Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 book challenges and January book reads

Happy new year everyone! Instead of listing all of my book reads for the year, I'm going to do it monthly, at the end of the month, like today. I'll also be adding my 2010-2011 crossover reads that's left over on the list. First, I'll list the challenges for the year. All of them are small this year.

TBR Top 12 picks:
1. Bad Blood by Linda Fairstein
2. Kiss of Midnight by Lara Adrian
3. Red Lily by Nora Roberts
4. White Doves at Morning by James Lee Burke
5. Cooking Up Murder by Miranda Bliss
6. Pandora's Clock by John Nance
7. Still Life by Louise Penny
8. The Boneyard by Michelle Gagnon
9. Bait by Karen Robards
10. Whale Song by Cheryl Kaye Tardif
11. Payment in Blood by Elizabeth George
12. Silent Scream by Karen Rose

Top 12 Alternates:
1. Speak No Evil by Allison Brennan
2. Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning
3. Bitten by Kelley Armstrong
4. Secrets of the Grave by Tami Hoag
5. The Mark by Jason Pinter
6. Final Approach by Rachel Brady
7. The Ark by Boyd Morrison
8. Without Mercy by Lisa Jackson
9. Assassin's Honor by Monica Burns
10. Love Lessons by Cheryl Holt
11. Deadly Night by Heather Graham
12. The Screaming Room by Thomas O'Callaghan

TBR Lite 6 picks:
1. Chasing the Night by Iris Johansen
2. Boiling Point by Karen Dionne
3. Kill Zone by Vicki Hinze
4. Full Pursuit by Jasmine Cresswell
5. The Big Over Easy by Jasper Fforde
6. The Perfect Couple by Brenda Novak

Mystery Reader Cafe Challenge:
1. Mystery author's last name with "M": Coming Back by Marcia Muller
2. Mystery set in your state or where you're originally from: Tombs of Endearment by Casey Daniels (Ohio).
3. Mystery title using your initials: Kitty Hitter by Andy Straka (leftover from this year's challenge for KH).
4. Amateur Sleuth: Steamed by Jessica Conant-Park
5. Young Adult: Marked by PC Cast (though it's paranormal)

On The Porch Swing challenge:
1. Dark/Black: Touch the Dark by Karen Chance
2. Number in title: 311 Pelican Court by Debbie Macomber
3. One word title: Mutation by Robin Cook
4. Mystery author last name with "K": Gone by Jonathan Kellerman
5. Orange/pink: Blood Orange by Drusilla Campbell
6. YA Sci Fi: The Last Unicorn by Peter Beagle

@Bethfishreads's Challenge:
1. Verb in title: You Can Run by Carlene Thompson
2. Size: Full Moon Rising by Keri Arthur
3. Number in title: 44 Charles Street by Danielle Steele
4. Jewel/Gem: The Jewel of St. Petersburg by Kate Furnivall
5. Evil in title: Fear No Evil by Allison Brennan
6. Life stage: The Wild Child by Mary Jo Putney

Romance Book Club:
1. Romance author first name with "J": Guarded Heart by Jennifer Blake
2. "Kiss" in title: Kiss of Crimson by Lara Adrian
3. Travel/movement: Stop Me by Brenda Novak
4. Historical/Contemporary romance set in Western USA: Summer Secrets by Barbara Freethy (WA)

Here's my list of 2010-2011 crossover books on my TBR pile:
Sketching Evil by Donna Anders
Death Takes a Honeymoon by Deborah Donnelly
Dark Challenge by Christine Feehan
Austenland by Shannon Hale
Dante's Numbers by David Hewson
The Program by Greg Hurwitz
Parallel Attraction by Deidre Knight
Some Like It Wicked by Teresa Medeiros
Handyman by Linda Nichols
Northern Lights by Nora Roberts
Count to Ten by Karen Rose
Die For You by Lisa Unger

Here's my list of non-challenge January TBR reads:
Summer Breeze by Catherine Anderson
Murder With Puffins by Donna Andrews
Jingle Bell Bark by Laurien Berenson
A Stab in the Dark by Lawrence Block
Water Inc. by Varda Burstyn
The Shadow Of Your Smile by Mary Higgins Clark
Animal Appetite by Susan Conant
Dragon by Clive Cussler
Just Desserts by Mary Daheim
My Scandalous Bride by Christina Dodd, etc.
Isle of Palms by Dorothea Frank
To the Brink by Cindy Gerard
The Man with the Load of Mischief by Martha Grimes
Asking for Murder by Roberta Isleib
Past Perfect by Susan Isaacs
Stalemate by Iris Johansen
Justice by Faye Kellerman
Hunger by Jackie Kessler
Dirty Martini by JA Konrath
The Dangers of Deceiving a Viscount by Julia London
Every Breath You Take by Judith McNaught
Exclusive by Fern Michaels
At the Scent of Water by Linda Nichols
Don't Blink by James Patterson
Too Many Cooks by Joanne Pence
My Lost Daughter by Nancy Taylor Rosenberg
Sisters by Danielle Steele
Dirt by Stuart Woods
Brothers in Arms by Marcus Wynne

Starting next month, I'll be reading lots of paranormal romance. But I do have two this month, which is left over from this fall. See you in 1/31/2011 for February's. I'll be back here, once I cross off a title on my list. Happy new year!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tie Dyed and Dead

Last year, I've read the third book in the Josie Toadfern series. This year, I've read the sixth book--I know, I skipped around. In Tie Dyed and Dead, Josie is in charge of laundering the Mayfair sisters costumes for their reunion benefit concert for their mom. The Mayfairs were a big singing group in the sixtes. And when ugly business reared its ugly head, so did some controversy, which also leads to murder. It's up to Josie to get herself out of being a suspect and figured out the aired dirty laundry, when it leads to another mother, and a shocking family secret. Plus, Josie falls in love with her Mr. Right. A great cozies with good stain-busting tips.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Murder List

If you love a fast-paced thriller with hints of romance, you'll enjoy the Murder List. Regan Madison is one of the owners of a hotel franchise chain, who deals with family issues and work. After her two best friends encourage her to attend a seminar, things take a turn for the worse. When Regan's cell phone turns up missing, someone sent her a photo of one of the people on her "murder list.".. who ended up dead. Then she receives a fax with her "murder list" on it. Alec Buchanan is ready to move on to move to Boston and join the FBI. But when he meets Regan, both of their worlds collide. Assigned to bodyguard duty, he protects her from a hidden threat from the killer, and then falls in love. Before he leaves, he believes on a hunch, that they got the wrong killer, and saves her life. What a great read!

~Coming soon, my TBR reading list and challenges, later this week!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

When We Meet Again

If you love great historical romances with a hint of mystery, you'll enjoy When We Meet Again by Victoria Alexander, the 10th book in the Effington Family series. Four years ago, Pamela Effington seduced a prince for one night in Venice--a night they wouldn't forget. Later, they meet again, when Prince Alexi Pruzinsky from Avalonia resided in Pamela's home she had inherited, and thrown in a faux engagement, to save her ruined reputation. Alexi had his own troubles, when he was exiled from his country and pretty much ran out of funds. As they charaded, they fell in love and battled demons and foes who stood in the way, when they realized they were meant to be together.

 I really enjoyed how Pamela and Prince Alexi were reunited after a chance encounter. Both Pamela and Alexi overcame many obstacles from the past and to now to find their way back to each other again. The opening pages had me at hello and gripped me into a fascinating ride about when they first met and their backstory of how they came together. I practically cried tears of joy and happiness throughout this beautiful and harming story. With a touch of mystic intrigue on how Pamela became royalty made it even more enchanted as as timeless classic with a dash of humor. Overall, it was a great novel!

