay, though I can see a possible love triangle between them and Rick, the K-9 cop. I did love the vivid locations of the Madison scene with gripping scenes from the restaurants to Sydney's home. This fast-paced paced turner will make you shake your head, grimace and groan, gasp and sigh at every twisted turn. This has non-stop action, suspense, intrigue, and a dollop of romance.

Will you stop by Hush Money today?

Saturday, September 30, 2017


In Daniel Kalla's Pandemic, this thriller debut packs a bunch with a cross of a medical thriller and a military thriller combined in real life true topics in today's world. Dr. Noah Haldane was a doctor for the World Health Organization and travels the world, when there's a major epidemic health concern. While he dealt with his wife's affair and confused sexuality, he also wanted to be there for his young daughter Chloe. At the news of an outbreak in the Gansu province of China, he joins the other WHO doctors to deal with this major outbreak and contain it. After they had taken care of business, it wasn't the end of it. Hazzam Kizzir and Abdul Sabri have plans to spread this virus worldwide in an act of war, while Cairo Police Chief Achmed Eleish was on the hunt for Kizzir. When word had spread it had arrived in London, the world stood still and prepared for the worst. From there, that's when Noah met Dr. Gwen Savard who worked for the Department of Bioterrorism and joined forces to deal with this bad viral outbreak. In an instant, there's a chemical attraction between them, even after they've been quarantined for a few days. When they thought the worst would be over, it had spread to Asia, Canada and even the USA. That's when they come up with a plan to stop the bioterrorists and make a viable medicine to cure all before it's too late. In the end, it's a shocking ending to fight for their country, even if their lives depended on it.

This was a fantastic and mind-blowing medical thriler debut. I cared for Gwen Savard and Noah Haldane together and alone. I had found Gwen charming and full of life, while I worried about Noah's wife conflictions on who she wanted to be with. I did feel sorry for Chloe. I did  like some of the central characters like Duncan and Alex Clayton. I loved the various locations and settings throughout the world for this epic thriller to take place. It was very vivid and picturesque from every bright lit place to a dark corner. This would have you at the edge of the seat and leave you breathless from start to finish with non-stop action, drama, a spark of romance, and pleny of intrigue.

Will you be a victim of this pandemic today?

Thursday, September 28, 2017


In Kevin O'Brien's Unspeakable, this thriller will sent you chills straight to the core for unspeakable acts and twisted turns. When Collin Cox, a former child star, seeks Olivia Barker help for a problem, it had set a chain reaction of cold-hearted acts in motion.  Young Collin witnessed the murder of his mother and her boyfriend, which had remained unsolved. Then he lived with his grandmother and grandfather in their home. But things aren't what they seem to be for him. For Olivia, she became curious on Collin's situation and took him on, while she had dealt with some issues of her home--like her husband cheating on her with a younger woman. And she believed  that his mistress was out to get her out of the pitture and to have him forself with red-hot jealousy. After Collin's friend Gail hynoptized  him at her home, it had released the confession of a cold-blooded killer named Wade Grinnell from fifty years old. As soon as it had unleashed it, bad things start to happen to Olivia and to Collin, especially to the closest of them, when it ended up as murder. Since Collin had nothing to do about it, he had someone looking out for him as his former cop friend did the same for Olivia as well. As they both gotten closer to the truth, the real killer resurfaces to silence his old secret. In the ending, it would blow you out on how it was and why.

This was a bone-chilling and intriguing thriller from start to finish. I did feel sorry for Collin and Olivia, who had gotten caught up and hurt by the people closest to them. I didn't like Corinne one bit.  I was glad that Collin could have peace of mind in the end--and the same for Olivia, too. I did like the locations throughout Washington State from Seattle and beyond with vivid scenic settings to put you there. This would twist your heartstrings and feel cold all over with an accelerated heart rate, gasp, and numb from head to toe with non-stop action, drama, intrigue, suspense, and lots of chills.

Will you be tempted to read Unspeakable today?

