Thursday, July 31, 2014

Live Wire

In the tenth--and possible--final installment in the Myron Bolitar series,  Live Wire, he returned with his friends and sports agency on his final case. It all started with one little lie that escalated from downhill from there.  When pregnant tennis legend Suzze T. requested his help about a mysterious Facebook post. Myron took on his task and came across from danger. It lead him dealing with the mob, drug dealers, and possible connections to a rock band, including Suzze's husband Lex. He uncovered the backstory about a death at a concert years ago and a lead to his elusive sister-in-law Kitty with his long-lost nephew in tow. While he tried to settle family issues, he wanted to find out about what happened to his brother who haven't been seen since 15 years ago. He sorted through tons of lies to get to the heart of the truth, until it hit close to him and forced to dismantle his agency. Plenty of humorous quirks in Live Wire and continued with the Mickey Bolitar's spinoff series.

In this mystery,  we could see how Myron cared for his family. That showed a loving side of him and that he had a good heart. We also could see how he worried about Win's latest moves. Although there's some humorous bits and pieces in here, this one touched on life and death in a gentle way. There was a bit of a focus of sports and music in this one. I loved the island scenes with the intricate settings. Another great easy and quick read to enjoy!

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Safe Harbor

Hold onto your hats in this fast-paced thriller set in Canada. In Safe Harbor, the first book in the Pat Tierney Thriller series, Pat Tierney's world was turned upside-down, when Jude Seaton stepped inside her financial planning firm. From there, she went on an emotional roller-coaster ride. First, the bombshell about her late husband's affair and son, when Jude asked her for her help, imploring that the both of them were in danger. Later on, she turned up dead. It was up to Pat to find out the truth behind Jude's life, when she tried to control her family and steer them for the truth later on, and protect Tommy from evil harm. While she managed a couple of clients, she didn't know the danger that brewed at her own firm. Pretty soon, both world collide with the shocking truth about a secret off-shore account and the disturbing truth behind the black market human organ trafficking that happened in her own backyard.

I loved the Canadian location for the backdrop of this thriller series. This dealt with some intense and hard-core topics like black market organ donation and harvesting.  As for Pat,  I began to feel some real emotions for her to discover about Michael's affair and his young son Tommy. But she took on the responsibility to care for him for Jude and  find out about why she killed. Her daughters were charmed to find out about their step-brother and were pretty cool as well. Pat's boyfriend were okay to me. I didn't like the Russians, Artie, and Pat's boss as well, too. They rubbed me the wrong way.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Midnight Marriage

Inspired by true events in history, Midnight Marriage was a beautiful tale of two people in the Georgia period in England. This is the second installment of the Roxton Family Saga Series. For Deborah Cavendish and Julian Hesham, they had an arranged marriage, when they were quite young at age 12 and 19. Years later, they met by a chance encounter and fall in love. But it wasn't quite easy for these two love birds, when Deb knows Julian and not as the Marquis of Alston, another side of him. For Deb, who helped raised her nephew and was a wild one to boot, she became embroiled in an awkward love triangle. Despite her brother's antics, Julian's half-brother was out for revenge and wanted Deb for his own. Between scandalous rumors, Deb learned about Julian's true identity and yearned for the man she fell in love with, while learning about his true background behind their secret marriage. 

Overall, I loved the inspired historical story to set up the storyline basis, though they were married too young for those standards. We do get to set how they lived their own separate lives, not knowing about the midnight marriage that took place. For Julian and the prince of Roxton, who were the one of the same persona, we saw the two sides of him. I loved how we witnessed how Deb took care of her nephew when her brother didn't care for him much. I didn't like her brother at all. This historical romance will melt your heart like butter and make you sigh and sway at the same time. This was a beautiful story about love, heartache and passion.

