Monday, October 31, 2011

A Thrilll of Victory

If you love classic romances, you'll love this classic early contemporary romance. In Sandra Brown's A Thrill of Victory, Stevie Corbett was a famous tennis player who collapsed during a match. Judd Mackie was the journalist who was scooping her story. They had a love/hate relationship  as they became friends, when she revealed the secret about her ovarian cancer and the worries about her losing her dreams of having a baby. During the two weeks, they got to know each other better. They fall in love, while decisions were made, and Judd wrote a novel, while taking a break from the newspaper. They revealed things about each other. In the end, they do get a happy ending.

This was a beautiful easy read for one setting if you love good romances. I cared about Stevie and Judd so much. I cried throughout the entire novel, when I felt compassionate towards Stevie's ordeal and how Judd took care of her. The title said it all in the end. I love the tennis theme to the Texas location and setting for this story. Great romance, good non-stop action with tender romance and lots of love with hints of intrigue to the end.

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mum's the Word

If you like cozies, you'll enjoy the Flower Shop cozy series by Kate Collins. In Mum's the Word, Abby Knight runs a flower shop and a former law student. She's just trying to start a new business, when she witnesses a hit-and-run, and later meets Marco Salvare, a sexy Italian ex-cop. They butt heads. Later on, she gets involved with Pearl Harding, who wants to divorce her husband and seek financial support for her disabled son. Not only that, she has many run-ins with the cops who's after her, giving her a hard time, when she meets the Vertucci's. When a dead body turns up, she investigates and realizes that the two cases are involved with one other, which puts her into trouble. A quick read!

Saturday, October 29, 2011


If you love great serial mysteries, you'll enjoy the next installment in the Decker/Lazarus storyline. In Hangman, Decker was reunited with Terry McLaughlin and Chris Whitman, a case from fifteen years ago in the book Justice, with their grown up 15-year-old son Gabriel. First it was a domestic violence dispute, then she disappeared. That left Gabe homeless, since his dad disappeared, too, when Decker took him in. As he approached sixty and grandfatherhood, he was on a case of Adrianna Blanc, who had been found hanging by a rope. On the case, they talked to her family and friends, and tried to figure out what went wrong at work. As they get closer, another dead body turned up, while they searched for cold cases and a trail to Las Vegas.  The pieces fall into place, when another victim was found burned alive and another man had disappeared on the scene. A great mystery.

This mystery was one of the finest in the Lazarus/Decker series.  I did love how this continued from Justice to her and later to Gun Games. I loved how Lazarus and Decker worked together to tackle those cases. That family had a lot on their hands with impending grandfatherhood for Decker and Lazarus with his oldest daughter Cindy. I did feel sorry for Gabe, who had a criminal father and a mother who took off to India. I didn't like how Adrianna was hanged by a noose to indicate suicide. I loved how Decker and Lazarus took him under their wings as foster parents and guardians. I loved the California backdrop as well. Great drama with a helluva tough storyline and tons of suspense.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Stop Me

Last year, I read Trust Me by Brenda Novak. This year, I've read Stop Me, the second book in the Last Stand series. In this series, Jasmine Stratford is looking for her younger sister, Kimberly, who vanished 16 years ago. When she receives a mysterious package on her sister's disappearance. She goes to New Orleans to search for Romain Fornier, a widower who lost his daughter Adele from a kidnapping and was later found dead. At the beginning, they couldn't stand one another. Later, they fall in love and find the truth on both disappearances, when they're into deep into an illegal adoption ring, and the people they trust isn't who or what they seem. Great romance set in the bayou.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Last Unicorn

If you love beautiful fantasy novels, this is the one for you. A classic that's to be cherished for everyone in all ages. This story has a lovely lyrical narrative of the last unicorn on earth. She's on the quest to find the rest of her species. She teams up with Schmenderick the Magician and Molly Grue, when there's dangers every way from Mother Fortuna's Midnight Carnival to Hagsgate. When she faces the Red Bull, she turns to Lady Amaltea, who tries not to fall in love with Prince Lir, and in the end, she chooses to say goodbye and reunite with her family. In 1982, it was made into an animated movie. This is beautiful and moving.

Monday, October 17, 2011

A Heartbeat Away

If you love medical thrillers and political thrillers, this is the book for you. In Michael Palmer's A Heartbeat Away, when a terrorist group called Genesis unleashed a rapid virus known as WRX3883 into the White House, it had caused panic and pandemonium. Everyone panicked where there was law and disorder. It was now up to the President, James Allaire, to do what he had to do to prevent exposure from spreading outside the White House. He called Griffin Rhodes, a scientist who'd been wrongfully convicted of a crime he didn't commit, for his help on making a cure, while his nemesis, Speaker of the House, Ursula Ellis plotted to use it to her advantage to become the president. What a rush!

This was another fantastic medical thriller with political elements. I did care about the people in the White House, especially the President. I didn't really like Ursula Ellis, who was a bit greedy, too. I also loved Griffin Rhodes who redeemed himself. I cared about him, too. I loved the central Washington D.C. location, including the White House. This made me feel numb and my hairs raise on my body with an exhausting adrenalin rush. Fantastic drama, plenty of good action and intrigue, and a wild ride for an adventure too.

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Assasin's Honor

If you love read hot paranormal romances, you'll enjoy Assassin's Honor, the first book in the Sicari Order series. Emma Zale is an archeologist and looking for the Tyet of Isis in Egypt. When her colleague is murdered, it throws suspicion over to her. Back home in Chicago after being released, she encounters Ares DeLuca, a member of the Sicari, who's after the same thing. Their world collides, when her life is in danger, and she needs protection. Needless to say, they're both attracted to each other, as the haunting memories of her parents' death continue to plague her. She doesn't trust him. But when she interferes in Sicari business, they're bonded by blood with certain ramifications. After she saved his life, they make love and things change as things get intense. Together, they discover they belong together and search for the Tyet of Iris in Rome. Hot hot hot!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Glory in Death

If you love futuristic thrillers, you'll enjoy the second installment in the In Death series, Glory in Death. Someone killed prominent DA Ciciely Towers by slicing her throat and steeling her shoe. It was now up to Eve Dallas and the police department to find out who. While Eve tried to figure out her relationship with Roarke, she dug a bit of info into DA Towers's background and talked to her family. When they think they have figured it out, an actress named Yvonne Metcalf was killed the same way, her umbrella stolen. So they dug into her background to link a connection between the two murders. One step out of the way, they thought they had the right guy. The Towers family fell apart due to accusations and blamed Eve and the NYPSD. A third female was killed, perhaps the wrong one by mistake, and once they figured it out some more, they've gotten the right guy under their nose. What a good read!

This was another fascinating futuristic thriller.  I loved how the future might look in twenty years or so with an advancement of modern and high technology like the 'links they use to communicate, and how they go from place to place. I was continued to be amused on Eve and her relationship with Roarke, and how she operated under pressure from the peers. I did feel bad for the Towers family, while I wished they laid off on Eve a tiny bit. I didn't like the gruesomeness of the details on the murders. Great chemistry between Eve and Roarke, excellent storyline concept, and a driven force on the tension, drama and action to a surprising end.

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