Click here, if you're intrigued in timeless historical romances!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tough Customer

If you love great thrillers, you'll love Sandra Brown's Tough Customer. Dodge Hanley gets a call from Caroline King, a woman from his past, when her daughter was in trouble. From Atlanta, he headed back to Houston as a private eye and met his former love, Caroline and his daughter Berry, who he never met before, since he left when she was born. During this investigation of a stalker/serial killer who wanted to see Berry dead, old memories come back of how he met Caroline and conceived Berry, while Berry dealt with the discovery of Dodge as her birth father and her chemistry with Deputy Sheriff, Ski Nyland. Until they got the bad guy, there was plenty of old and new love, and plenty of drama to the shocking twist in the end.

This was another fantastic romantic suspense. I cared for Dodge, Caroline and Berry as a whole. I loved the interweaving backstory of how he met her and segued her to the present. I loved the Houston backdrop for the background location and settings for this story. This would take you on an emotional roller coaster ride from start to finish, full speed ahead. Great action, plenty of hot romance, intrigue, mystery and suspense to the end.

Will you be a tough customer? If so, pick up a copy today!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ice Cold

In the 8th installment of the Rizzoli and Isles series, you'll enjoy Ice Cold by Tess Gerritsen. When Maura went to Wyoming for a medical conference, she didn't know what she'd gotten herself into with some new friends. Stranded in winter with nowhere to go, they uncovered a secret community called Kingdom Come, when things weren't what they seemed. Things do go from bad to worse, when someone discovered them. For Jane Rizzoli, she received the call that Maura's missing; and days later, she headed to Wyoming with Gabriel and Daniel to find her, with the belief that she died in a fiery car crash. In the middle of the story, you'll get a surprising twist of turns I won't give away, when the shocking truth is revealed on how and why, when there wass a joyful reunion in the end. This is a book you have to read for yourself and not give away any spoilers.

I love the change of pace of scenery from Boston to Wyoming during the winter. I also loved the focus on Maura's journey for survival than the spotlight with Jane on a case.  I also loved how Gabriel and Daniel joined the search party. I felt my tears well up throughout this thriller, esp. on how Maura cared for Julian. This was one of the finest and best thrillers of hers yet.

Ready to embark on a cold journey? Grab a copy right now!

Guarded Heart

It's been about two years, since I've read a historical/contemporary romance by Jennifer Blake. In Guarded Heart, Ariadne Faucher, a widow who's avenging the death of her foster brother, by asking Gavin Blackford to give her fencing lessons. Little did they know, that he would be onto her plot on why she wants him dead, and fall in love with him. But Ariadne had emotional baggage with her birth mother who gave her away, and her Russian servant, who wants her to himself, more for money than in love. Lots of suspense and drama and great scenery for this historical romance. You'll love it.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Probable Claws

In Clea Simon's Probable Claws, the 4th installment in the Theda Krakow feline cozy series, you will fall in love with Theda.  When Theda learned that someone poisoned kittens with bad cat food, she investigated the issue to find out what really went on. When she talked to Dr. Rachel, someone attacked her and then killed Rachel, while they framed her for the murder. While she ws on bail, she tried to put the pieces together in Rachel's life, while she savaged her relationship with Bill as someone sabotaged her journalism career as well. In the end, she discovered the truth with a shocking ending.

This was an enjoyable cozy to read that featured cats. I do care for Theda, while someone set her up for being the fall guy--or shall we say, fall gal. I do love the feline aspect of it, too, when it had put the heart of the matter of animal abuse of the worst and cruel kind. I do love the Boston location with depicted and lovely scenic location and settings. This would make you root for Theda with great drama, non-stop action, some mystery with a hint of intrigue along the way.

Will you have probable claws to pick up this cozy? Check it out today!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Red is an ugly color

If you loved Big Girl by Danielle Steel, you'll love Red by Erica Spindler. Before she was a best-selling thriller author, she was in romantic suspense. Like Big Girl, this dealt with loving yourself for you who are, and it didn't matter what anyone else thought. It's also about fashion, photography and modeling. Becky Lynn Lee was poor and ugly from Mississippi, who came from a broken home and a group rape, when she escaped to California for a new life. Jack Gallagher wanted recognition from his father, when his treated his other son better. Both rage and fury brought Becky and Jack together in California, as they worked together and take on the world, with tons of obstacles in the way. When they fall in love, things were complicated, as they were thrown for a loop as the years fall by. In the end, they let go of the past and move on.

This romantic suspense was beautiful, heartfelt and moving at the same time. While she took a break from his thrillers, this was a touching story. I cried throughout it and felt the same things as Becky did, when she was mistreated in her youth and how she wanted to make a fresh new start. I loved how Jack cared for her, while he found from his own personal demons. They went through a lot, past and present, to get together and have a future of their own. What a beautiful story!

Grab your hankies and pick up a copy today!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Shelter Mountain

If you loved Virgin River, you would love Robyn Carr's Shelter Mountain. In the second installment of the Virgin River series,  This one was another great romance series with dealt with friendship, family, and a great community of neighbors, who looked after one other. For this one, John "Preacher" Middleton wasn't looking for romance, when Paige Lassiter had entered Virgin River, escaping abuse from her husband, and newly pregnant with her second child. From there, they built trust and friendship as they helped her with the divorce and settling in, while they helped take care of each other, including her son Chris. Plus it focused on Brie, Jack's sister, and Mike, Jack's friend, were the main focus in book #3, as in the young couple of Liz and Rick, and Mel's pregnancy with Jack. It had a good flow for the storyline that was enjoying to go back for reading fun.

I continued to love this series and the characters too. This one was moving and touching to my heart. I loved how they pitched in to protect Paige and her family from her abusive husband. I loved how John and the others supported their new found relationship. I loved how we continue to follow in Jack and Mel's relationship and shone the spotlight to others for the future installment in the series. I just want to find my own Virgin River to join that tight community. Lots of romance and plenty of drama to warm your heart after you read it.

Ready to find your own escape? Join hands by buying this romance!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Malicious Intent

If you love forensic thrillers, you'll love this one from debut Australian author, Kathryn Fox. Dr. Anya Creichton is a forensic pathologist, who gets embroiled into a mystery, when someone asked her to look into the death of one girl. Later on, the conspiracy broils, when more links shows up in past and present cases--the same link of a mysterious fiber in their bodies and a trace of herpes. While she finds the connection, she's also dealing with custody battles with her ex on her son, and the haunting memories of her missing sister, Miriam, from years ago. It's up to Anya, and her best friend, Detective Kate Farrer, to connect the dots, when they later discuss the truth and the culprit was someone they knew close by. What a great new read!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dot Dead

If you love a bit of mystery with a hint of romance, you'll love Keith Raffel's Dot Dead. Ian Michaels works for a Silicon Valley company, when he was assaulted by someone coming home from work. Not only that, the next day, his maid, Gwendolyn Goldberg, turns up dead on his bed. The police are after Ian, since they believe he's a couple, due to some evidence hints that way, when he never met her before. On the day of his funeral, he meets Rowena, Gwen's sister, who helps her discover who killed her. Not only that, once Ian's on bail, things turns a nosedive at work, when his presentation for his company didn't go as planned, along with the funeral. While Rowena and Ian investigate the murder, the cops are against them, while other suspects turns up suspicious, including Ian's boss Paul. When they're closing in on each other, the clues are obvious, as Ian and Rowena fall in love with each other. In the end, there's a surprise that you didn't see coming. Good suspense for a debut mystery author!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Waking Evil

If you love a hot new romantic suspense series, you'll love Kylie Brant's Mind-hunters series. When a dead girl's body is found in the bottom of the pond, Ramsey Clark is on the scene, who works for the TBI. From there, she butts head with Devlin Stryker, who's sort of a paranormal expert. Both of them have something in common, other than their attraction for each other: they both have baggage from the past. On this case, they discover this small town has a secret of its own of a religious nature, when the person they're after, is right under their nose. Great drama, great romance, and a great new series. Although this is the 2nd in the series, I can't read to wait more in 2012.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Rain Storm

If you loved a great action-adventure/spy/thriller, you'll enjoy the John Rain series by Barry Eisler. Rain Storm, the third in the series, John is a Japanese asassain, who's being followed by someone. He doesn't trust anyone, not his girlfriend or his co-workers, who probably ratted him out. From Japan to Macau to Hong Kong and the USA, we follow John on his mission to take out his targets and to dangerously fall in love with Delilah, an exotic beauty. Non-stop action for a quick read.