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Brownies and Betrayal

If you love culinary cozies, you're in for a delicious treat. In Brownies and Betrayal,  the first book in the Sweet Bites Mystery series, Tempest "Tess" Crawford was a former pastry chef from Chicago and starting her own business in her hometown of Silver Springs, Arizona. When she catered her brownies at a wedding party, she came across an arch rival and then found her dead body. While she tried to set up her own bakery shop, she became under suspicion for murder. It's up to Tess and her best friend, Honey, to find new clues on who wanted Valerie dead, and went behind the scenes. Trouble came her way with her scheming ex-fiancé to win her back, a couple of attacks on her life, and a possible new love interest for Tess, before she opened her own shop and discovered whodunnit and why. This included yummy recipes to try at home.

This was a delightful new culinary cozy series to try and love. It carried the sweet down to earth for a  nice small town feel. I enjoyed Honey and Tess so much as best friends. I didn't like Tess's ex-fiance, but loved Sean more the same. I hated Anna, too. The delicious recipes in the end are a big bonus. This would make a delightful read in one entire setting or two.

Ready to dig in? Enjoy this cozy for yourself, when you get one today!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Neon Rain

If you love a dark kind of a detective story, you'll love the Dave Robicheaux series by James Lee Burke. In the Neon Rain, the first Dave Robicheaux book in the series, we were introduced to Dave Robicheaux, a detective in New Orleans. It all started with a murder of an African-American teen that lead him to deal with all sorts of nefarious types of people--the mob, a gang of snarly men, a ruthless U.S. Treasury Man, and his partner, Cletus, who turned bad and corrupted. Along the way, he tried to the truth and the connections between the events that led to it, while his life and his brother ended up in trouble. There was also a love interest for Dave, when he tied up loose ends and decided to hit the road his own way. Lots of nitty gritty intrigue and drama in this dark noir tale.

This was a good introduction to the series to showcase the darker side of New Orleans. While reading this mystery, we do get to develop real genuine feelings for Dave who carried about her brother, got in trouble with the law at work, and had a drinking problems. We also get to now his backstory as well with a failed marriage to boot. I didn't like it, when his former partner Cletus went bad, or had the US Treasury covered up a crime. This was an intense mystery and also dark as it gets as well.

Ready to go dark and deep? Give this book a try, this weekend!

Special review from 2/09: Blacklist

In the eleventh installment of the V.I. Warshawski series, Blacklist, she returned back on the scene with a new client and new case to tackle. In post-9/11, V.I. was eager to take on a request from a previous old client to check on an empty mansion. She ended up more than she bargained for with an intruder in the dark, and a dead body of a reporter in the pond. She tumbled into a war between two prestigious Chicago families with decades-old secrets that lurked from the skeletons in their closet. In the midst of this warring battle, she became involved in a case of a missing Egyptian boy with terrorist connections. With everything going on, this propelled her to move forward and treacherously, before she became the next victim to turn up dead.

To have this set during post-9/11 in Chicago, it was the perfect backdrop to portray how tensions can be so high. I loved how V.I. wanted to take on a new work and discovered old harbored secrets. This gave me goosebumps when I read this with plenty of twists and turns. V.I. was a true bona fide heroine in this series to root for. I didn't like the two warring families who had a bone to pick with one another--no pun intended. You'll be intrigued to find out more.

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Special review from 10/08: Don of the Dead

If you love paranormal cozies with a twist, you'll love this new one from Casey Daniels. In Don of the Dead, the first installment in the Pepper Martin Mystery series,  she introduced us to Pepper Martin who worked at the local cemetery in Cleveland as a tour guide.  Down on her luck with her father in prison and a fiancé who bolted from her, this was the only job she could find to help pay her bills. When she accidentally hit her head on the headstone of one graveyard, she began to see visions of ghosts. One named Gus wanted her to work on his case of who wanted this mafia don whacked back then. It was up to Pepper to clear his name before trouble came her way. This cozy also had a bit of romance with Quinn Harrison from the Cleveland PD with a bit of paranormal humor and drama like from the "Ghost Whisperer" and "Pushing Daisies."

This wasn't your typical ghost story. It's very light and airy, and not too scary for cozy standards. I loved the introduction of Pepper's first case of talking to the ghost and solving the murder. To have it set in a graveyard in Cleveland,  Ohio, it gave it a homey feeling. I loved the chemistry between Pepper and Quinn as well. Each central ghost will have some closure in the end of the book.  I didn't like her ex-fiancé Joel as well. You can read this book in one or two settings for a quick read, too.

