Friday, June 29, 2012

High Heels Are Murder

If you love good cozies, you'll enjoy High Heels Are Murder, the second installment in the Josie Marcus series. Josie Marcus, a single mom, was a mystery shopper to make ends meet. We really do feel for her and her situation, especially with her pesky neighbors from hell. But this one, she witnessed a possible match--or mismatch--with her boyfriend Josh. I do feel for her some more, when her heart was broken as she discovered how he lied to her. We saw how devoted to her mom and how close she cherished her relationship with her best friend Alyce, and she loved her daughter Amelia and protected her from harm, as she grew up. She did get into danger, when she learned of a murder and found out who wanted to do her boss in with his sick foot fetish. It did go over her head and was in too deep of trouble, when she discovered who it was with a shocking twist. Lots of drama with twisted and turned and shocking revelations.

I love the Mystery Shopper series. Josie and Alyce are a hoot for two best friends. I loved how Josie cared for her mother and daughter. I loved the backdrop of St. Louis and the targeted malls, shops and boutiques. I didn't care for much for Mel, who was a pervert. But Josh seemed like a good match for her and a caring person as well. Her daughter was adorably cute as her mother was a gem to help her out in a pinch.

Ready to put on your walking shoes? Give them one a try!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Murder of a Small Town Honey

If you love a great cozy, you'll love the Scumble River Mystery series by Denise Swanson. It's a charming cozy series with Skye Denison, the lead character, who gets caught up in an embroiled murder mystery. In the fictional town of Scumble River, everyone knows everybody in a small town. We see how close she is to her family and what happened to the past, ever since she left town. In a small town, anything can happen, when secrets rear their head. Skye is an ideal heroine for a small town as a school psychologist. And when her family's in the pickle, she's there to help them get out of the jam. We see how devoted she is to her occupation and how hard it was for her to come back home. There's also a romance blooming between Skye and Simon Reid. Anything's possible, even danger...

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Scandalous Desires

If you love novels that take place on the sea, you'll enjoy this red hot novel that deals with pirates. In Elizabeth Hoyt's Scandalous Desires, the third installment in the Maiden Lane book series, we were introduced to Silence Hollingbrook, a young widow. When I've read this novel, I've became captured by her tale of loss, scandal and compassion for a young babe, one she had taken care of as her own. No doubt about it, her family took care of her and protected her well-being. Then, we met Mickey O'Connor, a river pirate, who had an agenda of his own. We saw how he took care of his crew and employees. We watched him in action and witnessed his secretive past unraveling like yarn. Whoever thought river pirates can be sexy? Little by little, we observed how sparks flew between Silence and Mickey. It's steamy. Talk about a scandal! But we witnessed how they encountered danger together to the bitter end. All aboard!

This was a steamy and sexy historical romance that was set on the ocean and featuring pirates. I cared about Silence, an intriguing name no less, and her adventures on the sea. I also cared about Mickey and his band of river pirates. I loved the location of England and on the river as well to add some adventurous spice to this novel. This would make you sway and swoon and sigh with relief in the end. Overall, great drama, plenty of intense action and lots of steamy romance and intrigue to hook you and reel you in like a barracuda.

Do you want some scandalous desires with river pirates? If so, come aboard with a copy today!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Spider's Web

In Margaret Coel's Wind River Reservation mystery series, all of her novels have a twist and something different--it deals with Native American cultures and customs. That's what makes it unique. In this story, we're into a tangled web of deception and heartbreak. We learn how the Native Americans feels about the white people, even now to this day, and how they live in the reservation to this day. I loved the setting of Wyoming and the Wind River Reservation itself. Very intricate in nature. We're really get caught up into Vicky Holden's life, when she takes on a new client, and learns about her hardened life. We learn about the family and her co-workers, who have their own dramas. I felt shock and awe and assorted sets of emotions, when she's stuck on this case, which has a twisted ending. Good drama, excellent suspense.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Bourne Betrayal

If you love non-stop action thrillers, you'll enjoy this action-adventure thriller. With non-stop action, this novel takes you all over the world from Washington D.C. to Africa to Eastern Asia. I remember seeing the first Bourne movies years ago and on TV--now this propels us to post-9/11 world with terrorists and intricate plotlines. I've been wrapped up into a fast paced world. We can see Bourne struggle with his memory and how he copes with his loss. My heart sank with him. But we see him never give up and team up to fight the bad guys in various ways. Even injured, he's relentless. With the fourth Bourne thriller hitting the movies this summer, this one takes off where that left over. Breathless, heart racing a storm, this sent chills down the spine. I kept rooting for Bourne all the way to the end.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Midnight Crystal

When I read Midnight Crystal by Jayne Castle, I'm transported to a futuristic post-Earth world. She really created her own for the setting of the story. Right from the start, we're introduced to Adam Winters and Marlowe Jones, two people from rival families. From the start, we learn about their history and background. You can't miss the sparks flying between them. The chemistry  is there. I rooted for them to come together and tempt Fate. Still, they took us to a new kind of world, the underworld--it's not the kind we've read about it in the past. I became impressive with the nightmares and dreamscapes, the psychic world of pulsing energy. It's exotic and out-of-this-world. Who knows what the future brings in our world? But, from start to finish, I'm exhausted from taking that magical carpet ride into the future, when things aren't what they seem and danger lurkers them like no one's business. I gasped and winced and kept reading the pages until I've finished the book. I recommend you read this book, if you wanted to be transported to a new world.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Cutthroat Business

In this brand new series by Bente Gallagher, we enter the world of real estate. Savannah Martin, a newbie realtor in Tennessee, is our narrator. We learn how she's treated by experienced co-workers in the realty business. But nothing crushes her spirit. She doesn't give up. I'm so proud of her. We follow her to her first home showing.  I've cheered for her, when we see how she struggled in the business, and how  she turned her life around with incentives. In A Cutthroat Business, we discover how caught up she is, in a semi-love triangle, and the temptation there. We witness the chemistry and the forbidden attraction. Also, she's real loved by a real close knit southern family in Tennessee, when we meet her family, and how she rebounded from a bad divorce. I'm proud of her for taking the right step into the dating world agian. There's a bit of good humor and nice Southern locales into this piece. It's a sweet cozy.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Term Limits

If you love great thrillers, you'll love this stand alone political thriller by Vince Flynn. In Term Limits, the readers like myself get embroiled into political mind games between the White House and Congress. In every page, I've watched plenty of drama, suspense, violence and intrigue unfold before my eyes. We saw what's holding Michael O'Rourke, a young and new Congressman, back. Due to heated politics in Washington D.C., fireworks flew between the White House and Michael and potential threats. The tension was so thick, we could cut it with a knife. We observed how close he was to his family. We witnessed the love he had for his girlfriend, Liz Scarpatti, a reporter. I felt bad for Liz, who had a duty to report the facts for her paper, and how devoted she was with Michael. We' were shocked and awed by the actions of this players and how payback was returned with retribution. This would get you hooked into the drama and sucked in, right away.  A lot of violent drama, when it dealt with politics, then and now, and how it could affect the presidency.

This stand-alone political thriller had a lot going on. I loved the ideal concept of it, when it dealt with politics and elections. I liked Michael being fresh and new for Congress. We know how devoted he was to his family and to his career. We saw his passion for Liz, who loved a scoop for the newspaper edition. I couldn't fault anything wrong with this stand alone thriller. It had passion between Michael and Liz, lots of drama and action-packed suspense to keep you turning the pages.

Ready for a battle? Grab a copy today!