Friday, November 26, 2010


If you love a great mystery, you'll enjoy the 17th installment in Nevada Barr's Anna Pigeon series. In Burn, Anna Pigeon was on leave, and visited a friend in New Orleans, far away from her husband Paul, when someone tossed her dead pigeons. Claire Sullivan was on the run from the law in Seattle, when her house burned down, and accused for starting the fire and killing her husband and two kids. She believed, her kids were her life, and her husband had something to do with it, when his lies beneath the surface. When Anna met Claire, posing as Jordan, both women collided to work together  on a mystery of voodoo and human trafficking into a dark world of how people can be so vile to kids. This is a great read.

This was a startling and shocking read. I did feel bad for Anna, who was away from her new husband, Paul. I also felt a pang for Claire, when her husband sold her own kids and started the fire. How cruel can he be, when Claire took the rap for a weasel like him? I did like the central location of New Orleans for the storyline in this novel. This made me feel numb and cold all over. I was glad that Anna bonded with Claire to help her out and get her children back, though I was worried for both of them dealing with a monster. Great drama, good tense action and intrigue, with plenty of suspense for this mystery all the way.

Check out Burn right away!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Grave Mistake

If you love hot, daring and sexy romantic suspenses, you'll love this new one set in New Orleans by Stella Cameron. Jilly Gable has a lot to going for her. She's in love with her best friend, Guy Gautreaux, who might return to the NOPD. She's also trying to reconnect with her mother, Edith, who abandoned her, when she was a baby, and trying to fit in with her step-father, her half-sister-in-law and her husband. But little did they know, that a cold case murder, new fresh murders, and the attempts on her life and her mom's are all related into one big mystery. Someone wanted to do harm to her, and it's close to her than she thinks. Before she's become another victim, it's up to Guy to find out who and why, before it's too late. What a good read.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Beautiful Lies

If you love a powerful read for a thriller, you'll love this debut novel from Lisa Unger. In Beautiful Lies,  Ridley Jones was a freelance author in New York City, when her life changed in an instant. When she saved a boy from being abducted, someone sent her cryptic notes and old newspaper clippings. She then met Jake, her boyfriend and lover, who had a dark past. She remembered past conversations with her parents and her brother Ace, who was a druggie. When she met Christian Luna, a man claiming to be her father, things changed again. She now became someone's target. It made her question her identity and those to trust, until she got down to the truth, for a journey of no other, when her life shifted once more. What a great start for a new thriller series.

This was a fantastic thriller debut. Non-stop action with a picturesque New York City location for the scenery. Ridley Jones was an interesting character as an author. For her father and Jake, they were both loose cannons.  As for Ace, I didn't like him as much. She dealt with some many things being thrown at her, I bet it was hard for her to keep it all in check. But I cared for her and liked her a lot.  With page-turning suspense, you'll want to read it more and literally couldn't put it down.

Ready to escape in a good thriller? Check this out today!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Shadow Zone

This is another great thriller by Iris Johansen and her son, Roy. In Shadow Zone, Hannah Bryson was a marine architect, who discovered some secrets from Marinth, a lost legend like Atlantis. On her way of discovering more mysteries, it had been stolen by Vincent Gadaire, who wanted him for his ill reasons. She ran into someone from her past, Nicholas Kirov. Together, they team up to retrieve the stolen artifacts and go over the world, even to Greece, where Melis Nemid, a returning character from Fatal Tide, wanted it for her museum. Along the way, they ran into ruthless people and made new friends, until they could destroy any evidence of a possible aquatic Armageddon. What a rush!

This was another fantastic thriller by Iris and Roy Johansen. I loved how Melis returned to this novel for a special guest character appearance. I loved the backdrop of the storyline of the search for Atlantic continued in this novel. I thought Nicholas was an interesting character for Hannah to meet. I loved the worldly locations for this novel and the marine theme as well. Though Hannah and Nick had brought some heat, the scenic depictions, the fast-paced action sequences and tons of drama were added for this awesome thriller.

Ready to search for Atlantis? Check this out today!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Black Orchid

If you love a good new romantic suspense author, you'll enjoy Black Orchid. Jordan Quinn is an orchid grower in the Naples area, who's estranged from her husband, when she gets embroiled into the mystery of his disappearance and then death. What makes it hard for her, is her attraction to her former lover, Seth Cypress, a Seminole Indian. When people from the Panther team are killed or attacked, she feared from her life, as her late husband Lawrence might be onto a miracle cure for the lenti-virus on animals. As she gets closer to the truth, she learns a shocking family secret that rocked the world, while she gets back together to Seth and his family. This is an enjoyable read.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Death in Bloodhound Red

I've started to read this series a few years ago and haven't finished the series since. There's one more book left I need to read next year to read the whole series. This is a great mystery featuring Jo Beth Sidden, who's a search and rescue dog handler, who searches for missing people, does drug sweeps, and sniffs out the bad guys. Jo Beth also has troubles of her own with a violent ex-husband and a few people who want her heart, as she runs, breeds and trains her own bloodhounds. If you love a good mystery with dogs, this one is good for you.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Hot Blooded

Lisa Jackson's romantic suspense novels keeps getting better in every one. In Hot Blooded, Dr. Samantha Leeds is a radio psychologist in New Orleans at night. Someone prank called her at home, and on the line, making insinuating suggestions on sins and retribution, claiming himself as "John." Meanwhile, Detectives Montoya and Bentz are on a hunt of a serial killer who killed prostitutes. As the threat level is series, so is the danger she faces. Someone wants to do her in. It could be her ex-boyfriend, ex-husband, a disgruntled co-worker at the radio station, or even Ty Wheeler, her new love interest. Especially when there's a connection to the past that haunts her, she's closer to the dangerous truth than she realizes. What an great thrill ride for this one.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Deja Dead

This is another great forensic series. And if you like Patricia Cornwell's Scarpetta series, you'll love Temperance Brennan. She's an anthropologist, divorced with an adult daughter. When a body turns up mutilated and dismembered, Brennan's on the scene. While she looks over the body, she remembers a similar case like that from a few years ago. As she compares those cold cases, she has a tough battle convincing her Canadian colleagues, until things do add up. Meanwhile, her best friend Gabby is in trouble and disappears every now and then. When she winds up dead, it becomes personal for a hunt of a serial killer on her hands, when those cold cases connect the dots to the variables, until she becomes the next victim. What a great into to the series. If you love BONES, you'll notice that the only thing that's the same is Brennan and her job. The rest is different.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Killer Mousse

This is a delightful new cozy culinary cozy series to read. In Killer Mousse, the first book in the Dela Cooks Mystery series, Della Carmichael, a widow, who had just gotten her own cooking show on TV, and was making recipes in front of a live audience. On the first day of the set, someone ended up murdered, and she was now the prime suspect. While the police investigated the crime, Della started her own investigation, and ran into a reporter, who she was attracted to, and butted heads with. As she'd gotten closer to the truth, more people ended up killed. Before she knew it, she wind up next on the list. This has yummy recipes, too. 

