Monday, May 30, 2011

Die for Me

If you love great romantic suspense, you'll enjoy Karen Rose's Die for Me, the 7th book in the romantic suspense series. Set in Philadelphia,someone was killing people and made a mass grave of dead bodies. When PPD's Vito Cicotelli and Nick Lawrence came across some armor, they called Professor Sophie Johansen, a historian in medieval artifacts. From that moment on, both of their worlds were drawn together, when they worked on the case and fall in love. Daniel Vartanian was on the hunt for their parents and brought his sister Suzanna along, when it sent them from Georgia to Philly and to this shocking case, when they collaborated with the PPD. But someone wanted to complicate things, when it dealt with a role playing video game, that had a connection to the case. He had his eyes on Sophie. And it might hit close to home for her. Plus, they both had emotional baggage that made their relationship not work, until all things were laid out on the table. When they come closer to the truth, and their relationship heated up, Sophie was in trouble and the next victim. What a great story!

This was another red hot and fiery romantic suspense. I cared about Sophie and Vito, along with the Vartanians. They were all into it together and drawn by the same evil to that investigation. I loved the dual locations of Philadelphia and Georgia for this novel's perfect settings. This made me break out in a cold sweat and cringe in the end. Great drama, intense non-stop action and explosive romance, and real good mystery to the climax.

Will you check out Die for Me today?

Tombs of Endearment

If you love cozies with a twist, you'll love the third installment in the Pepper Martin paranormal cozy series, Tombs of Endearment. Right after Pepper solved her second ghost's murder, she was due for a rest that winter in Cleveland. But she ended up with unrest, when dreamy Damon Curtis's ghost approached her. He was the lead singer of a band in the 60s, who was murdered. So it was up to Pepper to find out who wanted him dead, including his agent and former band members, and a crazy groupie named Belinda. Not only that, Pepper had feelings for this ghost, along with mixed emotions for Dan and Quinn in her own complicated love triangle. Even her ex-fiancé Joel paid her a visit, when he wanted something from her. When Pepper got closer to the truth, someone went after her and wanted their secret quiet and unexposed. But it might be too close for comfort, when Pepper found out who wanted her dead. What a great cozy.

Once again, I love the soft spectral cozy with a featured ghostly spirit from a certain time spirit. That does give this a twist--along with the entire cozy series in general. I still enjoy Pepper's hunt for justice for this ghost to cross over. Once again, I do enjoy the love triangle of Pepper, Quinn and Dan. But I don't like Dan so much any more. I do like the scenes in the cemetery and the offices as well. These type of paranormal cozies won't give you nightmares with a scare.

Ready to go ghost hunting? Check out this cozy this week!

Friday, May 27, 2011


If you love an easy read and paranormal romances, you'll love Marked by PC and Kristen Cast. Zoey Montgomery aka Zoey Redbird's life is about to change. When she's been marked by someone, things aren't easy. Her mom and step-father think she's crazy and needs help. Her boyfriend, best friend and others, ostracize her. So she runs away to her grandma's place, hits her head, and hears Nyx and the Indian spirits. When she recovers at the House of Night, she learns how to blend in with other vampire fledgings with their classes and other classmates. But with Aphrodite's bullying and creepy night-time rituals, things aren't easy for her. When she lives in the night, she's welcomed by a close circle of friends and how to belong, finds new love, and learns about the Change. When she says goodbye to her former life, she's learns about her "Mark", and how her mentor Neferet picked her to be special. But defending bullies is just the start of her new life...

Full Moon Rising

In Keri Arthur's Full Moon Rising, the first book in the Riley Jensen paranormal romance series, we meet Riley Jensen who was part-werewolf, part-vampire, and was on the hunt for her brother, Rhoan. Not only that, it was full moon fever, when it was time for breeding and mating between species. Riley's temperature rose for Misha and Talon, two wolves, who made her heated. But it got complicated, when Quinn, a vampire, who puts Riley on fire. Not only that, she learned someone placed a hit on her, and wanted her pregnant.  That made her bad, when her boss wanted her to work for the Directorate, during this breeding season, and part of her vampire bloodline ached for bloodlust. Also while she dealt with a spy at the workplace, she learned about a secret lab for cloning mixed-breeds and who was responsible for it. And when she  found out who was responsible, it was more than her blood boiling. She would have to use a lot of sex to get the answers she wanted. This was a yummy paranormal romance series.

This was a spectacular paranormal romance debut. It had everything you would expect in a typical series. I loved the introduction to Riley and her mixed-breed bloodline of vamp and werewolf. I loved how it started with tons of wrapped up drama and suspense. You have got to lose the Australia location to make it very visual to place you there. I found the concept how it was enriched with tons of drama about the lab and how she became a Directoriate Guardian as well. I found Quinn an unique love interest as well. This also had a hint of eroticism to spice up the romance too. Great drama, profound action and suspense and tons of romance to heat up a cold day.

Ready to watch the full moon rise? Go on and snatch a copy today!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kitty HItter

If you love great mysteries with a twist, you'll enjoy the Frank Pavlicek mystery series. Frank is on the case of a missing cat, when their client believes someone put a hit on the cat to kill them.  He's a falconer and a private investigator. So he brings his daughter, Nicole, who's also a PI too. And things gets heated up, when they believe it has to do the owner of Grayland Towers. Things gets messy at a hearing, and when bullets sent flying at them. Nonetheless, they talk to everyone, when they discover the hidden secret of a sex slave ring of Arabic girls, and Nicole gets kidnapped. Frank does everything to save his daughter and find out the truth to this situation.  A great new mystery series to enjoy!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Boiling Point

In Freezing Point, Karen Dionne chilled you in Antarctica. Now, in Boiling Point, she turns up the heat with a erupting volcano in Chile. Rebecca Sweet returns to the novel with Ross Roundtree and Sheila Kennedy, when they're setting up a conference there for POP. But when the long-dormant volcano of Chatién erupts, it changes everything. For Max Heat, a volcanologist, it's a chance of a lifetime to get it on film. For Sheila and Ross, they discover the sulphur acid being poured in the lake. And the whole village town of Chatién gets hit by the volcano, they would have to evaculate and leave everything behind. Afterwards, things aren't the same, when people's lives are at stake, a matter of life and death. What a red hot thriller!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dead on Arrival

If you love good cozies, you'll enjoy the sixth installment of the Pauline Sokol cozies. Pauline and Jagger are now assigned a new case. When they have suspicions of fraud in the TLC, it's up for them to investigate. But things get dicey. First Payne Sterling is killed. And now Pauline has to look at everyone with a dose of uncertainty, that someone's a killer. When Pansy has attacked, things get too close to call. Pauline has to find out the truth behind the fraudulent paperwork, and gets in a love triangle between ER Dano and Jagger. Things do get heat up, when she's in the air, and a killer is out for revenge, and the secret is out. A great enjoyable cozy.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

44 Charles Street

If you love second chance love stories, you'll love this newest one from Danielle Steel, 44 Charles Street. Francesca Thayer's home needed repairs and money to pay the bills. When she split up with her boyfriend Todd, she sought the ads to find three room mates. One by one, she discovered Eileen Fulton, a young redhead who loved to do Internet dating, Chris Harley, a single father who had a problem with his ex-wife and raised his seven-year-old son, and Marya Davis, a widow and famous cook, who brought them together. As it was complete, they became family. But things had gotten worse, when tragedy happened, crises arose, and new loves happened to Francesca and to Marya, when they least expected it, to find their soul mates. A beautiful story for second changes and letting go.