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Special review from 12/09: The Body in the Bonfire

This book was a quick and easy read with most culinary-themed cozies. For the 12th installment in the Faith Fairchild series, The Body in the Belfry dealt with suspense and drama. Faith Fairchild, a caterer and minister's wife, had accepted a position to teach a cooking class at a private school for boys. Racism, death threats and two murders were added to the pot. We watched how Faith figured out the culprit, when she'd gotten closer to the truth behind the prejudices in the academy, someone sabotaged her kitchen. She discovered about the lurking evil presence in the school, when it was centered in Massachusetts with cooking tips for this enjoyable mystery. 

For Katherine Hall Page's cozy series, it had a mix of culinary and cooking delights with a hint of inspirational fiction. I loved the New England series in Boston. This one took place at a cooking class at a prep school. I thought that was dealt with a nice twist. The Fairchilds were a delightful and amusing family with good-natured friends. I didn't like what was going on at the school and who was doing it.

Ready to get cooking with this charming cozy!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Blood Rights

In Kristen Painter's Blood Rights, the first book in the House of Comarre series, she told us a tale that takes place in the future in Paradise City, New Florida. Chrysabelle was a comarré, a human hybrid bred for their vampire patrons, when her patron's found dead. On the run, she sought help from an unlikely source to clear her name and prove her innocence. Malkolm was a cursed anathema vampire, who was tempted to kill her. But due to Chrysabelle's blood rights, when he gave her blood, he owned her. They were both on the run against Tatiana, an evil vampiress who wanted to break the covenant for higher powers of her own. And she needed to get her Tatiana or her loved ones to do it. What a powerful story.

This was a fantastic futuristic urban fantasy novel. I did cared about Chrysabelle and her fight for freedom to clear her name. I did feel sorry that she lost a loved one, while she sought out knowledge. I didn't care for much for Tatiana and her minions. They gave me the creeps. Malkolm was an interesting sort, when you get to see him and Chrysabelle in action and sparks fly. The plot line of a future Florida was intriguing, when you get into this zone.

Ready to see the futuristic state? Grab a copy today!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Death Takes the Cake

In the second installment of the Della Cooks series by Melinda Wells, Death Takes the Cake, Della Carmichael was off into a new adventure. When her boss Mickey Jordan wanted her to join a reality cooking contest show to help boost the ratings, she knew she'd gotten more into what she bargained for. The sponsor of the contest was her arch-rival from high school and the baking mix tasted terrible. Between her steaming love affair with Nicholas D'Martino and her cooking show, she discovered the dead body of her nemesis. It was up to Della to compete with tougher competition and uncovered who killed her and why, before she was the next on his list. This included yummy recipes to try at home.

This was another great culinary cozy mystery that dealt with reality show competitions being a cutthroat competition on live TV.  I loved how Della was in the spotlight, when she figured out who killed Regina.  The chemistry between Della and Nicholas was heated and intense and sizzling hot. I loved how we get to know more about Della, John, Eileen and Shannon. I didn't like Mickey's nephew Addison who was a bit of a hothead and too good to be true. The recipes are to die for as well. Another good read!

Ready to dig in to another good mystery? Check out this book today!

Special review from November 2008: Wolf to the Slaughter

In the third installment of the Wexford murder mystery, Wolf to the Slaughter, Wexford and Burden on another complicated murder case. When a secret hotel room becomes the perfect hot bed for three uninterrupted hours of making love, it ended up to be a murder scene for a man who was stabbed in his back. Blood marked the scene, but his body disappeared form the hotel room. They're later on the trail of a missing woman who was last seen in the same room and disappeared with a stash of cash. The reasons why would keep everyone guessing, including Wexford, right in the ending.

This was another great classic Wexford mystery. Wexford and Burden were a great team moving forward on a complex murder. This was a good example of a great whodunut in a locked-room situation. The blood was a bit hard to stomach, but the rest was excellent to follow along with. Any mystery would warm your blood on a cold fall or winter day with compelling page-turning action.

