Saturday, July 19, 2014


In Iris Johansen's compelling trilogy for the search of the truth to find Bonnie's body and her killer, Quinn placed us in Joe Quinn's POV. After he recovered from his attack, we were taken back to where it all started for Joe and Eve, when they first met on the case, and the chemistry between them to search for answers in the past. Meanwhile, in the present, Catherine Ling went on the hunt for John Gallo and experienced a sensual heat between them. With Bonnie's spiritual guidance for Joe and Eve, they honed in the devastating hunt continued in Bonnie, when it might be the beginning of the end for Eve's life-long search once and for all.

This was a nice continuation of the trilogy. For once, this shone the spotlight on Quinn, while he recovered from his injuries. This was when I cared for him, when he battled between life and death and spotted Bonnie near him. My heart ached for Jane and Eve. I became in awe of Catherine and despised Gallo some more. He continued to rub me the wrong way. I loved the Georgia settings throughout the novel and the series.

Ready to reach out to an angel? Snatch a copy today!

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