Thursday, May 20, 2010

Don't Tell

In the first installment of Karen Rose's romantic suspense series, Don't Tell, this book launched her into romantic suspense superstardom.  Set in the Carolinas and Chicago, Illinois, Mary Grace Winters lived  in fear and went in hiding from her abusive husband Rob, with her son Robbie. They used the aliases of Caroline and Tom Stewart to start a new life. Bruised and battered, she survived for her son, while they were living in peace, when she fell for her boss Max Hunter. For a relationship with Max, she dreaded commitment, since she was still married and on the run. The truth came out with her own scars, when he was after her and finished the job he started years ago. It was up to Max to save Mary Grace and Robbie from Rob, when he wrecked havoc in Dana's shelter and went after Eve, scarring her for life by trying to kill her. In the end, he'd gotten what he deserved in prison.

This was a fantastic introduction to Karen Rose's romantic suspense series. This was when we get to know Mary Grace aka Caroline, the Hunters, Eve Wilson, Dana Dupinsky, and other recurring characters we see in other romantic suspense novels in the series, too.  I did care about MG and Robbie, and for Eve as well, when they've fled home to start a new life, and not to live in fear. I loved the dual locations of the Carolinas and Chicago to kickstart the series. I really despised Rob Winters and everything he stood for. This would make you cringe and root for Caroline and Tom. Great drama, plenty of suspense and great romance between MG and Max, and lots of non-stop action to the surprising climax.

Don't Tell a soul about this great novel, unless you'll recommend it to others! Pick up a copy today!

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