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Templar Brotherhood

In James Becker's The Templar Brotherhood, the third installment in the Lost Treasure of the Templars thriller series, this would take you on a wild ride from start to finish. For British couple David Mallory and Robin Jessop, they travel across the country to find the deepest and darkest secrets of the Knights Templar. Robin, an antiquarian, and David, a historian, match wits and discover hidden truths. It all started with a secret passport from one of the former Knights that was remained a treasure chest. From there, they had to decode the mystery and go on a scavenger kind of some kind to find some clues. Hot on their heels is the Domicians who want to stop them and kill them dead for a priceless momento for their benefactor. They also hire Gary Marsh to spy on them, who later switched sides to give them the heads-up on their enemies. As they piece together the puzzles of this historical enigma, they unearthed the story behind the head on the painting and the religious overtones that lead to Jesus. Right between them, it's a battle of wits and brawns to get to the dark tunnels and dig up the greatest treasure trove of them all, even if it's a matter of life and death in the end.

This is a great action-adventure thriller to read. I did care for Robin and how passionate she is for the love of antiquities. I do think that's Mallory is a bit pompous and winded, since he talked a lot through the novel in a matter-of-fact way. That's a bit off-putting to me. I did like the concept of lost treasure, hidden codes, and a scavenger hunt across the country. The imagery was stunning from England to Italy on this wild good chase.  But this is fast-paced and exhilerating to take you on a journey that would make you tilt your head to your side, raise brows, gasp, groan and sigh. It has non-stop action, plenty of adventure, intrigue and a lot of drama.

Will you be curious to know more about the Templar Brotherhood?


Thursday, September 21, 2017

Love, Honour and O'Brien

In Jennifer Rowe's Love, Honour, and O'Brien, the first installment in the Holly Love cozy mystery series, you'll be in for a surprise and have a good laugh at it too. Holly Love had met the man of her dreams, when she prepared to marry Andrew McNish. But before she knew it, he took off on her on her wedding day--and he had taken all of her money and belongings with him too. Besides herself with disbelief, Holly has no money, no place to life or food to eat. Set out to track Andrew Nish, she hired a PI named O'Brien. While she waited to get answers from him in a few days, he turned up dead in his office. Nowhere else to go, she temporarily took shelter in his home and fed his parrot. That's when she met a new friend named Abigail Honour, a psychic who had predicted a fortune for her. As she was in attempts to track him down, a woman named Una Maggott needed O'Brien's services to help her find somebody in Mealey Marshes. Unbeknownest to her, she had became entangled into a web of lies to look for McNish in her house and prove that somebody was out to get her. Under the guise of Holly Cage as a PI, she met Una's house mates and look for clues there. She also became hired by Trevor Purse, a butcher, who believes his wife is cheating on him. When Holly tracked his wife down, they became ensnared into a trap with menancing thugs who tailed her to Una's home... looking for McNish as well. That's when things become entangled and unraveled as the truth comes out with Holly's identity and later what Una kept secrets besides lies of her own in a surprisng ending.

This was a charming and humours new cozy series debut from Jennifer Rowe. They were one too many good scenes that would make you laugh your heart out. I did care for Holly and her plight to look for Andrew, but come up short-handed as an unlicensed PI. I did think Abigail was a hoot and Una was a nasty old woman. I did love the vast scenic settings and location in Australia that came to life for me. This would make you shake your head, wrinkle your nose, gasp and groan throughout the novel. This has action, non-stop drama, plenty of good laughter and a hint of mystery.

Will you take a chance on Love, Honour and O'Brien today?

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Other Girl

In Erica Spindler's The Other Girl, her newest thriller yet to date is so twisted and compelling, it would make your head spin. Fifteen years ago, Miranda "Randi" Rader was a troubled teenage girl who had gotten into trouble. When someone picked her up, she cried rape. And no one believd her. Now, she's a grownup and a detective for the Harmony PD on a most disturbing case. When she and her partner, Detective Jake Billings, arrived on the crime scene of a murder college professor, things aren't what they seem to be. While they worked the case, she discovered a news clippings from fifteen years ago that thrown her back in the past. Now her boss, Chief Buddy Cadwell, questioned her, since she had no gloves on the scene of the crime. Later on, she discovers a haunted link to her past, when he's been identified as Richard Stark, the same person who tried to rape her. And she couldn't stop thinking about the other girl who she tried to find help for back then. As Jake and Miranda become closer as intimate lovers, and her brother reaches out to her about her no-good mother, it had put her in a quandary. While she confides in her best friend Summer who bartends at her own bar, things go bad to worse as new daunting evidence turn up with another blast from her past wounded up dead. As Cadwell turns up the heat on her, she put together the pieces from that one night and waits for it to clink it. In the end, when thought she had it figured out, Miranda never believed how close she was and who had done it and why.

