Saturday, May 29, 2010


In Lisa Gardner's Alone,  the first installment in the DD Warren thriller series, she introduced us to a brand new series with Detective D.D. Warren. It started out with a sniper shot, when Bobby Dodge heard a cry for help and shot her husband. It escalated from there, when Catherine Gagnon became suspicious of setting things up, when her in-laws were out to get her and wanted custody of her sick son. They kept this as a secret, and people closed to her were killed by her past. When things collided, it was up to Dodge to believe her, before she had gotten away with murder and ended up alone in the dark.

For this new series, it was crammed with suspense and lots of chills from start to finish. I cared about Bobby and DD and how they first came to the scene. I became curious and suspicious on Catherine and her family throughout this thriller novel.  I loved the Boston location for the intense settings for the scenes in this novel. This would suck you in and take you for a wild ride itself with action-packed page-turning scenes, tons of drama, suspense and intrigue. 

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Blood Trail

In CJ Box's Blood Trail, the 8th installment in the Joe Pickett thriller series, this was a great action-packed thriller at the edge of your seat. For Joe Pickett, a garden warden in Saddlestring Wyoming, he was after a killer who targeted hunters during elk season. As they investigated the dark heart of the matter, he dealt with his boss, family issues and the law, when he went beyond law enforcement to find out who was the killer. Later on, it was up to him and to other game wardens, when he discovered who it was and declared open season on hunting hunters with a shocking twist. As for why for the murders, it had hit close to home for Joe and his family.

 This thriller will excite you and compel you to read in every turning page. This had excellent scenic scenery for the locations and the vast settings in the Wyoming mountain range area. I cared about Joe and his family, when he had to go beyond the law to find answers to risk everything. He meant serious business, when it comes to his family and to his job, too. This would make you question everything and everyone with non-stop action, intrigue, suspense and a long range of drama.

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bloody Mary

In Joe Konrath's Bloody Mary, the second installment of the Jack Daniels mystery series, there was a serial killer on the loose, who had a sick, twisted and perverted way of killing people. With a hint of humor, Jack dealt with her ex and her new boyfriend, her partner's appetites for sex and food, and her mom's health, while she was on the run, when they found out, it was one of their own who was killing people, who had framed his boss, and fooled everyone at court, with a blood-thirsty twist for revenge. It was now up to Jack Daniels to bring him down, once and for all.

This was another fantastic Jack Daniels mystery. I love the cover and the storyline.  I did feel bad for Jack, when she was overwhelmed between her personal and professional life. I liked the Chicago backdrop for the location for the series--forgot to mention it in Whiskey Sour.  I didn't like the slightest touch of police corruption, which left a bad taste in my mouth. Reading this light and witty mystery was like having an adrenalin rush. Good drama, nice concept, and good action with a hint of romance.

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Getting Away is Deadly

In Sara Rosett's Getting Away is Deadly, the third book in the Mom Zone series, Ellie Avery and her husband Mitch were in D.C., not really on vacation, but it was part of his training class.  Newly pregnant Ellie joined the crowd of tourists and visited monuments and museums with other Air Force wives and her her best friend Abby. During their stay in D.C., they witnessed someone being pushed off the platform, when someone framed Ellie's sister-in-law Summer. It was now  up to Ellie and her friends to find out what happened and what was really going on, before they were being reassigned to a new base. An enjoyable read.

This was another great enjoyable cozy to read. I continued to care about Ellie and her friend, when they moved to a new Air Force Base. I also cared about her sister-in-law Summer, too. I loved the location of Washington D.C. for the central setting for this storyline. I hated for that certain person to frame Summer for a crime she didn't commit. This would make you head spin a tiny bit. I also loved the organizational tips for packing and moving.  Great drama, excellent suspense and non-stop action, and a gripping mystery from start to finish.

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Don't Tell

In the first installment of Karen Rose's romantic suspense series, Don't Tell, this book launched her into romantic suspense superstardom.  Set in the Carolinas and Chicago, Illinois, Mary Grace Winters lived  in fear and went in hiding from her abusive husband Rob, with her son Robbie. They used the aliases of Caroline and Tom Stewart to start a new life. Bruised and battered, she survived for her son, while they were living in peace, when she fell for her boss Max Hunter. For a relationship with Max, she dreaded commitment, since she was still married and on the run. The truth came out with her own scars, when he was after her and finished the job he started years ago. It was up to Max to save Mary Grace and Robbie from Rob, when he wrecked havoc in Dana's shelter and went after Eve, scarring her for life by trying to kill her. In the end, he'd gotten what he deserved in prison.

