Tuesday, July 1, 2014


In the 7th installment of the Faye Longchamp series, Plunder, Mary Anna Evans took this story down to New Orleans. On an oiling archeology gig, Faye and Joe Mantooth were on the search of lost shipwreck debris, when they come across a family on the ocean. The Landrenaus are embroiled into a mess of greed, murder and family secrets and scandals. That's when Faye and Joe help Amande and protect her from harm. This young woman have been dealt a bad hand of cards, when she encountered a missing loot of rare Spanish coins. Everyone wants to get their hands of them and her money. The closer they unravel the whodunnit and why in this mystery, the more endangered they'll be. They'll do anything to place her in a safe home until she's at legal age. A great story.

This was an intriguing archeological mystery that dealt with a side story of missing pirate loot. I loved the location of New Orleans. I loved how the Mantooths brought little Michael on the trip with them, too. He was such a cutie. I did care about Amanda and Miranda, but not much for the rest of her family. I did feel for her and glad that Faye could help her out in some way. This captivated me with another level of suspense and intrigue in one big package. Good drama and plenty of action to keep me enthralled for the rest of the story.

Ready to plunder for some treasure? Grab a copy today!

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