This was another mind-blowing and twisted new thriller from Erica Spindler. This one would leave you in suspense straight in the end. I did care for Miranda and Summer. I loved how she took charge of the situation, when she might've crossed the line a few times. I did think Jake was a stud muffin who cared about Miranda and how he lent her a hand. I really loved the picturesque and vibrant eye-catching scenic locations in Harmony, Louisiana. It had put me right there in the action, front and center. This would make you out of breath, gasp, groan, swoon, and perhaps hold onto your seats with non-stop action, suspense, intrigue, and a spark of romance along the way.

Will you remember who the Other Girl is today?

Monday, September 18, 2017

Creation in Death

In J.D. Robb's Creation in Death, the 25th installment in the In Death futuristic romantic suspense, get ready to embrace yourself for non-stop intense action on a new wicked case. In New York City in the year 2060, things are heating up for Eve Dallas and the NYSPD. When they discover the dead body of Sarifina York in the streets, they worked non-stop to track down this cold-blooder killer before he selects the next victim. The way he torturtured her was pretty gruesome to  say the least. With Roarke by her side, she needed his input and his resources to find the connected links. And when they discover he had targeted his established employees, it had cut a bit too close for him. Meanwhile, the killer prepares to snatch his next victim and torture her with his supreme tools, while he had his eyes on Eve for the final act aas his main prize. As Eve's team picks up clues from the morgue and CSI, they learn more and more about him that chilled her to the bone. They also learn he had done this before throughout Europe as she wrangled Commander Feeney, who first worked the original cases. They tend to butt heads with each other and put themselves together, when Gia Rossi turns up missing next as the clock winds down before the next kill. They connect the dots between past and present to discover what he's all about by the time she's dead. While Eve is wind up tight without any sleep, they search for past suspects and link them to where he stashes his victims in the creepiest for places. By the time they discover his identity, they swoop in the kill as there's a surprise no one saw coming in the near end.

This was another explosive storyline for the series that would leave you feeling cold all over. I conitnued to care about Eve and how she has a passionate and steamy romance with Roarke. Although he's a man of mystery, he does love Eve in so many ways. I did love Delia Peabody and how her romance continued to blossom with McNab. I did love the futuristic NYC scene with high-tech gadgets to put us there, many years from here. This would make you hooked on every page and compelled to read further with heart-pounding non-stop action, intense drama, sexy romance, and plenty of intrigue from excellent well-written scenes and picturesque locations.

Will you be enticed to read Creation in Death tonight?

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Rigged for Murder

In Jenifer LeClair's Rigged for Murder, the first installment in the Windjammer Mystery series, get ready to set sail from the coast of Maine to go on an adventure. For Brie Beaumont, a Minneapolis PD detective who's on medical leave, she needed to get away from it all and relax on a sailing voyage. But it wasn't exactly smooth sailing for her and her shipmates, when they traveled to Granite Island. First, there's tension between one of the first mates and a couple of the fellow travelers. To calm down tempers, they had to prepare for a storm and ride it out at the dock. For Brie and the others, that became the first bump they've reached on their trip. While they docked for the night, someone screamed and alerted them of the murder of one of them on the Maine Wind windjammer, it's up to Brie to put on her detective's cap and solve this mystery. While grounded for the day, Brie needed to investigate this crime and looked for answers that's laid ahead of the ship. Meanwhile, she couldn't find the attraction she felt for Captain John DuLac, while tragedy strikes again for the Maine Wind, when someone confessed and committed suicide. Nothing looks or appears as it seams for Brie, while she needed to go for a closer look herself. And that lead her right into danger on the ocean with an unknown enemy who wants to run her aground.

This was a compelling and intrigue debut for this mystery series from Jenifer LeClair. I did learn a lot about sailing lore and how to sail anyboat. I did care about Brie and her sailing journey off the coast of Maine--and I had also find Du Lac a bit fascinating and smashing as well for a captain. I did like some of the characters, while the others I couldn't stand. I did like the riveting locations on and off the sailboat and the mainland of Maine for the gripping scenery. This would take you on an adventure and right there on the sailboat, when you conquer a storm like no other. This has plenty of drama, non-stop action, intrigue, a hint of romance, and lots of mystery.

WIll you get ready to set sail in Rigged for Murder?

