Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Master of Surrender

Imagine you're in the midst of the Iberian war between England and France. That's what Karin Tabke did for her Blood Sword Legacy series. In Master of Surrender, the first book in the Blood Sword Legacy series, Rohan du Luc was the leader of the Blood Swords, a bastard son of the duke who laid claim to the castle of Rossmoor and met Isabel, the lady of the manor. Isabel's English and betrothed to be married, while she wondered about the fate of her father and brother. At first, they locked horns and tried to get along with each other. But within time, she softened their hearts and won their respect. During the midst of this battle, they faced many obstacles in the way like her evil fiancé and Rohan's brother Henri. They would do anything to get Isabel and her land, when her heart already belonged with another. We saw what tore them apart and brought them together, when it came to terms of love. What a great launch to a great historical/medieval romance series.

This was a wonderful Medieval romance. I loved the background of the Iberian war between England and France. That had never been done before for historical romances of any sorts. It was rich and colorful with vivid descriptions. It took you right there in front of the action for the warfront. I did feel for Rohan and Isabel, who lost so much. They had a pure love/hate relationship. I loved how Isabel took care of his men and softened their hearts. The battle scenes were a bit abrasive, but I loved the fencing/sword-fighting scenes. A pure romance, intense action scenes, fast drama and intrigue, to keep this book's page turning in your hands.

Ready to surrender? You'll love this book and check it out today!

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