Saturday, September 30, 2017


In Daniel Kalla's Pandemic, this thriller debut packs a bunch with a cross of a medical thriller and a military thriller combined in real life true topics in today's world. Dr. Noah Haldane was a doctor for the World Health Organization and travels the world, when there's a major epidemic health concern. While he dealt with his wife's affair and confused sexuality, he also wanted to be there for his young daughter Chloe. At the news of an outbreak in the Gansu province of China, he joins the other WHO doctors to deal with this major outbreak and contain it. After they had taken care of business, it wasn't the end of it. Hazzam Kizzir and Abdul Sabri have plans to spread this virus worldwide in an act of war, while Cairo Police Chief Achmed Eleish was on the hunt for Kizzir. When word had spread it had arrived in London, the world stood still and prepared for the worst. From there, that's when Noah met Dr. Gwen Savard who worked for the Department of Bioterrorism and joined forces to deal with this bad viral outbreak. In an instant, there's a chemical attraction between them, even after they've been quarantined for a few days. When they thought the worst would be over, it had spread to Asia, Canada and even the USA. That's when they come up with a plan to stop the bioterrorists and make a viable medicine to cure all before it's too late. In the end, it's a shocking ending to fight for their country, even if their lives depended on it.

This was a fantastic and mind-blowing medical thriler debut. I cared for Gwen Savard and Noah Haldane together and alone. I had found Gwen charming and full of life, while I worried about Noah's wife conflictions on who she wanted to be with. I did feel sorry for Chloe. I did  like some of the central characters like Duncan and Alex Clayton. I loved the various locations and settings throughout the world for this epic thriller to take place. It was very vivid and picturesque from every bright lit place to a dark corner. This would have you at the edge of the seat and leave you breathless from start to finish with non-stop action, drama, a spark of romance, and pleny of intrigue.

Will you be a victim of this pandemic today?

Thursday, September 28, 2017


In Kevin O'Brien's Unspeakable, this thriller will sent you chills straight to the core for unspeakable acts and twisted turns. When Collin Cox, a former child star, seeks Olivia Barker help for a problem, it had set a chain reaction of cold-hearted acts in motion.  Young Collin witnessed the murder of his mother and her boyfriend, which had remained unsolved. Then he lived with his grandmother and grandfather in their home. But things aren't what they seem to be for him. For Olivia, she became curious on Collin's situation and took him on, while she had dealt with some issues of her home--like her husband cheating on her with a younger woman. And she believed  that his mistress was out to get her out of the pitture and to have him forself with red-hot jealousy. After Collin's friend Gail hynoptized  him at her home, it had released the confession of a cold-blooded killer named Wade Grinnell from fifty years old. As soon as it had unleashed it, bad things start to happen to Olivia and to Collin, especially to the closest of them, when it ended up as murder. Since Collin had nothing to do about it, he had someone looking out for him as his former cop friend did the same for Olivia as well. As they both gotten closer to the truth, the real killer resurfaces to silence his old secret. In the ending, it would blow you out on how it was and why.

This was a bone-chilling and intriguing thriller from start to finish. I did feel sorry for Collin and Olivia, who had gotten caught up and hurt by the people closest to them. I didn't like Corinne one bit.  I was glad that Collin could have peace of mind in the end--and the same for Olivia, too. I did like the locations throughout Washington State from Seattle and beyond with vivid scenic settings to put you there. This would twist your heartstrings and feel cold all over with an accelerated heart rate, gasp, and numb from head to toe with non-stop action, drama, intrigue, suspense, and lots of chills.

Will you be tempted to read Unspeakable today?

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Templar Brotherhood

In James Becker's The Templar Brotherhood, the third installment in the Lost Treasure of the Templars thriller series, this would take you on a wild ride from start to finish. For British couple David Mallory and Robin Jessop, they travel across the country to find the deepest and darkest secrets of the Knights Templar. Robin, an antiquarian, and David, a historian, match wits and discover hidden truths. It all started with a secret passport from one of the former Knights that was remained a treasure chest. From there, they had to decode the mystery and go on a scavenger kind of some kind to find some clues. Hot on their heels is the Domicians who want to stop them and kill them dead for a priceless momento for their benefactor. They also hire Gary Marsh to spy on them, who later switched sides to give them the heads-up on their enemies. As they piece together the puzzles of this historical enigma, they unearthed the story behind the head on the painting and the religious overtones that lead to Jesus. Right between them, it's a battle of wits and brawns to get to the dark tunnels and dig up the greatest treasure trove of them all, even if it's a matter of life and death in the end.