Monday, September 4, 2017

All or Nothing at All

In Jennifer Probst's All or Nothing at All, the third installment in the Billionaire Builders contemporary romance series, this tear-jerking novel would have you weeping by the time you finish your book. Sydney Greene had known Tristan Pierce all of her life and had practically grown up with him, until they became a couple. But when Tristan decided to leave for NYC, Sydney had a secret of her own: that she was pregnant with his child. But before she could utter the words, Tristan left her in shattered pieces. Fast forward to seven years, when Sydney's a single mother to her daughter Becca, when she wanted to take charge and become CFO of the Pierce Brothers construction company. Although it had been a year since Tristan returned to Harrington, she had to convince everyone she was ready for this promotion including him. From the instant they've worked on their first house together and were locked inside, the sparks between them continued to fly, while she kept her distance from him. She could never forget how cold he was to her then and possibly now. But the closer they worked together, he had gotten to know each other better and Becca too. For Sydney, she vowed now to fall in love with him, when it slowly gave herself away. And after her birthday, she decided to reveal the truth to him about Becca. When he discovered about it, he made a deal with her to marry him or else. Forced into  marriage of convenience and living with him, they've rediscovered each other and fall in love again, until Sydney waited to hear the words she longed to hear for a happy ending of her own.

This was so beautiful and emotionally packed with heart-wrenching scenes from start to finish.  This made me cry for most of the scenes and bring out a hanky to dry my eyes. I instantly cared for Sydney and Becca and how she did the best she could as a single mother, while she protected her heart from being hurt and broken again. I did think Tristan and his brothers as hot eye-candy to make you swoon and fan yourselves. This took my heart places as I've entered their world like no other romance with their love story. I loved the idealistic and idyllic location of Harrington New York from the building sites to the mansion and beyond. This would make you weep, sigh, swoon, and your heart race with tons of romance, non-stop action, drama and intrigue.

Will you put your heart on the line to give you all or nothing at all?

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Sapphire and Shadow

In Marie Ferrarella's Sapphire and Shadow, the first installment in the A Woman's Life contemporary romance series, you'll be swept away and need a Kleenex for this emotional contemporary romance novel. For Johanna Whitney, she had lived in a sophisticated lifestyle  and a sheltered life. As a mother of a twelve-year-old, she also was married to Harold Whitney, a famous Hollywood director, when their marriage was dead in the water. She had lived through his adultery and his coke-infused jealousy for way too long. After when her best friend died in a plane crash, her life came tumbling down. Her daughter Jocelyn was a bit defiant and followed her nanny's footsteps. When Harry hit her in a rage, that's when she put her foot down and planned to escape. That's when she met Tommy Reed, a former prop carpenter in Harry's production company who became a friend to her. When Harry went to Italy for the movie, things had changed. After feeling so dead and broken inside, Tommy made her come alive and feel wanted again in a fling, though he was a couple year younger than her.  Though she knew it wouldn't last long, she made plans to break free in a big move. After when she was reunited with her high school sweetheart Joshua Mackenzie, a prominent art gallery owner, she could sense things change inside her. And after Harry was arrested in Italy for drug possession, she filed divorce papers and moved to New York City.  From there, she started a new life for her and Jocelyn and took things slow with Joshua, when she began to heal and feel whole again with a happy ending.

This was a beautiful and heartfelt contemporary romance. I instantly cared for Johanna and how she took a chance to make herself free. I became moved to tears on how she'd decided to do what she felt was right and make a clean break for it. I adored Tommy and Joshua and hated Harry with a passion. He had gotten what he had deserved, too. I loved the beautiful scenery from England to New York City. It had beautiful depicted locations in every changing scene. This would make you feel pangs in your heart with your heart strings pulled taut and tight. You would scream, cry, and sigh and root for Johanna every step of the way. This has plenty of drama, non-stop action, intrigue and lots of romance.

Will you be ready to weep in Sapphire and Shadow?

