Friday, September 27, 2013

B is for Burglar

In the 2nd installment of Sue Grafton's Kinsey Millhone series, B is for Burglar, Kinsey Milhone was back for her second case. This one took her to Florida and California. It started with a missing persons case and came unraveling to something else. Kinsey had gotten herself embroiled into this mess and into a heap of hot water. We watched how she connected the puzzle to an arson/murder case and a dash of stolen identity. With a cast of unsavory and suspicious characters, she made new friends and allies and some troubling enemies. Coast to coast, she had some nasty run-ins to cause interference along her way. And at the thick of it, she came face to the face with a heartless cold-blooded killer, putting herself into some danger to the end.

This was another terrific mystery in the Kinsey Millhone series. I did feel sorry for Kinsey for getting tangled into something of a hot mess.  I did feel bad for her, when she came close to danger and receiving enemies along the way. I loved the dual locations of California and Florida for this storyline. This made for a light read in one sitting that you can put down. Great drama, good concept, and intriguing mystery and action to tie up loose ends in the climax.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Last Man Standing

In the last--7th-- installment in the Black Operation series, Cindy Gerard delivered in this romantic suspense. In Last Man Standing, we were introduced to Joe Green and Stephanie Tompkins. They've both been through hell and back in Sierra Leone. When Joe sent Steph away and broke her heart, he went on a dangerous mission in Africa, one that could get him killed. When she found out about his false imprisonment, she went out to rescue him on her own and met some unlikely trouble and friends there. Once they bailed him out and got him treated for medical treatment, someone was after him for blood. And their enemy's reasons were more than diabolical and later for Steph, real personal. Together, they know they were meant for each other back home. What a shocking ending.

This was a powerful and emotional romantic suspense novel. I loved the USA and Sierra Leone locations for this storyline as well. I did feel a lot of mixed emotions for Joe and Stephanie. It tore my heart to pieces, when he treated her that way. My heart felt the same way, too, when he was tortured in Africa. This made me sigh, cringe, cry and take a couple of big breaths. Tons of action-packed scenes, electrifying chemistry, and plenty of intrigue and danger along the way.

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Blue Monday

Best-selling authors Nicci French was back with a vengeance and stepped away from her usual stand alone novels. Now they've introduced you to the Frieda Klein series. In Blue Monday, the first book in the Frieda Klein series, it all started with a disappearance of Joanna Vine. Now fast-forward to twenty-two years later, Frieda Klein was a psychotherapist in London. We saw things from her eyes on her relationship with Sandy, her relations with her sister-in-law and niece, and how she worked with the police on a real difficult case. Alan Dekker was her newest client who'd been having unusual dreams. And when there was a kidnapping, the images from Alan's dreams were most uncanny and similar to the missing boy. She decided to dig deep into his past and discovered a shocking twist. The closer she was to the truth, the more in danger she would be. There was a lot of twists and turns right to the end. What a great debut to this series. You'll be rooting for Frieda in no time.

This was a nice gripping new thriller from Nicci French. I did feel bad for Joanna Vine's family and for Frieda as well. I liked how she  had related to her superiors and to her family. Alan Dekker intrigued me in some parts.  I loved the central London location for the series and the depicted scenic settings as well. This sent me bone-chilling numbness towards the end that you leave you breathless and stunned, even right after I closed the book. Great drama, plenty of heart-breaking suspense and action, and lot of intrigue for this mystery.

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Monday, September 16, 2013

The Old Fox Deceiv'd

In this second installment of the Richard Jury series, The Old Fox Deceiv'd,  Richard Jury was back with Melrose Plant in the most perplexing case yet. When a young woman was found murdered in Kentish Town in London, he uncovered the identity of this woman and discovered her past. Was she Gemma Temple or Dillys March? There was so much confusion about it, when there was an interesting array of characters they ever met. At every step of the way, there were obstacles and half-truths on who the murderer was and why. Between Jury and Plant, they came together to put the pieces together from the past to now. And where was  another murder to derail them from the tracks, the surprises kept on coming, when there was an attempted murder of someone else. It was up to them to stop the murderer before they get away... What a complex mystery to enjoy.

This was an interesting Richard Jury mystery to read. I continue to care about Jury and Plant. I also cared a little bit about Gemma aka Dillys. It had also piqued my interest as well with the confusion and some deception. I continued to love the English location for the scenery in this series. This would make you think and scratch your head. Great drama, good action and intrigue, and plenty of mystery all around to the shocking twist in the end.

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Master of Surrender

Imagine you're in the midst of the Iberian war between England and France. That's what Karin Tabke did for her Blood Sword Legacy series. In Master of Surrender, the first book in the Blood Sword Legacy series, Rohan du Luc was the leader of the Blood Swords, a bastard son of the duke who laid claim to the castle of Rossmoor and met Isabel, the lady of the manor. Isabel's English and betrothed to be married, while she wondered about the fate of her father and brother. At first, they locked horns and tried to get along with each other. But within time, she softened their hearts and won their respect. During the midst of this battle, they faced many obstacles in the way like her evil fiancé and Rohan's brother Henri. They would do anything to get Isabel and her land, when her heart already belonged with another. We saw what tore them apart and brought them together, when it came to terms of love. What a great launch to a great historical/medieval romance series.

This was a wonderful Medieval romance. I loved the background of the Iberian war between England and France. That had never been done before for historical romances of any sorts. It was rich and colorful with vivid descriptions. It took you right there in front of the action for the warfront. I did feel for Rohan and Isabel, who lost so much. They had a pure love/hate relationship. I loved how Isabel took care of his men and softened their hearts. The battle scenes were a bit abrasive, but I loved the fencing/sword-fighting scenes. A pure romance, intense action scenes, fast drama and intrigue, to keep this book's page turning in your hands.

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Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Kill Clause

This was the series that started it all for Gregg Hurwitz. In the Kill Clause,  the first book in the Tim Rackley thriller series, we're introduced to Andrea and Timothy Rackley. They just had lost their little girl to a brutal murder. Both of them were U.S. Deputy Marshals, when this tragedy struck home. Their grief tore them apart and gave them a brief separation from the pain. When there was a travesty of injustice, due to a technicality, the killer had gotten out scot-free. And things had gotten interesting from there, when we watched Tim quit his job and later got mysteriously recruited by the Commission.  Or so it seemed, as they dispense justice to those who shouldn't walk the earth their way. Later on, when things went awry, things turned deadly and the truth Tim had been looking for wasn't too good, when there was a near fatal end game between those who've wronged him and how he paid the price for it. For Tim and Andrea, we saw how their sorrow drove them apart and brought them together, stronger than ever. What a rush for a thrill ride in this thriller.

This was a gripping thriller debut. I did real feel the same sorrow as the Rackleys did. I felt their grief, their anguish, and their heartache. I became intrigued about the Commission and had doubts about it as well. I hated to see Tim and Andrew grow apart and fight, and then later was pleased to see them back together.  I didn't like their own so-called vigilante-like justice. I liked the central location of Virginia for this series as well. This would grip you from the first page and reel you in like a big fin in the ocean.  You'll be hooked in no time. Great drama, intense action and plenty of intriguing thrills on every page turn in this book.

Watch out for the kill clause!  Pick up a copy today!