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Saturday, July 19, 2014


In Iris Johansen's compelling trilogy for the search of the truth to find Bonnie's body and her killer, Quinn placed us in Joe Quinn's POV. After he recovered from his attack, we were taken back to where it all started for Joe and Eve, when they first met on the case, and the chemistry between them to search for answers in the past. Meanwhile, in the present, Catherine Ling went on the hunt for John Gallo and experienced a sensual heat between them. With Bonnie's spiritual guidance for Joe and Eve, they honed in the devastating hunt continued in Bonnie, when it might be the beginning of the end for Eve's life-long search once and for all.

This was a nice continuation of the trilogy. For once, this shone the spotlight on Quinn, while he recovered from his injuries. This was when I cared for him, when he battled between life and death and spotted Bonnie near him. My heart ached for Jane and Eve. I became in awe of Catherine and despised Gallo some more. He continued to rub me the wrong way. I loved the Georgia settings throughout the novel and the series.

Ready to reach out to an angel? Snatch a copy today!

From Doon With Death

If you love classic and timeless British mysteries, you'll love the first one in the Wexford series by Ruth Rendell. In From Doon With Death, it was up to Inspector Wexford and Detective Burden to discover who killed Margaret Parsons. They dissected and examined every piece of her life that went back to her childhood. The closer they get to the truth, the more puzzling it appeared to them on who's lying and who told the truth. It all stemmed from that ancient book collection and the inscription. In this fast-paced British mystery, there were lots of twists and turns with a shocking conclusion in the end.

From the start, we do get a sense of how it all started for Wexford and Burden. I loved the backdrop of an English countryside to set this all up. I did feel bad for Parsons who lost his wife to a brutal murder. We do get a sense of how Wexford's mind worked on solving a most complex and disturbing case of  murder. I didn't like Fiona and Douglas for sure.  It gave me the creeps. Plenty of good suspenseful drama to the very end with a shocking twist.

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Special review from 9/2008: Findings

In the fourth installment of the Faye Longchamp series, Findings, it brought Faye and Joe into another compelling archeological mystery. When they were on another site to dig for clues, Faye's joy was short-lived, when there was a violent break-in her neighbor's house that left him dead. Later on, she discovered a clue to why he was dead. A mysterious emerald in the midst. Her friend's widow asked her to organize the relics on the floor. Her field notes wound up missing. It was now up to Faye and Joe to determine the connection between her friend's death and the story of the emerald. While they were closer to the truth, the chemistry between Faye and Joe were turning up the heat for them. Another good mystery to add to the series.

This archeological mystery was another clincher. I loved the concept of archeology and the artifacts from our past time. I loved the Floridian island connection to the deep south for the series. I liked how Faye went out to help a friend out in need with Joe. Between the two of them, they make an unbelievable couple despite their differences. I couldn't find anything to hate about this mystery. Good drama, nice active scenes and a little romance between Faye and Joe to turn things up in one great story.

Ready to make this a great finding? Pick up a copy today!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

May Day

Welcome to a new kind of cozy mystery, when there's a murder every month. When you think of May Day, you'll think about the call for help, like in a distress signal or the first day of May, when there's a parade and a dance. Well, for Jess Lourey's May Day, the first book in the Murder-by-Month mystery series, her heroine Mira James sent out her own SOS. When she returned back to her home small town of Battle Lake, Minnesota, who said you can't go home again, she got a new job as the librarian at the library and discovered a dead body in plain sight. We learned about Mira's past with her father and her troubled adolescent years, when we found out about Mira's connection to the deceased. And from there, she was on the hunt for clues on why the state's hero was killed and with what motives. Jealousy? Greed? Or something else entirely, that may or may not stem from the past. She'd gotten to know the people in Battle Lake, its history of the land, and the residents hidden secrets. She became closer to the truth, until someone sent her a message to back off, before she's next. What a shocking twist in the end!