In this introduction to this culinary cozy series, we do get to know more about Della herself and how her TV career started. I did care for Della and her niece Eileen and for John and especially for Shannon. As for Nick, he was an interesting character to come across my page. They had interesting chemistry together for starters. We do get a feeling, that not all things happen live in front of the camera. Delicious dessert recipes to boot as well to do at home. This culinary cozy is to die for and make you want to devour the reading in one setting or two.

Ready to whip up a good dish? Check this book out this week!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I'm Watching You

In Karen Rose's I'm Watching You, the third installment in the  romantic suspense series, and  set in Chicago, for ASA Kristen Mayhem, she held a painful dark secret of her past. While prosecuting people in her court case, someone had decided to execute those who failed the justice system, claiming he was her "humble servant." One by one, they were wiped ou, as a serial killer knew her secrets and sent her letters. For Detective Abe Reagan, he also had a troubled past, who had sworn to protect her, along with his family, while he fell in love her again as they healed each other entirely. But as they become closer, a bitchy reporter and someone with the grudge had made her a personal target to make her scared. In the end, they found out the truth and revealed their secrets that meld them together with glue. Another great romantic suspense!

This was another great romantic suspense novel by Karen Rose.  I cared about Kristen and Abe. I didn't like this criminal to serve his own vigilante justice. I loved how Abe and Kristen came together and tag-teamed to nab the bad guy. I continued to love the Chicago location for the setting. This would make you cringe and sigh, a couple of times. Great drama, terrific drama and red-hot romance, and plenty of intrigue along the way.

Who's watching you buy this book? Check it out today!

The Murder Room

This is another fantastic Adam Dagliesh mystery by PD James. In this novel set in England, there's the Dupayne Museum which has a Murder Room--a room which showcased actual unsolved murders in that room from England's past, which an attached history to it. It's owned and managed by two brothers and a sister, who are fighting for it's closure or staying open. Suddenly, there's a copycat killer who have killed somebody outside of the room, and later, inside the room. It's up to Adam Dagliesh and his team to figure out who's the killer before someone else is next. When there's a third victim, they start to add up the pieces, one by one, to find out who's the killer. Plus, Adam's relationship with Emma is tested, when they're at a crossroads. A fantastic read.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Mary Anna Evans's Artifacts was the first book in the Faye Longchamp series that started her journey. Faye Longchamp was a biracial archeology student, who lived on Joyeuse island, Florida, when there were hidden family secrets, and a long lost treasure. While she saved her island from becoming a resort, she encountered two dead bodies from her fellow students, and an old skeleton from an old cold case. Joe, her Native American friend, became under suspicion for their deaths, while Magda Stockard, her professor, was suspicious of Faye's address and behavior. This also started the romance between Faye and Joe, too.  In the end, Faye connected the dots of the past and present, when their lives were  stuck in the middle of a hurricane.

This was a fascinating introduction to the Faye Longchamp series.  I found Faye's background was quite interesting and amusing at the same time as well. Joyeuse Island, Florida, was an unusual backdrop for the location, since I never heard of it. I liked the concept of treasure hunting and archeology seemed to go hand and hand. And Joe and Magda were an unusual bunch of characters. Great drama with a built-up mystery, good action for light reading, and a spark of a possible romance made this a good series.

Ready to find some artifacts? Grab a copy today!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Strangers in the Night

If you love great romantic suspense novels, you'll enjoy this trio of short stories in Strangers in the Night by Linda Howard. In Lake of Dreams, Thea Marlow dreamt of making love to her dream lover. When she met him in person, they realized they were meant to be through the hands of time, interpreting their dreams, when they were falling in love and fought for what they want. In Blue Moon, Sheriff Jackson Brody had been called to Deliliah Jones's home, and became under her spell. She was no witch, but she had healing powers and predicted they were meant to be by his aura. In White Out, Hope Jackson was stuck in a cabin during a blizzard, when Price Tanner needed mouth-to-mouth resusitation to warm him up. When there was a radio broadcast on an escaped convict, she didn't know what to believe. When the truth came out, they planned a future together. Three times the romance and suspense.

This was a lovely introduction of three romantic short stories in this one collection for this novel. Each one had something different with a cute little storyline premise from dreams, to auras, and then first aid during a blizzard. I cared about the three couples in a short amount of time. I loved each central specific location for this short story collection. All of them were strangers in the night too, per se.  Great drama, good action and romance, and lots of intrigue and mystery.

Will you be a stranger in the night? Pick up a copy tonight!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Water's Lovely

This book was different than her Wexley mystery series. This was an excellent stand-alone thriller. In the Water's Lovely, thirteen years ago, Ismay Sealand's step-father drowned in the bathroom. Years later, she maintained a close friendship with her sister Heather, while she grabed hold onto her boyfriend Andrew, who didn't like her. Actually, it tore them apart. When her boyfriend's newest flame gets murdered, she suspected Heather did it, as she suspected Heather drowned their step-father. Meanwhile, Marion Melville was striking it rich by being a caretaker for elderly neighbors and had fallen in love with one. When she gotten a hold of the tape Ismay recorded on her feelings, she blackmailed her, until she had enough. When Andrew returned to Ismay, she became closer to her, until she snapped and gotten the tape back from Marion. Then she confronted Heather with the truth of what happened. It had a surprising ending for the final scene I wouldn't give away.

My first thoughts was that Ruth Rendell should write more thrillers along with her mysteries. This one held me in suspense from page one to the end. It left me feeling cold and winter all over. For Ismay and Heather, they had a love-hate relationship with each other, when it left a trail of a mystery in the end.  I didn't care for much on Marion's richness either. But somehow everything came in full circle. I loved the Welsh background for this one as well. You would be hooked on her mysteries as well.

Ready, set go! Grab a copy today!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Shoot From the Lip

 In Leann Sweeney's  Shoot From the Lip, the 4th book in the Abby Rose series,  Abby dealt with a reality show that wants to reunite a family together. For Emma Lopez, she wanted to be reunited with her long-lost sister and find out the truth on her mom's disappearance. While dodging the press, they unearthed skeletons in the closet, when a dead baby was found, and questions were asked. Abby decided to investigate this matter further, when the killer was on her tail and had killed her source. As Abby got close to the truth, a killer closed in on her family and made her a target, while Jeff dealt with a family crisis of his own. This is a jam-packed good read for a cozy.

I loved the floral theme in this delightful cozy. We do get to know more about Abby's family a bit better, while she was off to solve another mystery. We also watch the chemistry between Abby and Jeff a bit more. There's a bunch of drama over here in this story, when it dealt with reality TV.  You'll be hooked by every single gripping page.

Ready for a nice cozy read? Pick up a copy today!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shopaholic Takes Manhattan

Shopaholic Takes Manhattan was the second installment in the Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella. Becky Bloomwood was in debt again, and she was in over her head, while things were going strong with her and Luke. When there was word of a move to New York, she didn't know what to believe, until she heard it from Luke. Whey they moved to New York, her debt and her problems chased her there, while things were complicated for her relationship with Luke, as she was obsessed with his business, which was falling apart. When word hit New York, her life fell apart, and they had a row. While  they were trying to fix things, it worsened until it exploded, until she moved back home to clean up her debt, and did things on her own. Luke did chase her down to New York with a proposal of his own. Another great book in the series.