This is a great action-adventure thriller to read. I did care for Robin and how passionate she is for the love of antiquities. I do think that's Mallory is a bit pompous and winded, since he talked a lot through the novel in a matter-of-fact way. That's a bit off-putting to me. I did like the concept of lost treasure, hidden codes, and a scavenger hunt across the country. The imagery was stunning from England to Italy on this wild good chase.  But this is fast-paced and exhilerating to take you on a journey that would make you tilt your head to your side, raise brows, gasp, groan and sigh. It has non-stop action, plenty of adventure, intrigue and a lot of drama.

Will you be curious to know more about the Templar Brotherhood?


Thursday, September 21, 2017

Love, Honour and O'Brien

In Jennifer Rowe's Love, Honour, and O'Brien, the first installment in the Holly Love cozy mystery series, you'll be in for a surprise and have a good laugh at it too. Holly Love had met the man of her dreams, when she prepared to marry Andrew McNish. But before she knew it, he took off on her on her wedding day--and he had taken all of her money and belongings with him too. Besides herself with disbelief, Holly has no money, no place to life or food to eat. Set out to track Andrew Nish, she hired a PI named O'Brien. While she waited to get answers from him in a few days, he turned up dead in his office. Nowhere else to go, she temporarily took shelter in his home and fed his parrot. That's when she met a new friend named Abigail Honour, a psychic who had predicted a fortune for her. As she was in attempts to track him down, a woman named Una Maggott needed O'Brien's services to help her find somebody in Mealey Marshes. Unbeknownest to her, she had became entangled into a web of lies to look for McNish in her house and prove that somebody was out to get her. Under the guise of Holly Cage as a PI, she met Una's house mates and look for clues there. She also became hired by Trevor Purse, a butcher, who believes his wife is cheating on him. When Holly tracked his wife down, they became ensnared into a trap with menancing thugs who tailed her to Una's home... looking for McNish as well. That's when things become entangled and unraveled as the truth comes out with Holly's identity and later what Una kept secrets besides lies of her own in a surprisng ending.

This was a charming and humours new cozy series debut from Jennifer Rowe. They were one too many good scenes that would make you laugh your heart out. I did care for Holly and her plight to look for Andrew, but come up short-handed as an unlicensed PI. I did think Abigail was a hoot and Una was a nasty old woman. I did love the vast scenic settings and location in Australia that came to life for me. This would make you shake your head, wrinkle your nose, gasp and groan throughout the novel. This has action, non-stop drama, plenty of good laughter and a hint of mystery.

Will you take a chance on Love, Honour and O'Brien today?

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Other Girl

In Erica Spindler's The Other Girl, her newest thriller yet to date is so twisted and compelling, it would make your head spin. Fifteen years ago, Miranda "Randi" Rader was a troubled teenage girl who had gotten into trouble. When someone picked her up, she cried rape. And no one believd her. Now, she's a grownup and a detective for the Harmony PD on a most disturbing case. When she and her partner, Detective Jake Billings, arrived on the crime scene of a murder college professor, things aren't what they seem to be. While they worked the case, she discovered a news clippings from fifteen years ago that thrown her back in the past. Now her boss, Chief Buddy Cadwell, questioned her, since she had no gloves on the scene of the crime. Later on, she discovers a haunted link to her past, when he's been identified as Richard Stark, the same person who tried to rape her. And she couldn't stop thinking about the other girl who she tried to find help for back then. As Jake and Miranda become closer as intimate lovers, and her brother reaches out to her about her no-good mother, it had put her in a quandary. While she confides in her best friend Summer who bartends at her own bar, things go bad to worse as new daunting evidence turn up with another blast from her past wounded up dead. As Cadwell turns up the heat on her, she put together the pieces from that one night and waits for it to clink it. In the end, when thought she had it figured out, Miranda never believed how close she was and who had done it and why.

This was another mind-blowing and twisted new thriller from Erica Spindler. This one would leave you in suspense straight in the end. I did care for Miranda and Summer. I loved how she took charge of the situation, when she might've crossed the line a few times. I did think Jake was a stud muffin who cared about Miranda and how he lent her a hand. I really loved the picturesque and vibrant eye-catching scenic locations in Harmony, Louisiana. It had put me right there in the action, front and center. This would make you out of breath, gasp, groan, swoon, and perhaps hold onto your seats with non-stop action, suspense, intrigue, and a spark of romance along the way.

Will you remember who the Other Girl is today?

