Thursday, July 7, 2016

Decanting a Murder

In Nadine Nettman's Decanting a Murder, the first installment in the Sommelier cozy mystery series, you would learn a whole lot about wine making and becoming a sommelier. For Katie Stillwell, she wanted to pass her Master Sommelier test. But when she failed, she helped out his best friend Tessa Barkley at a party in front of Frontier winery. Everything wasn't what it seemed, when Mark Plueger winded up dead and her best friend's wine corker places the blame on her. To help Tessa out in a bind, she learns the secret truths behind the people at the winery and who wanted to see Mark dead. With the help from Detective John Dean, it's up to him to help Katie clear her name. But when Katie's ends up in trouble, she would have to figure out for herself on who wanted the winery for themselves. And who wanted Katie next to become dead.

This was an intriguing new cozy mystery series from debut author Nadine Nettman, who's a Sommelier herself.  I cared about Katie and Tessa and all about their friendship. I liked the chemistry she had with Dean, when I was a bit suspect with Jeff. I loved the California winery locations from start to finish. You'll savor every morsel of intense non-stop action, drama, suspense and mystery with that intriguing and charming cozy with every compelling page to turn.

Will you try Decanting a Murder today?

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