This was another charming chick lit novel for the Shopaholic series, though I haven't finished reading the series, when it was out of order. I loved the dual locations of London and NYC for this explosive and hilarious chick lit. I thought of Becky and Luke's relationship were charming as well, while they've tried to work things out. I loved the hilarious witty bits inside of it too. Like in real life, we all have to watch our budgets to avoid debt, especially when shopping. Great witty charm, nice storyline, with a sizzling chemistry between Becky and Luke.

Want some giggles? Why not check it out and buy it today?


Sunday, September 26, 2010

One Lovely Blog Award

On September 15th, my book review blog has received its first blog award ever by Angela Donner at Library Book Reads. Now, I'm displaying the award and will be hunting for 15 new blogs this week to pick the winner of this award. Check it out.

Mad Mouse

In Chris Grabenstein's Mad Mouse, the 2nd book in the John Ceepak mystery series, they return to Sea Haven to solve another mystery. When Danny and his friends were hanging out, preparing for the Labor Day fair, someone struck them with a paintball. But when there was flying bullets aiming for them, it wasn't for fun. Someone was out to get them, making Danny and his friends prime targets of a sniper. When one of his friends had gotten shot and another one was murdered, it was more than random became personal, especially with 1996 Derek Jeter baseball trading cards as clues, along with comics. It was up to Danny and Ceepak to find out who was the sniper. And when they find him, they'll discover another surprise with a shocking twist. Another great mystery for a quick read.

This was another humorous and suspenseful John Ceepak mystery. I continued to care about Danny and Ceepak, especially when his friends were injured and murdered by those bullets. I loved the central location of Sea Haven down the Jersey shore for this series. This would keep you in suspense and intrigued with every page turn with shocking twists and turns to keep you guessing. Great drama, excellent intrigue and suspense with lots of non-stop action and mystery straight to the end.

Will you check out Mad Mouse this weekend? Pick it up today!


 In Effigies, the third installment in the Faye Longchamp series by Mary Anna Evans,  Faye and Joe were in Mississippi on another archeological site, when there's a lot of problems going on over there. First, there was this mound the owner wouldn't let anybody touch. During a protest, they were almost bulldozed over in the way. Then, during a chase, a murder happened, where everyone became a suspect, when they found an arrowhead. At a fair, a popular politician announced he was almost lynched by a KKK member, back in the '60s, when racial hatred was hot, and wanted justice on who saved his life, and who wanted him dead. To make matters worse, someone poisoned him with his medication. While Faye and Joe found out what went on, they couldn't believe who was behind all of this, now and then, and why. Even Faye discovered a hint of romance with Joe in their blossoming relationship. Another good read. 

This was a tense archeological series. I loved how it dealt with the history of our past, when racial tensions went high on racism and prejudice. I continue to love how it dealt with an archeological treasure as the twist. I loved how this brought Faye and Joe closer together. I thought to have the location in the deep south as in Mississippi were perfect for this tough storyline. Great drama, good action and a spark of chemistry, too.

Ready to find an effigy? Give this one a try!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Have You Seen Her?

In Karen Rose's Have You Seen Her?, the 2nd installment in the romantic suspense series, this dealt with Special Agent Steven Thatcher, when he was on a hunt for a serial killer. He delicately handled issues with his family and meddling aunt. He also became jealous, when he fell in love with Jenna Marshall, his eldest son's high school chemistry teacher. Not only that, she dealt with vandalism and other crimes that hit close to her home or school, when she failed the star quarterback in class. A lot of pressure was coming from the other side, when scare tactics escalated and missing high school cheerleaders turned up dead under their noses. And they suspected everyone who was suspicious, with a shocking twist close to the end on who was really the serial killer. What a great rush to read. 

This was another spectacular romantic suspense. I cared about Steven and Jenna and her high school students. This novel handled school shootings/killings in the most gentlest and less violent way. I loved the North and South Carolina dual locations for this novel, too. This made me moan and groan and shake my head in maddening disbelief. Great drama, excellent non-stop action and hot romance, and plenty of intrigue all the way to the shocking ending.

Have you read Have You Seen Her? If not, please check it out today!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Fine and Bitter Snow

If you love a good easy read, you'll enjoy this mystery. It's the fifth in the Kate Shugak series and is set in Alaska. In A Fine and Bitter Snow, one of Kate's friends, Dan O'Brien, is pressured to go into early retirement by not going "green." It's up to Kate to start the campaign to get his job back. When two of Kate's grandparents's friends, Ruthe and Dina are attacked, Dan's hands are covered with blood. With Dina gone and Ruthe clinging to life, it's up to Kate and Jim to figure out who done it and why, especially when someone else is killed, and before Kate's next. With a close knit of suspects, it's anyone's guess.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Frill Kill

In Frill Kill, Carmela Bertrand gets entangled into a crime, when someone got murdered in the back alley, and she'd gotten attacked. Nonetheless, it helped her best friend's business bloom along with her own scrapbooking shop. Carmela and her friends tried to find out who framed one of Ava's employers, when they'd gotten invested in circus acts and fashion, along with a love triangle for Carmela, battling between her soon-to-be ex-husband, and a hasty news reporter. A great new cozy with great crafty ideas.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Beyond Reach

This is a powerful thriller by Karin Slaughter. This is the sixth book in the Grant county series, though I'm reading the series out of order. In Beyond Reach, When Detective Lena Adams ends up in trouble, it's up to her boss, Chief Jeffrey Tolliver and his wife, Sara Linton, to come to her rescue. Not knowingly, she's entwined into a mess of corrupt cops and small town lies in a small Georgia Town. Even for Lena, she discovers the truth on her twin sister and her mother. With every twist and turn, there's a shocking twist in the end. What a powerful read.

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Search

This  was another smash hit for Nora Roberts's romantic suspense. Set in Orcas Island, Washington, Fiona Bristow was a search and dog rescue handler, and a survivor from great loss from eight years ago, when her fiancĂ© and his dog was killed by a serial killer. When she met Simon Doyle, she had gotten more than she bargained for, when she taught his dog obedience as her new client. Now, years later, when there was a trail of missing women who were found there, there was a new killer to finish off the job, when the serial killer left off,and went off script. It was up to Fiona to beat him to the punch, and find new happiness with Simon, the man she now loves in The Search.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

True Evil

In Greg Iles's True Evil, he delivered us another compelling thriller from him. Set in Mississippi,  before FBI Agent Alex Morse's sister Grace died from a strange stroke, she informed Alex that her husband was responsible for it, and set off a chain reaction of events. After she informed Dr. Chris Shepard that his wife was cheating on him and wanted him dead, he didn't believe her... until later. That's until there was proof of her affair and her connection to her divorce lawyer and his accomplice, who killed people with cancer. When Chris was injected with it, he believed how his wife could be cruel. It was now up to Alex and Chris to stop them before it was too late for them. What an action packed thrill ride!

This was another compelling thriller from the master of suspense himself. I loved the Mississippi settings for the location of this novel. I cared about Chris and Alex and how it brought them together to face an unknown and unlikely evil like no other. This had sent chills down my spine and left me cold in the end, shaking my head. Great drama, good action, suspense, intrigue and mystery!

