Saturday, July 30, 2016

Pray for Silence

In Linda Castillo's Pray for Silence, she delivered us a bone-chilling thriller right through the core.  The Amish town of Painters Mill have been shocked by the gruesome murder of the Plank family. It's up to Chief Burkholder to discover the details of what lead behind the death. She asked the assistant of John Tomasetti from the BCI to help assist her in this most difficult case. While the closer they get together, the more disturbing they are to find what secrets laid behind in one of the victim's diary and how they paid for the price in a cold death. With a couple of interesting suspects on her list, she discovered the cold truth on the motive right in the end.

This was another gripping and disturbing thriller to read. I continued to like Kate and John as a couple and as two individuals. I liked the feel of Painters Mill for an Amish town. There was some gruesome parts I didn't like and the outcome of who done it in the end. This would take you in for a fascinating story from start to finish with drama, intrigue, suspense and a huge mystery to take place.

Will you pray for silence today?

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Killer Cocktail

In Tracy Kiely's Killer Cocktail, the 2nd installment in the Nicole and Nigel Martini cozy mystery series, you'll get a taste of Hollywood behind the scenes. If you loved JA Konrath's Jack Daniels mystery series, you'll love this one, too. For Nicole and Nigel Martini, they've been invited to a Hollywood party for the Oscars and get to mingle with the stars. They just renovated and brought the home from Frank Sameuls, a top-notch Hollywood producer, and discovered old film footage from one of the fallen rising stars, Melanie Summers. She was the top of the game, until she "overdosed" and died, twenty years ago. Now it was up to Nic and Nigel to watch their videos and learn more about her back then. But when word came around about it, someone attacked their employee and almost left her for dead. When they discovered the truth and had it figured it out, when tragedy had struck with a homicide now, their lives became in peril when they couldn't have guessed who done it and why in the end.

This was a charming introduction to the Martinis to this mystery series. I really cared for Nic and Nigel--and yes their dog Skippy too--when they stepped onto the red carpet. I also had some callous feelings to some of the character and found Christina and Mandy a hoot. I loved the Hollywood red carpet for the settings and the locations, when they go about on solving an old case. This is a quick read with plenty of surprises on every page with drama, intrigue, non-stop action, a hint of humor, and plenty of mystery along the way.

Will you be tempting to try a killer cocktail today?

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Destroyer Angel

In Nevada Barr's Destroyer Angel, the 18th installment in the Anna Pigeon mystery series, she delivered us a bone-chilling mystery about survival and encountering tough odds. When Anna went on vacation with her friend, Heath, and her daughter Elizabeth, and their friends Leah and Katie Hendricks. It all started out with a peaceful camping trip along the river in Minnesota. But that's when it turned cold, when four ex-cons surprise them and made them hostage. It was up to Anna to come to their rescue, when her friends had to endure torture and violent abuse, along with their dog Wily from the evil hands of them. When Anna later caught up with them, she helped take care of them, one by one. Later, when she was shot in the arm, she observed everything they went through from them, while they waited for rescue and medical care. The real motive in the end was icy cold and chilling too.

This Anna Pigeon mystery was fantastic! I really cared for Anna and her friends and how they survived and dealt with such heinous things on their trip. I loved the camping theme in Minnesota and the clever usage of poisonous mushrooms as a secret weapon to fight the bad guys. I loved the diversity with Heath as a paraplegic and how she used her strength and wills. I didn't like the bad foursome at all and what they did to Wily and to Katie and Elizabeth. This is really gripping to reel you in with non-stop action, drama, suspense and plenty of mystery to go around.

Will you be tempting to read Destroyer Angel today?

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Decanting a Murder

In Nadine Nettman's Decanting a Murder, the first installment in the Sommelier cozy mystery series, you would learn a whole lot about wine making and becoming a sommelier. For Katie Stillwell, she wanted to pass her Master Sommelier test. But when she failed, she helped out his best friend Tessa Barkley at a party in front of Frontier winery. Everything wasn't what it seemed, when Mark Plueger winded up dead and her best friend's wine corker places the blame on her. To help Tessa out in a bind, she learns the secret truths behind the people at the winery and who wanted to see Mark dead. With the help from Detective John Dean, it's up to him to help Katie clear her name. But when Katie's ends up in trouble, she would have to figure out for herself on who wanted the winery for themselves. And who wanted Katie next to become dead.

This was an intriguing new cozy mystery series from debut author Nadine Nettman, who's a Sommelier herself.  I cared about Katie and Tessa and all about their friendship. I liked the chemistry she had with Dean, when I was a bit suspect with Jeff. I loved the California winery locations from start to finish. You'll savor every morsel of intense non-stop action, drama, suspense and mystery with that intriguing and charming cozy with every compelling page to turn.

Will you try Decanting a Murder today?

Monday, July 4, 2016

A Bone to Pick

In Charlaine Harris's A Bone to Pick, the 2nd installment in the Aurora Teagarden cozy mystery series, she had given us a chilling cozy with this small town mystery. For Roe, it all started with her mother's remarriage and the funeral of Jane Engle, a close friend of Aurora's. First it began with the windfall that landed on her doorstep when she inherited her home and a load of money. And then she discovered a skull buried in Jane's old home. For this small town librarian, she had gotten to know Jane's neighbors and deliberated on staying or listing this home in this creepy neighborhood. While she discovered new feelings for love with the local minister Aubrey Scott, she had became the central focus when the skeleton was found down the road and learned that one of her neighbors had committed a crime or two in the past, when she had an unwanted visit at her own home.

This was another charming small town cozy mystery. I continued to care about Roe and how she dealt with her newfound wealth and her own security and feeling for Aubrey. I continued to love the small town location for this series. I thought some of her neighbors were a bit off. This cozy would give you a thrilling mystery with every page with drama, non-stop action, intrigue and a hint of romance.

Do you have a bone to pick with your neighbors today?

Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Devil's Closet

In Stacy Dittrich's The Devil's Closet, welcome to the world of sex crimes and carnal sins. For Detective Cecilia "Cee Cee" Gallagher, she's chasing a sexual predator and killer of young girls. It all started with multiple Amber Alerts of missing young girls. From one town to another, Cee Cee and her squad discover shocking glues from past crimes. When her former lover FBI Michael Hagerman returned to assist, it tilted her world and put her marriage in crises. Though with this tough mother of two, she dealt with her husband's infidelity and protecting her own daughters. While she managed to deal with her own emotions, she sifted through the papers to follow her own gut on nailing this sick son of a bitch. And when she does, it cuts closer to the truth. With a near-death encounter, she fought tooth and nail to save her own life and deal with her own family issues.

This was a thrilling and twisted serial thriller from Stacy Dittrich. I cared about CeeCee and her crumbling marriage with Eric. I hated Jordan from stealing her husband away from her. I thought Malone was an evil SOB who deserved his own due. I loved the Cleveland Ohio location, since it's near where I live and close too home. This would take you on an emotional roller coaster ride from start to finish with drama, suspense, non-stop action and plenty of mystery.

Will you enter the devil's closet of sins?