I loved the concept of having a murder every month, even if it corresponded with a holiday or not, along with the seasons. And to have the setting in a library made it even homier and better. I did feel bad for Mira, when she found Jeff dead. I didn't like his ex-girlfriend, who was a bit much of a drama queen. We cared about Mira and her journey for justice as well. This was a page turner that kept you hooked into suspense to find out who had done it and why.

Ready for a  new cozy? Give this one a try today!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Dog Park

In the Dog Park, Laura Caldwell told us a beautiful story about two people and the love for their dog via Jess's POV. It all started out for Jess Champlin and Sebastian Hess, once married and now divorced, when she took their dog out to the dog park in part one. When Baxter saved a girl's life, he became a superstar and phenomenon  went across the airwaves and social media. He'd been known as "superdog". For Jess a stylist, it helped her branched out into the dogwear business with his collars, while her ex Sebastian didn't want to be in the papers and became secretive, due to his work. For Jess and her ex, they had joint custody of Baxter with timeshare. That's when she met Gavin, a new love interest in her life. In part two, it was about Jess and Baxter's high rise to fame and how Baxter's accident changed everything for all of them--it also created a love triangle between them and her ex. Betrayal and a standstill rocked Jess's world in part three, when it brought her closer to the truth and a much happier ending. A lovely woman's fiction novel and for those who are dog lovers as well.

This book tugged at my heart and my soul. I fell in love with Baxter, who was charming and amazing at the same time. I loved the scenic backdrop of the dog park as well, too. I was saddened, when Jess and Sebastian had grown apart, and when Baxter was hit by a car, and when Sebastian was taken hostage overseas. That left a lump in my throat. As for Gavin, I had a love/hate relationship with him. I was glad when Jess threw him to the curb. In the end, I loved happy endings between Jess and Sebastian. If you love dogs, you'll love this one as well.

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Monday, July 7, 2014

After the Ashes

After the Ashes took place after the American Civil War. This  wasn't a typical love story. But Cheryl Howe took us down south to where Lorelei Sullivan was worried about her waylaid baby brother Corey. He was a most wanted man for a train robbery. And when Chris Braddock came into the picture, he was a marshal after him and wasn't the type to settle down. But when they met, sparks do fly between them. There was a big conflict out there for a bag of gold and another wanted man. A lot of drama and heated romance between them, when it came to a life and death situation, they knew they belonged together in the end.

This was a most beautiful and tense historical romance I've read that took place post-Civil War. That's when both regions rebuild from the destruction and recover from the grave loss of loved ones who found in the war, too. I did feel a lot of heartache for Lorelei, when she lost her loved ones during the war, and became concerned on Corey, who became a thorn on her side. But for Chris Braddock, I was conflicted with a love/hate relationship with him. I loved Jay and his family, too, when they overcame obstacles like with Jay's own war injuries. But I was happy in the ending, when they sorted everything out. Gripped from the first page and hooked on since, you would feel real things for Lori and Chris, when they deal with their own war wounds of the heart.

Ready to go down south? Take a journey with this book today!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


In the 7th installment of the Faye Longchamp series, Plunder, Mary Anna Evans took this story down to New Orleans. On an oiling archeology gig, Faye and Joe Mantooth were on the search of lost shipwreck debris, when they come across a family on the ocean. The Landrenaus are embroiled into a mess of greed, murder and family secrets and scandals. That's when Faye and Joe help Amande and protect her from harm. This young woman have been dealt a bad hand of cards, when she encountered a missing loot of rare Spanish coins. Everyone wants to get their hands of them and her money. The closer they unravel the whodunnit and why in this mystery, the more endangered they'll be. They'll do anything to place her in a safe home until she's at legal age. A great story.

This was an intriguing archeological mystery that dealt with a side story of missing pirate loot. I loved the location of New Orleans. I loved how the Mantooths brought little Michael on the trip with them, too. He was such a cutie. I did care about Amanda and Miranda, but not much for the rest of her family. I did feel for her and glad that Faye could help her out in some way. This captivated me with another level of suspense and intrigue in one big package. Good drama and plenty of action to keep me enthralled for the rest of the story.

Ready to plunder for some treasure? Grab a copy today!