Sunday, June 3, 2012

Term Limits

If you love great thrillers, you'll love this stand alone political thriller by Vince Flynn. In Term Limits, the readers like myself get embroiled into political mind games between the White House and Congress. In every page, I've watched plenty of drama, suspense, violence and intrigue unfold before my eyes. We saw what's holding Michael O'Rourke, a young and new Congressman, back. Due to heated politics in Washington D.C., fireworks flew between the White House and Michael and potential threats. The tension was so thick, we could cut it with a knife. We observed how close he was to his family. We witnessed the love he had for his girlfriend, Liz Scarpatti, a reporter. I felt bad for Liz, who had a duty to report the facts for her paper, and how devoted she was with Michael. We' were shocked and awed by the actions of this players and how payback was returned with retribution. This would get you hooked into the drama and sucked in, right away.  A lot of violent drama, when it dealt with politics, then and now, and how it could affect the presidency.

This stand-alone political thriller had a lot going on. I loved the ideal concept of it, when it dealt with politics and elections. I liked Michael being fresh and new for Congress. We know how devoted he was to his family and to his career. We saw his passion for Liz, who loved a scoop for the newspaper edition. I couldn't fault anything wrong with this stand alone thriller. It had passion between Michael and Liz, lots of drama and action-packed suspense to keep you turning the pages.

Ready for a battle? Grab a copy today!

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