Saturday, September 2, 2017


In Sara Rosett's Elusive, the first installment in the On the Run serial cozy mystery series, hold onto your seats into this action-packed novel that would take you onto an adventure. For Zoe Hunter, she worked as a copy-editor for a travel guidebook series, when her life was turned upside down. When the police informed her that her ex-husband Jack was missing during the storm, they believed she was a suspect, when he was in the trouble with the law and the FBI. On her own, she looked for clues behind Jack's life and later learned abot his partner, Connor Freeman's death. Now she searched for answers in Las Vegas and bumps into him there, who was on the run for his life. While they were being chased by a speeding car, they've been marked for murder and become the hunted. While they worked together to put the pieces together on Connor's double-crossing life, they head to Italy and unearth some shocking truths there. Little did they know, that it only lead them to danger and mystery, when they would later fight for their lives in the explosive ending...

This was a fantastic ground-breaking new serial cozy series that would really take you places near and far. I loved Zoe Hunter and her wild red hair. I thought she was adorable and inquisitive to go find anwers in dangerous places when it came to her ex. I found Jack to be okay and too secretive to say the least, even if it meant to keep her safe from his past. I loved the trio of locations from Dallas to Las Vegas and straight throught to Italy for the vivid and scenic settings from place to place. This would tak you on a wild ride of your own that would make you want to buckle your own seat belts and hang on tight. You would gasp and hold your breath from stop to finish with non-stop action, drama, suspense and plenty of mystery from the first page to the last.

Will you become elusive and go on the run today?

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Look Behind You

In Iris and Roy Johansen's Look Behind You, the fifth installment in the Kendra Michaels thriller series, get ready to be blown away and be chilled to the bone. For Kendra Michaels, she's a music therapist working on her most difficult patient. Since she used to be blind, she had a keen perception with her senses. When the FBI calls her to help them with a gripping serial killer case, she agreed to help them on one condition. She didn't want to be involved with it any further and be a consultant of sorts. Now Kendra eyed some intriguing things that they've missed before in the crime scenes and also in the corpses below. But she didn't know who's been stalking her and watching her back. When her best friend Olivia received a scare from Zachary, she checked out her home and the same "Look Behind You" message in the same crime scenes now and before. This serial killer returned to finish his crime spree, something that Kendra had picked up on and knew about.  And when Griffin brought into the dream team of experts, even her love interest Adam Lynch came to her aid to protect her, all the way from China. The closer they've picked up the pieces to this shocking puzzle, the most endangered she would be in harm's way. And when the truth hit her stone cold, she almost came close of losing the great love of her life with a shocking twist in the end...

This was another great thriller from the team of Iris and Roy Johansen. I instantly cared about Kendra and Lynch, since we can see the chemistry between them brewing into a boiling hot degree. I loved Kendra's passion to help her patients with the love of music to bring them out from the brink, like with Ryan Walker. And I think Lynch is a hot piece of eye-candy though. I do love the scenic settings throughout California and the picturesque locations to make it pop.This thriller would make you blood boil, faint, heart race, and so much more with drama, non-stop action, intrigue, a hint of romance, and plenty of bone-chilling thrillers.

Will you be cautious to look behind you tonight?

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Evil at Heart

In Chelsea Cain's Evil at Heart, the third installment in the Archie Sheridan and Gretchen Lowell thriller series, this chillling cat-and-mouse game turns up the heat and ups the ante. For Archie Sheridan, he had spent his time in rehab for her pain killer addiction and healed for his wounds from his last encounter with Gretchen Lowell. But while he convalesced, he knows she's on the loose to kill again. But it wasn't for Susan Ward, his journalist friend, who discovered there's a wicked fan club of Gretchen online and a tour bus, too. When she discovers the ice cold crime scenes, they believed she was out there in Seattle. But when they went  undercover, they ran into someone known as Shark Boy, her number one fan, and Jeremy Reynolds, who has a sick obsession with her. One of them had marked the same carved hearts on their kills and removed their organs. It became too close to comfort for Archie, when Jeremy toys with his mind and Susan becomes injured by his sharp tools. In the end, Archie breaks his truce with Gretchen and then finds out, if she's been lying to him or telling the truth face to face with her.

This was another chiling novel from Chelsea Cain. This would make you heart beat and feel cold and numb all over with this another thrilling chase. I contiued to care for Archie and how he dealt with Gretchen's copycatting her serial artwork on human victims. Gretchen just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I did feel bad for the patients at the rehab center who were all pawns to her sick mind games. I did love the vast scenic settings and vivid pictureque locations of Seattle, including the crime scenes.  This would make you want to hold you breath and gasp at every turned page with non-stop action, drama, intrigue and suspense  from right to the end. 

Will you become evil at heart tonight?