Monday, September 18, 2017

Creation in Death

In J.D. Robb's Creation in Death, the 25th installment in the In Death futuristic romantic suspense, get ready to embrace yourself for non-stop intense action on a new wicked case. In New York City in the year 2060, things are heating up for Eve Dallas and the NYSPD. When they discover the dead body of Sarifina York in the streets, they worked non-stop to track down this cold-blooder killer before he selects the next victim. The way he torturtured her was pretty gruesome to  say the least. With Roarke by her side, she needed his input and his resources to find the connected links. And when they discover he had targeted his established employees, it had cut a bit too close for him. Meanwhile, the killer prepares to snatch his next victim and torture her with his supreme tools, while he had his eyes on Eve for the final act aas his main prize. As Eve's team picks up clues from the morgue and CSI, they learn more and more about him that chilled her to the bone. They also learn he had done this before throughout Europe as she wrangled Commander Feeney, who first worked the original cases. They tend to butt heads with each other and put themselves together, when Gia Rossi turns up missing next as the clock winds down before the next kill. They connect the dots between past and present to discover what he's all about by the time she's dead. While Eve is wind up tight without any sleep, they search for past suspects and link them to where he stashes his victims in the creepiest for places. By the time they discover his identity, they swoop in the kill as there's a surprise no one saw coming in the near end.

This was another explosive storyline for the series that would leave you feeling cold all over. I conitnued to care about Eve and how she has a passionate and steamy romance with Roarke. Although he's a man of mystery, he does love Eve in so many ways. I did love Delia Peabody and how her romance continued to blossom with McNab. I did love the futuristic NYC scene with high-tech gadgets to put us there, many years from here. This would make you hooked on every page and compelled to read further with heart-pounding non-stop action, intense drama, sexy romance, and plenty of intrigue from excellent well-written scenes and picturesque locations.

Will you be enticed to read Creation in Death tonight?

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Rigged for Murder

In Jenifer LeClair's Rigged for Murder, the first installment in the Windjammer Mystery series, get ready to set sail from the coast of Maine to go on an adventure. For Brie Beaumont, a Minneapolis PD detective who's on medical leave, she needed to get away from it all and relax on a sailing voyage. But it wasn't exactly smooth sailing for her and her shipmates, when they traveled to Granite Island. First, there's tension between one of the first mates and a couple of the fellow travelers. To calm down tempers, they had to prepare for a storm and ride it out at the dock. For Brie and the others, that became the first bump they've reached on their trip. While they docked for the night, someone screamed and alerted them of the murder of one of them on the Maine Wind windjammer, it's up to Brie to put on her detective's cap and solve this mystery. While grounded for the day, Brie needed to investigate this crime and looked for answers that's laid ahead of the ship. Meanwhile, she couldn't find the attraction she felt for Captain John DuLac, while tragedy strikes again for the Maine Wind, when someone confessed and committed suicide. Nothing looks or appears as it seams for Brie, while she needed to go for a closer look herself. And that lead her right into danger on the ocean with an unknown enemy who wants to run her aground.

This was a compelling and intrigue debut for this mystery series from Jenifer LeClair. I did learn a lot about sailing lore and how to sail anyboat. I did care about Brie and her sailing journey off the coast of Maine--and I had also find Du Lac a bit fascinating and smashing as well for a captain. I did like some of the characters, while the others I couldn't stand. I did like the riveting locations on and off the sailboat and the mainland of Maine for the gripping scenery. This would take you on an adventure and right there on the sailboat, when you conquer a storm like no other. This has plenty of drama, non-stop action, intrigue, a hint of romance, and lots of mystery.

WIll you get ready to set sail in Rigged for Murder?

Monday, September 4, 2017

All or Nothing at All

In Jennifer Probst's All or Nothing at All, the third installment in the Billionaire Builders contemporary romance series, this tear-jerking novel would have you weeping by the time you finish your book. Sydney Greene had known Tristan Pierce all of her life and had practically grown up with him, until they became a couple. But when Tristan decided to leave for NYC, Sydney had a secret of her own: that she was pregnant with his child. But before she could utter the words, Tristan left her in shattered pieces. Fast forward to seven years, when Sydney's a single mother to her daughter Becca, when she wanted to take charge and become CFO of the Pierce Brothers construction company. Although it had been a year since Tristan returned to Harrington, she had to convince everyone she was ready for this promotion including him. From the instant they've worked on their first house together and were locked inside, the sparks between them continued to fly, while she kept her distance from him. She could never forget how cold he was to her then and possibly now. But the closer they worked together, he had gotten to know each other better and Becca too. For Sydney, she vowed now to fall in love with him, when it slowly gave herself away. And after her birthday, she decided to reveal the truth to him about Becca. When he discovered about it, he made a deal with her to marry him or else. Forced into  marriage of convenience and living with him, they've rediscovered each other and fall in love again, until Sydney waited to hear the words she longed to hear for a happy ending of her own.