Will you encounter true evil today? If not, give this book a read today!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Blueberry Muffin Murder

Earlier this year, I've read the first two books in the series. Now I've read the third and immensely enjoyed it. In Blueberry Muffin Murder, Hannah prepares to make the cake for the Lake Eden Winter Carnival. When Connie Mac, a famous and bitter cooking celebrity, comes to town, everyone feels the wrath of her unpleasantness and bossiness. It wasn't until later, when Hannah discovers her in her candy shop, which became a crime scene. Hannah's now on the scene to find out who killed her, and some surprising secrets along the way, until she uncovers another dead body in the lake. Then things became intense, until the murder's after Hannah, someone she knows. Plus, her love triangle heats up between Mike and Norman. Yummy recipes included.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Act of Treason

If you love a great political thriller, you'll enjoy this Mitch Rapp novel. This is the 9th one in the series. Act of Treason dealt with the explosion of a president-elect's brigade, which killed eighteen people. It was up to Mitch and the CIA to find out who was responsible for the hit. In the USA and overseas, Mitch discovered it was most than terrorism. It boiled down to a cover-up from someone close to home, who became a traitor to the country. A great quick read for an edge-of-the-seat thriller.

This one had a lot of intense action in this political thriller. I loved the fact, that this had a political angle as well that went straight to the White House. I loved how Mitch Rapp was there in the scene. I liked the Washington D.C.-Arlington backdrop as well. This was most definitely be a nail-biter and keep you second guessing. Great drama, non-stop action in every page, and plenty of tension to go high.

Ready to stop a traitor? Grab a copy this weekend! 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

As Husbands Go

It's been a few years, since I read a Susan Isaacs novel. In As Husbands Go, Susan Gerstein realizes her husband, Jonah, is missing. A few days later, this mother of triplets, finds out he's been murdered in a call girl's apartment. She questions her husband, her family and friends, on Jonah and his motives. When she discovers the truth, that he didn't cheat on her, she discovers a hidden plot on who killed him and why, once she gotten closure. This novel has its moments with bits of humor and drama.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Murder on a Hot Tin Roof

A few years ago, I read the first Paige Turner series, Murderers Prefer Blondes. It's been a few years since I read another book. Murder on a Hot Tin Roof have been on my TBR list for 2 years. Out of 5 books in the series, this is the fourth one. The last one came out in 2007. But nonetheless, this cozy series takes place in the 1950s to give it some historical fiction flare with delicate details. When Abby and Paige sees Murder on a Hot Tin Roof, the understudy fills in for the lead, who's sick. After his stellar performance, he's found murder. It's up to Paige and Abby to find out who, with an interesting array of characters, when they dig into his past. Plus, Paige deals with her relationship's changes with Dan and a new surprise for her at work. A good read.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Zero Game

This is another great thriller by Brad Meltzer, which deals with politics and a bit of science. In The Zero Game, two congressmen, Matthew Mercer and Harris Saddler, are playing a game of gambling into a betting war. When Mercer is killed, things turned bad to worse. It's up to Saddler to find out who killed him, and what's behind the game behind one bill. With help from a page, Viv Parker, they're on a run from a contract killer, as more deaths pile up on their friends. From D.C. to South Dakota, they discover an unused mine to use and hide from a secret government experiment that might start another world war. A race to the finish, before they're outnumbered to find the truth. What a great thrill ride.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Darling Dahlias

The Darling Dahlias and the Cucumber Tree is a new series from Susan Wittig Albert, that has a bit of a historical fiction flare to it--it takes place in the 1930s. And instead of Texas, it's in Alabama. This deals with a gardening club in the fictional town of Darling Alabama. Since Darling was a small town, they knew everyone there. But someone they knew was murdered, they learned secrets and lies of her past life and found out who she was murdered, while dealing with a local ghost. A delightful new mystery series.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Dying Breath

If you love good thrillers, you'll enjoy Wendy Corsi Staub's Dying Breath. This one is set in New Jersey and mainly at the New Jersey shore. Camden Hastings has developed psychic versions of missing teenagers, while she discovers her newfound pregnancy. She's struggles being a single mom to her teenage daughter and still love her estranged husband. She has dealt with the memories of an absent mother, a lost sister, and visits from her father. One by one, those visions come true, during that summer. And this deranged serial kidnapper and killer might becoming after her daughter next, when she comes close of realizing who it is, before it's too late. What an action great read. Dying Light is a sequel, which came out last year--I'll be reading it next year

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Two for the Dough

Earlier this year, I've read One for the Money and loved it. It has a bit of a cozy, chick lit and romantic comedy in it. Now, I've finished the second book in the series, Two for the Dough, when Stephanie butt heads with Morelli, as things heat up for them, as they're after a maniac who chopped off body parts from dead bodies. Plus, he's also Morelli's cousin. As Stephanie closes in on him, her life and her family's lives are in danger, when she comes neck to neck with him to the end. A great read with lots of humor to make you smile. I'll be reading more hopefully this fall or next year.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


In the second installment of the Faye Longchamp series by Mary Anna Evans, Relics, the adventure continued for Faye and Joe, when they were at an archaeological dig in Alabama. The loyalties were divided by two racial neighborhoods--the Sujosa and the Alcaskians, when a hidden secret was unearthed from old history. It started out with fire, when things escalated and gotten out of hand. The chemistry between Faye and Joe continued from partners to friends and possibly something more. When someone was murdered, things had worsened from there between both rival gangs, until Faye and Joe discovered who's the culprit, and then they might be next on the list. A great read for the series.

This was another good read for the series. I loved how it continued with the deep south theme, like this one in Alabama. I liked how Joe and Faye worked together, when the chemistry between them grew and blossomed into love and romance. I thought the racial divide in this mystery was pretty good and spot on as well. I continue to love the archeological theme, when this book was a treasure of its own. Good drama,  nice hint of romance, and plenty of intriguing action from start to finish.

Want to cherish a relic? Pick up a copy today!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


In this sequel of Copycat, Kitt and M.C. returned in Erica Spindler's Breakneck. In the second installment of the Kitt Lundgren series, when Matt Martin was killed, it was up to the detectives to find out why. When it hit close to home for M.C. twice, they tried to connect the dots, especially when the FBI was involved. Enthralled into a net of cyber-thieves, it was now up to Lundgren and Riggio who was in charge of it all. In the middle of winter, it was up to Kitt, who was trying to resuscitate her marriage, and M.C., who was personally involved into this mess, to work together as a team, right to the end. Lots of action-packed chapters to keep you guessing to the very end.

This was another shocking good thriller, when it dealt with cyber-crime. We continue to care more for MC and Kitt, who were both going through some hard time and tough decisions in their lives. Once again, Kitt wanted more redemption in her career and fix things that were once broken in her life. For MC, she'd been dealt a hard blow in her life. I cried when she lost her fiancé, and when there was some friction between Joe and Kitt. I also grieved for Matt Martin's family as well. I felt all sorts of mixed emotions in this novel.

Ready, set, go! If you're hungry for more, check out a copy of this thriller right now!

Monday, July 19, 2010

A Sense of Evil

In Kay Hooper's Sense of Evil, the 6th installment in the Bishop/Special Crimes Unit series, it was set in a small town in North Carolina, when a serial killer have targeted women. It was up to Agent Isabel Adams and Chief Rafe Sullivan to make the connection from two previous serial killing sprees from the past to this one, and find out who was really out for blood. With the help from Isabel's partner, Hollis, they searched for connections, while Isabel used her powers and discovered a connection between herself and Rafe. And when they realized who it was in the end, it really hit close to home.

This was another terrific paranormal thrilling read in the series. This one gave me more bone-cold chills and plenty of more thrills than before. I love the combination of the psychic paranormal genre with the thriller concept. It really worked out well. I loved the small town connection in North Carolina as well for the location and setting. Great drama, very good non-stop action and suspense with plenty of twists and turns with intrigue and a mystery for sure.

