Thursday, September 21, 2017

Love, Honour and O'Brien

In Jennifer Rowe's Love, Honour, and O'Brien, the first installment in the Holly Love cozy mystery series, you'll be in for a surprise and have a good laugh at it too. Holly Love had met the man of her dreams, when she prepared to marry Andrew McNish. But before she knew it, he took off on her on her wedding day--and he had taken all of her money and belongings with him too. Besides herself with disbelief, Holly has no money, no place to life or food to eat. Set out to track Andrew Nish, she hired a PI named O'Brien. While she waited to get answers from him in a few days, he turned up dead in his office. Nowhere else to go, she temporarily took shelter in his home and fed his parrot. That's when she met a new friend named Abigail Honour, a psychic who had predicted a fortune for her. As she was in attempts to track him down, a woman named Una Maggott needed O'Brien's services to help her find somebody in Mealey Marshes. Unbeknownest to her, she had became entangled into a web of lies to look for McNish in her house and prove that somebody was out to get her. Under the guise of Holly Cage as a PI, she met Una's house mates and look for clues there. She also became hired by Trevor Purse, a butcher, who believes his wife is cheating on him. When Holly tracked his wife down, they became ensnared into a trap with menancing thugs who tailed her to Una's home... looking for McNish as well. That's when things become entangled and unraveled as the truth comes out with Holly's identity and later what Una kept secrets besides lies of her own in a surprisng ending.

This was a charming and humours new cozy series debut from Jennifer Rowe. They were one too many good scenes that would make you laugh your heart out. I did care for Holly and her plight to look for Andrew, but come up short-handed as an unlicensed PI. I did think Abigail was a hoot and Una was a nasty old woman. I did love the vast scenic settings and location in Australia that came to life for me. This would make you shake your head, wrinkle your nose, gasp and groan throughout the novel. This has action, non-stop drama, plenty of good laughter and a hint of mystery.

Will you take a chance on Love, Honour and O'Brien today?

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