This was a fantastic introduction to Karen Rose's romantic suspense series. This was when we get to know Mary Grace aka Caroline, the Hunters, Eve Wilson, Dana Dupinsky, and other recurring characters we see in other romantic suspense novels in the series, too.  I did care about MG and Robbie, and for Eve as well, when they've fled home to start a new life, and not to live in fear. I loved the dual locations of the Carolinas and Chicago to kickstart the series. I really despised Rob Winters and everything he stood for. This would make you cringe and root for Caroline and Tom. Great drama, plenty of suspense and great romance between MG and Max, and lots of non-stop action to the surprising climax.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

8 Days to Live

If you love a great action packed thriller, you love, 8 Days to Live. This dealt with Jane MacGuire, Eve's adopted daughter, who was about to do an art show in Paris, when one of her paintings called "Guilt" made her a target from a fanatic religious cult. Jane had no idea why or how she painted an ice cold chilling face. Those cult members had something to do with Christ. With eight days on the ticking clock, they needed Jane to lead to a special treasure, when her death would be the ultimate sacrifice. They put anyone who's close to her in danger, and giving her eight days to live. Seth Caleb returned in this great thriller, which put you at the edge of the seat. Can Eve stop the clock and rescue Jane from evil clutches?

This was another fantastic Eve Duncan thriller. I loved how it focused on Jane with the spotlight in this high-octane adrenalin rush. I loved the Georgia locale and the backdrop of Paris. I did feel a lump in my throat for Jane and Eve as well.  The concept of spiritual or religious art for the storyline plot was quite amusing. I didn't like the eight day self-imposed deadline for starters. Great drama, intense action and a lightning fast speeding read to warm your blood.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Return to Sender

In Fern Michaels's Return to Sender, it was a sweet romance with a hint of a twist. Rosalind "Lin" Townsend was thrown out at age 17 by her Bible-thumping father, when she was pregnant with her son Will. Years later, her son was grown up and was going to college in New York City, when she kept all of the letters from the baby's father, from who she met once in a week at a party, which were all sent back with the stamp of "return to sender". She and her best friend Sally, teamed up with her private investigator to build a case to find him in NYC. Nick Pemberton never knew what was coming, when he dealt with leukemia, and a manipulative lying wife named Chelsea. Little did he know, he fathered Rosalind's child, 19 years ago. Evan Reeves, his oncologist, met and fells in love with Lin, when she decided to let her son know the truth and meet his father as she gets a happy ending.

This was a beautiful love story about an awkward love triangle. I cared about Rosalind and Will, when her father threw her out, and had to raise him on his own. I also cared about Evan and Nick, too. I loved the NYC location for the central settings in this heart-warming romance. I didn't like Chelsea. This pulled at my heart strings and made me cry and sigh a few times. Great drama, good romance with a hint of intrigue and plenty of action, too.

Will you discover why it was sent back with return to sender? If so, check it out today!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fantasy Lover

 In  Sherilyn Kenyon's Fantasy Lover, the first book in the Dark Hunter World series,  Dr. Grace Alexander was a sex therapist and who had rotten luck in relationships. Julian of Macedon, a former Greek general, was a cursed love-slave, who was summoned to her, with help from her friend Selena, who taught her how to pleasure herself with passion, before he was under restraint from wanting to make love to her from the doomed curse. With obstacles from the past from his Greek Gods, and in the current time, they learned to fall in love, when true love could break any curse, immortal and mortal.

This paranormal romance had a hint of eroticism that would burn your cold days up. You can't beat the heated chemistry between Grace and Julian.  I loved how Selena helped Grace up with a taste of her own therapeutic medicine. I did feel bad for Grace, who had no luck on finding love, while I felt the same for Julian who was stuck in the rut as well. I loved the scenic backdrop of Macedon and in present day America. These pages will burn you up and cool you down for its steaminess.

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Holly Blues

In the latest installment of the China Bayles series, it's Christmas time at Pecan Springs. McQuaid is sent to Omaha on assignment, when his ex-wife Sally storms into town, asking for help in more ways than one. She's nothing by trouble, when a stalker follows her and wrecks havoc into China's life. Two murders are discovered, along with a re-opened cold case. Plus China deals with her adopted niece Caitlin who's having trouble being social. Tis the season to be jolly in Holly Blues.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Don't Scream

It's been two years, since I last read a WCS novel. And they keep getting better. Don't Scream is set in Massachusetts, when four sorority sisters, ten years ago, watched their friend die and didn't do anything to save her. Ten years later, a targeted killer is after them to kill them on their birthday, one week at a time. Brynn, a stay at home mom who's wary of her husband who has a secret, Matilda, a famous socialite having an affair, Fiona, a single working mom and a crazed ex-husband, and Cassie, a bride-to-be with cold feet, have to stay together. There's plenty of surprises in store of this one, when you'll never guess who's the killer is, until the final end.