Will you discover a sense of evil, too? If so, take heart with a copy today!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sweet Man is Gone

If you love new mysteries with a twist, you'll enjoy Sweet Man is Gone. Elizabeth "Maxx" Maxwell is trying to get her blues band started before their first gig. But things fall apart, when their guitarist, Jimmy Nashville, was found died. From that moment on, things get hectic, when Stan, an ex-guitarist, gets in their way for a second chance, and trying to find a replacement guitarist gets hairy, when people are canceling out on them. There's tension in the bend, when Jimmy's girlfriend is found dead too. It's up to Maxx to find out who killed them, before she would sing her last blues tune.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Strawberry Shortcake Murder

Earlier this year, I've read the first book in the Hannah Swensen cozy series, the Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder. Now I've recently read the next installment, the Strawberry Shortcake Murder. In this book, Hannah's in charge of a bake-off contest as one of the judges, when she gets involved into the next murder, just weeks after she helped solve the first one. Still in winter, Boyd Watson's is found dead. And everyone is a suspect, including his wife Danielle. When Lucy Richards sneaks around for the scoop, she becomes suspicious and becomes missing days later. That's when Hannah discovers her blackmail scheme before she finds Lucy dead. It's up to Hannah to connect the dots before she becomes the next victim. Plus, she's still in the middle of a love triangle between Norman and Mike. As always, it includes yummy recipes. I'll be reading the third book next month.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Family Ties

This was another beautiful romance by Danielle Steel. It dealt with the affairs of the heart. In Family Ties, Annie Ferguson lost her sister and brother-in-law in a plane accident, when she was 26, and inherited their three children, who she loved so much. Since then, she placed her life on hold, raising them, and worked hard on her career. Years later, they've all grown up, when Annie needed time for them to grow on their own and learn by their own mistakes. Her oldest niece Liz was a fashion editor for a magazine and traveled back and forth to France and back, when she discovered her French lover cheated on her, and promised she won't fall for those mistakes again. Her nephew Ted fell for an older manipulative woman, who put his live through emotional hell, and fought to escape from her clutches. And her youngest niece, Kate, fell for a boy who came from a different country and culture, and learned the hard way, why it won't work out. While Annie juggled family and work, she did find the right guy for her to fit into her circle of family.

Careless Whispers

This is my third romantic suspense I've read from Lisa Jackson. This version is an expanded newer version from the original she released years. In Whispers, Claire St. John returns to her small town in Oregon, when a 16-year old murder is being uncovered by Kane Moran, her former lover. In the first half of the book, you'll learn about the scandal in the present. In the second half, we'll rewind back in time to what lead to the scandal, as Claire and her two sisters, Miranda and Tessa, each share a hidden secret, that's about to be discovered. Lies are kept and whispers are brought to the small town. In the last half, we're back to the present, when the truth comes out, as both worlds collide with a happy ending. I love the pairing of Claire and Kane.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

On What Grounds

 In On What Grounds, the first installment in Cleo Coyle's Coffeehouse Mystery cozy series, Clare Cosi returned to the Coffeehouse she used to own and manage in New York, when she discovered one of her baristas had been assaulted. When the police arrived, she told them her story on how she'd found Anabelle Hart, which they had deemed an "incident." To make matters worse, Clare was out to prove them wrong, when her ex-husbands returned, who was jealous of handsome Detective Michael Quinn, in which Clare was attracted to, a meddling ex-mother-in-law who was matchmaking again, and her daughter Joy's surprise visit with her boyfriend. Plus, there was a secret third party, who wanted to run the Village Blend to the ground. A great new cozy series set in New York with good coffee info and delightful coffee recipes.

This was a terrific new cozy mystery series that featured a coffeehouse with some coffee recipes.  I cared for Clare and could see the chemistry between her and Mike brewing like fresh ground coffee. I also liked her daughter Joy and felt sorrow for poor Anabelle. This would make you mind percolate of some ideas on who wanted to harm Anabelle and run Clare's coffeehouse to the ground. I love the central New York City theme for the location and the Village Blend for the settings. Great drama, excellent non-stop action, and plenty of great intrigue for this powerhouse of a cozy.

Go on and check out On What Grounds today!

Country-fried love triangle!

If you love a good contemporary romance with a hint of Southern fiction and some humor of chick lit, you'll enjoy Luann McLane's Dark Roots and Cowboy Boots. Jamie Lee Carter, a beautician at Hooterville, is in a bind. When Parker Carrington, a Hollywood producer comes to her town to scout a location for his movie, she falls in love with him. But, for Griff Sheldon, her brother's best friend and long-time crush, he warns Jamie Lee on his type. Scorned from a past of what might've been, between Griff and Jamie Lee, while she's dating Parker, she still loves Griff, who treats her like a little girl. She's in sort of a love triangle, when Griff at one time, kisses her while drunk, sends Jamie Lee's hearts soaring, she realizes she's in love with him, and tries everything to get his attention, even sleeps with him. In the long run, she does get a man. A great perky romance.

Cross Roads

In Fern Michaels's Cross Roads, the 18th book in the Sisterhood of the Vigilantes series, they were back with a vengeance. One-and-a-half-years later, after they were pardoned and went on their separate lives, they were bored and missed each other. When some of the members were somewhat hijacked by an elite group of people in the military, they wanted the Sisters to go after Hank Jellicoe, who had separated the girls and had spread rumors of a hit on the President. They wanted him to route him out. Before they could decide, they talked amongst themselves about going vigilante again, undercover again, and discover the truth... with a price. They wanted dibs on Jellicoe and blanket immunity. Once it was accepted, they would go after him and find out who else was on it to disturb and ruin their lives, when they returned back to Pinewood for good.

This was another great mystery with tons of romance and plenty of drama. I cared about all the Sisterhood and the men in their lives and despised Jellicoe for who and what he was. I've read many installments in this series, but haven't read all of them or the newest ones up to date. I loved Pinewood and the D.C. area for the locations and dual settings for this series. This one packed a lot of heat and a lot of tension, too. You would be rooting for them for sure. Great drama, plenty of intrigue and suspense, and lots of mystery to take center stage.

Will you find yourself at your own crossroads, too? If so, pick up a copy today!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Last Cowgirl

Yesterday I finished a good story called the Last Cowgirl. This is mainly literary fiction with a hint of historical fiction, due to flashbacks. Darlene Ruth "Dickie" Sinfield returns back to Clayton, Utah, when her brother is killed and goes to his funeral. This middle-aged city girl revisits the town she hated with flashbacks to the 1960s and 1970s, to the new town she once hated, from suburban life to ranch life with her family, her best friend Holly, her first love Herbert "Stumpy" Nelson, and her calling as a cowgirl on a ranch. She deals with mixed emotions, since she has a significant other and the job she loves. In the end, she learns that home is where the heart is. Kristen

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Antiques to Die For

In Jane Cleland's Antiques to Die For,  the third book in the Josie Prescott series, this was set in the winter, when Josie's boyfriend Ty was offered a new job in D.C. Not only that, her close friend, Rosalie, was murdered, leaving Rosalie's sister an orphan. It was now up to Josie to find out who killed her, when it really did hit close to home, and to find out about a Whistler pallette fraud from a customer. When Josie had gotten closer to the truth, she was being targeted by a "secret admirer", who wanted to scare her away. This is a great read for sure. 

