Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Dog Park

In the Dog Park, Laura Caldwell told us a beautiful story about two people and the love for their dog via Jess's POV. It all started out for Jess Champlin and Sebastian Hess, once married and now divorced, when she took their dog out to the dog park in part one. When Baxter saved a girl's life, he became a superstar and phenomenon  went across the airwaves and social media. He'd been known as "superdog". For Jess a stylist, it helped her branched out into the dogwear business with his collars, while her ex Sebastian didn't want to be in the papers and became secretive, due to his work. For Jess and her ex, they had joint custody of Baxter with timeshare. That's when she met Gavin, a new love interest in her life. In part two, it was about Jess and Baxter's high rise to fame and how Baxter's accident changed everything for all of them--it also created a love triangle between them and her ex. Betrayal and a standstill rocked Jess's world in part three, when it brought her closer to the truth and a much happier ending. A lovely woman's fiction novel and for those who are dog lovers as well.

This book tugged at my heart and my soul. I fell in love with Baxter, who was charming and amazing at the same time. I loved the scenic backdrop of the dog park as well, too. I was saddened, when Jess and Sebastian had grown apart, and when Baxter was hit by a car, and when Sebastian was taken hostage overseas. That left a lump in my throat. As for Gavin, I had a love/hate relationship with him. I was glad when Jess threw him to the curb. In the end, I loved happy endings between Jess and Sebastian. If you love dogs, you'll love this one as well.

Grab a hankie and buy this for someone you love!

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