This was so beautiful and emotionally packed with heart-wrenching scenes from start to finish.  This made me cry for most of the scenes and bring out a hanky to dry my eyes. I instantly cared for Sydney and Becca and how she did the best she could as a single mother, while she protected her heart from being hurt and broken again. I did think Tristan and his brothers as hot eye-candy to make you swoon and fan yourselves. This took my heart places as I've entered their world like no other romance with their love story. I loved the idealistic and idyllic location of Harrington New York from the building sites to the mansion and beyond. This would make you weep, sigh, swoon, and your heart race with tons of romance, non-stop action, drama and intrigue.

Will you put your heart on the line to give you all or nothing at all?

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Sapphire and Shadow

In Marie Ferrarella's Sapphire and Shadow, the first installment in the A Woman's Life contemporary romance series, you'll be swept away and need a Kleenex for this emotional contemporary romance novel. For Johanna Whitney, she had lived in a sophisticated lifestyle  and a sheltered life. As a mother of a twelve-year-old, she also was married to Harold Whitney, a famous Hollywood director, when their marriage was dead in the water. She had lived through his adultery and his coke-infused jealousy for way too long. After when her best friend died in a plane crash, her life came tumbling down. Her daughter Jocelyn was a bit defiant and followed her nanny's footsteps. When Harry hit her in a rage, that's when she put her foot down and planned to escape. That's when she met Tommy Reed, a former prop carpenter in Harry's production company who became a friend to her. When Harry went to Italy for the movie, things had changed. After feeling so dead and broken inside, Tommy made her come alive and feel wanted again in a fling, though he was a couple year younger than her.  Though she knew it wouldn't last long, she made plans to break free in a big move. After when she was reunited with her high school sweetheart Joshua Mackenzie, a prominent art gallery owner, she could sense things change inside her. And after Harry was arrested in Italy for drug possession, she filed divorce papers and moved to New York City.  From there, she started a new life for her and Jocelyn and took things slow with Joshua, when she began to heal and feel whole again with a happy ending.

This was a beautiful and heartfelt contemporary romance. I instantly cared for Johanna and how she took a chance to make herself free. I became moved to tears on how she'd decided to do what she felt was right and make a clean break for it. I adored Tommy and Joshua and hated Harry with a passion. He had gotten what he had deserved, too. I loved the beautiful scenery from England to New York City. It had beautiful depicted locations in every changing scene. This would make you feel pangs in your heart with your heart strings pulled taut and tight. You would scream, cry, and sigh and root for Johanna every step of the way. This has plenty of drama, non-stop action, intrigue and lots of romance.

Will you be ready to weep in Sapphire and Shadow?

Saturday, September 2, 2017


In Sara Rosett's Elusive, the first installment in the On the Run serial cozy mystery series, hold onto your seats into this action-packed novel that would take you onto an adventure. For Zoe Hunter, she worked as a copy-editor for a travel guidebook series, when her life was turned upside down. When the police informed her that her ex-husband Jack was missing during the storm, they believed she was a suspect, when he was in the trouble with the law and the FBI. On her own, she looked for clues behind Jack's life and later learned abot his partner, Connor Freeman's death. Now she searched for answers in Las Vegas and bumps into him there, who was on the run for his life. While they were being chased by a speeding car, they've been marked for murder and become the hunted. While they worked together to put the pieces together on Connor's double-crossing life, they head to Italy and unearth some shocking truths there. Little did they know, that it only lead them to danger and mystery, when they would later fight for their lives in the explosive ending...

This was a fantastic ground-breaking new serial cozy series that would really take you places near and far. I loved Zoe Hunter and her wild red hair. I thought she was adorable and inquisitive to go find anwers in dangerous places when it came to her ex. I found Jack to be okay and too secretive to say the least, even if it meant to keep her safe from his past. I loved the trio of locations from Dallas to Las Vegas and straight throught to Italy for the vivid and scenic settings from place to place. This would tak you on a wild ride of your own that would make you want to buckle your own seat belts and hang on tight. You would gasp and hold your breath from stop to finish with non-stop action, drama, suspense and plenty of mystery from the first page to the last.

Will you become elusive and go on the run today?