Killling Fear

In Allison Brennan's Killing Fear,  the first book in the Prison Break romantic suspense trilogy series, Theodore Glenn was a ruthless killer and had been sent to prison after killing four prostitutes and also had a sick obsession with Robin McKenna. When he escaped from prison, he went after the people who betrayed him, including Robin, when he believed he was innocent on the fourth murder. It was now up to Detective Will Hooper and Robin to find out the truth, when he kept on killing more people on the run, and also had brought fear into Robin's life. Plus there's twists and turns that would keep you at the edge of your seat right to the end.

This was a mind-blowing romantic suspense in this new trilogy. I cared about Will and Robin as a couple and as individuals. I didn't like Theodore Glenn so much, since he gave me the creeps. I loved the prison theme and the central California location for the settings, inside and outside of the prison cell. This would make you want to bite your nails and take a deep breath in between. Great drama, excellent suspense, lots of intrigue and heated romance with tons of mystery in store.

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


In Carol Higgins Clark's Wrecked, the 13th installment in the Regan Reilly series, it was Regan and Jack's one year anniversary, when they were in Cape Cod for the weekend. Only this time, there were a lot of crazed people out there, including a traveling theater group with a crazy star, and a missing person. And that was one Adele Hopkins, who was presumed dead, washed away by the shore, and when it turned out she was alive and held hostage.

This was one helluva crazy and delightful cozy in the series. I also loved the catchy one-word titles too. I still love Jack and Regan as a happily married couple and perfectly matched for the series. I loved the Cape Cod location for this cozy as well. I cared about Jack and Regan and for Adele, too. Who would do such a thing?  This had real good drama and plenty of suspense and action for a quick and breezy read.

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ceremony in Death

In JD Robb's Ceremony in Death, the 5th book in the In Death series, this one dealt with the death of a cop, who might've been on the take. As Eve Dallas and Roarke discovered new secrets, they entered the worlds of Satanism and Wiccan witches, who delved into the opposite polar sides of witchcraft. And before they knew it, more deaths escalated from there, more bloodshed, before it turned out to be Eve's turn next, with a shocking twist. An enjoyable read.

This was another twisted futuristic psychological thriller. To view what our life might be beyond 2020, this gave us an insight look to how advanced technology, transportation, and other things might be.  I loved the vision of a future New York would look for the law enforcement and other governments. I liked how Roarke and Eve worked together to solve a dark murder. To dabble in the world of black and white magic gave this an interesting and wicked twist to boot. Great drama, intense action and suspense, and heated chemistry between Roarke and Eve.

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Monday, May 3, 2010

Susannah's Garden

In Debbie Macomber's Susannah's Garden, the third book in the Blossom Street series, was a great romance, which dealt with romance and family in every single way possible, with a hint of mystery and drama, and to reconnect once again. It dealt with Susannah, who dreamt of her long lost love Jake, her childhood sweetheart she haven't seen in ages. She also had gotten a call from her neighbor on her mother's failing health, and now knew she needed to put her in an assisted-living facility. When she returned back home, she discovered about finding out secrets on her father, handled her twenty-year-old rebellious daughter, and an old friend to reconnect with her long-lost love. A beautiful story to cherish about love, loss and family.

This was a wonderful romance from her second beloved contemporary romance series. I did care about Susannah and her family. I loved the connection she had with gardening and to her own family. I loved the Washington state connection to this one as well. I was intrigued on why she lost so much--her lost love and her brother--and wondered the mystery on her father. From start to finish, this moved me to tears and fall in love with flowers and more of her books. Great romance, plenty of intrigue and suspense, with a hint of mystery and action along the way.

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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tis the Season to be Merry

May the Best Man Die is the third book in the series and takes place during Christmas, when Carnegie has Bridezella to contend too, along with two dead best men, spies, and a rival celebrity wedding planner, who's a bit sleazy. She also contends with her boyfriend, who lied to her about his marriage, and causes a strain in their relationship. Tis the season to be jolly... or not. It's a shame the series ended in 2006 with the sixth book. I have two more to read to complete the series hopefully this year. I hope she writes a new series soon.