Thursday, September 7, 2017

Rigged for Murder

In Jenifer LeClair's Rigged for Murder, the first installment in the Windjammer Mystery series, get ready to set sail from the coast of Maine to go on an adventure. For Brie Beaumont, a Minneapolis PD detective who's on medical leave, she needed to get away from it all and relax on a sailing voyage. But it wasn't exactly smooth sailing for her and her shipmates, when they traveled to Granite Island. First, there's tension between one of the first mates and a couple of the fellow travelers. To calm down tempers, they had to prepare for a storm and ride it out at the dock. For Brie and the others, that became the first bump they've reached on their trip. While they docked for the night, someone screamed and alerted them of the murder of one of them on the Maine Wind windjammer, it's up to Brie to put on her detective's cap and solve this mystery. While grounded for the day, Brie needed to investigate this crime and looked for answers that's laid ahead of the ship. Meanwhile, she couldn't find the attraction she felt for Captain John DuLac, while tragedy strikes again for the Maine Wind, when someone confessed and committed suicide. Nothing looks or appears as it seams for Brie, while she needed to go for a closer look herself. And that lead her right into danger on the ocean with an unknown enemy who wants to run her aground.

This was a compelling and intrigue debut for this mystery series from Jenifer LeClair. I did learn a lot about sailing lore and how to sail anyboat. I did care about Brie and her sailing journey off the coast of Maine--and I had also find Du Lac a bit fascinating and smashing as well for a captain. I did like some of the characters, while the others I couldn't stand. I did like the riveting locations on and off the sailboat and the mainland of Maine for the gripping scenery. This would take you on an adventure and right there on the sailboat, when you conquer a storm like no other. This has plenty of drama, non-stop action, intrigue, a hint of romance, and lots of mystery.

WIll you get ready to set sail in Rigged for Murder?

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