This was another terrific Josie Prescott cozy. I really cared about Josie and Ty, when they had dealt with Ty's new job promotion. I wondered if they would pull off a long-distance relationship that way. This one was intriguing and gripping as well from start to finish. I loved the winter scene for the setting and the New England area for the location of the series. Great drama, good non-stop action, and plenty of shocking surprises right to the end.

Do you have any antiques to die for? If so, pick up a copy today!

The Spy

In Clive Cussler's The Spy,  the third installment of the Isaac Bell series by Clive Cussler, this was set in 1908, when Isaac Bell was looking for a spy, who was targeting and killing people, when someone murdered Arthur Langner. It had set him off to find out who's who and who told the truth, coast to coast on a variety of naval ships. There was a lot of drama and action sequences to the very end, when it was now up to Bell to apprehend the bad guys, and save the day. Another great action adventure/historical fiction mix for a enjoyable read.

This was another fun read to go back in time for another adventure. I loved how it centered on two spies this time around. I'm still a big fan of Isaac Bell and his Pinkerton Detective clan. I did feel bad for Langner and loved the navy ship adventure. The cross-genre of a historical action-adventure series worked well for me. I did care about Isaac too and Marion as well. Great drama, plenty of action and adventurous scenes, with plenty of dangerous intrigue, too.

Ready to go after the spy? Check it out this weekend!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wired Kingdom

I've had the pleasure of receiving an ARC copy of my Twitter/Facebook friend, Rick Chesler, for his thriller to review, albeit almost a month late. Wired Kingdom starts out with a tagged whale, who's shown on a reality show named Wired Kingdom, which is for educational purposes, and also held contests for viewers who see it stream online the whale's latest move. When a murder is caught on tape by a vicious shark attack, everyone wants that tag. That's when they bring in, Agent Tara Shores from the FBI, who's in charge of the case to investigate the murder and meets with Trevor Lane, who's in charge of Wired Kingdom's website, and Dr. Anastasia Reed, a marine mammalogist, who leads her to the whale. Meanwhile Hector Gonzalez leads his Mexican divers to get the tag and hone in on some cash for his sick daughter, and Eric Stein, the leader of an eco-terrorist group called Ocean Liberation Front is on the race to stop the people from filming it on TV. Things gets heated up, when the whale is caught up on nets, while the race is on to save it, and things gets deadly. There's plenty of twists and turns, if you love a thriller on the ocean. It's a great read.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Friends Till The End

If you love a beautiful heart-warming story, you'll love Talk Before Sleep. It's about two friends, Ann and Ruth, who met at a party, and became fast friends. When Ruth's diagnosed with breast cancer, Ann and Ruth's friends are there for her in support and with love. When the cancer progressed to spread across her body, they cherished every moment they spent with her, making memories as they go along, until she died. A beautiful tear-jerker for a quick read about friendship and living life to the fullest.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

As the World Churns

It's been a little over two years, since I've read a Tamar Myers Penn Dutch Inn book. It's good to go back to a great culinary cozy to enjoy with yummy recipes. Out of nineteen books in the series, this is the 16th one, when I hope to read Hell Hath No Curry #15, and the Crepes of Wrath, #9, hopefully, later this year, although I'm reading it out of order. In this installment, As the World Churns, Magdalena is hosting a Hollstein cow competition at her inn, when someone clobbers Doc Shafor. It's up to Magdalena, who faints, and deals with her mother-in-law, and other problems, to find out who kidnapped her pseudo-stepdaughter and her husband, when she learns a shocking twist in the end. I know I have many books in the series I haven't read: #2, #10-14, #17-18. I Hope to be caught up with this series in a year or two.

Monday, June 21, 2010

One Last Scream

In Kevin O'Brien's One Last Scream, in this thriller,  there were many surprising twists and turns you won't see coming, until it hurt in the end. Amelia Faraday at age 19 experienced blackouts and other phantom pains, when bad things happened, due to her drinking habits. But people close to her were dying. She received promotions of a death that might happen. When no one believed her, it was now up to her therapist and friend, Karen Carlisle. When the truth of the past unraveled later on, they discovered a long-forgotten "twin" who was out for revenge and out to get her last. It was now up to Karen to stop her.

This was an awe-shocking thriller to send chills up and down your spine. I cared for Amelia and her friend Karen and become shocked about Amelia's twin sister, who I've pitied and loathed her.  I loved the central Oregon locations and the vast scenic locations including the lake in the end. This would make you hold your breath and count your blessings. Great drama, excellent suspense and intrigue, and lots of superb non-stop action all the way to the climax.

Will you have one last scream this spring? If so, holler for a copy today!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Fatal Remedies

In Donna Leon's Fatal Remedies, the 8th installment in the Guido Brunetti Italian mystery series, this one in another captivating read set in Venice Italy. It all first started out with a phone call, that his own Paola was caught creating graffiti and arrested for vandalism. Thus for, it created a crisis at his own household, when he was also under increasing pressure at work on a robbery case, which might have a connection to the mob and linked to a suspicious death. His superiors wanted results with quick answers fast, while both his professional and personal life clash head on, which might push him over the brink in this gripping mystery.

 This was a fantastic Italian mystery that went straight to the heart of the matter. I cared about Guido and was concerned for Paola, when she was caught in the act. Thus for, I was worried about their marriage. I continued to love the Venetian settings in this series with fantastic Italian locale for the locations. This would hook you on the first page and compel you to read to the end of the book. Great drama, tons of non-stop action and suspense with every turning page of intrigue and mystery.

Will you discover your own fatal remedies? If so,  give it a go today!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Coast Road

This was a beautiful contemporary romance that could fit into the woman's fiction and the romance niche about second chances for romance. In Coast Road, Jack McGill's ex-wife Rachel ended up in a coma from a car accident; he discovered what he lost with his daughters, what he had with Rachel, and how tropical Big Sur was in his life. He juggled new relationships, two daughters who were struggling and growing up, and the friendships Rachel made, since she moved. He also dealt with his law firm, too. Slowly, he realized he wanted it back, when she came out from the coma to start all over and never leave her side. Meanwhile, Katherine fell in love with one of Rachel's doctors, who've had two failed relationships, since she had breast cancer and reconstructive surgery.

This was a remarkable romance novel. This dealt with second chances. I did feel a mixed bag of emotions for jack to reconnect with his daughters, while he remained by Rachel's side and went down Memory Lane. I felt sadness and apprehension for his entire family.  When he learned about Rachel's life, we learned the same as well. I also loved how Katherine reached out to them as well. Big Sur was a big backdrop of the vast coastline of California. This would move you to tears and sigh with a heavy heart.

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Devil in Winter

If you love great historical romances, you'll love Lisa Kleypas's Wallflower series. In Devil in Winter, the third book in the Wallflower series, this was Evangeline Jenner's story of how she won the heart of Sebastian St. Vincent. She proposed a bargain he couldn't stand to lose: marry her to prevent her evil relations from forcing her into a marriage with her cousin. St. Vincent's agreed to the bargain and married her in a marriage of convenience. Later, after they married, with one night of seduction, they faced many challenges, including a dying father, her father's club, and secret enemies who wanted to do her in. When he protected her from them, when one time it endangered his life, they couldn't help, but fall in love with each other in the end.

I loved how each season corresponded to one central Wallflower character from the series to focus on their search for romance. To every season, there was a reason for why they find romance. For Evangeline and Sebastian, you can tell there was a chemistry between them. He would most certainly warm her heart during the winter season. Tenderness, passion, and heavenly bliss, that's what I love about their explosive connection between them. I didn't care much for her  evil relations to set her up someone creepy, when that was the norm in the back of the day. What a splendid story.

Ready to get warmed up this summer? Check out a copy today!